Saturday, November 3, 2012

Federal Judge Orders To Unseal Watergate Records: Who Should Be Investigated Nixon or Bob Woodward? I knew both, I Say That Bob Woodward Lied. He Should Be Investigated!
A recent news item came to my attention about a Federal Judge granting a request to allow the Nixon tapes to be further examined.   What peaked my interest is that throughout the past forty years since the Watergate amateurish break-in,  there really has been no official investigation of Bob Woodward [Forget the shmendrick Carl Bernstein],  the ex-Yalie, ex-Lieutenant in Naval Intelligence who had never had a bona fide history of journalism other than working for the Montgomery County Sentinel.
  So why am I indicting Bob Woodward,  this great icon of ‘honest journalism and integrity of the press’
Let’s not forget he won the coveted Pulitzer Prize not once but twice for the Watergate “Deep Throat” revelations that led to the downfall of Nixon and then he also won, get this one, a Pulitzer Prize of his incredible reporting of the 9/11 episode!
 So why would I call him a liar now? 
  The truth of the matter is that I had known Bob Woodward from having been on the Montgomery County Sentinel as a part-time Critic for drama.
  My involvement with Nixon was as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Management under Larry Eagleburger.  But as a psychiatrist trained both at Harvard and MIT,  I have unique talents that would be required to determine when and if the President of the US was in psychological or physical trouble as a result of stress or other matters.
  I will not go over Nixon’s private medical or psychiatric history because other than the fact that he was a highly anxious, suspicious, wary, sometimes paranoid man, he was incredibly intelligent and strategically brilliant—more so than his immediate staff—witness the opening to China. That was all his, not Kissinger’s. 
I also knew, having worked with the CIA and other intelligence branches that reported to me that the CIA for many reasons did not like Nixon as they did not like JFK [but that is another story]. 
  There is no conspiracy in what I am about to tell you.  I will present the simple facts as I know them.
I met Bob Woodward twice in my career. Once in my private psychiatric office when he asked me questions about my professional career as a successful hostage negotiator.  The other in his Georgetown House when I represented the Savings and Loan Banks that were going under in Maryland as a result in part of Ben Bradlee's not understanding the difference between cash flow and net worth. 
  Bob was ‘acting as an ombudsman of sort’.  Of course, as I suspected,  he was not effective and the alcoholic ex-Yalie Ben Bradlee was unable to reverse the damage he caused—a run on the banks. 
Let’s get to the Montgomery County Sentinel where a dear friend of mine was the editor. She told me that she had hired this novitiate BW because a friend of hers, Harry M. Rosenfeld,  the Metropolitan Editor of the Washington Post had asked her if she had a place for someone he had just fired after two weeks of probation on the Washington Post. 
Most of you may not know that contrary to the WASPish image that the Katharine Graham and company wanted to portray in their Georgetown soirees, Graham’s father was a simple Jewish financier, Eugene Meyer [ex-Yalie,1895] who had been involved in the Federal Reserve and the World Bank [not bad for a Jew from San Francisco]. 
Are you starting to get idea of how these unknown extensive relations among the Ex-Yalies and the CIA start to intertwine.  Remember most of the CIA was founded and populated by Yalies… The Bush Family, Senator John Kerry, and William Sloane Coffin.
Now why should I bring up the Bush family? 
  Let’s recall that Bobby boy Woodward had spent more time with Bush Jr and wrote so many ‘truthseeking books’ about 9/11 and it’s spurious origins that when Larry King [whom I also knew] asked Bobby boy “what if there are no WMD’s in Iraq?” Bobby boy answered, “I think that chances of that happening is about zero”. 
Now we have Woodward literally take dictation from the inveterate liar and war criminal, Bush Jr, my favorite moron [[whom I unfortunately helped to get elected]. Woodward knowing no end of intellectual fellatio, writes another four ‘truthseeking’ books which garner even more praise from none other than the ex-Manager of the NY Times –Bill Keller. 
Now you get the momentum of how the most important figure in American Journalism who by chance is the first reporter to reveal  that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA , we are amazed at his access and omniscience concerning the CIA and covert operations. The information Woodward maintained that he got,  guess again, from none other than Scooter Libby [Paul Wolfowitz’s protégé] who went to Andover and went to –guess again? Yale-- and worked for no other than the worst criminal besides Bush jr and Rumsfeld [Princeton] –DICK Cheney –who guess what – Cheney went to Yale and was thrown out of Yale for Alcoholism.
What’s more important is that Woodward created this incredible trail of political fellatio and subsequent fiction, masked as ‘non-fiction’, that he could not resist being the last one to hear the final dying words of the famous William CaseyDCI .  Now we have Woodward acting as a confessional priest,  testifying  to the last words spoken by a narcoleptic man  [Woodward did not know that when he made up his story line] and then writing another ‘non-fiction book’. 
I think you get the idea. 
  Nixon had problems, yes.  He was paranoid but paranoids do have enemies as we say in the intelligence and psychiatric community. 
Even the President Ronald Reagan whom I admired and worked for said the following: “Woodward is a liar and he lied about what Casey is supposed to have thought of me.” 
  I not only second that assessment but I stand by my own reputation as a hostage negotiator, psychiatrist and intelligence operative and counter intelligence operative, to assure my readers and others that Bob Woodward was not only a liar in creating the three faces or voices of ‘deep throat’ but conspired with Jeb Magruder [who was also an ex-Yalie and a protégé of William Coffin—CIA], the number two man under Attorney General John Mitchell who went to jail on behalf of Nixon.
  In short,  the Watergate amateurish break –in which Nixon , myself and other had recognized as a ‘set up‘ by the CIA to ‘overthrow Nixon’ with the help of Kissinger’s second rate Colonel Alexander Haig [Intelligence] who also knew and interacted with novitiate wonder boy Woodward.
  Lest you think me to harsh, Bob Woodward, was duly compensated for being a liar, an ‘intelligence rat’, a second-rate writer with a first rate ego, and worst of all a traitor to our American values of honest, decency and valor—he received countless millions for his novel ‘All the Presidents Men’ and the equally nonsensical self-aggrandizing movie produced and starring that equally failing intellect, Robert Redford, always enamored of playing an operative in countless of his movies.  Woodward received countless millions for the other nonsensical fiction book always written under the ersatz protection of the Washington Post as ‘deputy Editor of Bullshit’.
It’s time for the American public and especially the judiciary and if there is anything left of journalism and its so-called integrity  ---let’s start to investigate the instigator of the “soft coup”, the second CIA coup after the assassination of JFK (another blog, and book recommendation)Let’s expose that Bob Woodward was/is the lying tool and tell the “real story” of Watergate.
Now it’s time for Bob Woodward to stand up to his colonoscopy of investigation and see how full of ‘shit’ he has always been.
EXPOSE him!!  DISPOSE HIM!  He disgusts me and p.s. the American Public is not stupid!  Enough of the Lies!


  1. Are you familiar with Russ Baker's coverage of Woodward and Watergate in his "Family of Secrets"?

    Also -one correction: I believe it was Armitage and not Libby who told Woodward about Plame...

  2. Oops I missed the previous post... yes you are familiar with Baker's book

  3. no prob! keep reading, enjoy your posts, thanks for fact correction.