Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Join The Navy!  See The World!  and PLUNDER the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS!!!

For several decades this blogger has been completely exhausted by the phantom exploits of the Navy’s SEAL Teams daring adventures all over the world.     At some point,  I was waiting for reality to evince itself amidst this barrage of self-love and iconic myths,  like  “Call of Duty”.
Fear not!   My wish for a reality check was amply rewarded.
  As Chairman Mao once said,  rephrasing the psychological dynamics of ‘idealization followed by devaluation’:  The higher the monkey climbs,  the further he falls!
The Navy fell from the heights as dare devils of bravado and death to the prosaic criminal corruption of ‘fleecing the American taxpayers’  on a MASSIVE SCALE.
In an excellent article in the November 11, 2013  Wall Street Journal by Julian E. Barnes,  entitled "Navy Investigating Alleged Ties Between Officers , Contractor",   federal prosecutors have indicted Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless and Vice Admiral Ted Branch for ‘bribery’.
Now what and who can these eminent Naval Staff Officers bribe? 
Mermaids? Whales? Dolphins [often used for intel operations]? 
No,  it’s a lot less fanciful than the Navy’s tales of  imaginary SEAL exploits.
  The federal prosecutors charges that Leonard Glenn Francis,  CEO,  of Glenn Defense Marine,  provided the aforementioned Naval Officers,  as well as many others with money,  prostitutes,  plane fare, and concert tickets in "an effort to learn information about ship deployments and to steer vessels to ports where this firm was in a position to service these vessels at ABOVE MARKET RATES."
Way to go NAVY!!!
How does Glenn Defense Marine Company [GDMC]  and the Navy plunder us,  American Tax Payers?
Since 1995,  GDMC has been CHARGING hundreds of millions of TAXPAYER DOLLARS for "husbanding" Navy ships.
  I know,  don’t get excited, dear readers!
  “HUSBANDING” service to US Navy ship includes fuel,  food provisions,  tugboat services and even port security.
  The following Naval officers , graduates of our ONCE PRESTIGIOUS NAVAL ACADEMY [that had been rife with sex scandals decades before Richard Armitage cleaned that up] include the following SCANDALOUS,  SHAMEFUL names:
[1] Vice Admiral Ted Branch,  Director Of Naval Intelligence;
[2] Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless,  Director Of Intelligence Operations.
Great,  now we have Naval Intelligence satisfying their genitals and their greed instead of using their brains and professionalism to serve this country.
[3] Cmdr Michael Misiewicz,  native of Cambodia,  provided CEO Francis with CLASSIFIED INFORMATION about ship movements. 
[4] Commander Jose Luis Sanchez,  provided Francis with CLASSIFIED INFORMATION in exchange for prostitutes,  luxury travel and $100,000 in cash!   Now Sanchez  should qualify to run for a national office!
Now this next candidate, is a real “humdinger”:
[5] John Bertrand Beliveau II,   a senior naval investigative service agent,  "tipped off Mr. Francis about various inquiries."
Once again, folks, who can trust the fox to watch the ‘hen house’? 
Literally,  the NAVY IS SUNK!!     There is no excuse for any of this reprehensible activity that has transpired over two decades.    That means that the former Chiefs of Naval Operations; the former Secretaries of the Navy;  the Navy Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs; and the former Secretaries of Defense ---could all BE IMPLICATED!!!    Remember that Mr Francis was running this SCAM since 1995.     As far as I am concerned,    there should be massive Court Martials as well as rebates back to the US taxpayers.    The Navy is just one of the branches of the military which has always had a ‘Lilly White Reputation’.
As an ex-Naval Officer,   I would request the MAXIMUM SENTENCING of all involved in this crime against the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS.     Furthermore,   I would encourage  the same prosecutors to examine The Marines,  The Army,  The Air Force and any other military outfits,  on or ‘off the books’.   It is time for the American public to understand that we no longer need a defense posture that costs us billions of dollars in wasted money.    It is time to ask ourselves,  what do we really need in terms of national security?
  And,   the first answer that comes to mind—
  A balanced budget… and a growing economy.
  The rest is just wasteful!!!
Get rid of these Admirals,  Naval vessels, and contractors. 



