Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Completely Clean Slate for the 2016 Presidency: President George Clooney and Mrs. Amal Clooney!
Have I gone astray?
Or perhaps I have been staring at goats too long.
  The truth of the matter is that as I purview both the Republican and Democratic field of contenders, no one and nothing stands out but mediocrity, boredom and old re-treads, same old story.  Neither Bush III, Romney, nor Clinton II will be elected for a number of reasons that I have previously enumerated in many of my former blogs. Furthermore, the ancillary players are just that -simple props to an old narrative that everyone has heard or read before, be you Republican, Democratic, or Independent.  Same old blah, blah and not getting any smarter or better looking.
So I came to the conclusion that what America needs now is another actor a la Ronald Reagan with a much more au courant script.  As I analyzed the primary criteria for Presidency,  it came down to one simple factor: Attractiveness, both physical and emotional or maybe I mean CHARISMA!

None of the contending candidates have the one element of CHARISMA that Oscar/Golden Globe/BAFTA Award Winning Actor, George Timothy Clooney, born Lexington Kentucky on May 6, 1961 has.  I am not into male or female appearances, but in the world of show biz which the US Presidency really is; no one can beat someone like George Clooney.
He is the only one in the history of the Academy Awards according to Wikipedia [don’t forget to donate] to win the following awards:
Golden Globe for the Best Motion Picture-Drama.
The BAFTA Award for the Best Picture and the Academy Award For the Best Picture Producing the CIA Fantasy—ARGO!
He has been nominated for Best Pictures; Best Actor; Best Supporting Actor; Best Director; Best Original Screenplay; and Best Adapted Screenplay.
Clooney was clearly briefed on all the nonsensical, phantasmagorial CIA adventures of Bob Baier [purveyor beyond fiction] and the non-CIA hostages in Argo. As for the CIA and its contrived fictions, Clooney has been well tutored by John Brennan and his group. And as for Clooney’s own political concerns, he has been active in trying to mediate the conflict in Darfur for which he received numerous real or imaginary awards.

Clearly he is a Democrat. In my opinion, he may be the only Democrat who can be elected. Move over tired, haggard Hillary.  However, he,  like many other Democrats, change their original political stripes to assume the necessary appearance of whatever he has to be at that particular point in time, having executed whatever manner of executive action.  In the world of political fantasy and non-reality when we have such dullards as Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid… who better to increase the ‘attractiveness factor’ but George Clooney?
His new bride,  Ms. Amal Ramzi Alamuddin is a Druze/Lebanese/British subject who was trained at Oxford University and New York University [Masters in Law]. She is clearly beautiful and exceedingly cosmopolitan. She speaks fluent Arabic, French and English and belongs to the most interesting Middle East Religious sects. Druze have been around for centuries, quietly living their lives in their respective countries—be it Lebanon, Syria, Israel [in fact the Druze serve in the IDF with great distinction].  So Ms. Amal brings not only worldly jurisprudence but a Middle Eastern credibility that would easily co-opt any extremist group –ISIS, Al Qaeda, Salafists, et. al.
The fact that Clooney has been an actor, director and producer as well as a successful businessman, building his own production companies speaks volumes for his personal sense of self worth. Certainly, he has accomplished more than Clinton [both Hillary and Bill]; or Bush jr or Jeb or Obama before any one of them ran for the Presidency.
That he is a Democrat is totally irrelevant to me, considering that Obama has shown that a Democrat can be more ruthless in wars than even Bush Jr and his family members. We are entering a new era which is defined by looks, charisma and acting; be it in psyops or executive functions. Who better to fill that role than a person born and bred of acting and false pretense than the fully certified actor than George Clooney.

He has an incredible work ethic and does not spend his time on the golf courses. He writes, produces, directs and acts.  As mentioned, he has had a history of successes. He is articulate and looks good on screen. George Clooney out guns all others if you really ponder it.  Imagine him giving the state of the union or negotiating with other world leaders.  He will rule in social media and you tube, not to mention TV news.  Break down the Clooney vote: women, gays, california, spanish, 20/30s, Kentucky, urban, suburban all will vote Clooney.  Match him up with a decent VEEP and Clooney 2016 is unstoppable.  Compare him to the other horses in the race and you might start to see it the way I do.


