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self correction:  also thanks to learn from history!
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The Chop-Stick WarsAmerica’s Impending Stomach Ache - Japanese Sushi;  Chinese Fried-Rice;  Korean Kimchee.

As most of you know by now,   the China Sea abounds with a variety of military equipment honing in on an assortment of targets ranging from ships,  planes,  submarines and even volcanic islands.    The apparent reasons for this bouillabaisse of nationalities,  animosities and  rationales ranges from old WWII festering wounds;  rising nationalism; and the most consistent variable of all--- forging for gas and oil!

  Santayana,  the venerable chef of ancient hostilities,  once revealed the secret recipe of conflict:  history must repeat itself!    The antecedents of WWII appear in full force.   Once again,   Japan reasserts its expansionist ambitions through a rationale that redefines their past aggressions during WWII,  as an ‘Act of Liberation From American/ European Imperialism’.    Not to be out done by China and Japan,   South Korea,   the buttress of bilateral hostilities,   claims territorial and psychological demands from both Japan and China.    However,   this South China Sea bouillabaisse is still without the piquant flavor of Vietnamese pho;  Phillipine sisig;  and  Indonesian  mei beef.     China believes that it is entitled to assert its Middle Kingdom  prerogatives as a matter of historical imperatives, combined with perceived ancient wounds, such as the Communist/Nationalist army “failure” to prevent  The Rape of Nanjing [by Japan].
Where is America in all of this?
As expected,  CINPAC,  the primary military and judicial arbiter of East Asian conflicts is busily trying to lower the temperature of the overheated cauldron of conflicting demands,  entitlements and provocations.    These demands placed on CINPAC at a time of sequestration,   Navy scandals and continuing Middle East military entanglements makes their job far more complicated.    The requirements for CINPAC are primarily strong negotiation abilities across a  spectra of different cultures and psychological profiles;  as well as a projection of force that co-opts,   rather than confronts,  the different military provocations that will inevitably arise.
America has to be able to delineate the boundaries of navigation and trade acceptable to all parties concerned while appealing to the higher moral court of neutrality.   At the same time,   CINPAC must enforce its long-standing state operational code of  ‘denial of access’.

In Hollywood parlance, one would say that CINCPAC  would have to become  a cross between “Clarence Darrow”,  the lawyer,  and “Dirty Harry”,   the enforcer. 
Is it possible?
  I hope so.
That's asking a lot from a group of wary sailors.    The US Navy has had to defend the Straits of Hormuz in an undeclared war for thirty years.    And then the US Navy was by  ordered by the White House to  “assist” during the unnecessary conflagrations of Libya,  Egypt,  Somalia,  Sudan ,  Yemen and Syria.
Can we depend on our Navy?    We have no other choice.

Saudi Arabia & Israel: Imminent Military Strike!

In the parlance of political psychologyan arcane language,  there is a concept that when a country ‘feels completely abandoned by its protector’,   it will often strike out, either militarily or politically/economically.    Yet there is no paradigm that I happen to know about that describes what I would consider,   a folie a deux.    That is the phenomena when two different countries feel ‘hopelessly abandoned’ by the same powerful agent which guarantees their collective viability.    The confluence of two such disparate cultures,  often falsely construed as ‘perpetual enemies’,   makes for a situation which is fraught with danger.
  At a time when the Obama administration has undertaken a brave,  historical precedence of attaining a rapprochement with the arch enemy of not just one country,  Israel,  but also, Saudi Arabia;  war may become the most inevitable course of reprieve for these two seemingly beleaguered nations.
What do I mean?