  1. Generals like INCOMPETENT FAGGOT Hayden should be exiled for stealing taxpayers $$ intentionally farming it out to phony contractors & then going to work for them-- his pension should be severed in exchange for the millions he handed over as a "lobbyist".
    But those in charge of the nukes are patriots & they should defend their firing & expose the imposter "Obama" for his MALEVOLENCE & fear of exposure....that is the TRUE FACTOR IN THE FIRING--what appears on the surface is a diversion.

  2. David Horowitz: The American left “lie. And it's not like politicians cannot be a leftist without lying about the most basic strategic facts about who you are.”
    Horowitz summed up pessimistically: “We are within reach of a totalitarian state in this country…These are very very dark days for this country.” But, Horowitz held out hope: “there's been an earthquake on the conservative side since I switched sides...the tea party is the earthquake. The best thing that Republicans can do is stop the fratricide.”

  3. Patriarch, do you realize how apparent it is to everybody else that you suffer from some sort of mental disorder? I'm not even joking man, I really get worried when I read your posts.

    1. Actually Reggie, I do not think Patriarch suffers from any apparent mental disorder. Why don't you know Reggie that the road to totalitarianism is paved with good intentions? These contractors just wanted to help relieve the naval officers of some pent up sexual tension, for a few billion dollars. Nothing to worry about there right? I worry about you Reggie and your total lack of concern, because of your analysis leading you to what? The opposite conclusion of Patriarch? Hey Reggie, with all due respect, I just don't think that you get it.

    2. Get what?

      Reggie sees what any normal person can, that Patriarch is way out there, meaning tin foil hat time man.

      Patriarch's shortcoming is that he applies no skepticism when listening to the screeds of money-motivated con men like LaRouche, et al.

      There are plenty of real conspiracies out there, but you have to evaluate which ones have merit from the ones which clearly don't, and the financial motives of the messengers. People like Patriarch don't do that.

    3. Basically that a Pimp is moving the U.S. Naval fleet around at his whim. And a bunch of John's are actually doing this with tax payer money. I'm about as upset as Raymond here as when the CIA fu#$%%#k's with his Shirts!!! Honestly tho, its outrageous behavior from a group that has such a lofty mission. I'm disappointed in them. They are suppose to exercise some discretion and discipline. You know live up to a higher standard than a John on a street corner with their tongues hanging out. They represent the U.S.A damn it. I expect better from them.

      I HOPE YOU ARE AROUND AT AGE 90.5 with an acute memory & a calling to share wisdom.

      There are 3 kinds of people:
      Those who watch things happen;
      Those who make things happen,
      And those such like Reggie who,
      WONDERED "What happened?"

    5. Ha ha great retort patriarch! Sharp as a tack as well!!!

    6. I wish people wouldn't pick on other people. If you disagree with a point or two, fine. You want to bring some evidence to back up your point, great. But don't just attack people as nutjobs and crazies, because that qualifies them for the White House.

      FYI, here is the origin of "Liberalism is a mental disorder."

      FYI, the origin of "Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened."

      Famed etymologist signing out.

  4. Why do I feel like saying..... Gaaaaahlly Sgt. Carter ! Shazam ! And they give away the position of the fleet. Wonderful. Heads should roll. An example should be made of these sell outs. Maybe a public tar and feathering on board their respective ships in front of the entire crew as a final punishment. What a dishonorable thing to do wearing a U.S. Naval uniform. I mean I could understand if you were in Columbia and were part of the Secret Service detail protecting the U.S. President and got horny, but the Navy? Time to swab some decks ! Sheesh !

    1. Twenty years ago there was a SEAL who was indicted for something or another. I think he wrote a book and his name was Marcinko or something. This kind of shit has been going on forever, and the reason why was declared by the Village People in 1978 -------------------------------------------------------------

      "In the Navy!"

      "In the Navy!"

  5. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS VIDEO: "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: 9/11: The Pentagon [Season 2, Episode 8] (Full Length • HD)" posted by Justin Wallis on December 18, 2010! The "DEPLETED URANIUM MISSILE" that hit the UNITED STATES PENTAGON on September 11, 2001 hit the ACCOUNTING OFFICE! Said PENTAGON ACCOUNTING OFFICE was determining the about 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS in losses; and UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF DEFENSE Donald Rumsfeld discussed said 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS in losses on September 10, 2001, SEE THE MENTIONED VIDEO!

    Why is our DEFENSE BUDGET about 800,000,000,000.00+ per year????

