Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Romney Family:  First Outsourcing Jobs to China. Now They Are Outsourcing Pregnancy To Poor White Women.  Tagg and Jen Romney Are New Parents Delivered By Surrogate Mother Using An Abortion Clause If Twins Are Not Perfect.
  The Romneys,  the “Peter Pan Family” of the 21st century have shown us as Voltaire’s Candide once said “That this is the most perfect of all worlds” yes,  that this is a ‘perfect world’  if you are very rich.
  Forget about the rest of us poor mortals (where my wife had to bear the pain of two difficult births) and millions of starving, striving and impoverished women all the way from the Latino Ghettos of Los Angeles to the swarming, famine ridden streets of Mumbai, India.  Women without any other means to earn a decent living have now rented out their wombs for the purpose of wealthy couples who are capable but do not want to go through the ‘hassle’ of pregnancy to obtain a child of their choice.
  That sweet Stepford family image of the Romney’s  belie their underlying political hypocrisy of supporting the PRO-LIFE movement imbedded within the Right Wing of the Republican Party that so eagerly supported “Mitt” [Peter Pan refers to a term about an immature, child-like man who can say and do anything without having to realize the consequences of his actions].
As much as I hate to admit this, but both Michelle Bachman and Richard Santorum who are TRUE BELIEVERS of PRO-LIFE were completely co-opted by the lies of the Romney political Pro-Life palaver as witnessed by the reported “abortion clause” that Tagg and Jen had in their surrogate contract.  
  I am not here to espouse on the political merits of pro-life or pro-choice.  That’s for each individual to decide with their own vote (and conscience).  What I do have a problem with is- its “not okay for you” but for me and mine “its different”, we are different, we’re rich”  Well okay but you are asking for the privilege of holding the highest office in America!  Angelina AND Madonna adopted impoverished kids when they were done having their own….they are rich but they have scruples, a sense of obligation to something more than themselves…..
 But my beliefs are not in issue. 
  What is at issue once again, is the INCREDIBLE HYPOCRISY of this family –the Romney’s who are now conjoined in a collusion of lies and betrayals to their own constituency which have foolishly spent billions of dollars on the “man who never was”
  In fact, the contract which one can look up on the internet in effect stipulates that in the case of genetic defects or abnormalities of any sort, they, Tagg and Jen, have the ‘legal right’ [by the way, unlike Canada, there are no laws in the multibillion dollar surrogate business in the USA] to abort the fetuses.
  Hey Pro-lifers! Welcome to your disingenuous representative.
Surprise, as a faithful Mormon, Mitt Romney , a man who seems to care little for faith, honesty, or integrity or more importantly serving our military [remember he ran away to Paris to convert a few Catholics into Mormons] defied the edicts of the LDS Handbook which specifically discourages  ‘surrogate motherhood’. 
 And even more interestingly, the mormon-dominated Salt Lake Tribune, very distinguished major newspaper in Utah has, surprisingly endorsed Obama. 
  The Romney family has demonstrated to me all the deficiencies that exist within the rich and spoiled who have never really built a company or run even a gas station; who have never volunteered once to serve our country for anything other than their own vainglorious appetites for self-promotion and the complete hypocrisy almost absurdity of their silver-spooned life style.  People like this demonstrate continuously how “out of touch” they are with reality of the everyday lives of you and me. I suppose everyone has a right to live their lives but shouldn’t our wannabe president set some standards for noblesse oblige?  (Should poor women have babies for rich women that don’t want to “go thru with the ordeal”?)
Even Warren Buffet forced his sons to go out and make their own collective fortunes.  
As for us mortals, who by nature, have to suffer through the slings and arrows of everyday reality, let us be content to endure the wonderful hardship that many of us are blessed to endure called LIFE.  Those are very real aspects of a very normal life.
  Amen to normalcy, normal birth and endless life struggles.   Somethings can not be out sourced!



  1. After how the Romney bunch dissed Ron Paul supporters during the primaries, I wouldn't vote for this guy if he was the last politician on earth! Pro-life people don't know how to react when you tell them about the $50 copay abortions available under MittCare.

    This whole surrogate business is werid, but that's par for the course with these Elite-types.

  2. David Mamet had a conversion earlier this year. Consider his last sentence before you vote:

  3. The election's over Goldman Sachs wins!

    But seriously, four more years of Obama? Another five trillion in debt? More kill lists? More drones? A stronger TSA whenever we travel? Mandatory flu shots and other Big Pharma medications? Crippling Obamacare taxes and government health rationing? More Monsanto executives controlling the FDA and more GMO foods? Wall Street's 2008 criminals get...more free money? Open borders? The death of the coal industry and regular blackouts? College graduates with no jobs and crushing debts? Will our bankrupt future be like Greece and Spain?

    One thing's clear--the Republican party must change. It must look more like Ron Paul than Dick Cheney. Mitt Romney never stood for anything and will be quickly forgotten.

  4. Family First should be at the centre of our Australian way of life, not government bureaucracies. With the rising cost of living putting more and more pressure on families they need more income to function properly for Family First and make ends meet.