The geopolitical strategists that we constantly hear from regarding this current situation are missing one critical point:  psychological determinants.   Whenever a nation, whatever its roots or cultural antecedents,   be it Jewish or Muslim,   feels that it has been abandoned by its ‘big daddy’—America—it will feel that it has no other choice  but to ‘act out,’ in retaliation for the ‘abandonment’.    In the particular case of the USA-Iran rapprochement,   Israel has repeatedly warned the USA and the world that it has the sovereign right to act according to its national security interests.     Israel has used every conceivable method of communication to relate the simple message that it will not under any circumstance tolerate a ‘nuclear Iran’.
Saudi Arabia has in a far more subtle way stated through its refusal to occupy a chair on the UN Security Council that it also will not tolerate a ‘nuclear Iran’.    It may be surprising for those novitiates of world affairs,  brainwashed by Saudi diatribes against Israel-  that in fact Saudi Arabia—an Orthodox Muslim Culture – has transformed from ‘blood thirsty anti-Zionist’ to a Jewish-loving ally.    Yet to me,  the alliance of Israel and Saudi Arabia makes a lot of sense.    If I were either an Israeli leader or one of the major Saudi Princes,   I would hark back to the old Arab proverb that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.    Israel and Saudi Arabia have a common cause with common enemies—USA,  Syria,  Iraq[Shi’ites],  Bahrain and most importantly,  Iran.
  What then should the two countries do that fulfills their sense of abandonment and consequent hostility toward their former patron saint of all things military and oil-related? 
Strike back at the USA! 
Attack Iran and obtain a two-for!    Iran can be attacked militarily through continuous air sorties of Israeli jets crossing over the sovereign territory of Saudi Arabia.    Since the Shi’ites of Iran represent a minority position in the Muslim world,  Saudi Arabia can muster the support of Sunni Muslims all over the world— close to one billion Sunnis.

  What are the consequences of this type of coordinated attack?
  Very little for Israel and Saudi Arabia! 
  Iran closes off the Straits of Homuz where most of the world’s oil passes through this twenty-mile narrow passageway.
Guess what happens next?
  Saudi Arabia in concert with UAE,  Qatar, and other oil-producing countries increase their oil productions to compensate for the Iranian oil depletion.    The world economy goes astray for a while until the stock markets realize that there is no real shortage of world oil.
The total outcome of the combined Saudi Arabia/Israeli attack?
America can do very little.   It’s military capacity and will power has been completely usurped by ten useless years of misbegotten wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,  thanks for Clinton,  Bush Jr, and Obama.
Which country will enter the ensuing power vacuum in the Middle East?

Why our friend and ex-KGB operative Vladimir Putin.    No one has earned more of the right to wield power than Putin.   He has used brute force to ascend through the labyrinth of secrecy,  deception and assassination.   Putin has shown that he is the star student of Andropov and Marcus Wolfe.    From a completely psychological perspective,   Putin is the only world leader who has understood the need for power,  manipulation and conserving national resources.
Why not laud his achievements?
  When he was offered the chance to join the neocon Cheney/Bush Iraq War,  he refused.   But he was certain to elicit profits from the failed adventure and from the one in Afghanistan.    He saw the personal and professional failings of three US presidents and calculated that they were wanting in strategy,  tactics,  and comprehension of long term consequences.    Like any aspiring Bismarck or Tsun Tzu,  he waited until his adversary,  America,  exhausted its military/economic capital and then encouraged the arenas of conflict in Iraq,  Afghanistan,  Yemen,  Sudan and Syria in order to tie down American Special Forces.

Now,  America is bereft of capacity and will power.
  What a propitious time for Israel,  Saudi Arabia to attack Iran and then allow Russia to intervene in order to act as the peace keeper?

If you think this scenario to be farfetched then take a moment before making your blessings of ‘thanks’ on Thanksgiving…. And think again!!    I hope that I am wrong!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Two American Diplomatic Impasses: Is there a Doctor in the House???

[1]  Karzai Refusing To Sign Bilateral Security Agreements.
[2]  Increasing Chill Between two American Allies—South Korea and Japan.

How do American diplomats deal with a recalcitrant bipolar Karzai who refuses to sign a bilateral security agreement with the USA in the midst of a four-day long ‘loya jirga’ [a meeting of 2,500 Afghan tribal elders and leaders]?
  Then how does SecDef create a rapprochement with President Park Geun-hye of South Korea whose father was a Colonel in the Japanese Occupation Army and  Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,  whose grandfather was the architect of Japan’s Empire Builder ?
Abe’s grandfather was arrested by the Americans before becoming Prime Minister of Japan again. 
In two separate articles (posted earlier) in the Sunday  NYTimes,  one by Martin Fackler/Choe  Sang-Hun and the other by Rod Nordland,   these two American diplomatic problems were delineated.

