Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beware of Israel’s Adolescent Acting-Out Behavior as POTUS/USG Attain Rapprochement with Iran.

To: POTUS/ Sec State John Kerry/ Senior Obama National Security Team.
From:  Dr Steve Pieczenik M.D., Phd.,  Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State; Carter Administration; Participant,  Israel-Egypt Camp David Accord Peace Accord, 1979.

As your administration comes closer to a rapprochement with Iran,  you should be aware of Israel’s inherent tendency to ‘act-out’ in the person of it’s Prime Minister,  Bibi Netanyahu.
You must monitor and manage Israeli nation-state ‘adolescent’  behavior that will impede US-Iran Nuclear Peace Treaty Agreement.   You must set limits on the Israelis by cutting back their military spare parts and other essential elements for war.

Some History: 
[1]  Throughout WWII,  the father of Israel,  Ben Gurion and his Zionist cohorts,  refused to save Jews in the Concentration Camps when the Nazis [i.e. Eichmann]  offered a legitimate ‘exchange agreement’ Jews for trucks/money.   Ben Gurion's response:  ”Give me three hundred cows for one Holocaust Jew.” 
[2]   In 1968,  Soviets leave Egypt and Syria, and the rest of the Middle East.    Israel tries to entice USG to enter the Middle East in place of Soviets using the "Holocaust Guilt" card.   Up till 1968,  Holocaust Jews were quite ashamed of what had happened to them and resentful of Israel’s ‘opportunistic’ use of their collective death as a ‘bargaining chip’ for world pity and USG military/economic assistance.
[3]   Elie Wiesel speaks in French in Toulouse,  France,  emphasizing the Never Forget theme to the world,   starting a Holocaust Industry all over the world.
[4]   USG creates a ‘Dependent Relationship’ with Israel,  providing military assistance,  financial aid and intelligence sharing.
[5]   Nixon/Kissinger help Golda Meir with last minute military/air force assistance,  increasing markedly Israeli dependence on USG military/intelligence assistance.
[6]   In 1979,   POTUS Carter initiates Camp David Peace Accords.   Menachem Begin willingly gives up Negev Desert for USG/Egyptian guarantees of peace.
[7]   Over the next three decades,  Israel mobilizes Fundamentalist Christians;  AIPAC;  Neo Conservative Jews (all in USA) as a unified internal political force to work against any  US President, Legislature,  US Military/Intel leader who defies Israeli interests.
[8]   Israel uses Primitive Defense Mechanisms of Denial,  Distortion,  Projection and Paranoia to defend against any legitimate criticism of  Israeli  ‘abusive actions’ toward Palestinians; Hezbollah; Hamas [which Israel had created as a counter force to PLO].
[9]   Guilt,  Perfidy, and Bullying –used as diplomatic/psychological weapons of warfare.   If any non-jewish ["Goy"],   USA congressman,  POTUS,  US military/intel official DARES TO CRITICIZE ISRAEL –they are by definition—“ANTI-SEMITES!” who by implication will contribute to the EXTERMINATION OF THE JEWS.
[10]   That lie has been used so often that it has created an implicit fear in the USG over several presidencies wherein I have witnessed that USG national security interests are subordinated to ISRAELI  INTERESTS.
[11]   Jewish Guilt,  Never Again and Never Forget –all Israeli Psychological Warfare Techniques that have been useful in the past to hamper US influence in Israeli miscreant behavior [ i.e, Invasion of Southern Lebanon].
[12]    Structurally/Functionally Israel has not been able to mature as a senior member of the international community.    America has acted for over fifty years as an ENABLER of Israeli ADOLESCENT IMMATURE BEHAVIOR.
[13]   America has allowed Israel to maintain an Atomic Arsenal with the RATIONALIZATION that Israel is an EXCEPTION and had SURVIVED THE HOLOCAUST.
[14]   Israeli Intelligence has been one of the biggest Electronic,  HUMINT penetrator of USG intelligence,  technology,  political systems,  including the Clinton WH.
[15]   Now,  Israeli sense of entitlement,  immaturity and dependency is threatened by USG's  rapprochement with Iran and the support of Syria’s Bashar Assad.
[16]   As a result Israel  TIGHTENS it’s seemingly adverse RELATIONSHIP with SAUDI ARABIA [the adversarial relationship was a bilateral opportunistic myth]—in order to stop USG-Iran RAPPROCHEMENT.

