Thursday, November 28, 2013

Saudi Arabia & Israel: Imminent Military Strike!

In the parlance of political psychologyan arcane language,  there is a concept that when a country ‘feels completely abandoned by its protector’,   it will often strike out, either militarily or politically/economically.    Yet there is no paradigm that I happen to know about that describes what I would consider,   a folie a deux.    That is the phenomena when two different countries feel ‘hopelessly abandoned’ by the same powerful agent which guarantees their collective viability.    The confluence of two such disparate cultures,  often falsely construed as ‘perpetual enemies’,   makes for a situation which is fraught with danger.
  At a time when the Obama administration has undertaken a brave,  historical precedence of attaining a rapprochement with the arch enemy of not just one country,  Israel,  but also, Saudi Arabia;  war may become the most inevitable course of reprieve for these two seemingly beleaguered nations.
What do I mean?

The geopolitical strategists that we constantly hear from regarding this current situation are missing one critical point:  psychological determinants.   Whenever a nation, whatever its roots or cultural antecedents,   be it Jewish or Muslim,   feels that it has been abandoned by its ‘big daddy’—America—it will feel that it has no other choice  but to ‘act out,’ in retaliation for the ‘abandonment’.    In the particular case of the USA-Iran rapprochement,   Israel has repeatedly warned the USA and the world that it has the sovereign right to act according to its national security interests.     Israel has used every conceivable method of communication to relate the simple message that it will not under any circumstance tolerate a ‘nuclear Iran’.
Saudi Arabia has in a far more subtle way stated through its refusal to occupy a chair on the UN Security Council that it also will not tolerate a ‘nuclear Iran’.    It may be surprising for those novitiates of world affairs,  brainwashed by Saudi diatribes against Israel-  that in fact Saudi Arabia—an Orthodox Muslim Culture – has transformed from ‘blood thirsty anti-Zionist’ to a Jewish-loving ally.    Yet to me,  the alliance of Israel and Saudi Arabia makes a lot of sense.    If I were either an Israeli leader or one of the major Saudi Princes,   I would hark back to the old Arab proverb that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.    Israel and Saudi Arabia have a common cause with common enemies—USA,  Syria,  Iraq[Shi’ites],  Bahrain and most importantly,  Iran.
  What then should the two countries do that fulfills their sense of abandonment and consequent hostility toward their former patron saint of all things military and oil-related? 
Strike back at the USA! 
Attack Iran and obtain a two-for!    Iran can be attacked militarily through continuous air sorties of Israeli jets crossing over the sovereign territory of Saudi Arabia.    Since the Shi’ites of Iran represent a minority position in the Muslim world,  Saudi Arabia can muster the support of Sunni Muslims all over the world— close to one billion Sunnis.

  What are the consequences of this type of coordinated attack?
  Very little for Israel and Saudi Arabia! 
  Iran closes off the Straits of Homuz where most of the world’s oil passes through this twenty-mile narrow passageway.
Guess what happens next?
  Saudi Arabia in concert with UAE,  Qatar, and other oil-producing countries increase their oil productions to compensate for the Iranian oil depletion.    The world economy goes astray for a while until the stock markets realize that there is no real shortage of world oil.
The total outcome of the combined Saudi Arabia/Israeli attack?
America can do very little.   It’s military capacity and will power has been completely usurped by ten useless years of misbegotten wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,  thanks for Clinton,  Bush Jr, and Obama.
Which country will enter the ensuing power vacuum in the Middle East?

Why our friend and ex-KGB operative Vladimir Putin.    No one has earned more of the right to wield power than Putin.   He has used brute force to ascend through the labyrinth of secrecy,  deception and assassination.   Putin has shown that he is the star student of Andropov and Marcus Wolfe.    From a completely psychological perspective,   Putin is the only world leader who has understood the need for power,  manipulation and conserving national resources.
Why not laud his achievements?
  When he was offered the chance to join the neocon Cheney/Bush Iraq War,  he refused.   But he was certain to elicit profits from the failed adventure and from the one in Afghanistan.    He saw the personal and professional failings of three US presidents and calculated that they were wanting in strategy,  tactics,  and comprehension of long term consequences.    Like any aspiring Bismarck or Tsun Tzu,  he waited until his adversary,  America,  exhausted its military/economic capital and then encouraged the arenas of conflict in Iraq,  Afghanistan,  Yemen,  Sudan and Syria in order to tie down American Special Forces.