In both cases,   the consequences of not resolving their respective differences would result in serious conflagrations.    What the seemingly different situations present are major problems for diplomatic negotiations.    Neither geopolitical nor Balance of Power considerations will be critical to the resolution of these impending crises.    What will be essential in ameliorating these problems will be a keen understanding of psychological dynamics and the different types of nation-state behavior.
Unfortunately,   most of our distinguished diplomats and White House representatives have never been trained in psychological dynamics nor nation-state behavior.    The absence of this type of knowledge was not a function of ignorance or malicious neglect.    The reason our different administrations make so many mistakes in  creating effective bilateral or multilateral agreements,   resides in the fact that most of the diplomats/ representatives have been inculcated in the legal/rational model school of thought.    Ironically,   the origins of the CIA was in the foresight of  Wild Bill Donovan [father of the OSS] to have recruited many anthropologists [e.g. Margaret Mead ] and psychoanalysts [e.g. Walter C. Langer] to study Hitler’s behavior.
Absent from present day tutorials on diplomacy or negotiations is the element of how different world leaders react in a variety of scenarios which have nothing to do with historical or geographical imperatives.    In the past,  the CIA  had a unit which was affectionately known in the Intelligence Community as ‘Nuts and Sluts’ where the distinguished psychiatrist,   Dr Jerry Post would develop insightful psychological profiles.    But the problem that occurred during my tenure in national security was  that Dr Post was writing a ‘Beethoven Symphony’ for most policy planners who could only play chopsticks.    They were not stupid just simply untutored in the ways to strategize these psychological insights.
Hopefully,   the Obama administration has one or two individuals who may be ‘exposed’ to the psychological tensions building up in two different parts of the world—Afghanistan and South Korea-Japan.    National Security Advisor Susan Rice has a very distinguished background,   having attended the exclusive all-girls school—National Cathedral in Washington D.C.,   where I happen to know that they do teach some psychology and child socialization theory.    Later Ms. Rice attended Stanford University where, quite frankly, ‘anything goes’ .    One can only hope that Ms Rice might be able to deal with Karzai—a well-documented  bipolar,  whimsical,  manipulative Afghan Leader who once owned a deli in Silver Springs,  MD.
On the other hand,   Mr Hagel,  a brave Vietnam vet,  entrepreneur,  former Senator,   has evinced no particular scholarship nor tutorial in psychology or nation-state behavior.
Not his fault since his path to politics was embedded in his past heroism and the daily requirements of manipulation and calculations in his role as Senator.     But nothing can provide him with the necessary tools to resolve the most contentious of all problems—an imminent conflagration between Japan and South Korea where China takes advantage of the USG’s inadequate understanding Asian psychology.

  Is there a ‘doctor in the house’ to help both Hagel and Rice and most importantly…..America?
  Will the administration’s pride allow them to bring in whatever skills are required to help them resolve psychological problems that can never be assuaged by dictat nor force structures?
Obamacare should be a clear demonstration to POTUS that without the notion of competency or implementation,   wishful thinking leads all well-intentioned leaders into the ‘inferno of misbegotten’ ills.
 Hubris Ate Nemesis!
 Pride proceeds is own punishment!


and some additional background (in case you want it)
Some homework for my next post

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Getting rid of Holder is a good start.  Many lies, cover-ups started with this man.  Some members of congress are starting to wake up and take action to clean house.  This is constructive.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Three Decades Of Iran/USA Secret Hostilities!   President Ronald Reagan as The American Hamlet!
Please read David Crist’s The Twilight War.