What should the USG do in light Israeli history?
We must constantly monitor domestic AIPAC,  NeoCon,  pro-Israeli groups that will put undue pressure on the WH,  POTUS,  and senior US Military/Intel officials.     It is time to now begin de-coupling USG national security interest from Israel.    We must pre-empt any IDF attempts to initiate war against Iran.    The IDF (Israel Defense Force) is incapable of any prolonged war and it will try to draw the US Military into their conflict.

  In addition,  we should closely monitor Pakistan for any transfer of atomic weapons [i.e Islamic Bomb] to Saudi Arabia.    The USG should continue to promote international cooperation with Britain,  France,  China,  Russia and other countries in opening up Iran.     Let's inform Israel that they can really help the Jews throughout Europe by allowing them to become Israeli citizens,  doing so will help to rectify the injustice done by NOT helping the Holocaust Jews back in the middle of the last century.     After we have set Israel straight with tough measures if necessary,  we should remind ourselves  that they have been a good ally despite their immaturity.    As the USG moves toward more positive,  productive relations with Iran,  show trust BUT always verify.    My fear is that Israel will self-destruct within their false narrative of self-preservation.


  1. There people are the "false jews" as spoke of in Rev. 2:9 "SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN"!

    1. "Their"- you are incorrect & you will not understand until you stand in their shoes. Every day is another of anxiety. They are addicted to the hourly news reports.
      Take a trip as de Tocqueville & report back with your findings....

      “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”
      ― Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad/Roughing It

    2. Dr.P thanks for the timeline, however let me add to it with some critical items you omitted.

      The US created Israel in 1948 at the UN, but it was Stalin which saved it from the destruction of the war which quickly followed which the US thought Israel would lose.

      The Joint Chiefs, CIA, and the State Department all opposed the creation of Israel. When Truman and Clarke Clifford decided to create it at the UN they believed that the combined arab armies would snuff it out.

      However when the arab armies invaded Stalin sent copius arms which saved the day, thereby insuring the survival of Israel.

      After this event Israeli leaders DISPISED THE UNITED STATES and strongly favored Stalin, which afterall was the hero of 90% of eastern European Jewry who were pro-Soviet communists.

      Therefore the US strategy was to limit damage by enticing and threatening Israel into dumping the USSR and forming a phoney alliance with the US.

      However this alliance was totally phoney.

      In 1952 Israeli intelligence conducted a false flag program in Egypt, the Lavon Affair, in which Israeli agents planted bombs intended to kill American diplomats and others and make it look as though arabs did it. The Israeli agents were captured and the whole plan was exposed. The CIA never forgave the Israelis.

      Therefore all intelligence matters with Israel were put into the office of the Chief of Counterintelligence, James Angleton, so that he could control any and all exposures to Israel given that it was assumed Israel was hostile and would pass along everything to the Soviets.

      Then as late as the 1980s in the Pollard case it was revealed that Pollard had passed materials directly to the USSR.

      Even today Netanyahu lobbies every American President for the repatriation of Pollard, a lost cause.

    3. The Israeli connection to the Soviet Union was key in the destruction of the Communist party of the Soviet Union.

      It was Israelis which worked with key Russian Jews to persuade Commissars that they could all become rich by dismantling the Soviet system all transferring it's ownership to themselves as privatization.

      It was Russian Jews working with Israelis which conducted the wholesale looting and plundering of assets, and these original Russian Jews are either now in jail, exile, or still in their billionaire positions in Russia depending on who they backed.

      As well it was Israelis which set up the largest human trafficking/sex slavery organization by funnelling all the eastern European girls in this matter through Israel. When this happened no law enforcement in Israel lifted a finger.

      Nor did any law enforcement in Israel do anything about the issue of blood diamonds and the wars fueled to get them in Sierra Leone, Angola and the Congo at the same time.

      During this era as well Israeli law enforcement also did nothing about the legions of Israeli army personnel which were working as assassins and security personnel for drug cartels in Columbia and elsewhere......

      Israel has a nice judicial system with good judges however their government never prosecutes Israeli international criminals in any way.

      Their philosophy is that whatever happens to anyone from an Israeli is of no consequence to them.

      The only blood that matters to them is Jewish blood.