Now,  America is bereft of capacity and will power.
  What a propitious time for Israel,  Saudi Arabia to attack Iran and then allow Russia to intervene in order to act as the peace keeper?

If you think this scenario to be farfetched then take a moment before making your blessings of ‘thanks’ on Thanksgiving…. And think again!!    I hope that I am wrong!


  1. Putin's "achievements?"

    What have you been smoking?

    Here's a "psychological profile" of Putin for you ---- he's a typical short man. A small, short man always smaller than anyone around him who went into the cruel, brutish and sinister KGB as a career so that he could feel powerful and wield power over innocent people with sadism!

    That's the ass-wipe little shit you praise in "Vladimir Putin."

    If you wanna window into the personality of this little shit just talk to Dana Rohrbacher, who met Putin when he was a mere KGB officer. Rohrbacher says Putin wanted to prove his manhood by challenging Rohrbacher to an arm wrestiing competition, and then got drunk on his ass.

    And of course to see the masculinity inferiority of this little turd just look at all the ridiculous videos of him in Russia where he's riding horses with his shirt off, or practicing marshal arts, or fishing with his shirt off.................

    These stupid antics are like Mussolini when he was filmed wrestling lions.

    1. Yes, you are so right about the Mussolini comparison. Happy Thanksgiving!

    2. Its probably correct that Putin with His various videos partaking in action shots will be a little staged for the media but give me a man who shoots and fishes any day!!! Just look at the "leaders" in Britain! I've yet to come across such a bunch of effete males in my life! With some that are members of the bullingdon club which is a club for buffoons who trash restaurants then pay the bill because they can afford to! And another favourite drinking game is when someone farts in a darkened room and the others have to guess who done it!!!!! No I like Putin's no nonsense style and for that matter lavrov's as well! Say it as it is then we know where we all stand instead of the constant bollocks we are subjected to by leaders be it Cameron, Blair, Clinton, Bush, or indeed Obama!!!! To steal Gerald celente's phrase "suck ups who wanted to be class president who never had a fight in their lives" tell you what I'm getting sick of listening to what Israel , Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, are going to do so let's set the lot off and we'll all have a nuclear party and we'll see how them onions grab netenyahu and the fake sheiks!

    3. Most English men are skinny with no upper body strength, but they have very large uncircumcised penises which girls tell me they go apeshit over.

      Bet you dollars to doughnuts Putin has a tiny penis or he wouldn't be doing these stunts.

      Besides Englishmen are gentlemen with women and Russians are animals.

      Any Englishman can beat out a Russian thug in the sack any day of the week.

    4. Yeah Jack the Ripper was a real gentleman...

      More English "gentlemen"...

  2. And as for your "psychologically based" prediction that Israel and Saudi Arabia will attack Iran out of desperation.................

    This is the reason why I left government work. You are vastly exaggerating this situation and have reached an alarmist conclusion. You are what my young girlfriends call a "drama queen."

    I bet you $5,000 right here and now that neither Israel of Saudi Arabia attacks Iran or Hezbollah. Put your money where your mouth is, and I'm not a rich Jewish banker/financier like you - just a working Dude.

    Your "psychological" analysis of this situation is junk science and bogus. It's a bad and distorted as all the psychological monographs I saw of different personalities and countries when I worked with CIA.

    I did a lot of psych warfare training and so forth and I know that my teachers had really valid theories in these areas but you are not practicing these theories correctly.

    1. You are right, I wasn't good enough for the CIA, that's why I never worked for them.

    2. What I'm saying is that the theories developed in CIA were valid but they weren't applied correctly because politics impinges on everything over there.

      I think the theories you were taught were probably valid also but I think you are not applying them correctly when you arrive at these alarmist predictions.

      In particular I wish you would consider these factors:

      1.Israel and Saudi Arabia know Iran is far away from a usable weapon.

      2.Even if Iran had a weapon they couldn't use it. There isn't a war for them to use it in, no prospect of one, and there's strong deterrence for them using it.

      3.The Iranian atomic weapon was intended for DEFENSIVE reasons. It was intended to use against US ground forces or carriers in case the US invaded Iran.

      The only reason why Israel doesn't want Iran to have an atom bomb is because they want Iran to be afraid of an American invasion. Israel wants Iran to be deterred from this or that because they might be attacked by someone like another George W. Bush.

      In short the Israelis and the Saudis don't really think there's enough at stake in this matter to justify the kind of desperation you are attributing to them. The Israelis are schrill in the rhetoric but what's new about that. Even their own Mossad Chiefs are on record saying the Iranians are rational actors and not to worry.