While the Republican Political Cardinals attempt to canonize  former President Ronald Reagan as a ‘Man For All Seasons’,    I had to step back from the Cathedral of Paeans and reflect.   By chance,  I picked up a book entitled The Twilight War: The Secret History Of America’s Thirty-Year Conflict With Iran by David Crist.    Unbeknown to me,  David Crist is currently the historian for the federal government and a frequent adviser to senior USG civilian/military officials.    He was a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and served one tour in the First Iraq War and two tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
But what really compelled me to write this blog was the incredible amount of information that I had not known about this Crypto-War that the USG has conducted vis a vis Iran.   What was particularly interesting to me were Crist’s descriptions of the contretemps relating to Iran and the furious arguments that senior officials in Reagan’s Administrations had with regard to attacking Iran or supporting the Ayatollah’s enemies.   Yes,  contradictions abounded within the Reagan and subsequent administrations with regard to USA relationships with Iran.
The recent,  inevitable denouement with Iran culminates three decades of endless drama encompassing unique and influential game players on both sides of the chess board.    Although I served in the State Department during the Reagan Administration,   I was certainly not exposed to the intense rivalry among Secretary of Defense,  Caspar Weinberger,   Secretary of State George Shultz, and National Security Advisor,  Robert “Bud” McFarlane.    Admittedly,   I was working with another host of characters—Don Gregg [CIA] ; Fritz Ermath [ CIA]; V. P. George H. W. Bush Sr’s office—on a completely different area of  strategic concern --  the dismantling  of the Soviet Union  through Psychological Warfare.   Interesting that none of the these players were mentioned in Crist's book.   Also worth noting:  although I  developed a strategy paper in which I had to incorporate Ronald Reagan’s negotiating style versus the Soviet leader’s modus operandi,  I was unaware of Crist's observation that "Reagan hated personal confrontations."    In his book,   Crist points out this aspect of Reagan that I had not encountered but I had found quite revealing and foreboding.
Crist then goes onto explain that Reagan was unable to made any effective decisions in terms of US retaliatory actions after the unfortunate tragic death of 241 Marines as well as 58 French paratroopers in the Hezbollah bombing of the US Marine barracks on October 23, 1983.     “For the U.S. Marine Corps,   it was the worst loss of life in a single day since Iwo Jima in 1943.”
The US Marines had been mistakenly sent by Reagan into Lebanon as a ‘Peacekeeping Troops’ interceding between the Israeli/Christian Lebanese and the warring factions of Shia,  Druze,  Syrian, Sunnis.     This indeterminate internecine conflict would not be resolved for another decade or so.    In many ways,  as Crist writes,  this was a “needless death” of our brave Marines;  in part,  thanks to the “incompetency” of our civilian leaders [i.e. Reagan] in the White House and elsewhere in the USG.
  In this book,  Crist forges onward,   as any good Marine would do.    He ventures where no one else has dares to go.   He undertakes the impossible mission of attempting to redefine  the universally accepted definition of  ‘terrorism’  from the perspective of the combatant:   “While Israel and the United States condemned these as acts of terrorism,  in truth the attacks were not terrorism.   The founders of Hezbollah had devised the poor man’s smart bomb and aimed it at their opponent's ill-prepared military.”
Crist adds the following quote to make his judicious point:   “If Hezbollah had GPS-guided bombs dropped from thirty thousand feet,  they would not need martyrs”,  said one Lebanese official with Hezbollah.
I remembered that tragic day and I recall how perplexed I felt as to how that tragedy could have happened,   given the sophisticated intelligence that we had in both the CIA/MI.   Nevertheless, Crist highlights a most telling point that I had completely failed to recognize as both a psychiatrist and State Dept. strategist/tactician.    Crist delineates in a very compelling prose the fact that the USA had become what he called,   a “Hamlet of Nations.”

Here is what he had delineated most forcefully in the book:
“….in the end,   REAGAN became the AMERICAN HAMLET. [my emphasis].    The debate over responding to terrorist attacks continued week after week in the White House…”
“A shortsighted Israeli policy and American Cold War naivete opened the door for Iran in Lebanon.    Israel’s myopic obsession with destroying the Palestinian resistance spawned a far more dangerous enemy,   while an American government equally fixated with the Soviet influence in the Middle East had led to misguided meddling in a Lebanese quarrel that Washington barely understood.    In the process,   Hezbollah’s success had emboldened Iran on the value of terrorism and the poor man’s precision weapon—the truck bomb---as instruments for successfully beating a superpower.” 
  Sound familiar?
  Déjà vu, all over again!!!
Let us remember that anytime a Republican praises Reagan,   lest he/she pause for a moment to understand that by omission of historical fact,   he/she may have committed the greatest of all commissions—lying to the American public for personal gain
Stop praising the wrong guys!   it will continue to lead to a destructive foreign policy in the Middle East.
We have had too many Hamlets in both the purviews of  'too precipitous action'  [Iraq/Afghanistan]  and inaction.
Whatever pew of the church of politics you might kneel in,  be it Democrat,  Republican,  Tea Party,  or whatever,   please don’t forget to learn about our history toward Iran
If nothing else,  spend a few minutes a day and take the time to read,  David Crist’s book,  The Twilight War.

Semper Fei!!!