    4. When I worked in Sierra Leone during the war I was often approached by Israeli and Jewish diamond dealers in the US and Europe telling me they would use their Israeli government contacts to "make the Sierra Leoneans give you the diamonds," as one Israeli diamond dealer in New York once told me...............................

      To any of the Jewish diamond people I met, regardless of where they were, there were no limits to the barbarity they would meet out to the Africans to gain access to their diamonds.

      That experience pretty much seared into my mind the genuine malevolence of these people.

      They were worse than Hitler ever claimed them to be.

      much much worse

    5. The Steven Speilberg film "Munich" has many accurate elements.

      One element is that the leader of Black September which Mossad was trying to assassinate was protected by CIA bodyguards, either actual CIA case officers or contractors.

      President Nixon had been warned by psychic Jean Dixon after Munich that arabs would strike Americans soon and that the public would blame Nixon.

      Therefore Nixon ordered the CIA to form an alliance with all known terror groups........

      Black September, ETA, Red Brigade, Badaar Minehoff, PLO, etc..............................................

      CIA personnel paid and protected Black September.

      And two of CIA's best case officers, Frank Terpel and Edwin Wilson, were assigned to go to Uganda and Libya respectively to support and arm Amin and Kadaffi in exchange for their cooperation in never targeting Americans.

      This worked well until US law enforcement closed in on Wilson and Terpel.

      After Wilson and Terpel could no longer work with Libya and Uganda American citizens and assets became targets, particularly in Lebanon.

    6. Jean Dixon had credibility with several Presidents because of her accurate forcasting of the death of Franklin Roosevelt, who was the first President to listen to her. He invited her to the White House several times.

    7. Dixon told Roosevelt that he should prepare for a transition because he wasn't going to live out his third term.

    8. I never met Edwin Wilson from Houston, but my father knew him. I remember in the early 1970s my father's closet had a box of the first "Second Chance"
      kevlar vests he got from Wilson. My father also did other things related to the Libya program, as did many other agents and even active duty military trainers.

      The idea that Wilson was a rouge is laughable.

      There was a pipeline of US trainers and others to Libya after 1971, and Wilson could have never had gained access to the entire US supply of C-4 if the government hadn't have intended it to happen.

      I was of course delighted when Wison's convictions were overturned twenty five years after.

      He finally died two years ago, and don't know if it was suspicious or not.

  2. You have psycho warfare transference! There's nothing to fear but FEAR itself...

    As for the psycho slogans, they sponsored free missions to Jewish kids all over the world. All of my grandchildren have visited on the BIRTHRIGHT TOUR.

    The philanthropist sponsors were destitute as kids arriving from Eastern Europe who have remembered their roots & hope to keep the music playing, so to speak.

    In a time of rapid assimilation, it is a positive force in maintaining the Tradition of our Fathers.

    As for the Holocaust, that was a barbaric period in world history..more Jews were slaughtered than the time of the Romans occupying judea. It is a reminder for all ethnicities who have been the scapegoat for fascism.

    I agree that Netanyahu is histrionic in every way. Most in israel refer to him as a "joker".

    But charity begins at home & you should be FAR MORE CONCERNED THAT VALERIE JARRETT IS CALLING THE SHOTS & telling Kerry what SHE WANTS!

    She already made at least one clandestine trip to Iran. Her parents are Iranian & she was born there. ( a previous column of yours)

    Jarrett is unelected yet She ordered the Benghazi stand down & she has ordered the Purging of at least 200 military higher ups.

    You should be more concerned with the Jarrett/
    Obamamalevolence than anything Netanyahu whines about--

    Netanyahu is speaking to Jarrett. You don't think he has the goods on Obama do you? He is lying in wait & so am I.

    Syria is off the radar, as if obama never called for intervention after arming the infiltrators with sarin.

    Obama is the KING PIN OF FALSE FLAGS, MORE THAN ANY IN HISTORY... Don't believe him or his handlers. He is NOW a PERMANENT hostage by his own lies- stop counting on him- he is a CRIMINAL & a cold blooded MURDERER- for SPORT- because like Caligula, he thinks he can.


    Hour 1:


    Stop your NY TIMES daily-,it is a low life LYING RAG!

    1. Jew were "the scapegoat for facism...?"

      Gimma a break.

      To the National Socialists the Jews of Germany and eastern Europe were by no means "scapegoats."