    3. The C.I.A. is a bunch of "NO LIFE" criminals trying to out perform each other as to their "DIRTY AGENDA"! VERY NAUGHTY!

      This is a cross between 007 and Charles Manson with a 200 I.Q. "IDIOT" SAVANT ABILITY and very psychotic, however, somewhat stable--more like "JIG SAW" ("SAW") or psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs)! This the actual reality! You have got to understand the "extreme" Devil worshipper side of the agents!

      You are NOT "extreme" enough Dr. Pieczenik to be a C.I.A. AGENT (controlled by SKULL AND BONES)! The assassinations at the "LOCAL LEVEL" ....!

      First, one must understand the extremism of SKULL AND BONES to understand the "true nature" of a C.I.A. AGENT!

      There one (1) positive mention for the poor C.I.A. AGENTS! There is a lot of SEX!

    4. As for Russian President Putin, President Putin may have saved the WEST! The move by President Putin over the SYRIAN CHEMICAL WEAPONS was brilliant! This totally outsmarted illegitimate Obama (C.I.A. ASSET and BRITISH AGENT) and the CITY OF LONDON, England!

  3. Now on a lighter note.......

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    I have been able to have sex, and got busy with a Junior from Texas A&M University who is here in Austin visiting her family for Thanksgiving. She's drop-dead gorgeous and of course Asian given that she has a 4.0 gpa. She weighs only 100 pounds so I would normally toss her around the bed like a rag doll if she wanted, but my back isn't quite up to that yet.....

    Life is good.

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  4. MIT, glad you are doing better. If you ever need surgery for that disk, check out Dr. Ditsworth pioneered a technique which is far more advanced than any other I have seen for just such a problem which is 95% effective, with the other 5% not getting any worse from the procedure. It is called an endoscopic percutaneous diskectomy and he developed it, and my ex-wife had it done, with great success. Walked out of the hospital less than 8 hours from have the procedure with a bandaid on her back the size of a thumbprint. No denuding muscle from bone, no laminectomy (no removal of bone) and no large scar unlike the more out dated procedures of days gone by. He actually accesses the disk bulge that is pressing on the dorsal nerve root through the natural body opening called the transverse foramen with a fiber optic scope no bigger than a No.2 pencil. And while there denudes or tweezes the disk bulge off of the dorsal nerve root. Most Doctors poo poo new techniques that they themselves cannot perform, maybe professional jealousy, but I have to say it was a God send for my ex spouse. It didn't keep her from eventually divorcing me though many years later but at least she can fuck Pepito the pool boy without any sciatica if she wants…. hope this helps MIT….and stay well all ! Of course Obama care probably won't cover something this revolutionary but its worth being pain free.

    1. Sorry about your divorce but 90% of divorces since the new morality of the 1960s are initiated by the female.

      Women are just never satisfied. I like that film "eat, pray, love" about a nutty broad who dumps are awesome husband and travels the world because she woke up one morning in a bad mood.

      There's no point trying to figure out why women do what they do because they don't have a clue either as to why they do what they do.....

      They are creatures of emotion and hormones who are small, weak and not too bright who wish they were strong, large, and could control their own lives.

      Women live in discontent all the time because no one knows better than they do that they are totally out of control, are vulnerable, a bunch of men want to fuck them.....

      It's a terrible life.

      Best to just not take them seriously.

  5. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    You are wrong on your analysis of Saudi Arabia and Israel, as to the "MOTIVES"! First, everyone must understand this is "ROMAN GAMES" produced by EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS the JESUIT ORDER out of ROME! VERY NAUGHTY! BETTER THAN LEVEY! BETTER STILL THAN CROWLEY! OH YES, NAUGHTIER THAN CROWLEY! LUCIFER WOULD BE PROUD! This makes HITLER look like a "choir boy"! This is the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation Chapter 2:9) at it's "FINIST"!

    First thing is: CITY OF LONDON, England controls both Saudi Arabia and Israel; and illegitimate SAUDI ARABIA is the nastiest, dirtiest, lowdown, and immoral government on the face of the EARTH! This is where Al Qaeda (controlled by C.I.A. and BRITISH INTELL) was BORN! As stated, the Israeli government is the actual Synagogue of Satan (Revelation Chapter 2:9) or ZIONIST MOVEMENT (controlled out of the CITY OF LONDON, England)! The ROTHSCHILD FAMILY are NOT actual JEWS; they (ROTHSCHILD FAMILY) are actually from the 8th Century Persia (fulfillment of some BIBLICAL PROPHECIES) and migrated to southern Germany! In fact, Adolf Hitler was a "bastard child" from one of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY; and Hitler came-up with a fabricated genealogy to cover the actually "fake" Jewish heritage--talk about a "BAD JOKE"!