    You Can’t Make This Stuff Up
    Charles Burris
    You Can’t Make This Stuff Up. CBS chairman William Paley, Fred Friendly, and Edward R. Murrow were part of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Operation Mockingbird to provide deflection and cover for the CIA’s ‘family jewels’ of the day. CBS News president Sig Mickelson (1954-61) was liaison to the CIA. Because of his frequent communications, Mickelson even had a direct private phone line installed to the Agency. CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite was a former military intelligence officer also connected within this elite nexus.
    Somehow George Clooney (CFR) missed all this in his sanitized (and vetted) Hollywood agitprop epic, Good Night and Good Luck, which was nominated for six Academy Awards.
    9:29 pm on January 16, 2015

    1. Good Night and Good Luck was a horrible movie, and it once again rehashed the tired old Hollywood myth of how anti-communism made martyrs out of the millionaires of Beverly Hills.
      Plenty of Hollywood figures were Stalinists and communists just as the State Department was peopled with these assholes and McCarthy and Robert Kennedy working for him were right to expose them.

      Clooney's facination with that old topic of "McCarthysim" and of course "The Civil Rights Struggle against racism" is the tired old melodrama of superficial hollywood sob sisters and do gooders.

  2. I like your analysis here Dr. P, best of all, Clooney doesn't have blood all over his hands like many of the other candidates mentioned. I think that is a real plus. Maybe if he became President, there might be less democide as a result.

    But if you think about it, the flip side of the coin is that in naming all of Clooney's successes, each of these could be looked at as just another reason why, someone like Clooney, would not even consider such an endeavor. Think about it, he has a great life, why would he want to fuck it up now and enter the political arena? [Ironically I do think he could win for all the reasons you mentioned however : ) ]

  3. Who's that far left Senator from Wisconsin or wherever who was on Saturday Night Live and won his seat by like...fifty votes???

    I think his name is Frankel or something. But he would like to take everyone's guns away and put everyone on welfare and blah blah blah......

    Clooney's beliefs are just as silly, as hollywood lefties are the most stupid and rigidly leftist, STATEIST, and all-controlling of any group of Americans. If he stated his platform and beliefs he'd be so way far on the left that no one would vote for him. He's that bad.

  4. That guy who played Goffer on Love Boat served a couple of terms in the House as a Republican. Maybe he'll come back.

    Or better yet maybe we can revive Sonny Bone from the grave and he can run. I think he was in Congress when he hit a tree while skying and smashed his head in....

    1. Sonny Bono. What a clown. Typical California Republican.

  5. Look Dr.P I'll tell you who the next President should be, and I don't even agree with him that much....

    The next President should be Governor Brown of California.

    Jerry Brown has taken the horrendous financial conditions in California left by Schwartzenegger et. al. and ......


    Jerry Brown has proved that he can do what no one else is willing to do, and he has the age and experience to have learned many of life's lessons.

    Jerry Brown will be the next President.

    1. Jerry Brown is the "Pope Francis" of America. When he became Governor in the 1970s he wouldn't use the state's limosines, and he slept on a cot in a spare bedroom in the Governor's mansion.

      What's needed is that kind of example of humility and thrift BY ALL OUR SERVANTS IN WASHINGTON.

      We need a MORAL EXAMPLE like the kind set by Ceaser Augustus when he became Emperor in the first century. Augustus set an example of humility and family values and set himself against gluttony and sexual excess.

      We need a moral example and Brown is if nothing else a genuinely moral man.

    2. good eye, but his wikipedia says that he changed his mind about running

  6. The fact George is an actor and has little political experience is not the problem, he seems a deeply moral man which automatically excludes him from the club. For the role of POTUS as it stands you need a self serving, amoral puppet. Who can smile and charm and say all the right 'witty' things while bringing horror down on thousands if not millions of brown people so the Military Industrial complex can feed it's evil eye. If George or anyone like him was to get close cue 'lone nut Assassin' patsy, who they probably keep on stand by somewhere.