      The Jews of Germany and eastern Europe were enemies of the National Socialists for specific reasons such as,

      1.The pro-Stalinist Commissars and other communists in Germany and all of eastern Europe, countries invaded by Stalin to force them into communism, were all Jews.

      2.The economic miracle of Germany under the Nazis from 1933 to 1936 was a pro-labor, pro-farming ideology opposed by the banks, finance capital, large industry and the aristocracy.

      Except for the aristocracy and some large businesses all of the above were largely owned and controlled by Jews, although Jews were only about 1% of the German population.

      The fact is that the two enemies of National Socialism - finance capital and communism - were almost entirley Jewish.

      That's why the Nazis persecuted, excluded, and murdered them.

      Not just because they needed some fanciful scapegoat.

    2. EVERYTHING with you is black & white; you resemble OBAMA'/ Soetoro/Shabazz in your self -righteous unrepetent soliloquies.

      Since you know so much & work so little. & since your family was residing in Texas in 1963, who in your research murdered JFK.?
      Sorry to disappoint, but it was neither Levi Eshkol, nor David Ben Gurion.
      Roger Stone has made plausible inferences:

    3. Lyndon Johnson got the ball rolling by telling Cord Meyer that if the CIA killed Kennedy that he, Johnson, wouldn't do anything about it once he became President.

      Then Cord Meyer floated the idea with Bill Harvey and Harvey brought in James Angleton. Someone then brought in some Generals, Admirals, etc. And at some point David Phillips [who my father worked with] was brought in to execute the operation.

      Bill Harvey brought in Johnny Rosseli, and he brought in first Acardo in Chicago, who brought in Sam Giancanna and Carlos Marcello and Santos Trafficanti. These characters talked a lot among themselves about the plan, and leaked it to southern white supremicists.

      At some point Johnson brought in HL Hunt, Murchison and J. E. Hoover.

      All these different groups played roles, but not one of them would have acted without Johnson getting it started by assuring everyone that once President that he would cover it up.

      Here in Texas my father knew, and thousands of others, but there was absolutely nowhere to go and no one to tell because all branches of the government and law enforcement were controlled by someone who was involved.

      Anyone with credibility to said what happened was killed.

    4. If Johnson had not acted he would have been indicted for financial crimes and ended up like Spiro Agnew or worse. He could have gone to prison and he may have lost control of his means to cover up the homicides he was involved in. It was an unraveling which accelerated in 1963 because Robert Kennedy was operating the investigations about him.

    5. David Phillips was from Ft. Worth, and he knew Texas extremely well. He was connected with Carlos Marcello, and that's how New Orleans came to be so important in the anti-Castro effort. David Phillips is the one who set up Oswald, faked the trip to Mexico, etc. He also used his Cubans as the gunmen, with other CIA agents in support in Dealy Plaza. I don't believe that La Cosa Nostra provided the gunmen because their gunmen were not proficient with rifles.

      A man I used to know in San Antonio who knew Oswald called him, "Ozzy Wassy." Oswald was highly intelligent and came from a fucked-up family with no father. He was a reader, a chess player, had highly valuable skills with photography, cartography, and languages.

      Oswald could have gotten a professional job anywhere as a Russian language teacher or photographic technician.

      Instead he pretended to be a mere laborer with no talents or skills.

      With the 50th anniversary coming that horrible woman Ruth Paine will be all over the media saying he had no skills, was a megalomaniac, never read books, only watched sports and drank beer like a slob.

      Absolutely nothing Ruth Paine says is factual, and every single piece of physical evidence tying Oswald to the assassination came from her. All of it. Ruth Paine is the rosetta stone of the assassination. Look into what she says and compare it with the facts and you'll see she's still doing her job after all these years. Oswald despised her and called her, "the thing" because she was so un-human and nasty.

      Oswald was a great guy, and had a great sense of humor. Like my father he came from a bad background and wanted to be important to the government as a means of finding relevance.

      Oswald was way more intelligent than my father, who was Oswald's identical size and also came from ONI. My father's name was also LEE and David Phillips used to think of them as a pair.

    6. I know I've told the story before about how when I was in 6th grade he had a violent argument with my school Principal, Max Winkler, who was a retired CIA case officer from JM/WAVE.

      It was an insane place to grow up. It was insane.

    7. very interesting. keep talking I'm listening. why don't you start your own blog?

