Friday, November 22, 2013

Good news for us old farts...


  1. I knew JFK. He was my Senator & my President.

    Bari Malik Shabazz is no Jack Kennedy. His days are numbered. The evidence is piling up in the form of physical documents & whistleblowers.

    1. The day the MUSIC DIED:



  2. Interesting article Dr. Pieczenik.

    The answers lie within the genetic structures. However, will GOD give the ability to actually allow us to do things in that arena??? Unfortunately, man likes to play as if he (man) were GOD, when man is obviously NOT GOD!

    If man is not allowed or given the ability to heal the brain, then, what is left is diet. Why diet? Because, GOD designed the human body for self repair, if that particular human body has the necessary nutrients. Therefore, there is preventive medicine.

    It is terribly unfortunate that we today have medical practitioners who are very "EVIL"! All they are interested in is the BOTTOM LINE! In addition, as a result, a lot of said "EVIL" practitioners are "QUACKS"!

    WE live in a world of "EVIL;" therefore, WE have a lot of very physically SICK people for the "BOTTOM LINE," and the regular remedy is the prescription! How many more PILLS???? The thing is: The PILLS are NOT WORKING! But wait, I feel better with this! What is it? Oh, it is some pain killer? An Opiate? Oh, Yes! Why NOT? Later on, in the morgue: "What did he die from?" Oh, he overdosed. Overdosed? Why? Because, he got addicted to pain killers. Did it relieve the pain? I don't know.

  3. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    The crux of the argument is Matthew Chapter 5 and verses 17 and 18 (BIBLE). Why? This is one of many very important sections misinterpreted by false preachers, false prophets, and false teachers. This particular section deals with: Can GOD change HIS LAW, given just cause? False preachers, false prophets, and false teachers state, given their false interpretation of Matthew 5:17-18, state GOD can not and will not ever change HIS LAW! How do I know their interpretation is actually false? First of all, if GOD wanted to say that, GOD would have said: "The LAW will never change." However, GOD did NOT state this! What GOD did is give two (2) conditions and leaving room for proper interpretation. How do we interpret? The BIBLE has the answer at 2 Corinthians 5:17 ["Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."]. Given the correct application of scripture, the correct logic is: When the LAW is changed and I (GOD) change the LAW in accordance with MY (GOD) PLANS! Therefore, GOD can change HIS LAW, given just cause.

    Why am I brining this up? Because, during 2006, I E-Mailed illegitimate President George W. Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES); and I told illegitimate George W. Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES) to stay out of IRAN, because both Russia and China were going to NUKE THE UNITED STATES upon an invasion of IRAN! As a result of said E-Mails, the C.I.A. started to do an analysis of my entire BACKGROUND! They (C.I.A.) looked at my BACKGROUND instead of the "PROOF" I was providing. As a result, they (C.I.A.) obviously came-up short, and they (C.I.A.) determined: He (me) is an average person that is supposed to be destroyed. They (C.I.A.) further found that, at one point, the fallen immortals and Lucifer want my annihilation! This is the ISSUE!

  4. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Now, let us look at the said PROOF. The PROOF is basically the inevitability of the destruction of certain parts of the EARTH during 2006, if GOD did NOT MODIFY HIS LAW! Was the NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST supposed to occur during the FALL OF 2006? The BIBLE clearly states there is supposed to be a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST; and said NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST was supposed to destroy the entire UNITED STATES in "ONE HOUR," which was the fulfillment of Revelation Chapters 17 and 18 (BIBLE)!

