Friday, November 2, 2012

Staying on topic for tonight, just watched a good 1970's film Scorpio with Burt Lancaster, dated but worth watching, the CIA loves the movie business and this film has some good "old spy vs. new spy stuff" but the movie illustrates how "outdated and dangerous" the old concepts of national security are....the dying character at the end sums it up by saying...something like "it doesn't matter if you win or lose, as long as you stay in the game.."  enough already!  Goodnight!


  1. On Sunday 11-4-12, NGEO cable is broadcasting the Bin Laden "Assassination" Seal Operation at 8:00PM EST and repeated again.

    Interested to read your take on the hyperbole.

    Just in time to actually believe Independents will "Lean Forward" one more time.

    1. I probably won't watch it, I know what you're implying and I agree. If people watch it for entertainment okay but all need to realize that it is fictionalized propaganda


  2. Summary of the Secret Space Program (PureHeart funded) JUST PUBLISHED online:

    YOU are one of the first to read about the Black Projects before it is scrubbed.

    It is on several sites:
    Here is the preview audio from 10-19-12