    8. Look at how poised Oswald is in all the films of him while in custody, especially the strange interview with the press in the make up room. You can see his sarcastic humor when he refers to the "short and sweet hearing....."

    9. The man who killed Oswald, Jack Rubinstein, was the opposite of Oswald. Whereas Oswald was clean cut, athletic, conscientious, dedicated, kind and helpful......Rubinstein was a pig, immoral, violent and corrupt.

      The moment that Rubinstein killed Oswald was emblemmatic of the nature of America.

  3. Replies
    1. What unlocks the Kennedy assassination are the stories of two people - Ruth Paine and Richard Case Nagal - both from Texas.

    2. Ruth Paine taught Russian at St.Marks high school in Dallas. In 1963 Tommy Lee Jones was a sophomore there. Then when he attended Harvard one of his roommates was Al Gore.

    3. An interesting essay on Dick Nagal at DeepPolitics.
      Google " richard case nagal vs harvey and lee ". Very layered and complex stuff. Nagal is one unique character.

    4. Richard Case Nagell, not Nagal. I wouldn't say he was "from Texas"--he was born in New York City and lived in Texas shorter than I did. "Truth or Dare: The Lives and Lies of Richard Case Nagell" by Dave Reitzes destroys the man, who was always mentally unstable.

      We have other, better evidence.

      Who botched the JFK autopsy? Who covered up the fact that a bullet entered his head from the front and tried to make like it entered from the rear? Who? Castro's Cubans performed the JFK autopsy coverup? The Russians?

      The full Zapruder film showed a bullet entering Kennedy's head from the front. The film was altered in the Kodak Labs in Rochester the weekend of the assassination. Who did this? The Cubans? The Russians?

      The windshield of JFK's automobile showed a bullet entering from the front. Almost immediately, the windshield was removed and the entire vehicle was "cleaned up " Who did this? The Cubans? The Russians?

      Who said, “After tomorrow, those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again. That’s no threat. That’s a promise." Who?

      Oh, come on, only one source could have done all this. The U.S. government under new president Lyndon B. Johnson.

      Obviously, LBJ did none of this himself. Who did it? Who had an axe to grind against JFK? Maybe Allen Dulles, who was fired by JFK after the Bay of Pigs, and then was placed on the Warren Commission to investigate JFK's death? (It's just that bad.)

      It's time to tell the truth.

    5. I should note that the cited Wikipedia entry states that these allegations by LBJ's alleged mistress have been challenged. It's a famous quote that is being challenged only now, ten years after her death?

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Yes the bullet in the windshield, the testimony of the staff at Parkland, the phony SS agents in Dealy Plaza are all persuasive circumstantial evidence that there was a broad conspiracy.

      But if you want to go beyond conjecture and look to specific individuals who get caught lying or giving testimony then Ruth Paine and Richard Nagal are two people who's statements can be analyized. There are two participants who can be nailed down because of what they've said and done.

      The only other person who has exposed himself similarly is Dave Phillips when he met with the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978 and grabbed a sheet of paper about Oswald's telephone recordings in Mexico and then ran out of the hearing room never to return.

      That was pretty much an undeniable act of guilt.

      It's the acts of participants which indicate their guilt which goes beyond circumstantial evidence.

      It's one thing to piece together the story from circumstances and another to find someone who's lying and gets caught.

  4. It' has always intrigued me everybody has continually jumped on and cursed Germany over the Jewish Holocaust, yet you only have to do some research and watch this Y/T video:::Nazi Germany-A Creation of the Vatican and Jesuits:::to realize there were greater powers elsewhere pulling the strings of Hitler!

    1. Oh yes!

      Why didn't I realize that Hitler was merely a robot, a puppet of the Jesuits and the Vatican, the Vatican Bank, Pope Pius the 83rd, Pope Murry the Second, the Swiss Guard, and the Knights of Malta!

      What you fail to realize in all your blind niavaty and your gulliblity is that the Vatican is actually run entirely by the Knights of Malta, who never gave up thier wealth and power seized through the Crusades.

      The Knights of Malta took over the Vatican after the Vatican destroyed the Knights Templar. It was a case of the Knights of Malta pre-empting the Vatican's plans to next destroy them also.

      The current Pope, Papa Francisco, takes his orders every morning from a Knight of Malta who sleeps with him in his little bedroom, holding a daggar to his throat.