    The UNITED STATES is the GREAT SPIRITUAL WHORE mentioned in Revelation Chapters 17 and 18. How do I know this? The BIBLE is always the "KEY"! Therefore, the "CLUE" is in the BIBLE! The "CLUE" is at the BOOK of Hosea. At the BOOK of Hosea, GOD calls the kingdoms of Israel spiritual prostitutes. Because, the people of Israel were practicing the worship of idols, after GOD chose Israel to preach to the pagans the good news of salvation. Did not GOD chose the UNITED STATES to preach the good news to the rest of the world and the pagans??? YES! What happened to the UNITED STATES??? The people within the UNITED STATES have become immoral and started to practiced paganism, just as Israel did in the OLD TESTAMENT. Therefore, given the correct application of scripture, the UNITED STATES is the GREAT SPIRITUAL PROSTITUTE located at Revelation Chapters 17 and 18 (BIBLE)!

    What is left. When is this NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST actually supposed to occur? This is a "KEY" part of the PROOF! First of all, the "PLANS" of DARKNESS usually match the "PLAN" of GOD, because GOD has regular communications with the COUNSEL OF TEN (Revelation Chapter 13:1). What was the "PLAN" of DARKNESS? Well? The "middle management" of DARKNESS (Vatican controlled by the JESUIT ORDER and CITY OF LONDON, England) usually do what the immortals tell them to do. What were the plans of "middle management"? The plans of "middle management" were to invade IRAN during 2006, which was the YEAR OF DARKNESS. Therefore, it was inevitable that the UNITED STATES was going to be destroyed by FIRE in "ONE HOUR," if GOD did NOT change HIS LAW during 2006!

  5. To Dr. Steve PIeczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Why do I bring-up all these things concerning the BIBLE? If you really want to know the C.I.A., you have to understand the BIBLE! Because, there is spiritual depth to the C.I.A.! Most C.I.A. are "hard core" Devil worshipers, especially the C.I.A. agents that are SKULL AND BONES MEMBERS!

    SKULL AND BONES are "hard core" Devil worshipers! SKULL AND BONES was founded by an "ILLUMINATI" MASON during 1832; therefore, SKULL AND BONES are part of the "ILLUMINATI"!

    The "ILLUMINATI" were formed on or about May 1, 1776 in Bavaria, Germany by Johann Adam Weishaupt (6 February 1748 – 18 November 1830). Johann Adam Weishaupt was trained and educated by the JESUIT ORDER, and Johann Adam Weishaupt was a JESUIT AGENT! Johann Adam Weishaupt was to infiltrate the FREE MASON LODGES in Europe and convert the members to the "ILLUMINATI"! The FREE MASON LODGES fought back, and Johann Adam Weishaupt was exiled. At that point, the "ILLUMINATI" went underground. By the end of the 19th Century, most of the MASONS were "ILLUMINATI" MASONS and supported the philosophy of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (NEW WORLD ORDER)!

    In the interim, in Germany there was the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY; and the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY had an arrangement with the JESUIT ORDER! Eventually, with the assistance of the JESUIT ORDER, the demons, and the COUNSEL OF TEN (Revelation 13:1), the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY would be currently worth about 700 TRILLION DOLLARS and own over half the EARTH! The ROTHSCHILD FAMILY, with the BRITSH ROYAL FAMILY, are the primary bosses of the CITY OF LONDON, England (PRIVATE COUNTRY)! Therefore, since the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY (primarily KNIGHTS OF MALTA) report to the JESUIT ORDER, the JESUIT ORDER indirectly control all CENTRAL BANKS, I.M.F., and FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM in the UNITED STATES!

    What was the "ILLUMINATI" supposed to do? The "ILLUMINATI" were to form small and large groups and organizations that were to report to the "ILLUMINATI"! For example, the Mormon Church was started by Joseph Smith, who was an "ILLUMINATI" MASON! As stated, SKULL AND BONES was formed by an "ILLUMINATI" MASON! In addition, most of the "SATANIC" organizations were formed by the "ILLUMINATI" MASONS, such as, fraternities and women sororities! This is the set-up for the micro-management at the local level!

    1. I think it's going to far to say that all CIA employees are devil worshipers.

      Maybe just a few.

