Sunday, January 11, 2015

While Paris is Burning with Terrorism Hysteria, Pakistan Has Forged a Dangerous Strategic Dagger to plunge into Heart of Kashmir and India!
Pakistani Military succeeded in Soft Military Coup against the failed state.  This change in force structures and geopolitics is far more significant than the Terrorism Farce taking place in the least valuable strategic/tactical ally of the USA: France.

The irony of political psychology and intelligence is that the least important incidences, i.e. French magazine/Kosher Market events, takes precedence in the world media over the most dangerous and lethal soft coup, where Pakistan ISI takes over the judicial system.  This is called Distraction.

Once again, our costly, burdensome intelligence community could not and did not predict that the Pakistani military would take over the judiciary a few years into Prime Minister Sharif’s tenure.  The corrupt civilian leadership which has had a history of incompetence and a running tension with the Pakistani ISI [created by CIA], has been overthrown so elegantly and quietly. The NYTimes article, January 11, 2015 by Declan Walsh (posted earlier) noted that not one person was killed nor were there any self-adulating CNN, FOX, MSNBC narcissists to glorify the non-event.

So in the absence of media attention and in the lacuna that is pervasive in our Intelligence community, the Pakistani military simply abolished the rules of civil law in order to execute their subjects according to an ersatz military rule. Whether this is right or wrong is not the concern here. What is the major concern is that our political elite and their spies have repeatedly failed to predict, manage or prevent military coups around the world.
Instead they, like most Americans, have been monitoring the hoi-polloi nonsense a Bourne Identity drama played out in the  most histrionic way, while India, South Asia and Kashmir have all entered a new period of potential nuclear conflict.

Congratulations to all the IC and our political elite. They never fail to fail assessing and predicting real, major strategic events.

They, like Anderson Cooper, are too busy commenting on nothing and everything, making absolutely no sense but much noise. Once again farce trumps tragedy. This blogger will have to retreat in order to monitor Pakistan’s activities toward South Asia and India and China.



    What the hell was Netanyahu doing next to the French Prime Minister today at the Unity Events??????

    Since when does Israel and it's Prime Minister represent French Jewry?

    If I was a French Jew the last thing I would want is for Israel to claim me!!!!

    French Jews ARE NOT ISRAELIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But now because the French government has recognized the Israeli Prime Minister as representing the French Jews EVERY ANTI-ZIONIST ARAB AND NEO-NAZI IN EUROPE WILL HOLD THE FRENCH JEWS RESPONSIBLE.

    1. Yes Bibi said to French Jews last day: "Your homeland is Israel!"

    2. In 1948 zionists in Iraq poisoned the Iraqi public against the Jews there which had been living prosperously for 2,000 years. Zionist agents in Iraq worked to make Iraq unlivable anymore for Jews so they would have to become zionists themselves [Iraqi Jews had been passionately anti-zionist].

      Now that Jews in Israel are being out-numbered by the births of Arab citizens there the far extreme right wing of the Likud is working hard to make life un-livable for Jews in Europe and America so that they too will flee to Israel and increase Jewish numbers there....

      Look at Netanyahu in Paris and tell me he wasn't pleased at what happened there. He never looked happier in his life.

    3. Well, according to this article, however, the trouble for Iraq's Jews started in '41 with the Nazi-allied al-Gaylani gov't...

    4. Of course, the Nazis were allies to the Zionists... Before the "Final Solution" there was the Transfer Agreement which allowed Jews to take their assets to Palestine... Hannah Arendt wrote about this in her Eichmann book, relevant passages quoted here:

      It is a bit ironic, to say the least, that Benji is Europe today encouraging its Jews, once again, to move to Israel.

    5. In 1941 both Iran and Iraq were allied with the Nazis but British intervention reversed that in both places.

      The Nazis were not allied with zionists. The Transfer Agreement was a brief experiment in which only 30,000 Jews moved to Palestine. Different Nazis worked with Arabs in Palestine to counter zionists there, and the drive of Rommel and the Afrikacorps was to occupy Palestine and suppress zionism. During the war Germany was aligned with the Mufti of Jerusalem in anti-zionism, and there was even a Muslim Brigade of the Waffen SS, and the British later had a "Jewish Brigade" in which the Jewish soldiers stole most of the arms and either sold them for cash or took them to Palestine to kill Arabs.....

      The Afrikacorps had a purpose which was to seize Palestine for the Arabs, but more importantly to cut off British-subverted Iraq and Iran and it's oil so that it wouldn't be available to Britain.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. I stand by my 1st impression:


    8. Was that meant for me?

      I already have a job, but like most Americans I spend more time jacking off on the computer than doing any real work.


    9. Well, since everybody is speaking French now... there is a more sophisticated term for this than "jacking off" -it is "perruque". As De Certeau writes...

