Monday, January 12, 2015


  1. No one can pay me so little how, how little i can work, this new generation of internet addicts do not need something which can't be picked on line.

  2. Education is one of the few areas where there has been high inflation for decades and there's no justification for it.

    The US should reduce law enforcement and national security spending and increase funding for bona fide Universities. Bogus colleges with no success in places students with employers should have their funding eliminated. College loans should be made at zero interest with the trillions of dollars in phony money from "Quantitative Easing." No one should make any payments on loans until their employed, and then pay no more than 5%.

  3. Additionally the High School duration should be only two or three years instead of four, and then non-college bound vocational students should go directly to vocational junior college programs funded by zero interest loans or other cheap money otherwise used by bankers for speculation or hedge funds......

    We need a system more like Germany has always had with nine or ten years of public school and then vocational training or University prep.

    The traditional American system of twelve years of PE and football and jocks and the chess club is too wasteful for America today.

    1. put those 4 years in to 3 years and you have it

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