Here's a link to a book I am reading about our decades long history with Iran.  The Twilight War by David Crist.  I will post my thoughts later tonight.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Join The Navy!  See The World!  and PLUNDER the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS!!!

For several decades this blogger has been completely exhausted by the phantom exploits of the Navy’s SEAL Teams daring adventures all over the world.     At some point,  I was waiting for reality to evince itself amidst this barrage of self-love and iconic myths,  like  “Call of Duty”.
Fear not!   My wish for a reality check was amply rewarded.
  As Chairman Mao once said,  rephrasing the psychological dynamics of ‘idealization followed by devaluation’:  The higher the monkey climbs,  the further he falls!
The Navy fell from the heights as dare devils of bravado and death to the prosaic criminal corruption of ‘fleecing the American taxpayers’  on a MASSIVE SCALE.
In an excellent article in the November 11, 2013  Wall Street Journal by Julian E. Barnes,  entitled "Navy Investigating Alleged Ties Between Officers , Contractor",   federal prosecutors have indicted Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless and Vice Admiral Ted Branch for ‘bribery’.
Now what and who can these eminent Naval Staff Officers bribe? 
Mermaids? Whales? Dolphins [often used for intel operations]? 
No,  it’s a lot less fanciful than the Navy’s tales of  imaginary SEAL exploits.
  The federal prosecutors charges that Leonard Glenn Francis,  CEO,  of Glenn Defense Marine,  provided the aforementioned Naval Officers,  as well as many others with money,  prostitutes,  plane fare, and concert tickets in "an effort to learn information about ship deployments and to steer vessels to ports where this firm was in a position to service these vessels at ABOVE MARKET RATES."
Way to go NAVY!!!
How does Glenn Defense Marine Company [GDMC]  and the Navy plunder us,  American Tax Payers?
Since 1995,  GDMC has been CHARGING hundreds of millions of TAXPAYER DOLLARS for "husbanding" Navy ships.
  I know,  don’t get excited, dear readers!
  “HUSBANDING” service to US Navy ship includes fuel,  food provisions,  tugboat services and even port security.
  The following Naval officers , graduates of our ONCE PRESTIGIOUS NAVAL ACADEMY [that had been rife with sex scandals decades before Richard Armitage cleaned that up] include the following SCANDALOUS,  SHAMEFUL names:
[1] Vice Admiral Ted Branch,  Director Of Naval Intelligence;
[2] Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless,  Director Of Intelligence Operations.
Great,  now we have Naval Intelligence satisfying their genitals and their greed instead of using their brains and professionalism to serve this country.
[3] Cmdr Michael Misiewicz,  native of Cambodia,  provided CEO Francis with CLASSIFIED INFORMATION about ship movements. 
[4] Commander Jose Luis Sanchez,  provided Francis with CLASSIFIED INFORMATION in exchange for prostitutes,  luxury travel and $100,000 in cash!   Now Sanchez  should qualify to run for a national office!
Now this next candidate, is a real “humdinger”:
[5] John Bertrand Beliveau II,   a senior naval investigative service agent,  "tipped off Mr. Francis about various inquiries."
Once again, folks, who can trust the fox to watch the ‘hen house’? 
Literally,  the NAVY IS SUNK!!     There is no excuse for any of this reprehensible activity that has transpired over two decades.    That means that the former Chiefs of Naval Operations; the former Secretaries of the Navy;  the Navy Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs; and the former Secretaries of Defense ---could all BE IMPLICATED!!!    Remember that Mr Francis was running this SCAM since 1995.     As far as I am concerned,    there should be massive Court Martials as well as rebates back to the US taxpayers.    The Navy is just one of the branches of the military which has always had a ‘Lilly White Reputation’.
As an ex-Naval Officer,   I would request the MAXIMUM SENTENCING of all involved in this crime against the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS.     Furthermore,   I would encourage  the same prosecutors to examine The Marines,  The Army,  The Air Force and any other military outfits,  on or ‘off the books’.   It is time for the American public to understand that we no longer need a defense posture that costs us billions of dollars in wasted money.    It is time to ask ourselves,  what do we really need in terms of national security?
  And,   the first answer that comes to mind—
  A balanced budget… and a growing economy.
  The rest is just wasteful!!!
Get rid of these Admirals,  Naval vessels, and contractors. 


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beware of Israel’s Adolescent Acting-Out Behavior as POTUS/USG Attain Rapprochement with Iran.