      "It differs from absenteeism in that the worker is officially on the job. La perruque may be as simple a matter as a secretary's writing a love letter on 'company time' or as complex as a cabinetmaker's 'borrowing' a lathe to make a piece of furniture for his living room." ...or MIT spilling the beans of his CIA career... or Wxxx combing the internet for obscure news links...

  2. Ciang Kai-Shek said that Japanese are skin disease, and communist are organ disease... Can that be adopted in Pakistan, i do not know, and in what sense.

  3. On the substance of the post.....

    I fail to see how the Pakistani military action equals a nuclear showdown with India or more problems with Kashmir.

    I could be wrong but I don't see CIA having much effort understanding Pakistan much since 9-11. I think their mission in Pakistan has been to work against Islamists there outside of government rather than to penetrate the government and understand it.

    Frankly if I were still working for CIA I wouldn't try to recruit anyone in the Pakistani military for two reasons....

    1.They are supposedly working with us and therefore it creates huge problems when we get caught recruitng any of them as spies for us...

    and 2....

    If anyone in their military or ISI agreed to spy for us it would probably be a "dangle," or someone they are using to give us misinformation and then to use it against us at a critical time to illustrate our bad faith toward them....

    All in all it's very difficult to recruit spies within a service like ISI when you're supposed to be working together as buddies...

  4. In the last twelve years there have been more CIA officers in Pakistan than anywhere else save Iraq during the war. And all this effort is at trying to pick apart the Islamists and Talibs and Hakari operators and what not. It's a mish-mash of curry-eating, goat-herding, rug-making lamb saag and chicken vindaloo spicey chutney in a place where alcohol is supposedly banned and there's no cute girls to play with....


  5. Now I want to declare that I'm having to change my cable service because my DISH network has cancelled Fox News. Now that I'm having to see CNN I can clearly see why nobody watches CNN LOL....

    CNN is the lambest, most idiotic content I've ever seen anywhere. They drone on and on trying to make some single event somewhere worth hours and hours of coverage when nothing new has happened LOL...what a pitiful network.

    Fox is biased but they gear up everyday on every show and work up a series of bogus and entertaining issues on each show and hammer and hammer away with zeal and passion...

    Fox has a mission and a purpose and they look at issues from different perspective with guests who are biases or not, but at least they have some background. On CNN their "terrorism expert" is some hag named Juliette Keyyam who used to work somewhere in homeland security LOL

    Juliette Keyyam?

    A terrorism "expert" named "Juliette?" Gimme a break. On Fox the terrorism experts are all former military wearing turtleneck sweaters or something. They look like they might actually know something about terrorism or something. But "Juliette Keyyam?" What a pathetic network.

    1. CNN is for pink, and brain damaged rabbits... watching it is like wanting to spend 200$ on something for which you would spend 200$ to not have ti. CNN is only good when you bomb something, to ask those targeted how they feel.

    2. When I spend $200 on a woman it's so that when I'm finished she will go away instead of hanging around like non-paid girlfriends always want to do.

      I don't understand why men want to have a girl around in their lives. Call me old fashioned but my manly qualities are not compatible with female mentalty except in bed. I don't share their likes or dislikes or their views of the world. Frankly I think they're silly.

    3. All the girls I know spend all their time gathering "friends" they don't even know on Facebook and spending hours and hours getting their hair and nails done. They are obsessed with their appearance and how many friends they have. The things they think are important are about as stupid as for some men what sports team wins or loses this or that game....

      I've always known a lot of stupid girls, and I don't know that there's any other kind.

    4. Nor do I want a girl who tries to compensate for the weakness of their femininity by behaving like a man - like Angelina or someone shooting guns and acting with no empathy or feeling and drinking too much and trying to be tough.

      Females are the weaker sex by nature and that's the way it should be. Males go out into the world and do battle and slay others for justice or profit. It's the way of the world and that will never change nor should it because it's not a cultural thing.

    5. Someday in a better world when the aliens come to straighten out humans things will be again like they were in the 1960s when I grew up and all the kids will have moms that stay at home while their dads are out making a living. And moms will not be on the internet all day looking for random men to have sex with while the kids are at school.....

    6. It used to be called "the battle of the sexes."

      Not it's called, "Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus."

    7. i have biological evidence that males and females are two different species: because only we in biology have defect offspring if we are in family relationship, every other biological specie do not have that problem in their specie, meaning we are different specie

    8. Also, Satan is she (biologically), every sexual activity with them is pure exorcism, it must be done because it is dangerous for society if it is not done, and when you are finished you have 5 new devils sitting around, so you must continue.

