Monday, November 4, 2013


Once again,   England enters into the sanctimonious pantheon of elite HIGH SOCIETY FRAUDS ---just like the FAKE WINDSOR ROYAL FAMILY!!!
  Nothing irks me more than pretension!
  No country has such a tradition of COMBINING PRETENSION and FRAUD like GREAT BRITAIN!!
  With their garbled,  marble-mouthed accents,  denoting artificial hierarchical class strata,   the Brits have become  “Pedophiliac Purveyors” of childish prurient entertainment!
The GREATEST SCAM EVER CREATED by the SO-CALLED “BRITISH ROYALTY” was to transform it from a GERMAN FAMILY RULING SAXONY to the NON-EXISTENT BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY CALLED,  “WINDSOR”.    Windsor is the name of the castles in which these ersatz ROYAL CLOWNS lived in.    This is nonsensical historical transformation is the equivalent of we,  Americans calling every President of the USA,  ”PRESIDENT WHITE HOUSE”.
It was George V,  the father of The King’s Speech stutterer,   who proclaimed by ROYAL DECREE in 1917 that the “Members of the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha ethnic/religious group-   who were a branch of the HOUSE OF WETTIN,  RULERS OF SAXONY” now shall be known as the House of Windsor.   You see it wasn't in the Royals best interest to be known as Germans.
Memo to Americans:  what we have here is the ultimate ‘shill game’ of aristocracy.

Unable to stop their endless OCD for creating fiction,   the Brits went on to create a NEW FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT called the LIBOR!    Nothing in the world financial community was a greater SCAM than the "London Interbank Offered Rate".
  The LIBOR was intended to REPRESENT THE COSTS THAT EACH BANK would face if it received an UNSECURED DEPOSIT FROM ANOTHER BANK.    Libor was denominated in different currencies and ranged in maturities from overnight to 12 months.   In the USA,   Libor was the REFERENCE RATE for 70% of the FUTURE MARKETS and more than 50% of the SWAPS MARKETS.    The immense size of this Madoff -like Ponzi scheme INCENTIVIZED EVERY PLAYER TO CHEAT---not on millions of dollars—BUT ON TRILLIONS  OF DOLLARS.
Whom do you suspect oversaw this INCREDIBLE BRITISH BANKING SCAM?
  The answer:
  Now,  America,  you understand why we fought two wars against Britain?
Thanks to Gary Gensler,   THE CHAIRMAN OF THE US COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION who pronounced the BRITISH LIBOR: ”MORE AKIN TO FICTION THAN FACT” --- and is re-appropriating the oversight duties back to the USA.
  It’s time that we,   Americans take back our rightfully place in the national security/political and world financial markets as what we are supposed to be—THE ONLY SUPERPOWER.   It is not the size of our guns,   or the number of military personnel we have stationed abroad that determines our might.    OUR NATIONAL SECURITY IS BASED ON ONE THING ONLY--- FINANCIAL STABILITY and WORLD SUPREMACY.
  If that means we enter into Economic Warfare with Germany [previous blog] or now BRITAIN—SO BE IT!!!
 But,   I am tired of having to subjugate my personal allegiances and past servitude to my country in order to pay homage to fictitious BRITISH ROYALTY AND EVEN WORSE,   BRITISH VERSION OF A PONZI SCHEME!!
  England is finished.   It was defeated militarily,  not once,  but twice by Germany.
 But let’s make sure that we,  Americans,  are not in the path of the detritus.
  Thank you Mr Gensler!
  GOOD WORK!!!! 



  1. Terrible use of block capitals and exclamations marks. Like a three year old throwing its dirty nappy around. Totally unpersuasive

    1. Actually quite the opposite view here Charles, Dr P comes across as being totally credible and unfortunately so true. Adds new meaning to the words "Fake it until you Make it ". A sad state of affairs which is unfortunately a very pervasive modus operandi in this world of ours today.

  2. Dr.P please give these Brits a break.

    Their government is more in debt than any other country, several times their GNP and they have no prospect of paying it back. Their system is a house of cards and here you come along and point fingers at one of their rackets they depend on to keep them from sinking under the waves.

    In 1953 the British lost their oil profits from Iran. Under their contract they were only obligated to pay Iran 15% of their oil royalties, and they weren't paying even that. The Iranians threw them out so the British took their case to the World Court and lost, then to the UN and the UN ruled against them too......

    So the British felt cornered and tried to overthrow the Iranian government but their plans were exposed and then they were thrown out altogether. In the end when Eisenhower was elected they were able to con Allen Dulles into a coup of his own but they never got their oil concession back - US companies got the lion's share and the new agreement was the standard 50% royalty to the Iranians.

