Thursday, November 14, 2013

Here's a link to a book I am reading about our decades long history with Iran.  The Twilight War by David Crist.  I will post my thoughts later tonight.


  1. Just read the link and this looks a most fascinating digest! I'm sure it will be a very interesting post Dr p given the thawing of frosty relations between the USA and Iran! That coupled with your own insight dealing with the subject matter, Iran fascinates me greatly as every time I've watched any documentary from there it comes across as the total opposite to how its perceived in the west! I'm a agog with anticipation sir!


    Because of the C.I.A., IRAN has become a PROBLEM! Since 1953 (1953 Iranian coup d'état, when Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh was REMOVED), the C.I.A. has intentionally turned IRAN into a IRAN's current condition (unstable radical government)!

    Is this actually intelligence "BLOW-BACK"??? I do NOT THINK SO! WHY??? Because, this is exactly what was wanted by the CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE); and the BRITISH EMPIRE controls the C.I.A. via SKULL AND BONES! Furthermore, the BRITISH EMPIRE controls BRITISH INTELLIGENCE and MOSSAD via the ZIONIST MOVEMENT (controlled out of CITY OF LONDON, England)!

    Because of all of this, IRAN has become a "TRIGGER" for a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST! In addition, SYRIA and Pakistan are also "TRIGGERS" for a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST!

    Currently, according to LaRouchePAC (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Q1 - The Thermonuclear Threat" posted by Lyndon LaRouche PAC (AUTHENTIC) on November 10, 2013), SAUDI ARABIA is about to receive several NUCLEAR WARHEADS that fit current missiles in possession of SAUDI ARABIA! THIS IS EXTREMELY SERIOUS! This is CITY OF LONDON (ENGLAND) response to President Putin undermining CITY OF LONDON's plan for using SYRIA as a "TRIGGER" for a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST!

    George Green (FORMER INSIDER) stated the NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" were going with a FALSE FLAG OPERATION (use of a NUCLEAR WEAPON) in Israel; and this was to start W.W.III (THERMONUCLEAR WAR)! SEE THIS VIDEO: "population reduction after economic collapse" by George Green (YOU TUBE)!

    1. What difference does it make if there's a nuclear war or not when these people have all our plastic bags anyway.

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    1. Thank You.

      Unfortunately, my time runs short; and "NO ONE" wants to assist me with my "IDENTITY SWITCH" ISSUE! LAWYER???

      Today (November 15, 2013) I went to Bank of America (located at Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California). This is where I have been, in recent times, doing most of my banking. As of today (November 15, 2013) one (1) of the BANK STATEMENTS I requested has NOT ARRIVED at the said BRANCH! The request was placed on October 30, 2013 at the said BRANCH by Armin Malekahmadi (Bank of America banker); and the original request was for bank statements between October 2006 to December 2008 (two (2) sets) and November 2010 to March 2012 (two (2) sets)! To date (November 15, 2013), I have only received three (3) envelopes from Armin Malekahmadi (Bank of America banker). I am missing one (1) set (November 2010 to March 2012)! The one (1) set (November 2010 to March 2012) that I do have was post marked November 1, 2013; therefore, either the C.I.A. and support intercepted the said bank statements, or Armin Malekahmadi (Bank of America banker) is lying, giving my said set of bank statements to C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS)!

      I requested another set of bank statements (November 2010 to March 2012) from Armin Malekahmadi (Bank of America banker). According to Armin Malekahmadi, I should have said bank statements by Friday November 22, 2013; however, there is a very high probability of the C.I.A. and support intercepting them again, or Armin Malekahmadi doing something......!

      Said bank statements were to replace the bank statements that were stolen on October 29, 2013 from behind a former restaurant (vacant building located at Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California)! As you know from prior comments, my plastic bag containing several documents, bank records, receipts, bank receipts, clothes, blue towel, and a tan jacket. I know it was the C.I.A. and support; because, just before I went to get my plastic bag, a retired C.I.A. AGENT (now C.I.A. ASSET) came into McDonald's Hamburgers (Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California) and stated: "IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT [EVIL AND SERIOUS VOICE]!"