  6. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today (November 13, 2013), while I was at 3333 Bear St. Costa Mesa, California (SOUTH COAST PLAZA/ mainly APPLE STORE), there were two (2) government agents when I picked-up my coffee! One (1) of the said government agents (C.I.A. ???) answered the cell phone: "...leave him (me ???) alone for now. We need one (1) more shirt. ...." They corrupt government have already stolen two (2) dirty shirts and several pieces of clean clothes overtime (past about three (3) years ("FRAME JOBS" ???))! They (said corrupt government) want to put me into PRISON with a "FLOATING IDENTITY"!

    As stated in other comments, the C.I.A. and WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS have taken-out my ENTIRE BACKGROUND (ALL RECORDS switched or erased)! If I ever get a lawyer will to go up against the SYSTEM, I have sufficient EVIDENCE (VARIOUS DOCUMENTS)!

    1. Those are the same guys that were following me around last week!

      They are from the Central Security Service, and I led the taller of the two on a two hour chase through Hays and Caldwell counties last Sunday.

      But after I finally lost him and went home....

      Wouldn't you know it someone had gotten into my gondola style freezer where I hide all my plastic bags and took every one of them!

      There's nothing these people won't do to take our plastic bags.

  7. Raymond has confirmed it, our government is taking the Shirts off our Backs !!!! Damn it ! But it is a bit suspicious that this plan was hatched in of all places….an Apple Store ! How timely…the headlines state that Italy may pursue Apple for $1 Billion dollars in unreported sales to save on their taxes…. it all makes sense now!

    1. I feel Raymond's pain. All of us here need to take his pleas more seriously.

      The loss of plastic bags is a horror...just a horror.

    2. It is what was in the PLASTIC BAG (critical documents), or what they (corrupt government) is saying (POTENTIAL FRAME JOB) about the contents of the said PLASTIC BAG! These are the issues!

      For the past three (3) years, corrupt government (C.I.A. with support and WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS (mostly very corrupt parts of the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT established by PRIOR SHERIFF (5.5 years in a COLORADO FEDERAL PRISON)) have been trying to "FINISH-ME-OFF"! Basically, they (said corrupt government) want to put me into PRISON with a "FLOATING IDENTITY"!

      As stated in other comments, they (said corrupt government) have taken-out my ENTIRE BACKGROUND (ALL RECORDS switched or erased)!I am no longer ME (BIRTH IDENTITY: Raymond Howard Carlson)! On the surface, things are supposed to look normal; however, if anyone ran my prints, a significant RAP SHEET would appear with a totally different NAME (???)! I went from Raymond Howard Carlson (actual BIRTH NAME) to Raymond Carlson, with no middle name; and now, I am (????/whatever they want)!

      Why is a PLASTIC BAG sooooo important??? They (said corrupt government) are using all stolen items to substantiate the "identity switch;" therefore, the said stolen contents become the property of the individual getting my identity! Once I am back in the "CAGE" (JAIL TO PRISON), the identity switch will be solidified; and I will most likely be accused of stealing my own identity, which will give the "ELITE" a BIG LAUGH! However, I do NOT think this is very funny, because I am their only way out of here!

      Changes have occurred during 2006, and the "middle management" of DARKNESS do NOT agree on the said CHANGES! THIS IS THE PROBLEM! GOD, with my (THE "KEY") assistance, modified HIS LAW; therefore, GOD would be able to "PARDON" THE REMAINING BALANCE (99.9% going to HELL under the PRIOR LAW)! To solidify the said CHANGES in HIS LAW, GOD has to TRANSITION ME BACK TO IMMORTALITY and REMOVE ME FROM THE PLANET! Currently, GOD can NOT do a stable TRANSITION, until HE can cross over (RESTRICTED BY LAW); therefore, I am stuck down here, with the "middle management" (CITY OF LONDON, England and the JESUIT ORDER) of DARKNESS trying to "END ME" (PRISON with a "FLOATING IDENTITY" (including significant RAP SHEET with several "fabricated" felonies))!

  8. On a happier note:
    History Trivia:
    Hanukkah will be on Thanksgiving this year.
    Thanksgiving is set as the fourth Thursday in November, meaning the latest it can be is 11/28. 11/28 is also the earliest Hanukkah can be.