    2. The Knights Templar became secret society of the Jesuit Order, in control of the Knights of Malta, were in existence nearly 500 years before Opus Dei. Opus Dei, like the Knights of Columbus, is a subordinate organization to the Jesuit Order.
      The current Pope, Papa Francisco takes his orders every morning from Superior General Father Adolfo Nicolás, one thing about the Jesuits they're brilliant at dissimulation

    3. Those who profited were brown bros Harriman & it's VP Prescott bush& his father in law Herbert walker. Walker made millions for his clients by investing in Germany. Prescott was charged with Trading with the enemy but not treason; go figure.

      Harriman's company board member Robert Lovett, worked with Forrestal to LEAD THE STATE DEPT REVOLT AGAINST Truman recognizing Israel in 1948.

      Also Standard oil completed a major stock transaction with IG farben.

      The Dulles brothers, one who handled Farben's litigation & one who sat on its Board, THREATENED TO CUT OFF Britain's oil supply during the War if the British exposed the Standard oil connection with Farben.

      Harriman's "frisky" young wife was Pamela, the Pearl Mesta during the Clinton reign, became ambassador to France (FUNDRAISING IOU) & died of a sudden massive stroke which was "a symptomatic".hmn...

      Bush '41 is staying alive to see history: Jeb - 2 sons inaugurated as POTUS.
      Don't disbelieve it!

    4. The reason why they traded with Germany is because Germany was the only healthy industrial economy going. Furthermore few if anyone at the time had the dire view of the Nazis that people hold today. You're looking at their actions with hindsight. You're forgetting that under the Nazis that Germany was an economic miracle while the US was a basket case.

    5. Today it's the same by the way.

      The US is a basket case while Germany is strong.

      Go figure.

    6. Shortly after Hitler became Chancellor American newspapers reported that international Jewish organizations joined together to announce that they were "declaring war on Germany" due to Hitler.

      Is that "a scapegoat?"

    7. Fascinating analysis MIT!!! Very informative and I'd definitely read your blog sir! As for the main article that's also very informative and as a regular reader of this site it doesn't surprise me at all that Israel is becoming a liability is like once again Dr P's views on how he sees the middle east planning out along with anyone else's thoughts!

    8. I would read a blog by MIT too. Hey MIT BlogSpot and wordpress are free why not give it a try?

    9. Blogs are about preaching to the choir.

      I need to finish a few things and then I continue the television project I started with DiLaurentis.

      Television is where it's at today much more so than film.

      Television is so challenging though because the volume of work can overcome you. The key is to make every episode with the same quality as if it were a feature, and that's not been accomplished yet.

    10. It took me five years to finish the first draft of 12 episodes for DiLaurentis, and by the time I got to 500 pages he'd already died.

      Oh well.

    11. The first person though to make a feature film about SMEDLEY BUTLER.....


      The Academy loves historic films for the Best Picture category.

      BUTLER is the project of a lifetime.

      I still think the best choice is SHIA LEBOUF because he's physically small and looks and acts like an underdog who means very very well.....full of sincerity and good intensions.

      An epic like this needs a very special director and Stone or Weir are alternatives.

  5. MITmichael you said "The current Pope, Papa Francisco, takes his orders every morning from a Knight of Malta" funny that HUH? this is what Former Bishop Gerard Bouffard said "I know this to be true since I worked for years in the Vatican and travelled with Pope John Paul II. The Pope takes his marching orders from the Black Pope as the Jesuits also arte the leaders of the New World Order, with the task of infiltrating other religions and governments of the world in order to bring about a one world fascist government and a one world religion based on Satanism and Lucifer.

  6. Del Stead, Watch this Y/T video:::Shimon Peres gave 60% of Jerusalem to the Vatican at the 1993 Oslo Accords:::Also Google this site:::Pictures of Papal Infiltration:::and take a good long look at those images on that site, as it has been said for 100s of years all roads lead to ROME!

    1. Just had a quick browse and yes its very interesting indeed! I will delve deeper! A very apt adage as all roads do indeed eventually end up in Rome! So when in Rome I won't do as the romans do!!! Many thanks for this

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. If I was twenty years old I would stay because there's still more opportunity in the US than anywhere else, you just have to focus on where it is.

      In the US credit is so easy to get compared to anywhere, and if you build up great personal credit you can borrow unsecured loans to start you own business or to trade stocks or other speculations such as in real estate.