    This "ROMAN GAME" is to try and outsmart Putin by putting additional "dirty players" ("PIECES") on the "CHESS BOARD"! What do the EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS want??? They (JESUIT ORDER) want EVERYONE "DEAD" A.S.A.P.! But first, there is the "GAME OF DEATH"!

    Let us analyze the PIECES! First, there is Israel, which is controlled by CITY OF LONDON, England; and CITY OF LONDON, England is totally into FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS (SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "population reduction after economic collapse" by George Green (FORMER INSIDER))! Second, there is SAUDI ARABIA, which is controlled by BRITISH INTELLIGENCE (controlled by CITY OF LONDON, England)! SAUDI ARABIA is totally into "INDIRECT" FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS! Therefore, the said "PIECES" in this "ROMAN GAME" are primarily for some type of FALSE FLAG OPERATION! This FALSE FLAG OPERATION will be used to make IRAN look very NAUGHTY, therefore, an "excuse" for an invasion by the WEST! This will put both Russia and China on the defensive; however, they (both Russia and China) will look very bad over their only real and logical defensive move to attack the WEST!

    Back to the real "MOTIVE" for the "ROMAN GAME," IT IS "DEATH"! Basically, the NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER) want to "MASS-GENOCIDE" (every type of W.M.D.) about 7 BILLION PEOPLE out of about 7.2 BILLION PEOPLE WORLD WIDE (SEE THESE VIDEOS AT YOU TUBE: "population reduction after economic collapse" by George Green (FORMER INSIDER); "Project Camelot Interviews George Green - Part 1 of 2" (00:00 to 08:32) posted by Project Camelot (AUTHENTIC VIDEO) on April 16, 2008; "Q4: What is the significance of the 'Snowden affair' and Obama's Narcissistic response to it?" posted by Lyndon LaRouche PAC (AUTHENTIC VIDEO) on July 13, 2013; and Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies, Plum Island, Police State, Great Lakes, BP Oil Spill, and "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S03E04 Ozarks" (6 EPISODES FULL LENGTH AT YOU TUBE))!

  6. Israel and the Saudies dont have the chops to beat Iran without 100% US support. WE in the US have given Iran a pass since the days when we should have kicked their arses when they invaded our emabssy.

    We seemed to be ill with the "Post Vietnam flue" as I would call the syndrome at the time.

    Now why would we give Iran a pass all these years and smash up other secular Arab countries that were anti Al Queda? It would appear that we want to build up Al Queda and point them at the Soviet Muslim Republics

    Russia has no debt. Where are we? Russia has vast untapped natural resources. Where are we?

    Clearly if we wanted to beat Al Queda we would have partnered with the Russians because they know how to deal bloodily with these 7th Century freeks.

    Russia and China, the old Marxist blocks, stand to kick our asses with our own capitalist tools. What a sorry state of affairs our effeminate Euro trash and Amero trash leaders are leading us towards.

    1. You do NOT understand reality! All you see is what they (NEW WORLD ORDER) want you to see!

      The 1953 Iranian coup d'état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup, was the overthrow of the Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh on 19 August 1953, orchestrated by the United Kingdom (under the name 'Operation Boot') and the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project). Basically, it was the C.I.A. (controlled by SKULL AND BONES) and BRITISH INTELL (controlled by the CITY OF LONDON, England) that planned and executed the overthrow of the Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh!

      When the SHAH did NOT work out, the C.I.A. (controlled by SKULL AND BONES) removed the SHAH (1979) and put in the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini! Therefore, the current situation in IRAN is basically intelligence "BLOWBACK"!

      IRAN has never been a significant threat to the WEST! Even if IRAN had several low yield atomic weapons, IRAN would never use them! Because, IRAN is very afraid of Israel (controlled by CITY OF LONDON, England (ZIONIST MOVEMENT ran primarily by ROTHSCHILD FAMILY/Synagogue of Satan (Revelation Chapter 2:9))); and Israel actually has currently about 800+ thermonuclear weapons with I.C.B.M. TECHNOLOGIES!

