Friday, January 9, 2015

worth the watch.


  1. It was not a false flag. If it was it wouldn't bother me because there's nothing worse than the continuing apathy about the muslims living in our mist who need to be deported back to the shitty places were they came from.

    But as for this event it was no false flag.

  2. And who are these old buzzards anyway? You know retired military can be the most pitiful specimens. Look at how flabby and sad they look, and the bareness of their surroundings. It looks like someone's garage or someplace. These guys need to eat better, get some hair transplants, fix up their places by watching some House and Garden Network, and otherwise get a life instead of sitting around eating greasy foods and potatoes and worrying about things that DON'T FREAKING CONCERN THEM.

    In short....

    Get a life you losers.

    1. And imagine, i watched it in full. Our family makes fun also of one of my to uncles living in USA (they both now are now americans living in NYC, one is doctor other is doorman)... Of course doorman is much smarter but he finished here socialistic economy and other finished here medicine. I make fun how my uncle went to USA with degree in socialistic working-self management economy so he works now right where he is needed. On that story one gentleman told me: "yes he went with socialist degree to USA but USA skipped all that socialist transformative economics and went as first country on earth and in history in to full style communist economy." :) USA is no1 in everything :) USA is interesting, almost all who went there never came back to Europe :) Many members of my family from same side went to Pittsburg, between wars, and father of one my relative begged his sone to come back so he can secure not to be in danger, he came back, but than WW2 started and son got killed. Interesting. Do not come back:)

    2. i know personally only two who came from usa back (not relatives), one is total looser, he wanted to be life coach to americans... and sell them his wisdom, imagine that goal in land were people actually work... and another had father who was rich war profiteer and was too young than so he went back, and today works as spy... all other stayed, one died of stoke on university in new mexico where he just got job.... RIP

  3. US avoided communism, even it was so close with foundation of super congress of 12 which is nothing less than full style communist central committee. And only one violent revolution was needed after that for red flag on Capitol Hill to emerge. Zionism on other hand is will of God mostly connected to political nature of human society, it is funny how God said he would spread Jews around world and than put them all back to Israel. Does someone think that God is lier? Also those two anti-zionist marxist are right 100% about capitalism, as always, but their marxist communist solutions are capitalism on steroids because communism is just industrial slavery where expense for maintaining factory is removed from owner to worker as as more advanced and evolved version of theft where owner have all. Only good aspect of communism is that it is only form of revolution, capitalists are afraid of, because they all get killed in communist revolution, making it only real tool of struggle for poor. People in Australia says that everything went down when USSR fell down. With communism you get 100% warrantee that they all will be all killed, and hunt down around world for next 70 years (mmm imagine it with power of US army), until new capitalists emerge among them self and starts eroding them self in to liberal capitalism again. But americans do not have to worry much because God already decided what will happen.

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