    All this cost the Brits dearly as they badly needed the Iranian oil revenues they were stealing.

    Then when the US stopped their invasion of Egypt in 1956 Britain went into bankruptcy. Their oil supplies were cut off [thereby creating the Cooper automobile to save petrol] and the bank of England ran out of currency.

    Please give these Brits a break.

    They're a bankrupt little Island which only survives by stealing from others. They have no industry or manufacturing left.

  3. Dr. P MIT Michael is correct and you are being too harsh on the poor demented royals. They are a problem filled group and we should pity them. Charles is a pedophile, Philip is a heroin trafficker and lizzy is well, just a slug. In addition their bankers, the Rothschild's, are going broke trying to build Israel into the center of the one world religion but nobody loves Israel anymore. Pity the poor souls.

    Couldn't we just take up a collection of wooden nickels that royals could burn to keep warm during their winter rituals?

    1. corrections to my above comment: Prince Phillip is a pedophile and a heroin trafficker. and lizzy is a fake slug. Pity the poor souls.

  4. A brutal assessment! Brutal but true! But please be aware that 40 Presidents can be linked to European royalty through bloodlines and there's around 20 linked to English royalty and in point of fact out of all the presidential hopefuls its been the ones with the most royal blood that won! Whilst I agree totally that the labor scandal is exactly that and yes its architect seems to be the dick Turpin highwaymanesque British banker it won't be I'm sure of been carried out without the full knowledge of the "cowboy" bankers from the wild west in wall street! One thing I can assure my friends here is over here us working classes are suffering every bit as much as the good hardworking American people and its no fault of the ordinary people that we no longer build ships, locomotives, bridges ect that was once exported the world over! Same as its not the fault of the miner whom extracted coal from the bowels of the earth that he no longer has work! And we most certainly don't speak in that accent that Dick van Dyke failed miserably at! That's reserved for the few, and yes the royals are German and can be traced back to Dracula and Transylvania ( very apt). The picture on the above post of "sir" James Saville is also very apt as this serial sex offender and alleged necrophiliac courted royalty and establishment alike and incidentally received high honours from the Vatican (given his record of sex with minors a very apt award some could say) he also stopped as guest of then PM Margaret thatcher at chequers (prime ministers country residence) nine times!!!!! As well as a confidante of prince Charles, well that's my feeble attempt to offer a view on this good post but please don't worry about going easy on us Brits! We are made of pretty tough stuff and don't be fooled by watching Mary Poppins!!!!!

  5. If anything we should go hard on Mary Poppins ! That Bioch made me think I could fly for the first 10 years of my life...risking life and limb jumping off my neighbors' roofs waiting for the magic to happen... sheesh.

  6. There is no where in Europe where the aristocracy was more brutal, cruel and sadistic. Torture was refined there beyond all limits. Enemies were drawn and quartered in public. Rivals to the crown were butchered, etc......beheaded merely on a whim.
    The history of that place is soaked in blood. They tyrannized the world, steeped it in their madness and folly and called it an Empire.
    They created two world wars which otherwise would never have happened, and conned the world into believing it was their enemies fault because the Brits have a democracy which craves war and bloodshed as much as the Athenians and Roman Senate.
    Today cocaine use in the UK is the highest of any country. Crime of all kinds is widespread. There is apathy, depression and brutish cock and bull....
    It's an Island of horrors.

  7. The English are sinister and cowardly, devilishly diabolical. Their most malevolent villian, Churchill, murdered civilians by the thousands in the Boar War, only a campaign to slaughter another people merely to steal their gold mines. This villian of two world wars, this madman of drunkeness, sloth, putrifying bile and fat, this slob and troll of history ranks in the minds of Americans as the hero of the West, the savior of civilization...

    So is the ignorance, the gullibility, the stupidity of Americans, the most moronic of all people on this planet of misery of deception.....

    Above all please preserve for us our plastic bags.

    Do not let anyone place one of our bags on the rump of an ass or other quadraped and call it an "ass-bag." Let us not let our precious plastic bags be converted into "ass-bags," glued or taped onto the rear extremities of our horses, bovine or others.

  8. Now that we seem to be in agreement on the who and what the royals and rothchilds are, let's get to the meat and bones of Dr. P's real discussion in his artcle which is their use of the banking system to obtain their goals.

    Who and how are going to put a stop to their agenda. They have infiltrated every government and their militaries. The political class are either bribed or suffer from extreme cowardice. they have lots of money to spread around and people come cheap to them.

    So what is the action plan? glass-steagall re-implementation is a strategy that bankrupts the banks. Is it feasible/doable? If not what else is on the list of actions that are legal?

