Wednesday, January 28, 2015

From the Jewish Dailey Forward


  1. Jews and Israelis of the world I have a message for you.....

    Iran is the strongest power in your region and getting stronger every day. Just as in Cuba it's a matter of time before sanctions are gone and America and Iran are doing business again.

    If I were you Israelis I would think hard about ways to co-exist with the Iranians like you did twenty years ago when I was over there.

    If the Iranians really wanted to they could wipe you off the map so shut up about attacking them and get real least you get what you are asking for.

    1. All countries on world other than Israel are funny countries, Israel is only serious country so there will be no co-existence while Iran rule Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq... Moderate muslim is muslim without mongol calvary, it does not exist. Israel have power to occupy and sear Iraq, Syria, Sinai, Jordan and half of Saudi Arabia and it should be done with removal of all muslims from there in to remaining Saudi desert, Turkey can have Serbia without its northern part, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, and Greece, Iran can move north to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, and USA must annex North Africa if it wants dollar to remain as currency and keep gold. And that is it. If some muslim nazi-commie multi culti cosmo pagan idiot from some multi culti pagan temple in USA thinks it is all same muslims or jews than they can all be killed one by one, or Allah can have his mushrooms over NYC, Washington, Houston, you think it is hard to nuke NYC or that muslim do not have them right now? Muslim terrorists are waiting right now with nuke because USA is working for them. Even everyone knows that when Ottoman Empire takes control of Iraq, Syria, Jordan next WTC is nuke on NYC. Idiot is who serve them and hopes he will relay on power of other in some future because it looks like it would be somehow more easy. Beside Turkey and Iran will not have to listen to USA if ISREAL do not remove muslims from Iraq and Syria. Both Turkey and Iran must be pushed from south to get it. Lets face it betting on US today is like betting on boy spades with this kind of policy.