    The Jewish calendar repeats on a 19-year cycle, and Thanksgiving repeats on a 7 year cycle. You would therefore expect them to coincide roughly every 19x7 = 133 years.

    Looking back, this is approximately correct – the last time it would have happened is 1861.

    However, Thanksgiving was only formally established by President Lincoln in 1863. So, it has never happened before.

    Why won't it ever happen again?

    The reason is that the Jewish calendar is very slowly getting out
    of sync with the solar calendar, at a rate of 4 days per 1000 years.

    This means that while presently Hanukkah can be as early as 11/28, over the years the calendar will drift forward, such that the earliest Hanukkah can be is 11/29. The next time Hanukkah falls on 11/28, is 2146, which falls on a Monday.

    Therefore, 2013 is the only time Hanukkah will ever overlap with Thanksgiving.

    Of course, if the Jewish calendar is never modified in any way, then it will slowly move forward through the Gregorian calendar, until it loops all the way back to where it is now.

    So, Hanukkah would again fall on Thursday, 11/ the year 79,811.

    Given our trajectory, if you believe in global warming, it is fair to say, humans won’t be alive at that time, and if there are no humans, the holidays will be cancelled.

    So on November 28th 2013, enjoy your turkey and your latkes. It has never happened before, and it will never happen again!

    1. Read what the Israelites did to the Cannanites when Moses' army rampaged through Cannan and you'll never look at Hanukkah the same way again.

      I think Israel is the best country to live in in the Middle East, and I want all the displaced arabs who lost their land in 1948 to go back and become Israeli citizens, and for Israel to become the modern secular state that most young Israelis want!!

      The problem with Judaism is the religion - read their sacred texts and you'll think Hitler was right about them.

      The problem is that many Jews read these text and act accordingly, which means they shit on everyone else and take care of only themselves.

      The Jewish religion must be dissolved and religated to the dustbin of history just as Islam must be destroyed also.

      When this happens the region will become a paradise.

    2. >>Read what the Israelites did to the Cannanites when Moses' army rampaged through Cannan and you'll never look at Hanukkah the same way again.<<

      I think you're confusing Hanukkah with Passover. Moses is celebrated at Passover.

      >>The Jewish religion must be dissolved and religated to the dustbin of history just as Islam must be destroyed also.<<

      I was born Jewish and I must state some disagreement here, although my version of Judaism is as "reform" as Jerry Seinfeld or Jon Stewart.

  9. Funny this as we over here in the UK have been subject can we say? A Navy lark! What's basically has happened is we've closed our naval shipbuilding yards down in Portsmouth England and we are relocating them to Glasgow Scotland! Now for those that don't know Scotland are going to the ballot box as to whether to go independent! Which merry old England doesn't Really want so et voilà! We've dangled the carrot of "remain British and you can build our ships!!" Its all a nonsense really because our Navy is probably scaling down or that would be my guess at least by seeing how modern "warfare" is performed!!! So they won't be many ships built be it in England Scotland or anywhere for that matter! But once again forgive my digressions

  10. Is it just me or does anyone else think that the more they read Raymond's posts, the more it seems to parallel Obama's strategy to improve Obama Care. I mean its twisted, convoluted, bass-ackwards, and there is no end to the depths of this worm hole in the manner in which it challenges the very foundation of the time-space continuum. Raymond like Obamacare, you have to go back in time as if none of this ever really happened, and change the laws to get back to step one, before you can proceed with the next step in the overall grand plan, whatever the heck that is !

  11. MIT is the Wizard of Oz's perfect specimen:
    He has no courage, no heart, & no brains!

    Speaking of Bari Malik Shabazz, desperate times call for desperate measures: AXELROD ARRIVED FRIDAY AFTERNOON; they huddled with Brennan.

    Word is there is PRIMA FACIE evidence about to be revealed...& it's not his forged birth certificate:
    All the FRAUD; All the MURDERS---

    The chickens have come home to ROOST!

    "It is easier to fool people than convince them they have been FOOLED." --- Mark Twain

  12. Brilliant! These bast@rds have half of our nuclear weapons in the belly of their whales! If ever used they'll be the only ones left alive, til their air runs out! They'll be no one to use the 20,000 left on land. Yet they plan to make more! "Missile Envy"(ref Dr Helen Caldicott) has taken every cent of our money there's nothing left and they intend to take it all. Education is a thing of the past.