    1. Start by not voting!!!! Nothing encourages them as much !!!! I think we could be in danger of of us all being narrow minded by just blaming royalty and English aristocracy ( believe me I'm no fan) having said that most of what I have read is true! But we can't tar everyone with the same brush or we're finished before we start! What I would recommend is people research the "black nobility" its easily googled and it may just clarify matters how this financial mafia really came about

    2. why not voting? They'd love that. Am intimately familiar with the black nobility - they own the country through the banking system. we need something better. Any other ideas. I think the only way is to take the banking system down completely and start over. It is the source of their power. they will not enforce laws or prosecute themselves. So what do we do?

    3. to be more succinct: Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan) has had a relationship with Obama since he was a state senator. since Obama was elected Dimon has been in the white house 22 times. he is giving Obama orders - not the other way around.

  9. Black nobility runs the globe! Through various houses like Habsburg ect ect! And as for the vote!!!! Well in my humble estimation the two parties is like two cheeks of the same backside! All we ever here on both sides of the Atlantic by the way is its time for change, change we can believe in!!!??! Do me a favour

  10. don't think not voting helps. not that it makes a huge difference but can slow the train. for instance the stalling of the Syrian bombing campaign was partly due to public pressure. agree though something much more immediate is needed.

  11. You guys are just a bunch of morons.

    The "royals" and "the Rothchilds" don't rule anything anymore than than my cat.

    No one whose worked in a central bank, and several of my classmates from MIT have, will agree of any of your looney conspiracy theories about "the bankers!"

    It's a fond theory but no one who actually works in any of such places can confirm one bit of it.

    It's all garbage and anyone who believes in it must be so thoroughly stupid and ignorant that they should go flush their useless head in the lew!!!!

    Grow up you morons!

    EVeryone who is anyone knows that the theat to our civilization is the taking of our plastic bags and attaching them to the asses of bovine, sheep, horses and canines for the idiotic purpose of making them all look rediculous with these "ass bag" pranks.

    I've had enough of these negros and other mud people, in conjunction with the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, the Chase Commssion, the De-Comissioning Comission, and the Comisssion to De-Commission the Commission Commission.......



  12. The most dangerous and sinister of these of course being.....

    The Commission to De-Commission the Commission Commission.

    And not one member of it has ever been admitted to Skull and Bones.

  13. And now I wanna talk about Hollywood's unrealistic treatment of negroes in film.

    Obama was elected because of the "Morgan Freeman Effect," as we call it in psychological warfare.

    Beginning after "Driving Miss Daisy" and "The Shawshank Redemption" Morgan Freeman suddenly was cast in all these roles as "Senior Special Agent In-Charge" and "Acting Special Agent In-Charge," and other roles where he was the senior Federal Officer supervising stupid young white guys who weren't as intelligent or savy as he was.

    Then all the sudden he was cast as the President in two or three films, and then "24" cast a big hulking negro as the President that Jack Bauer worked for......

    And all the sudden Obama appears and SHAZAM...PRESTO!

    We've got a negro President who appears to be wiser, more intelligent, and with more integrity than any stupid white man like George W. Bush or anyone else!

    This bullshit started in the early 1990s when JAMES EARL JONES was cast at JACK RYAN'S mentor, a negro Admiral who had all the wisdom and integrity of a Saint while all the other villians in the film were all stupid white men.

    Then we get a slew of films in which all the white characters are depicted as villians, weak, moral cowards, etc., while the negroes are the only ones around with any courage, intelligence, etc..

    An example of this was CRIMSON TIDE where the stupid white man Commander of the Submarine Gene Hackman wants to nuke the world but is stopped by a singular heroic junior officer who is......

    THE NEGRO DENZEL WASHINGTON [no relation to G. Washington]

    Oh and let's not forget that on "Hunt for Red October" that it was a single negro sonar operator who alone figured out how to totally defeat and negate the Russian submarine's special silent tractor drive. Yes! No white man in the American fleet could do that until the genius of the negro on board shows them how!

    How yes!

    In our own personal lives I'm so sure that we've noticed that the negros around are the ones who save the day while stupid lazy horny white men sit around and pick their asses.

    And finally let's not forget....

    That in the new Bond series that CIA officer Felix Lightner is now....

    A negro. And that in the film "Quantum of Solice" that his CIA boss is a white guy who is a total fuck-turd of a corrupt and cruel asshole while the negro Felix is the only one around with any integrity.

    Oh yeah in our own lives we've really seen that.

    Hollywood is so fucked in it's white-hating, distortions of political correct garbage it's sicking and makes me want to puke.