      It's so easy to become a millionaire in the US if you avoid financial misteps, build good credit, and speculate in stocks and real estate.

      Anyone who goes to a good University and studies finance can be a millionaire in short order, and with the money you make you can do all kinds of other interesting things, creative and satisfying things.

      Starting a running a creative business is the best thing in life to do, and if you an empathetic person than being a responsible employer is the best way to help your fellow man.

      Greatness and success in life isn't about being famous or achieving celebrity or endowing a foundation.

      Success in life is about being generous and fair to everyone around you in your regular life.

      If Bill Gates had been generous to his employees and fair to his competitors then he would have become a great man. As it is all his charitable activities don't mean anything because in his business life he treated everyone like shit.

    2. >>Anyone who goes to a good University and studies finance can be a millionaire in short order,<<

      Gimme a break. There are plenty who study finance and business--and they have no job and a ton of student loans.

      See Zero Hedge:

      "The American 'Rags To Riches' Dream Is Now History For Most."

    3. Yes it's more difficult now but it's still possible if you are at the top of your class and go to the right school.

      I'm not talking about the underachievers.

      Anyone who goes to the Sloan School at MIT can be a millionaire....pretty much a sinch.

  8. Good comments all around. And an excellent post by Dr. Pieczenik.

  9. Israel can be a normal country. For the sake of the six million Israeli Jews, who are innocent, I hope that Israel makes the transition from an expansionist country with designs on their neighbors, either to balkanize or outright annex, to a good neighbor.

    If the Semitic Peoples, both Jews & Arabs could see they have more in common than they do not, the Middle East could be "reborn" as a dynamic & peaceful economic powerhouse.

    Israel has little to fear from a peaceful, trading, intellectual Iran.

    Sadly, my wishes are countered by the multiple pathologies which inhabit the leadership of both the Israelis & Arabs.

    There are many American Jews who want peace with the Arabs.

    There are many Israeli Jews who want peace with the Arabs.

    But the settlers & Netanyahu (and a circle around Netanyahu), each for their own reasons, don't want peace:

    They want domination.

    This is a recipe for war and potentially destruction.

    The neocons do no favor for Israel by encouraging the settlers & Netanyahu in their quest for domination.

    It is critical for Israel that it not get tagged with the Apartheid label (in the general American public's mind).

    But current Israeli policy is on an express train to that destination.

    It doesn't have to be.

    History can not be undone, the present is but an instant, yet the future is within control of humanity.

    1. There are no scholars of the holocaust which believe that 6 million Jews perished.

      The highest number is just over 5 million.

      During communism the plaque at Auschwitz read that five million people perished there, but after communism fell the plaque was changed to 2.5 million. The actual records available indicate it was much less than that.

      Everyone who worked at Auschwitz had a personnel card, and these cards are still there and people go there to see their cards or those of their family members.

      Camps like Auschwitz Birkenau had their own currency, post offices, hospitals, soccer fields, music halls, etc.

      Ann Frank's father got ill with typhus there and was sent to the hospital but died. When the Russians were closing in Ann was sent west to Bergen-belsin where she too got typhus and died.

    2. I don't know if it's actually true that people were separated at the entrance to that camp and many were gassed and cremated. If it did happen then it couldn't have been anywhere the number claimed because the crematorium facilities there couldn't have handled the volume. They were stressed as it was just cremating the bodies of everyone who died from disease.

    3. I have no choice but to be skeptical about holocaust claims because the credibility of the sources is now totally discredited.

      After the war it was claimed that Dachau and the other sixteen camps in Germany all had gas chambers where people were killed, that soap and lampshades were made, etc........

      Now no scholar of the holocaust or history believes any of that. There was no gas chamber at Dachau or the other sixteen camps, and the one at Dachau today was created by Army intelligence, which also fabricated the films about soap and lampshades, etc.

      The five "Rhinehardt" camps in Poland where holocaust scholars still say extermination happened have not been available for research except for Auschwitz Birkinau after communism was overthrown.

      To me it's just a credibility issue given that it's without doubt that most of what was claimed was a fabrication.

      How am I supposed to believe any of it?

      My mind's open but where's the evidence?

    4. Mit, you misunderstand my statement. I am not referring to the deaths of World War Two, but to the population of Israel, today.

      There are roughly six million Jews in Israel.

      (I am happily corrected by a more precise census of the number of Israeli Jews.)