      When the information was leaked about thirty years ago concerning Israel possessing nuclear weapons, Israel had about 200+ atomic warheads (medium yield). Over the last about thirty years, Israel has gotten from the WEST billions of dollars in planes, bombs, nuclear secrets, and who knows what else! In fact, most of the missing moneys from the UNITED STATES PENTAGON is related to the illegal influx of highly technical weapons to Israel over the past about thirty years!

  7. Mit, I think you have Dr. Pieczenik all wrong. Don't you see, what Dr. P is describing is primitive, infantile acting-out. Dr. Pieczenik, while acknowledging countries and people act out.

    (Kind of like a jilted or spurned boyfriend, who turns around and stalks his ex-girlfriend or seeks a confrontation at a crowded mall, where she works in one of the retail outlets.

    It's juvenile at best, and maladaptive, possibly weird at worst. And it doesn't look good to passersby or friends & acquaintances, either.

    But people do it... so can countries, too.

    And, if you are the "stalker", your social standing is going to drop.)

    Perhaps, I'm misinformed.

    About Putin: His moves on the chessboard have been successful. Three years ago, Russia had a soft and ineffectual reputation in the international community; now, Russia is looked at with respect and has to be accounted for as a player in most every international situation.

    Putin has had a sure hand on the ship of state.

    Impressive: Which international political leader has had more success than Putin on the international stage in these last three years?

    1. Revise & extend:

      " Dr. Pieczenik, while acknowledging countries and people act out." is putting it in a poor light, a pathetic light.

      Yes, it could be a danger, as Dr. Pieczenik rightly notes, although, with it exposed for what it is in terms of psychological equivalence, the danger these child-like countries will act out is diminished as adults are in the room and likely will prevent the child from further wetting the bed.

      Take this for example: The Iran interim agreement.

      Fox News Sunday had Michael Hayden, former NSA director, former CIA, on as an analyst, and he recognized the inevitability of Iranian enrichment as a right of nationhood and that the interim "deal" was the best in a bad situation (acknowledging that Iran would advance in their nuclear development without constraint, if there was no deal), and should be pursued to test Iranian sincerity and see just how far Iran will agree to "rollback" their enrichment activities without giving up the right to enrich for energy, medical, and legitimate, non-military, nuclear research purposes.

      No counter analysis was provided.

      Then the 'round table', consisting of Bret Hume, George Will, Jane Harmon, former representative and supporter of Israel, and former senator, Evan Bayh, provided their opinions on the interim agreement:

      Jane Harmon went first and supported the agreement.

      George Will went second and supported the agreement.

      Neither Hume or Bayh gave an opinion, then they moved on rather briskly to another foreign policy issue...

      Presumably, both Hume and Bayh agreed and had nothing substantive to add. But I suspect both had reservations and there was only "grumbling assent".

      This is FOX news channel...

      But remember, polls show the American Public favors seeing this interim agreement tested by 2 to 1 ratios.

      Diplomacy is possibly going in the Syrian direction with a constructive step in the path of resolving the crisis, and this has a lot with The American People being against war.

      FOX offers a major signal in terms of "taming" FOX viewing conservatives and Republicans, that they need to be constructive in their concerns and actually discuss back and forth what requirements they would want in an agreement with Iran.

      The Netanyahu Ultimatum is being seen by smart people for what it is: A declaration for a war of naked aggression against Iran.

      There is no justification for such an ultimatum from Israel.

      A war in the gulf would be catastrophic for the region, dangerous for the world, and crippling to the economy of the United States.

      A new Mideast war is not in the vital national security interest of the United States.

      Sounds like cooler heads are also prevailing in Israel as well.

      The interim agreement will be tested... in many ways, but not likely by an Israeli and Saudi overt military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

      Not only would the legitimacy of both countries be questioned, but they both would be turned into permanent diplomatic outcasts and pariah nations.

      You see, the Netanyahu Ultimatum, does not only require a capitulation & surrender from Iran, which will never happen, thus, leaving only war as a recourse.

      But stops conservatives from even intelligently discussing the issue. What conditions and sureties would you want in an agreement short of a demand for "dismantlement & no uranium enrichment"?

    2. For people who are interested in peace, they need to communicate to other people who are wary, possibly still rejectionist of any agreement, and be firm in educating those that the Netanyahu Ultimatum is a recipe for war.

      Perhaps, then, when confronted with the geo-political realities, they will come to terms, and, who knows, perhaps contribute to a better agreement in six months time.