    2. Also, on October 30, 2013, just after I requested said bank statements, I went to the phone at the said BANK BRANCH (Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California) and contacted B of A CUSTOMER SERVICE. I requested additional documents to be mailed to my existing POST OFFICE BOX (3941 S. Bristol St. Suite D-237 Santa Ana, California 92704-7400). So far, as of yesterday (November 14, 2013), I have NOT received anything concerning said request!

      I opened said POST OFFICE BOX during 2012 to receive a Bank of America A.T.M./VISA CARD, because the said Bank of America BRANCH (Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California) would NO LONGER receive secured mail (B of A policy)!

      Soon after opening said POST OFFICE BOX (3941 S. Bristol St. Suite D-237 Santa Ana, California), I was denied night access over a "supposed" stunt by another homeless man (B.S.)! Shortly after that, my P.O. BOX KEY for BOX 237 was pick-pocketed while I was knocked-out outside (C.I.A. ???)! Then, there was the regular C.I.A. AGENT at the said location with a LAPTOP COMPUTER, knowing certain detailed information that only a GOVERNMENT AGENT might know (NO classified info); and the staff stated he (said C.I.A. AGENT) was law enforcement! The C.I.A. is a type of law enforcement! What is really strange is I only get an occasional B of A overdraft notice, and there has been NO OTHER MAIL for several months! WHY??? Is the C.I.A. and support illegally intercepting my mail and giving said mail to the individual (A LIST) illegally getting my "IDENTITY"???

      As stated in other comments, as of December 30, 2010, I only had four (4) felony arrests (94CF3178 (S.A.P.D.), *03CF1264 (*S.A.P.D.), 08CF0024 (S.A.P.D.), and 11CF0028 (O.C. SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT on December 30, 2010 at about 4:20 p.m.))! The arrest on December 30, 2010 took place at a strip mall located at Edinger Ave. and Standard St. Santa Ana, California! There were two (2) O.C. Sheriff's Deputies, when the arrest should have been the SANTA ANA POLICE DEPARTMENT (proper jurisdiction)! The violation was California H & S Code Section 11350(a), which is possession of "CRACK COCAINE"! In fact, all of my four (4) felony arrests are all violations of California H & S Code Section 11350(a)! I am "CRACK HEAD" Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.! However, given this NEW FABRICATED "IDENTITY" (ALL RECORDS ILLEGALLY MODIFIED OR ERASED BY THE C.I.A. AND SUPPORT), who knows, but them, concerning MY CURRENT "FABRICATED" RAP SHEET!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. [CORRECTION] As stated in other comments, [correction] on and "BEFORE" December 30, 2010, I only had four (4) felony arrests (94CF3178 (S.A.P.D.), *03CF1264 (*S.A.P.D.), 08CF0024 (S.A.P.D.), and 11CF0028 (O.C. SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT on December 30, 2010 at about 4:20 p.m.))! ........

    5. Is that guy at BOA Iranian or Armenian?

      Please tell me because I think he's the guy who's been watching me whenever I go to the branch on Anderson Lane in Austin when I put money into my girlfriend's account so she can draw it out while she's in prison.

      Please I think it's the same guy.


      Before she went to the penetentiary my girlfriend, who's from the Phillipines, had a three-way with the personal banker at that branch, a super-hot Vietnamese girl named "Miss Nguyen."

      That was a night to remember. ;)

  4. Wow, don't you wish you could just reach out and magically get Raymond off of Crack. Raymond I don't know much about addiction medicine, but I would say your addiction is causing you to be paranoid. However if you think Bank of America Customer Service is bad you should try Wells Fargo. I was in a branch the other day and one customer was so irate he started banging on the bullet proof glass. The security guard had to toss him out and told him never to come back. And I thought I was the only one frustrated with these banksters. Change banks Raymond and Get off the Crack please. Speaking of Reagan, I naively quote his spouse Nancy….."Just Say No" Obviously she wasn't a specialist in addiction medicine either.