      In real terms I think there's a higher percentage of armed forces personnel who worship the Satan.

    2. MITmichael you better study SKULL AND BONES! The founders of the C.I.A. were SKULL AND BONES MEMBERS! For instance, Prescott Bush (SKULL AND BONES) was a co-founder of the C.I.A. during about 1947! All SKULL AND BONES MEMBERS are "hard core" Devil worshipers! Furthermore, most of the society, according the BIBLE, are affiliated with or intentionally worship the DEVIL (a.k.a.: Satan) and the demons (fallen immortals)! Moreover, GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE (GOD with all capitols) states the god (small "g") of this WORLD is Satan!

  6. Question for Raymond. If God gave us the 10 Commandments, and one of them is thou shall not kill (murder), does God have to follow them as well? Or does God kill?

    1. GOD is absolute sovereign within HIS DOMAIN (HIS UNIVERSE)! GOD has the authority ton transition anyone at anytime for any reason whatsoever back to immortality! At that point, GOD applies the LAW that is in effect at the time (JUDGEMENT in accordance with the LAW in affect)! GOD has NO CHOICE! GOD must uphold the current LAW that is in effect!

      GOD is also subject to HIS LAW, and HIS LAW shows HIS SOVEREIGNTY over HIS DOMAIN or what HE is allowed to do! Hence, GOD can NOT go against GOD! Is GOD allowed to do things that we (mortals and immortals) are not allowed to do??? YES! As mentioned, GOD IS ABSOLUTELY SOVEREIGN (KING) over HIS DOMAIN!

  7. Raymond is an example of how the CIA STEALS PEOPLES's past: they "deeded" the identities of Oswald's daughters to the Feds to be sure their story would have no connecting of dots.
    Start at 11 minute here:

    Bar MALIK Shabazz was given a new identity. His prior addresses in the SSDI until he "died" in 1994 without PROOF OR A DEATH CERTIFICATE, were Quantico.

    Raymond may be homeless, but he is a whistleblower.
    Dr. P.,
    With all of your contacts, surely YOU CAN ARRANGE AN AFFIDAVIT with an attorney for Raymond to sign.
    In order to expose the stench of EVIL IN DC WE NEED LIVE WITNESSES!
    You are a cheerleader for the masses, but here is a strategy that can commence to expose the FLEECING OF AMERICA!

    1. Raymond said: "If I had a LAWYER Dr. Pieczenik, I could completely nullify the "COMPLEX FRAME JOB" (POSSIBLE "IDENTITY SWITCH" WITH JOHN LAWRENCE SIMEONE)! John Lawrence Simeone (DECEASED), I believe, has been given my "IDENTITY;" I am now non existent ("FABRICATED" RAP SHEET)! Dr. Pieczenik I believe you can figure out they (C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED)) are playing the remaining balance of the said "COMPLEX FRAME JOB"! "

    2. Everything the Mafia learned was modeled after the CIA.

    3. You people are NOT GETTING IT! That is why the comment is addressed to Dr. Pieczenik! Maybe, he (Dr. Pieczenik) is NOT AN IDIOT!

      What is being done to me is an unusual way to annihilate someone! Basically, give a person a "FLOATING IDENTITY" and put them into PRISON; therefore, no matter what anyone did, NO ONE would be able to do anything about it! In the interim, the person in PRISON knows he (said individual) is NOT EVER GETTING OUT; and the individuals that put him (said individual) there are going to have there way (tortured to DEATH)!

      I know all of you do NOT CARE, and all of you thing this is all hilarious! However, the same individuals (CITY OF LONDON, England, SKULL AND BONES, and the C.I.A.) that are f***ing me are also F***ing YOU! Have you read todays Los Angeles Times (FRONT PAGE)??? There is an article about the UNITED STATES PENTAGON manufacturing vaccines and counter measures to various bio-weapons! WHY??? Because, you idiots they (said individuals) are about to END YOU, and you do NOT even have A CLUE (SEE THESE VIDEOS AT YOU TUBE: "population reduction after economic collapse" by George Green (former insider); "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Plum Island [Season 2, Episode 1] (FULL LENGTH)"; and "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Police State [Season 2, Episode 4] (FULL LENGTH)")!