To: POTUS/ Sec State John Kerry/ Senior Obama National Security Team.
From:  Dr Steve Pieczenik M.D., Phd.,  Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State; Carter Administration; Participant,  Israel-Egypt Camp David Accord Peace Accord, 1979.

As your administration comes closer to a rapprochement with Iran,  you should be aware of Israel’s inherent tendency to ‘act-out’ in the person of it’s Prime Minister,  Bibi Netanyahu.
You must monitor and manage Israeli nation-state ‘adolescent’  behavior that will impede US-Iran Nuclear Peace Treaty Agreement.   You must set limits on the Israelis by cutting back their military spare parts and other essential elements for war.

Some History: 
[1]  Throughout WWII,  the father of Israel,  Ben Gurion and his Zionist cohorts,  refused to save Jews in the Concentration Camps when the Nazis [i.e. Eichmann]  offered a legitimate ‘exchange agreement’ Jews for trucks/money.   Ben Gurion's response:  ”Give me three hundred cows for one Holocaust Jew.” 
[2]   In 1968,  Soviets leave Egypt and Syria, and the rest of the Middle East.    Israel tries to entice USG to enter the Middle East in place of Soviets using the "Holocaust Guilt" card.   Up till 1968,  Holocaust Jews were quite ashamed of what had happened to them and resentful of Israel’s ‘opportunistic’ use of their collective death as a ‘bargaining chip’ for world pity and USG military/economic assistance.
[3]   Elie Wiesel speaks in French in Toulouse,  France,  emphasizing the Never Forget theme to the world,   starting a Holocaust Industry all over the world.
[4]   USG creates a ‘Dependent Relationship’ with Israel,  providing military assistance,  financial aid and intelligence sharing.
[5]   Nixon/Kissinger help Golda Meir with last minute military/air force assistance,  increasing markedly Israeli dependence on USG military/intelligence assistance.
[6]   In 1979,   POTUS Carter initiates Camp David Peace Accords.   Menachem Begin willingly gives up Negev Desert for USG/Egyptian guarantees of peace.
[7]   Over the next three decades,  Israel mobilizes Fundamentalist Christians;  AIPAC;  Neo Conservative Jews (all in USA) as a unified internal political force to work against any  US President, Legislature,  US Military/Intel leader who defies Israeli interests.
[8]   Israel uses Primitive Defense Mechanisms of Denial,  Distortion,  Projection and Paranoia to defend against any legitimate criticism of  Israeli  ‘abusive actions’ toward Palestinians; Hezbollah; Hamas [which Israel had created as a counter force to PLO].
[9]   Guilt,  Perfidy, and Bullying –used as diplomatic/psychological weapons of warfare.   If any non-jewish ["Goy"],   USA congressman,  POTUS,  US military/intel official DARES TO CRITICIZE ISRAEL –they are by definition—“ANTI-SEMITES!” who by implication will contribute to the EXTERMINATION OF THE JEWS.
[10]   That lie has been used so often that it has created an implicit fear in the USG over several presidencies wherein I have witnessed that USG national security interests are subordinated to ISRAELI  INTERESTS.
[11]   Jewish Guilt,  Never Again and Never Forget –all Israeli Psychological Warfare Techniques that have been useful in the past to hamper US influence in Israeli miscreant behavior [ i.e, Invasion of Southern Lebanon].
[12]    Structurally/Functionally Israel has not been able to mature as a senior member of the international community.    America has acted for over fifty years as an ENABLER of Israeli ADOLESCENT IMMATURE BEHAVIOR.
[13]   America has allowed Israel to maintain an Atomic Arsenal with the RATIONALIZATION that Israel is an EXCEPTION and had SURVIVED THE HOLOCAUST.
[14]   Israeli Intelligence has been one of the biggest Electronic,  HUMINT penetrator of USG intelligence,  technology,  political systems,  including the Clinton WH.
[15]   Now,  Israeli sense of entitlement,  immaturity and dependency is threatened by USG's  rapprochement with Iran and the support of Syria’s Bashar Assad.
[16]   As a result Israel  TIGHTENS it’s seemingly adverse RELATIONSHIP with SAUDI ARABIA [the adversarial relationship was a bilateral opportunistic myth]—in order to stop USG-Iran RAPPROCHEMENT.