    And don't get me started on Tarantino and his sadistic hatred of whites and his romanticization of anyone black, or Speilberg and his glorification of negros in "Lincoln" which by the way was the opposite of what Lincoln really did.

  14. And now I'm gonna blow the lid of Speilberg.

    Are you ready for this?

    In the 1980s when I worked with Warren Skaran I heard it from credible sources that Speilberg liked to be sodomized by black dudes.

    No joke.

    All this shit about him adopting black boys and his romanticization of muscular savage and yet oh so civilized black men in "Almadros" or whatever that slave ship was in 1995 and "Lincoln" is because he likes to have sex with black men.

    Look at his films and you'll see it. The only muscular, attractive and highly masculine men you'll find are all negroes, and they are depicted as intellectual Gods as well.

    I have no doubt that what I was told is true, and it's as fucking disgusting as Morgan Freeman fucking his own grand-daughter when she was sixteen.

    1. Speilberg loved watching the muscular, athletic and viral africans on the Amistad break loose and arm themselves with knifes and sabres and then attack and brutally kill the weak and skinny white dudes on board who were tormenting the superior blacks.

      Speilberg love that shit.

  15. So now it turns out the over 4 million people with individual health policies will lose their coverage and it was the plan from the start because all these healthier people were needed to subsidize everyone else.

    Thanks for having all the integrity Obama that we all assumed you'd have because we watched Morgan Freeman movies.

    Thanks alot you lying *******!

  16. Time to get some new meds MIT Michael. Yours no longer work. You're a fool. Jamie dimon has known Obama since he was a state senator. Who do you think paid for his campaign? Dimon has been in the white house 22 time since Obama has been president. I suppose you want us to believe that he went there to do laundry and not give orders.

    On October 2 Blankfein and Dimon and a whole host of too big to fail CEOs showed up at the white house to press against banking reform (glass/steagall) and press for bail in for the banks. but you would have us believe they showed up at the white house to cut the grass and cook the presidents dinner.

    1. Are you really so stupid that you believe that because Jamie Dimon visits the White House that he's there TO GIVE OBAMA HIS ORDERS???

      Have you ever known anyone who worked at Morgan?


      I don't think so.

      Or anyone who worked at any central bank or merchant bank or investment bank or commercial bank........

      You're ideas are truely idiotic.

    2. Now let's talk some more about Admiral Greer in "Clear and Present Danger."

      So here Jack Ryan [by the way the only Irish CIA officer that ever existed] is surrounded by a all-encompassing conspiracy in the CIA and the White House, including the President, of weak, sinister, diabolical and feckless stupid white men....................

      But then the one and singular person who Ryan can go to so as to find INTEGRITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh yes!

      Go to the black man for moral compass and integrity because all the white guys are evil.

      Now isn't that just like real life?

  17. The fact is that in the last twenty years that every single hollywood film has depicted black men as the heros fighting evil black men.

    The only and single exception to that was "Training Day," which was directed by a black director.

    1. I meant "fighting evil WHITE men...."

      This white man is full of mistakes.

  18. And the way negros are depicted in TV commercials is an ATROCITY!

    Why is it so many negro families are now showing up in commercials representing the users of all these products, and EACH AND EVERY TIME the negro family is depicted living in an old ESTABLISHED NEIGHBORHOOD with 1930s era houses, big leafy trees and wide streets..............

    WHEN WE ALL KNOW DAMN WELL THAT THIS IS NOT WHERE ONE NEGRO LIVES ANYWHERE IN ANY CITY IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These fucking commercials show EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of where and how ANY negro family lives, and it's each and every commercial that's doing this...over and over again.

    Everybody knows that rich negros always live in NEW HOUSES and NEW NEIGHBORHOODS, largely because they aren't welcome by the older people who live in what have been the more expensive neighborhoods for the last 90 years.

    All the negros who are professional athletes, or whatever, always buy houses in newer neighborhoods, and depicting older negros living in these older leafier neighborhoods is done purposely to send a message to the viewer that we live in a "better world" now....that their product reflects the "better place" that we all strive for.....a place where old negros live side by side with old doctors and bankers in the old and established neighborhoods of America.

    Only thing is its a lie.

  19. Makes me want to go out and buy some Tide detergent, Crest tooth paste and Ragu Spaghetti Sauce, but 1st I have to fill up with some of that clean burning environmentally friendly BP Gas on the corner of LaLa & Land ! At least I didn't wake up with Dennis Haysbert in my bedroom talking about Allstate Insurance.
    I wonder what goes thru Spielberg's mind when he hears that commercial and they ask; Äre you in good hands?" Rofl.

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