    4. [CORRECTION] I know all of you do NOT CARE, and all of you [correction] think this is all hilarious! .....

    5. Raymond, we get it, the world is a dangerous place, and evil has existed for quite some time and takes many forms, but nothing can separate us from the love of God. You can't worry about those who would do you bodily harm all the time. Guard the avenues to your soul and know that God is faithful even unto the end of the world. Keep the faith Raymond.

  8. Bin "son of" Laden's obituary:

  9. 2012 in cartoons:

  10. I think there's a lot to be said for testosterone replacement therapy.

    1. Hey MIT check out Cengenics while you are at it. Would like to know your take on it.

  11. All this talk of the Chrisitan bible is discouraging.

    When I was a wee lad I had to go to Sunday School and was fed a litany of myths and stories to give me moral education, and all these stories were about Hebrews wearing Hebrew clothes and living in the the Hebrew land practicing their Hebrew religion and eating the Hebrew food......

    Goddamnit why was a indoctinated in the religion and morals of FOREIGNERS!

    Didn't my own people and culture have any myths or legends?

    What the Fuck?

    If I were a Jew I'd be laughing my ass off at all these stupid gentiles teaching their kids MY religion and MY values and MY myths and legends WHILE ALL THE WHILE THESE GENTILES CLAIM THAT THEY DON'T LIKE JEWS!

    It's totally ridiculous.

    1. There is an actual relationship with GOD, and there are religions created by man. Therefore, all religions are actually of the DEVIL! If you examine all of the said religions, you will find this to a fact.

      First of all, let us start with the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. Did you know the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH was the SIXTH KINGDOM OF BABYLON?

    2. According to Daniel Chapter 2 (STATUTE), there are actually SEVEN KINGDOMS OF BABYLON:

      First KINGDOM OF BABYLON was the BABYLONIAN EMPIRE ruled by Nebuchadnezzar II (Listeni/nɛbjʉkədˈnɛzər/; Hebrew: נְבוּכַדְנֶצַּר Nəḇūḵaḏneṣṣar; Ancient Greek: Ναβουχοδονόσωρ Naboukhodonósôr; Arabic: نِبُوخَذنِصَّر nibūḫaḏniṣṣar; c 634 – 562 BC) was king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, who reigned c. 605 BC – 562 BC.).

      The second KINGDOM OF BABYLON was ruled Belshazzar (/bɛlˈʃæzər/; Biblical Hebrew בלשאצר; Akkadian: Bēl-šarra-uṣur) "Bel, protect the king", sometimes called Balthazar /ˈbælθəˌzɑr/, was a 6th-century BC prince of Babylon, the son of Nabonidus and the last king of Babylon according to the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible.).

      The THIRD KINGDOM OF BABYLON were the Medes and Persians (an ancient Iranian people who lived in an area known as Media and who spoke a northwestern Iranian language referred to as the Median language.).

      The fourth KINGDOM OF BABYLON was Alexander III of Macedon (July 356 – 10/11 June 323 BC), commonly known as Alexander the Great (Greek: Ἀλέξανδρος ὁ Μέγας, Aléxandros ho Mégasiii[›] from the Greek ἀλέξω alexo "to defend, help" + ἀνήρ aner "man"), was a king of Macedon, a state in northern ancient Greece. Born in Pella in 356 BC, Alexander was tutored by Aristotle until the age of 16. By the age of thirty, he had created one of the largest empires of the ancient world, stretching from the Ionian Sea to the Himalayas. He was undefeated in battle and is considered one of history's most successful commanders. His empire stretched from Greece to modern-day Pakistan.).