What should the USG do in light Israeli history?
We must constantly monitor domestic AIPAC,  NeoCon,  pro-Israeli groups that will put undue pressure on the WH,  POTUS,  and senior US Military/Intel officials.     It is time to now begin de-coupling USG national security interest from Israel.    We must pre-empt any IDF attempts to initiate war against Iran.    The IDF (Israel Defense Force) is incapable of any prolonged war and it will try to draw the US Military into their conflict.

  In addition,  we should closely monitor Pakistan for any transfer of atomic weapons [i.e Islamic Bomb] to Saudi Arabia.    The USG should continue to promote international cooperation with Britain,  France,  China,  Russia and other countries in opening up Iran.     Let's inform Israel that they can really help the Jews throughout Europe by allowing them to become Israeli citizens,  doing so will help to rectify the injustice done by NOT helping the Holocaust Jews back in the middle of the last century.     After we have set Israel straight with tough measures if necessary,  we should remind ourselves  that they have been a good ally despite their immaturity.    As the USG moves toward more positive,  productive relations with Iran,  show trust BUT always verify.    My fear is that Israel will self-destruct within their false narrative of self-preservation.

Monday, November 4, 2013


Once again,   England enters into the sanctimonious pantheon of elite HIGH SOCIETY FRAUDS ---just like the FAKE WINDSOR ROYAL FAMILY!!!
  Nothing irks me more than pretension!
  No country has such a tradition of COMBINING PRETENSION and FRAUD like GREAT BRITAIN!!
  With their garbled,  marble-mouthed accents,  denoting artificial hierarchical class strata,   the Brits have become  “Pedophiliac Purveyors” of childish prurient entertainment!
The GREATEST SCAM EVER CREATED by the SO-CALLED “BRITISH ROYALTY” was to transform it from a GERMAN FAMILY RULING SAXONY to the NON-EXISTENT BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY CALLED,  “WINDSOR”.    Windsor is the name of the castles in which these ersatz ROYAL CLOWNS lived in.    This is nonsensical historical transformation is the equivalent of we,  Americans calling every President of the USA,  ”PRESIDENT WHITE HOUSE”.
It was George V,  the father of The King’s Speech stutterer,   who proclaimed by ROYAL DECREE in 1917 that the “Members of the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha ethnic/religious group-   who were a branch of the HOUSE OF WETTIN,  RULERS OF SAXONY” now shall be known as the House of Windsor.   You see it wasn't in the Royals best interest to be known as Germans.
Memo to Americans:  what we have here is the ultimate ‘shill game’ of aristocracy.

Unable to stop their endless OCD for creating fiction,   the Brits went on to create a NEW FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT called the LIBOR!    Nothing in the world financial community was a greater SCAM than the "London Interbank Offered Rate".
  The LIBOR was intended to REPRESENT THE COSTS THAT EACH BANK would face if it received an UNSECURED DEPOSIT FROM ANOTHER BANK.    Libor was denominated in different currencies and ranged in maturities from overnight to 12 months.   In the USA,   Libor was the REFERENCE RATE for 70% of the FUTURE MARKETS and more than 50% of the SWAPS MARKETS.    The immense size of this Madoff -like Ponzi scheme INCENTIVIZED EVERY PLAYER TO CHEAT---not on millions of dollars—BUT ON TRILLIONS  OF DOLLARS.
Whom do you suspect oversaw this INCREDIBLE BRITISH BANKING SCAM?
  The answer:
  Now,  America,  you understand why we fought two wars against Britain?
Thanks to Gary Gensler,   THE CHAIRMAN OF THE US COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION who pronounced the BRITISH LIBOR: ”MORE AKIN TO FICTION THAN FACT” --- and is re-appropriating the oversight duties back to the USA.
  It’s time that we,   Americans take back our rightfully place in the national security/political and world financial markets as what we are supposed to be—THE ONLY SUPERPOWER.   It is not the size of our guns,   or the number of military personnel we have stationed abroad that determines our might.    OUR NATIONAL SECURITY IS BASED ON ONE THING ONLY--- FINANCIAL STABILITY and WORLD SUPREMACY.
  If that means we enter into Economic Warfare with Germany [previous blog] or now BRITAIN—SO BE IT!!!
 But,   I am tired of having to subjugate my personal allegiances and past servitude to my country in order to pay homage to fictitious BRITISH ROYALTY AND EVEN WORSE,   BRITISH VERSION OF A PONZI SCHEME!!
  England is finished.   It was defeated militarily,  not once,  but twice by Germany.
 But let’s make sure that we,  Americans,  are not in the path of the detritus.
  Thank you Mr Gensler!
  GOOD WORK!!!! 