  6. Oh and another thing about CNN...

    Their hosts are pure shit. They have these negro kids on there who don't know enough to ask a question about anything but are there just because they're black and CNN is in Atlanta the hip hop capitol of the world. And then there's a host of zionists like Wolf Blitzer who needs Botox so bad it's not funny that guy has creases in his brow so deep there must be debris from matza ball soup still lodged in there. And don't get me started on the overly plump and also Jewish Mrs.Crowell.

    But the worst altogether is of course the now rapidly aging and grey ANDERSON COOPER, the openly gay and man-loving humourless face of political correctness and bad poetry.

    Yes Mr. Cooper never smiles, never laughs, and takes himself oh so seriously with an absurdly serious first name, "Anderson" meaning the son of Anders.

    1. In the 1960s when I read "Peanuts" there was this kid on there named "Thiebalt Peterson" from a mixed nationality background and he used to eat Swedish meatballs.

      I think that was intended as an absurdity but the name "Anders-son" and then "Cooper" after it is positively just as ridiculous.

    2. Maybe I'll start calling myself Olaf McFesson.

    3. Haha got my laugh for the day thank you Olaf. : )

  7. Dr Steve, What do you make of what is said in these following videos?? "Ominous Sign! Netanyahu In France, Calls On All Jews In Europe to Flock to Israel! And especially this one "The Illuminati ’Synagogue of Satan’ - Learn About It! - See more at:

  8. This reminds me of one comment given by Obama, he said that he was most afraid of 1-st. Ebola, 2-nd. ISIS 3-rd. Russia, at least he does not lie as real politician because just order is lie, 1-st. is of course Russia and 3rd. is Ebola.

    1. On that note 1st assistant of NATO secretary was today elected as President of Croatia, 1st non communist president of Croatia... thank you america for deciding that Putin is making good job: giving people what they want 1. GOD 2. KING 3. POLICE

    2. Putin has a high degree black belt in Judo while Obama rides a bicycle while wearing a helmet LOL....

      Obama spends his time with lesbians and cross dressers while Putin puts homosexuals promoting perversion with children IN PRISON WHERE THEY BELONG!

      Go to Youtube and see the funny and true contrasts between the man Putin and the faggot American decadent negro homosexual Barak Hussein Obama.

      America is a disgrace.

    3. And speaking as a German I want to say that German President Angela Merkel is a disgrace.

      First she doesn't belong marching in Paris against what three nutballs did....

      What happened in Paris was the act of less than a handful of weirdos and nothing which requires a march of opposition by heads of state. That's just stupid.

      Furthermore she's a dim-witted stupid lady who is driving all of Europe into a depression by her idiotic austerity policies. Look if she were a man instead of an emotionally-driven woman like Thatcher she would see that austerity is making everything worse and that she's consigning Italy and the others to a depression with no employment or anyone to buy anything...not even anything from Germany!

      What a dumbass bitch who wears men's clothes!

      Where the fuck did she come from?

      Let's have someone not so stupid and dower like Merkel for crying out loud. Let's have a man in there to do a man's job...intelligently and without stupid emotions.

    4. And if Hillary Clinton were to become President that would be the total and complete downfall of America once and for all and the final nail in the coffin of the United States. From W. Bush or Obama to Hillary!

      What the fuck are the money men who bankroll the national candidates thinking?????

      They're thinking how much more money they will be making steering the country into a cesspool...

      What we need and will have is a workers party not unlike the Nazis.

      We need a party which will kick the ass of the bankers and finance speculators like the Nazis did...

      We need a party which will be for the workers and producers and not for the entrepreneurs and business owners like the Nazis were....

      We need a party which will stop all immigration and expell unwanted foreigners like the Nazis did...

      We need a party which will promote the traditional family and support women who want to stay at home and have babies while their husbands make high wages at work like the Nazis did...

      We need a party which will put all the perverts and cross dressers in prison like the Nazis did....

      We need about 90% of what the Nazis did but without the OVER-ZEALOUSNESS of a total social revolution or any anti-semitic crusade.

      We should be rooting out and expelling Mexican drug cartel aliens from our mist but not Jews who have been living here and helping us build our professionals and acedemics and serving up deli favorites for over a hundred years. We need no anti-Jewish sentiments in our American Nationalist Workers Party.

    5. that is only way to victory, i agree, and baton must in washington, not in berlin, beside you should know that not all Germans are of real germanic stock like Danes and Norwegians are, there are many of Hun and Goth barbaric elements there, not good... but over all Germans are good settlers because they are good police officers so they do not corrupt everything like americans does, if americans would have concentration camp, you would always have possibility to buy whiskey and tobacco there... that is why south vietnam went down so fast

    6. Dr. Pieczenik is also right, he rightly noted this economical policy in Europe do not work... This economic policy in Europe is from 1913. That is only reaction what they are able to provide.