      The fifth KINGDOM OF BABYLON was the ANCIENT ROMAN EMPIRE starting with the merriage between Cleopatra VII Philopator (Greek: Κλεοπάτρα Φιλοπάτωρ; Late 69 BC – August 12, 30 BC), known to history as Cleopatra, was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. She was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a family of Greek origin that ruled Ptolemaic Egypt after Alexander the Great's death during the Hellenistic period. The Ptolemies, throughout their dynasty, spoke Greek and refused to speak Egyptian, which is the reason that Greek as well as Egyptian languages were used on official court documents such as the Rosetta Stone. By contrast, Cleopatra did learn to speak Egyptian and represented herself as the reincarnation of an Egyptian goddess, Isis.) and Gaius Julius Caesar (Classical Latin: [ˈɡaː.i.ʊs ˈjuː.lɪ.ʊs ˈkaj.sar], July 100 BC – 15 March 44 BC) was a Roman general, statesman, Consul and notable author of Latin prose.). Cleopatra is related to one of Alexander the Great's generals Ptolemy II Philadelphus (Greek: Πτολεμαῖος Φιλάδελφος, Ptolemaîos Philádelphos, 309–246 BC) was the king of Ptolemaic Egypt from 283 BC to 246 BC. He was the son of the founder of the Ptolemaic kingdom Ptolemy I Soter and Berenice, and was educated by Philitas of Cos. He had two half-brothers, Ptolemy Keraunos and Meleager, who both became kings of Macedonia (in 281 BC and 279 BC respectively), and who both died in the Gallic invasion of 280–279 BC. Ptolemy was first married to Arsinoë I, daughter of Lysimachus, who was the mother of his legitimate children; after her repudiation he married his full sister Arsinoë II, the widow of Lysimachus.).

    3. The SEVENTH KINGDOM OF BABYLON is the FINAL KINGDOM of DARKNESS for exactly SEVEN (7) years. For the transition to fully occur, there needs to be three (3) HORNS REMOVED (UNITED STATES (Revelation Chapters 17-18 and Daniel 7:4), RUSSIA (Ezekiel Chapters 38-39 and Daniel 7:5), and China (Daniel 7:6) partially destroyed to later meet the TRUE ANTI-CHRIST at the valley of Armageddon Israel).

      The correct analysis of the abstract Daniel Chapter 7:4 is: When the UNITED STATES (Revelation Chapters 17-18) is destroyed by FIRE (NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST during 2006) IN ONE HOUR, the ANTI-CHRIST will come to power.

      As for the correct interpretation of Daniel Chapter 7:8, this is the SEVENTH KINGDOM OF BABYLON ruled by the COUNSEL OF TEN and the TRUE ANTI-CHRIST, who is part of then COUNSEL OF TEN (Revelation 13:1 and Revelation Chapter 17:3, 8-13). The said SEVENTH KINGDOM OF BABYLON starts with the UNITED NATIONS within the UNITED STATES, until Revelation Chapters 17-18 are fulfilled.

      The proper interpretation of Revelation Chapters 13:1 and 17:3, 8-13 is: The seven heads are the seven mountains, therefore, Italy (Rome); and the seven heads are the seven spirits of darkness emanating from Rome. The TEN KINGS are the COUNSEL OF TEN majestic fallen angels including Lucifer. According to Revelation Chapter 13:1, Lucifer gives all of his (Lucifer) authority to the COUNSEL OF TEN! The COUNSEL OF TEN was established when GOD removed the other NINE COUNSEL MEMBERS from the abyss about 2000 years ago, which included Lucifer's "side-kick" (chief Lieutenant of the COUNSEL OF TEN and TRUE ANTI-CHRIST)!

    4. When David Koresh was murdered by the FBI at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco he was working on a treatise regarding the "Seven Seals."

      Are these Babylon things anything like that?

      Does that mean I should buy more gold?

      Do tell....