      Actually, I tend to the position you, Mit, have previously expressed on this website, regarding the Jewish deaths during World War Two.

  10. The Club of Rome is wrong. There are enough natural resources (with the help of technological advance) for humanity to live in peace & cooperation, including the Middle East.

    Good will towards all men.

    "Blessed be the peace makers."

    "But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father."

    “My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom. If it were, my followers would fight to keep me from being handed over to the Jewish leaders. But my Kingdom is not of this world.”

    Therefore, those who take any action with intent to bring Armageddon with expectation of an establishment of God's kingdom on Earth are in error.

    Not just error, but blasphemy, for they are taking it upon themselves to express a knowledge that only God knows.

    Against the express testament that nobody, of this Earth, knows.

    For it is beyond human knowledge, for they seek what they do not know and can never know on this Earth.

    It is the peace makers who are blessed, not the war mongers.

    Christian Fundamentalists, who claim this or that event must come in order for the establishment of God's kingdom on Earth, take the Lord's name in vain and ignore the Reason of God:

    "Blessed be the peacemakers."

    1. After a few more years the arabs will out number the Jews in Israel and the whole matter will be settled that way.

      Arab citizens of Israel will eventually out number the Jews and the laws making Jews preferred citizens will be overturned and then Israel will become a secular and inclusive state.

      When this happens I wish that all of Palestine will be incorporated into Israel. Israel is better for the arabs than if they had their own state. That's why most Israelis felt that what happened in 1967 would be welcomed by the arabs.

      But the arabs were still pissed because they'd been driven out of Israel in 1948 and had their lands stolen.

      Until this happens Jewish supremicists in Israel like Netanyahu and a growing segment like him will feel more and more cornered and become more hystrionic.

      You must remember that the only Jews in Israel with a high reproductive rate are the Hassids and other very Orthodox groups.

      The modern secular Jews are having children. They just listen to rap music, go to the beach, and plan careers in the computer industry, etc., while the orthodox are still polishing diamonds.

    2. I mean the modern Jews are having LESS children.

    3. btw everyone should go to Youtube and look at the sexy Israel girls in the IDF. Those girls are hot. Unlike the US armed forces where cute girls are almost always raped, usually repeatedly by different commanders, in Israel women in the military are treated like human beings.

      Israel is like Germany, Korea, etc. in that it is a UNIFIED AND UNITED society, at least among the Jews.

      That's why women are treated well in the military, and people are generally treated well in other spheres.

      What happens in America is that everyone is treated badly and women treated like shit because there's no unity whatsoever in America.

      America is a polyglot combination of different cultures and classes with no commonality of interest.

    4. If America is as you say, then it is the height of folly and danger to the Republic to increase the diversity of cultures and classes than already exist.

      Because America already has enough problems, as it is.

    5. Mit, your "natural solution" to the Israeli issues is not a solution I want to wait around for.

      I've stated this before, I don't like repeating it: There are those in Israel & the West Bank who will murder to stay in power & control.

      I'd like to believe the "one state" solution will work out because the two state solution is on life support, in fact, many concerned individuals claim it is already dead.

      But, while the "one staters" have nice sounding legalistic answers, they ignore what's already been demonstrated: The murderous capability & design, and willingness of those in power and those who support those in power.

      A "one state" solution is a recipe for a blood bath.

    6. The two state solution was always a farce because Israel will never allow an arab state on the west bank for security reasons.

      It's also unacceptable to the Palestinian arabs because it doesn't allow them to return to what is now Israel and gain the property and citizenship they deserve.

      The one state solution is an inevitability and nothing can stop it.

      When it happens it will be awesome because the arabs will be living in one of the best countries in the world - Israel.

      Israel is an awesome country it just needs to become secular and inclusive.

  11. Reading these comments has been an absolute joy! Some great opinions posted and I'd have to say that there has to be a certain scepticism regarding the "facts" of these death camps especially when the evidence fails miserably with the then technology and the Jewish author David Irving has done some excellent research albeit at a cost if being anti Semite! Which in itself is a nonsense as a Semite is a description of the original peoples of Palestine Jewish or Arab! Even the use of that title has been hijacked! The title of gods chosen people has never sat easy with me as we are indeed all equal! At the end of the day it will have to be resolved with men round a table with a lot of give and take but when and what happens whilst getting there who knows?

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