  7. Yes George's conscience would bother him way too much if he had to drone strike someone's ass, unlike the previous Presidents. Generally I believe way too many actors seem to be less emotionally stable than many other groups I observe. I believe George would turn into a blubbering mess if he had to give orders to kill people.

    MIT I think Clooney would get elected on looks alone, a lot like Kennedy did in his day.

  8. I think Jerry Brown is a serious contender as well, however, unlike Clooney, Jerry would probably get off on the whole drone strike thing, if nothing else but to release some of his pent up frustration over his break up with Linda Ronstadt, and us Californians ending his Helicopter-Malathion spraying campaign (war) against the fruit fly if you recall during his first time around.

  9. Maybe Jerry's campaign slogan should be "Three hots and a cot" instead of "a chicken in every pot".

  10. Regan spent years developing his chops which included being involved in the nomination process many times. Clooney has none of that.

    Its Bush v Clinton. Don't underestimate the power of the media or the stupidity of the US population.

    Someone has to keep cleaning up the crime scene. After that, their children will run. Its pure theater of the absurd. An extension of monarchy headed for decline on every front except maybe militarily.

    1. for functional society, like in any war you need 1. Food for military 2. Hospitals, everything else is not important

    2. Yeah well everyone said that about 2008 and then Obama came storming in because the public was fed up with the status quo......

      Jerry Brown has said that the nomination is Hillary's if she wants it but he's wrong.

      The grass roots of the Democratic party would chose Brown or anyone else who bursts on the scene like Obama did and push that fat old matronly Hillary aside. She's not popular among the grass roots - only Wall Street and other New Yorkers and friends of Israel.

    3. As for Bush III it's not going to work. Too many people remember the last one. He's dreaming.

      If anything Romney will be the nominee, and it would be a huge tussel - a titanic struggle - between the Wall Street button-down Romney and the reformed "moon-beam" candidate from California.

      Everyone's now saying the Obama's legacy will be the destruction of the middle class - that family income dropped from 57k to only 51k in his two terms and he's done nothing about it.

      Brown will do what DiBlazio did in New York - a populist groundswell which will topple the status quo in a repeat of 1932.

      Brown is the new FDR.

    4. Brown's New Age diet of sprouts and kale keeps him youthful, and when he is sworn into office as President he will be a robust 78 years old.

      He will serve one term to right the ship of state and then turn it over to his VP, so who that person is will be very important.

      Whoever it is will be someone not yet a major figure.....probably someone from a midwest swing state.

    5. I have a vision that his VP will be Jewish, and will become the first Jewish President of the United States.

    6. Who are the Jewish prospects from Ohio, Indiana or Illinois?

    7. Because this President is Jewish he will be able to force Israel into seeing reality.

    8. Bush didn't run in 2008.

      Hillary has no opposition. She is just the right age where they can keep here drugged up and give her a shot to liven her up before the cameras, just like they did to Regan.

      I agree, Bush will not win but he will run and he will get nominated. Where does that leave us? The other end of the syndicate running things.

      Obama's parents were in the three letter syndicate. He was groomed for the job long ago.
      He did not come out of nowhere, it was planned.

      Just like Bill Clinton, they say he came out of nowhere but he was groomed from an early age.

      The syndicate has people in the pipe ready for the job at all times. More than a few.

      You should know that is how the game is played.
      Its all about manipulation and control.

      There are some good free people out there that could make a good run at it. That is a refreshing change. Who knows?

    9. FDR is smartest US president ever, he just said, i want all, let infidels kill each other, even when infidels entered alliance in 1939 he said, let's wait again, let's infidels kill each other, most funny part was when Molotov came to Berlin to negotiate about USSR entering AXIS in November of 1940 i think that that day British intentionally bombed Berlin, that day Molotov said to Germans, if war is over, than why we have to go talk in to shelter... Stalin wanted control of Romania and Bulgaria and British secret service did everything to build mistrust.

  11. Al Franken is the far left gun grabber from Saturday Night Live who is a US Senator.

  12. I was watching on Youtube a documentary about the Soviet war on Finland in 1940. First the Soviets invaded eastern Poland along with the Germans, which caused Britian and France to declare war on Germany but not against the USSR....