  5. I believe Raymond will be used as a false flag patsy if it is true the CIA has stolen his identity.
    Every patsy since obama began his reign of domestic terror has been on drugs... incoherent.

    Dr. P. Why don't you email Raymond & see what you can glean before you can't...
    Don't have regrets after the fact...if not him, who?
    If not now, when?
    He is screaming for help!

    1. Thank You.

      NO, they (corrupt government) will NOT use me as a false flag patsy. They (corrupt government) want in PRISON A.S.A.P., with a "FLOATING IDENTITY;" therefore, no one will be able to do anything once I am back in the "CAGE" (JAIL TO PRISON)! Because, at that point, I will technically NOT EXIST (NO ACTUAL BIRTH ORIGIN)!

      I was born on January 5, 1964 as RAYMOND HOWARD CARLSON; then, I went to Raymond Carlson (compliments of the corrupt parts of the O.C. SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT), with NO MIDDLE NAME; and, now, I am whatever they (C.I.A. and support) say I am (finger prints as to RAP SHEET)!

      As for using CRACK COCAINE, that would be a instant "DEATH SENTENCE;" because, SANTA ANA POLICE DEPARTMENT stated they (S.A.P.D.) would arrest me, if I actually committed any CRIMES! Since I am still connected to 11CF0028 by only the warrant (separated during 2012 by finger prints as to actual RAP SHEET), S.A.P.D. would have to process the said "FRAUDULENT" WARRANT obtained by FRAUD ON THE COURT BY THE ARRESTING AGENCY (ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT Orange County, California)! By the way, I have had over a dozen encounters with SANTA ANA POLICE OFFICERS, since March 9, 2012; therefore, S.A.P.D. knows about the said "IDENTITY SWITCH" (ALL [EMPHASIS ADDED] OF MY RECORDS ILLEGALLY MODIFIED OR ERASED)!

      I have been "CLEAN" since February 18, 2012! I used the last of my LAST S.S.I. CHECK between February 16, 2012 (released from THEO LACY FACILITY (part of O.C. JAIL COMPLEX) Orange, California) and February 18, 2012! I was going between Townsend St. Santa Ana, California and Standard St. and Edinger Ave. Santa Ana, California (location of arrest on December 30, 2010 by two (2) ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES)! Therefore, I have been "CLEAN" for over a year, while being on the streets as a transient (Santa Ana, California)!

      As stated in other comments, if I had a lawyer that could practice in California (CIVIL and CRIMINAL), I would have prevailed! Currently, since they (corrupt government) have stolen my "PLASTIC BAG" on October 29, 2013 (near Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California behind vacant restaurant building), I have LOST critical documents I can NOT REPLACE (certain bank records, S.S.A. LETTERS, bank receipts, receipts, and certain court records); therefore, it would be difficult but not absolutely impossible to prevail, if I had a lawyer! Because, I still have a lot of "EVIDENCE" (VARIOUS DOCUMENTS)! However, if I ever end-up in the "CAGE" (JAIL TO PRISON), given the current "FABRICATED" RAP SHEET, IT WOULD BE "GAME OVER;" and they (corrupt government) know this!

  6. I agree Patriarch. Dr. P, I know you are retired, but a little community service here would be kind. A little Tikkun Olam. The ladies at the pool will love you more.

  7. Col. Crist, self-described USG FUNDED "historian" invites suspicion of Revisionism - just like a witness being paid for a newspaper interview.

    "Dear American citizen, you life is worth nothing, but the police whom you pay, are not only unaccountable but also their lives are invaluable. If you get killed in their line of duty, it is no big deal. But don’t you injure a police goon thug in an act of self-defense. I mean, who do you think you are, some kind of mythical free American with rights?"

  8. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Yesterday (November 16, 2013), just after I arrived at the Jack in the Box parking lot, I saw a ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT PATROL UNIT and one (1) O.C. SHERIFF'S DEPUTY discussing something with a Bank of America employee! THIS IS STRANGE, because SANTA ANA POLICE have jurisdiction of that particular AREA! Furthermore, since they (corrupt government) have stolen my PLASTIC BAG on October 29, 2013, they (C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS)) have been trying to "FINISH-ME-OFF"!