    5. The 7 SEALS mentioned in Revelation (BIBLE) are part of the punishments of GOD upon the WICKED SINNERS of the EARTH. This was to take place during the SEVENTH KINGDOM OF BABYLON, which was to last for exactly seven (7) years (BOOK of Daniel (BIBLE)).

      The SEVEN KINGDOMS OF BABYLON are a historical perspective of the future events of DARKNESS, starting with the BABYLONIAN EMPIRE ruled by Nebuchadnezzar II (c. 605 BC – 562 BC).


      There are subdivisions to the said SIXTH KINGDOM OF BABYLON. There are the KNIGHTS OF MALTA, the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, and later the JESUIT ORDER (initiated during 1540 A.D.). During the 14th Century, King Philip IV of France, with the permission from the POPE, declared a "HOLY WAR" (initiated on Friday 13, 1307) on the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR; and as a result, the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR went underground and mostly migrated north to Ireland and England. Later, the KNIGHTS TEMPAR surfaced as the FREE MASONS. The KNIGHTS OF MALTA remained the KNIGHTS OF MALTA. The FREE MASONS started a revolt against the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH; and under Henry VIII of England, the FREE MASONS started a counter religion. Said counter religion was the foundation for the reformation and the Lutheran Church.

      On or about May 1, 1776, Johann Adam Weishaupt (6 February 1748 – 18 November 1830) infiltrated the FREE MASON LODGES in Europe for the Jesuit Order. Johann Adam Weishaupt was trained by the Jesuit Order, and Johann Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit agent. At first, the FREE MASON LODGES fought back; however, by the end of the 19th Century, most of the FREE MASONS had become "ILLUMINATI" MASONS! The said "ILLUMINATI" MASONS bring forth the philosophy of a NEW WORLD ORDER or ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!

      The "KEY" here is the Jesuit Order initiated during 1540. During 1540, the Jesuit Order infiltrated the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. By 1773, the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH was dominated by the Jesuit Order and their (Jesuit Order) philosophy (NEW WORLD ORDER)!

      Pope Clement XIV (Latin: Clemens XIV; 31 October 1705 – 22 September 1774) tried during 1773 to excommunicate the Jesuit Order. As a result, Pope Clement XIV was assassinated by the Jesuit Order with a slow and very painful poison! Since 1773, the Jesuit Order has controlled the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH; and if the POPE did NOT agree with the BLACK POPE (Jesuit Superior General), that particular POPE was assassinated by the Jesuit Order. There have been a few POPES, since 1773, that have been assassinated by the Jesuit Order.

      The Jesuit Order answers to the immortals, which answer to the COUNSEL OF TEN (Revelation 13:1). The Jesuit Order, indirectly through the CITY OF LONDON, England, control the FOURTH BEAST mentioned at Daniel Chapter 7 and verse 7. The FOURTH BEAST is the UNITED NATIONS, until Revelation Chapters 17-18 (destruction of the UNITED STATES by FIRE in ONE HOUR) were fulfilled during 2006.

      The NEW WORLD ORDER "CHAIN OF COMMAND": Very Rev. Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, S.J., S.T.D. (BLACK POPE), KNIGHTS OF MALTA (primarily the QUEEN OF ENGLAND and ROTHSCHILD FAMILY), "ILLUMINATI" MASONS (HEADQUARTERED at CITY OF LONDON, England), SKULL AND BONES (primarily the BUSH FAMILY, William Jefferson Clinton (SKULL), and John Kerry (SKULL)), THE C.I.A. (controlled by SKULL AND BONES), and illegitimate President Obama (PRODUCED BY AND WORKS FOR THE C.I.A. AND ALSO THE BRITISH EMPIRE)!

    6. [CORRECTION] ..... CONSTANTINE became the first ROMAN [spelling correction] EMPEROR to claim to be a CHRISTIAN; CONSTANTINE WAS NOT A CHRISTIAN!