Will be posting tonight,  here's some background

Friday, November 1, 2013

“Crookedly Incompetent” is No Way to Live Life- or Be Governor Of New Jersey—Chris Christie!!

  I have to admit that this blog has long been seething in my Machiavellian mind.
  I have waited for the right time and place to describe my not too subtle feelings about a Falstaffian Buffoon who is both boisterous and incredibly incompetent.   He was so self-aggrandizing  that I was waiting till one of his New Jersey mob-relatives would either inform him to keep his mouth shut or literally ‘do away’ with him.
The truth is that Governor Christie’s SELF-LOVE  [Read:"Malignant Narcissism"] is so out-of-proportion to reality that it was inevitable that he would eventually DESTROY HIMSELF.
Thanks again to the propitious,  insightful reporting of Kate Zernike of the NY Times,  Wednesday, October 2013,  I am able to present the case against Governor Chris Christie as a crooked, "decaying loudmouth" who has driven New Jersey to the state of BANKRUPTCY. 
In the NY Times article,  (posted earlier) one deduces the picture of a NJ mobster who does not know when to keep his mouth shut or ‘get out of the business’ [construction, pension funds, insurance, gambling, etc.]     In a rational world of Republican Politics,   if such an animal even existed,   Christie would not even be considered for the floor mat on the door of political cronyism.   He is that dysfunctional/ sociopathic.
  Let’s review his ‘balanced budget successes’:
[1]  Christie lambasted another crook— former NJ Governor,  Jon Corzine—for ‘using one-shot gimmicks’  to ‘balance the budget.’   Like most politicians Christie DECLARED he would start saying “NO to SPENDING”.
[2]  Despite Christie's talk,  overall NJ spending has RISEN 14 %.   NJ’s bond rating is ONE OF THE WORST in the USA.
[3]  His NJ budget is highest in the history of NJ-- $33Billion.
Christie bases his spending plans on ROBUST REVENUE GROWTH ---DESPITE THE FACT THAT NJ HAS THE WEAKEST ECONOMY IN THE USA [along with Georgia].
Examples:  He took $175M from the money paid to states to SETTLE COMPLAINTS of MORTGAGE FRAUD intended to help homeowners PREVENT FORECLOSURE.   BTW, NJ has the second highest rate of mortgage  foreclosures in the USA.    He also ROBBED $166M  from the Affordable Housing distributions  in order to fill in the NON-EXISTENT BUDGET GAP.
[5]  Christie uses all sorts of ILLEGAL ACCOUNTING PRACTICES.
  Instead of sending out property tax rebates in May  2013,  Christie sent them out in August PUSHING  $400M onto the 2014 BUDGET.
[7]  He robbed $700M from the so-called CLEAN ENERGY  FUNDS and  dumped that money into general funds. 
[8]  Christie ILLEGALLY ISSUED $4B in bonds and refused to pay interest on those bonds and stole the THE MONEY EARNED FROM THE NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE TOLLS in order to BALANCE THE BUDGET.

In Late 2012,   the NJ State Budget Crisis Task Force [Bipartisan] panel led by the HONORABLE PAUL VOLCKERand RICHARD RAVITCH ANNOUNCED:  The NJ BUDGET is STRUCTURALLY UNBALANCED!!!!!!
"Budget Unbalanced"—that’s  a FAR CRY from  Christie's DELUSIONAL/SOCIOPATHIC STATEMENT:
"I will restore fiscal sanity!"
If this is Christie’s version sanity,   then give me insanity any time.
Here's some icing on Christie's fiscal fiasco ……
Next month,  in order to make up for $5.5B shortfall by 2018,   Christie initiated online gambling which he claims will bring in about little more than $40M.   So Christie thinks turning N.J. into a gigantic casino will solve his need for cash in his near bankrupt state?    Christie is the master at cooking the books but is this the kind of mobster miscreant we want representing the Republican Party in 2016???   N.J. can keep him.   Is this the best you can do,  Fred Malik?   Let's rethink this.