    When I saw my PLASTIC BAG was stolen, I knew most likely there would be a "FRAME JOB" (planting evidence or saying evidence existed when it did NOT)! At that point, they (WEED AND SEED working for C.I.A.) would get the ORANGE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE to FILE CHARGES as to MY CURRENT "FABRICATED" RAP SHEET, therefore, SOLIDIFYING THE "IDENTITY SWITCH"! In addition, I would "go down" for stealing (stolen identity) from myself, because of the current "FABRICATED" RAP SHEET!

    Unfortunately, only law enforcement (STATE and FEDERAL) have access to a person's RAP SHEET; and it is VERY DIFFICULT to reverse back a RAP SHEET! However, if I currently had a LAWYER (CIVIL and CRIMINAL) that could practice within California, I would "PREVAIL" based upon the "EVIDENCE" (VARIOUS RELEVANT DOCUMENTS)!

    According to John Edward Addington (6' 0" TALL, Blue eyes, Grey hair, about 190 lbs. (slender), and about 50 years old), there was a "LIST" of individuals the said corrupt government was going to use to give my "IDENTITY" too! John Edward Addington mentioned three (3) of the said potential individuals! First, there was John Edward Addington! Second, there was Matthew Alan Faris (5' 10" TALL, Blue eyes, Blond hair, about 200 lbs (chubby), and born on [I believe] June 6, 1986 (possibly Kentucky))! Third, there was John Lawrence Simeone (born during 1962, 5' 10", Green eyes, Brown hair, and about 175 lbs. (very slender))!

    John Lawrence Simeone (actual birth name) was arrested during 2012 (CASE 12CF0934 at ORANGE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT (located at 700 Civic Center Drive West Santa Ana, California)))! Said CASE 12CF0934 is listed at as John Simeone, with NO MIDDLE NAME, unless you research the case further; therefore, this particular said case might be connected to me illegally (sealed rap sheet in the docket court file)! What really makes this particular CASE (12CF0934) very interesting is John Lawrence Simeone "DIED," according to several credible sources; however, the processing of the DEATH CERTIFICATE would be on hold until they (C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED)) get me back into the "CAGE" (JAIL TO PRISON, with a "FLOATING IDENTITY" ("FABRICATED" RAP SHEET))! Furthermore, if John Lawrence Simeone is "DEAD," why is there a WARRANT with several aliases and CASE 12CF0934 still "OPEN" (BENCH WARRANT ISSUED)! Because, WEED AND SEED (mostly very corrupt parts of the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT put together by prior SHERIFF (5.5 YEARS IN COLORADO FEDERAL PRISON)) are connected to the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT which is connected to the ORANGE COUNTY CORNER'S OFFICE!

  9. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Dr. Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D., there is another interesting issue! On November 16, 2013, while I was at the Bank of America branch located at Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California, Armin (Bank of America banker) called the "BACK OFFICE" immediately after assisting me! Why is this sooooo VERY IMPORTANT??? WELL! First of all, as stated in other comments, there is a bank statements (November 2010 to March 2012) missing that I should have already received (my mail to said branch attention Armin) from Armin (Bank of America banker)! Second, I over heard some of the conversation, which was: "[communication with BACK OFFICE] .... I need a favor. .... Can you get me a CARD (A.T.M. CARD)? ...." This was while he (Armin) was looking at the same screen he (Armin) was looking at while assisting me! Therefore, Armin (Bank of America banker) might be getting an A.T.M./VISA BANK CARD to assist THE C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS) undermining my current Bank of America A.T.M./VISA CARD; and I use said A.T.M./VISA CARD to establish alibis to counter potential "FRAME JOBS"! In addition, there is a very high probability that Armin (Bank of America banker) gave to said WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS my said missing bank statements, because WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS (connected to the C.I.A.) found out about Armin and me after they (C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED)) acquired my said PLASTIC BAG on October 29, 2013!