    7. [CORRECTION] ..... Later, the KNIGHTS [spelling correction] TEMPLAR surfaced as the FREE MASONS. .....

  12. Bari Malik Shabazz's DOUBLE LIFE: No photojournalists permitted:

  13. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Last night (November 23, 2013 and sometime after 10 p.m.) I went and used the restroom at the Dairy Dock off of S. Broadway St. (INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX near Main St. and Warner Ave. Santa Ana, California). While I was using the said restroom, someone opened the door and immediately left. I finished using bthe said restroom and started to leave the premises. As I was leaving, there was an middle aged white individual that stated: "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!" I got off the fence, and stated: "I have got permission from Frank and Gary (owners of the Dairy Dock business and lease holders to about 80% of the premises)." Said individual replied: "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!" Then, said individual stated: "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? I AM GOING TO CALL THE POLICE! I AM THE BROTHER OF THE BUSINESS (STICKER BUSINESS, about 20% of the premises, and does not own the building) HERE!" There was a slight pause. Then, said individual stated: "I GOING TO TAKE YOUR PICTURE!" At that point, I tried to cover my self, because a cell phone picture can be manipulated and used on the internet; and I have a lot of enemies! Said individual stated: "WHY ARE YOU COVERING UP???" First of all, why did he (said individual) even need a cell phone photograph, when there are several video cameras covering most of the outside of the building and premises! Another thing: Why did this idiot state he (said individual) did not give a fuck, when I mentioned Frank and Gary??? Does this mean he (said individual) does NOT KNOW Frank or Gary??? This idiot does NOT own the building, does NOT own any of the two (2) businesses there; therefore, once I mentioned the owners of the Dairy Dock business, there should have been NO PROBLEM!

    This brings me back to the my stolen PLASTIC BAG on October 29, 2013! Obviously, if the C.I.A. and WEED AND SEED stole the said PLASTIC BAG, they (C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED)) would try to initiate a COMPLEX "FRAME JOB"! Most likely by planting possibly drugs, since I actually have a history of DRUG USE; however, they (C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED)) would NOT USE MY PRIOR CRIMINAL HISTORY (94CF3178, 03CF1264, and 08CF0024 or even 11CF0028), because I currently have a "FABRICATED" RAP SHEET! This is what makes a COMPLEX "FRAME JOB"! At that point, the finger prints would be taken from the my said PLASTIC BAG stolen on October 29, 2013 (at Callen's Common and Bristol St. between about 1 p.m. and 10 p.m.)! My finger prints would be ran by WEED AND SEED; and this would possibly solidify the "IDENTITY SWITCH," especially if WEED AND SEED planted it and manipulated S.A.P.D. to confiscate the said PLASTIC BAG (possible alternative scenario)!

    Why am I bring this all up? Well? I used to primarily use drugs in the restrooms at restaurants, gas stations, and small businesses around Townsend St. Santa Ana, California. Therefore, when this said individual shows-up and questions my presence, I figured said individual was connected and manipulated by WEED AND SEED [create suspicion of: He must be using drugs in the restroom!].