  9. Ha ha ha and MIT has cheered me up today " Obama rides s bike wearing a helmet"!!!! Ha ha ha question is where is he wearing the helmet?????????

  10. Another thing MIT! I'll be massively disappointed if you do not resemble Richard Harris out of the heroes of telemark!!!! You've brightened my day up a hell of a lot and thanks for that!!!

    1. I don't look like Richard Harris but I do know the words to "McArthur Park"

    2. Good enough for me! Vocalist as well as satire!!!

  11. Aka obama didn't go to Paris:

    1 He funded these kids via A CIA FOREIGN OPERATIVE

    & this:


    The rest of the world leaders have his number. The question is:

    What will they do about it?

    Let Them do what AMERICANS CANNOT.


    We need Alfred Hitchcock. No one will believe it unless it is on film.

  12. In MEMORIAM :

    JE suis Charlie


    MAD Magazine

    1. As I recall the Muslim Brotherhood were created by Mi6 to bolster the fundamentalists and keep the region in the dark ages for their natural resources. Obama probably was born in Kenya and from those vids, an in the closet Muslim. However if any of us were trapped in a lift with him, Bush Junior or Tony Blair they would charm you, that is their skill, they can joke about killing, or not finding WMD, or people citizen arresting them for War crimes and get away with it. As regards his real birth country or religion that horse has bolted and is in the next field, as he has the POTUS Job and has had it for a number of years. But it certainly explains a lot about World events. At least with people like Dick Cheney he has got 'Bastard' tatooed on his forehead and does not care who knows it. In a way the 'charming' ones are more dangerous like the Sam Neil character in the OMEN because everyone laps it up. The worst case scenario is that a 'charmer' with a smiley face rises to power in the next few decades with this 1984 (Obamas favourite book!) endless War and total surveillance society...resistance will not be futile, but difficult.I saw the other day they were gunning for General Petraeus again, if being the most senior soldier and an ex-head of the CIA does not protect you, what can. Hopefully for his sake he does not own a canoe!

    2. The first person with a few billion to spend like the Koch brothers who uses it to fund a grass roots labor party in the US will scare the shit out of everyone.

      Labor is 90% of the public and they've been getting the cucumber up the dirt trail now for forty years.

      The biggest problem is that they're indifferent and apathetic because they're all taking drugs and having wild sex all the fucking time.

      In the days before drugs and rock-n-roll people had nothing else to do but worry about their paychecks and so forth....

      But the huge distractions of hedonistic pleasure has provided the masses with opiates so strong that they don't care what their incomes are or if they life in a shit-hole or not.

    3. I doubt whether others on this board know how widespread the use of drugs really is. According to the experts drug use is down, but this can't be true.
      Given what I see everyday more Americans and Brits are using drugs than ever...and it's tens of billions going into Mexican banks.

      I'd say the order of consumption in the US now is this.....

      2.MDMA or molly party substitutes
      3.crystal meth
      4.prescription opiates
      7.powder cocaine

    4. I read something the other day that suggests that 1 in 4 of your Police are on Steroids, this might explain the extreme violence when they are Tazering harmless Hobo's butt holes or motorist's and breaking students arms on School Buses.The World of cheap booze, drugs and Porn you describe (minus the sex) is 1984 in GB wild sex is removing your socks first and keeping the lights on!

  13. I think I'm pretty well aware of the drugs scene over here in the UK and I'd put cannabis and cocaine at the very top! And its difficult to pick a hole in MIT's observations especially the Facebook and online sex dating! As for Bills comments!!! Agreed! Although over he the lady whispers"what about the foreplay?" When her partner retorts "foreplay? I'm finished"

    1. In the UK Cocaine is still king because it's cheaper there and it's a less destructive high.

      In America we don't get our cocaine direct from the Columbians like you guys in England can do.

      We have to get it from the Mexicans, and they've also created bigger markets for more destructive drugs like crystal meth and herion. The biggest drug here is MDMA but the supply of trees in Cambodia from which the sasafrass base is made are running out, so many MDMA users are being fed Methalen or other Chinese-made variants which are basically stimulants and are not even illegal yet...

      But the big changes here are that most crack users have now switched to crystal meth from Mexico which is at least 95% pure, and it's much cheaper. The Mexicans are scaling back the cocaine market here because they have to get it from south America.

      Another change is that legally-grown high quality cannibus from Colorado and Washington state is now flooding everywhere else and the Mexicans are losing out big time in the marijuana department. That's a big plus for our economy.

      The other big change is the Florida mafia/Cuban drug cartel continues to flood the rest of the country with prescription opiates, particularly Oxycontin. And once these users become addicts they must switch to injecting heroin because it's affordable, and that's what's making the colossal Afghan opiate grower market smiling and smiling.

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