    And then the USSR attacked Finland and the British and French still failed to declare war on the USSR...hummm......

    Well at least FDR made an impassioned speech against the Russians which is on the documentary which I highly recommend.

    But even so FDR later allied America to Stalin so as to crush the Germans.

    When I look back at how cravenly evil Stalin and all the communists were I realize how brave and courageous anti-communists all over Europe were, even if they had to ally themselves with the lesser evil of Nazism to push forward the cause. In particular Quizling of Norway comes to mind as an example of courageous statesmen who was ridiculed and maligned, as were many others.

    In the Finnish campaign the Red Army performed miserably when faced with the tiny militia of Finnish farmers and accountants and shopkeepers who took up arms to defend their homes from Stalinist barbarity.

    Stalin of course killed all the Russian officers who he blamed for this bad performance, The terrible part is that the aftermath of the horrendous Russian performance was that they pulled themselves up greatly, and it was actually the new and reformed Russian military with the Germans encountered in June of 1941.

    If it were not for the Germany victory in Norway Churchill would never have come to power and that's what spelled the doom of Germany...

    As well it was the Soviet experience in the Finnish war which caused them to form an effective system which was able to defeat Germany.

    If the Germans had invaded the USSR and encountered the pre-Finnish Red Army the Germans would have been in Moscow in weeks and the war would have been over.

    1. Hitler switched back to the civil economy in 1940, one of many many mistakes... Churchill did not know anything about field warfare, first Lord of Admiralty who was never on ship, after war he also was not brilliant in diplomacy, he gave to much to Stalin, but he was great for what he was elected, to wage propaganda war, he said to British to donate all tinware they have for production of airplanes, even that material could not be used for anything in war production, especially planes which were made of aluminum. If Germany had 200 operating submarines in every given moment, Germany would have won war.

    2. Stalin was wise, he knew that all those around him are worse than him, he knew that lowest bum of all will come from revolution (those who never liked to work), and he knew that they are always preparing coup, even when they are not. He also knew that he should never would support coalition between communists and social-democrats in Germany in 1933. he knew how capitalists hide there. He killed more Jews than Hitler, but that was forgiven by west, so Stalin even got from Jews plans for hydrogen bomb because Jews rightly wanted to trade with Stalin to stop killing them because west did not care.

    3. He would always read every paper coming from provinces, than he would decide who needs to go build socialism in to Siberia, but even he was unable to stop practice of communists to invest given money not in to factory but in to vodka distillery to sell her on market. Stalin said that fish is stinking from head, so he would kill 9 of 10 field marshals, than 6 of 20 generals, than 4 of 50 colonels, in absolute and relative term lower he goes, less of victims. He sent all those idiots who was hard revolutionaries to trains which would go to Siberia, and then some lance corporal would show them wood there and tell them to start building socialism, let s go comrades. His smartest move to suffocate his wife. Only person who could do with him what ever she liked was his daughter Svetlana, she could do with him what ever she wanted, he liked her very very much. When he was giving speeches he would always say: "...just how comrade Lenin said, and we would do what Lenin wanted... Lenin, Lenin... Lenin even he poisoned him." Also if was funny how Trotsky thought he was secured in Mexico. When he died central committee was not sure for several hours, so only then they started to celebrate, but then he moved little (because of air in body) then they all started to beg for mercy of fear. Also it was funny how Kalinin who was head of state had 24/7 security, you know to be secured ha ha ha

    4. It was funny, in communism you had party organization in every working collective and in every institution, even in army. For instance on university you would have director of university coming from profession and president of university party organization appointed by party. President of party organization of university had last word in anything. I asked than why than director of university is not president of party organization and answer was of course: "To know, who fucks who" . Same on naval destroyers, you had party member and one KGB operative, on bigger ships two KGB operatives, but again even in that case party member had last word and they had to listen every word. Party copied everything from Bible and Christianity, if you got it, you would become on of chosen. You just had to serve Satan in this case in total hierarchy. Hierarchy should be in military and in service, to get bullet right away when you do not listen that one above but not in civil life.

  13. Nice to see someone thinking 'outside the square'. The only question is whether Clooney would want to give up his Hollywood lifestyle.

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