  14. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Concerning the said PLASTIC BAG stolen from me on October 29, 2013, if the WEED AND SEED stole or SANTA ANA POLICE (possibly manipulated by WEED AND SEED) legally confiscated said PLASTIC BAG and found any drugs or anything incriminating, this was an obvious "FRAME JOB" by the C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED)! First of all, since I was released from the MAIN JAIL for PROP. 36 (California Penal Code Section 1210) on January 4, 2011 (arraignment for CASE 11CF0028), I have been monitored actually 24 hours a day and seven (7) days a week, basically, all the time! Therefore, it would have been absolutely impossible for me to do anything without them (C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED)) knowing everything immediately! If there was anything serious that actually occurred, I would have been in handcuffs immediately! Second point: I have had NO JOB since September 30, 1999, NO S.S.I. since last S.S.I. CHECK issued (DIRECT DEPOSIT to my Bank of America account) on February 1, 2012, and I am completely "ISOLATED" (NO FRIENDS and NO FAMILY)! Therefore, where did I get the money for any "supposedly" (9th Amendment unalienable and absolute rights concerning possession for consumption) illegal substance [I am a "crack head"!]??? Third point: I have NOT been to THE HOOD (Townsend St. Santa Ana, California or Standard St. at Edinger Ave. Santa Ana, California (place where December 30, 2010 arrest happened for CASE 11CF0028)) since February 18, 2012 (over 1.5 years); and my said Bank of America account record (checking account) should show where I was (potential alibi)! Therefore, where did I get the "supposedly" illegal substance??? WEED AND SEED might claim they (WEED AND SEED) had various agents and operative approach me; however, I already know most of the supposed transients hanging around the SOUTH COAST METRO AREA are most likely connected to WEED AND SEED! Fourth point: Even if I had contact with said WEED AND SEED operatives, as stated, where did I get sufficient money for the purchase (usually minimum $20.00 purchase)! Fifth point: I put over 90% of the monies (under $20.00 per day most of the time) into (deposit) my said Bank of America account (located at Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California)! Furthermore, SANTA ANA POLICE on several occasions (several different officers) have witnessed me depositing (outside A.T.M. machine) money into my said Bank of America account! Hence, if there was "supposedly" illegal substance found in my said PLASTIC BAG on October 29, 2013, it was obviously a "FRAME JOB" by the C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED))!

  15. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "Netanyahu Warns West of Suitcase Nuke in NY" posted by ALEX JONES CHANNEL on November 25, 2013! Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. PLEASE GET ON THE ALEX JONES SHOW and discuss this "MAJOR ISSUE"! IRAN already has low yield nuclear weapons (about 4 to 6 warheads); and IRAN will NOT actually use a nuclear weapon on Israel, because they (IRAN) know the Israeli government (controlled by CITY OF LONDON, England (ZIONIST MOVEMENT controlled primarily by ROTHSCHILD FAMILY (Synagogue of Satan (Revelation Chapter 2:9)))) will absolutely annihilate poor IRAN with their (Israel) nuclear warheads! Currently, the Israeli government has over 800+ thermonuclear warheads with I.C.B.M. TECHNOLOGIES! In addition, the general population of Israel are actually friendly with the general population of IRAN, and the general population of Israel do NOT want a war with IRAN or any other country in the region!

  16. EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "French Intelligence Considered False Flag to Kill MI5 Asset Abu Hamza" posted by ALEX JONES CHANNEL on November 25, 2013! Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. here is another VIDEO with some very interesting information for you to comment on at the ALEX JONES SHOW! It has been almost 60 days (October 4, 2013 last visit) since you have been on the ALEX JONES SHOW.

  17. Neytanyahoo has really blown his wad on this one. His schrill alarmism in contradiction to his own country's total contempt for the international anti-proliferation regime has left Israel a laughing stock.

    Actually Israel has about 200 atomic weapons, and I don't think they are very sophisticated, or even larger-yield thermonuclear bombs. Their bombs were tested in the late 1970s over the Indian ocean with the South Africans and they were shown to be smaller yeild atomic bombs made with uranium 234 and then some slightly larger ones using the same as triggers but yeilding modest energies due to their small size and inferior metalurgy. The Israeli materials came primarily from stolen yellowcake and was enriched with centrafuges. It was a workable technology but not as good as what is available today. They certainly don't have any modern thermonuclear weapons like the W88 warheads that the Chinese stole from ourselves which are small enough to fit on a torpedo and have yields of over 200kt.

    It's true the Iranians cannot nuke Israel because of the Israeli atomic arsenal.

    Actually I think the Israelis put an atom bomb in Houston but the Iranians do not have any atom bombs at this time - of that I'm certain.

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