Monday, October 6, 2014

Far Right Nationalist, Xenophobic, European Movements Meld into a Rancid Hungarian Goulash!
Just as we have witnessed the rise of extremist Islamic Groups in the Middle East, we are now going to be entertained by a motley crew of the long-forgotten Aryan Supremacy dolts who once proclaimed their dubious ancestral heritage to the ‘white race’; as well as to all matters that are the inherently ‘white’ in nature.  What we have here is the tedious ersatz philosophies of ‘being white’ and therefore entitled to:  anti-immigration hatred; anti-Muslim diatribes; the obsessive re-incantations of Anti-Semitism; anti-European integration; and, believe it or not, Anti-Americanism. That last point is a new one in the list of anti-everything party which claims that we Americans have co-opted their national culture.
So now we have the inevitable rise of the Anti-Party which means if they can’t articulate a constructive program then they must resort to denying everything and anybody who has accomplished something of value; be it good, bad or irrelevant. When one is bereft of a real philosophy or ideology then the best thing to do is to resort to basic ignorance and proclaim that you are the ‘anti-party’.
After having read a very detailed analysis of this amalgam of dullards in Budapest, Hungary  between Oct. 3-5, 2014 [Stratfor, Oct.4, 2014] it served as a reminder to myself of the turmoil that occurred between WWI and WWII in Berlin, Germany.  That time of the Weimar Republic provides the original template of this Hungarian Goulash that we find ourselves stirring today.

One of the leaders of this xenophobic, Anti-American movement is none other than Richard Spencer, an AMERICAN WHITE NATIONALIST [whatever that means], President of the National Policy Institute and Washington Summit Publishers. Apparently this ungrateful American has formed a strong bond with none other than the Russian ex-Czarist throwback by the name of Alexander Dugin, a personal adviser to the Kremlin Kleptocracy of Vladimir Putin.  As if this were not the most bizarre odd couple, then we throw in a fat blob of a frenchman who looks like he has eaten his way to the top of his absurd game.  His name is Phillipe Vardon, the so-called head of Nissa Rebela,  the NICE [city] affiliate of Le Bloc Indetitairie, a French far-right group founded in 2003.

However,  we cannot have a Hungarian Goulash without the spice of paprika. So we add the long-standing, inveterate Anti-Semitism of the HUNGARIAN PEOPLE as evidence in the Jobbik Party, now kowtowing to the commands of their master, Russia.  Contrary to the beatific image of Hungary as a country of rolling hills and the Danube River, they have been a vicious race of xenophobes ever since the liberal-minded Emperor Franz Joseph let them fraction into segments of ignorance and resentment.
What’s their agenda?
For one, these out-of-shape misanthropes are learning “basic fighting skills”….. to “learn how to resist cops.”
“An example of such a workshop is how to endure an assault to the knee by a baton and withstanding tear gas”. [Stratfor, Oct 4, 2014]. Of course, let me not forget that ignorance, hatred and stupidity is not limited to the aforementioned countries; also present at the private Budapest conference are representatives from the “Greek Dawn Party”; “Italian Northern Party” and Italy’s Fascist Party ‘CasaPound’; French National Party; Swedish Democrats;  as well as citizens of Austria [don’t forget the House Painter, Hitler]; Croatia [always reliable Estashi]; Belgium; and Germany.
This emerging trend of the rising of the far right resembles the rise of fascism after WWI; and up to and through WWII. Most of the members of this Hungarian Goulash should remember what had happened in history. Russia formed an alliance with the Nazis. Next Russia destroyed the Fascists ruthlessly. Then we Americans came in after we made certain that all American Nazi sympathizers were completely ‘neutralized’ by Hoover’s FBI.

What makes Richard Spencer, the American ‘stool pigeon,’ think that his fate might be any different from that of Father Coughlin?  America is quite forgiving of its sons and daughters who served her in time of need, but she can be very vengeful and ruthless if one tries her patience with that type of fascist nonsense.  Richard Spencer should remember that veterans, who fought for American values do not take kindly to cowards, traitors and demagogues like yourself.  Remember WWII was fought in order to rid our Republic of your garbage and those who purvey it.


  1. Only dead socialist is good socialist. Burn Moscow that socialist do not have head. European social democracy is letting all those right wingers to enter in to european parliaments, because they will work together against USA. European people wants stability and order that is why they are voting for right wing, they do not understand that America do not have interest any more to feed socialist satanists, so USA must starve with instability their socialists in their countries... So people who vote right wing they see wrong enemy (USA) under socialist propaganda, because socialists have same manners like Islam and Arabs in beginning of their quests. Islam while they were not so strong they were religiously tolerant toward other religions. But when they got strong army they showed their real face. Same is with socialists today, in Europe (those socialists, social-democrats) they do not go openly to destroy Christianity, but under soviet tanks they always show their real face... Swedish socialistic party on power recognised "Palestine" few days ago... USA please starve those soviet scums, They think that USA should feed them like it is still cold war.

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    2. Croatian "Ustashe" are today least active of all those. Heck in december of 1942. 99% of anti-fascist territories, liberated, inside of occupied Europe were done by Croat Catholic partisans on territory of Croatia under leadership of Croat, Tito (later on abducted by real serbian fascist communists). In my family 9 members were killed as partisans. And Serbia today is toatal fascist state like it was in 1941.-1945. they do not need fascist option today. There was not even one square of liberated territory in Serbian part of former Yugoslavia. I think we should go again in to woods and wait for american help when we start removing our national and international socialists from power.

    3. Dr. P I could not disagree with you more about this.

      Europe is being destroyed, quite literally destroyed, by the adoption of multi-culturalism. Every country in Europe is being swarmed by people from muslim or African countries or Albanians or Gypsies...

      These groups have unleased crime waves of rape, gang rape, murder, home invasions, bank robberies, assaults, etc., which these places never had before.

      People in these countries HAVE AN ABSOLUTE RIGHT to say NO to immigration by people NOT OF THEIR OWN VALUES, BELIEFS, TRADITIONS.

      No society OWES their land to other people...period!

      If the people of Hungary or anywhere else want to preserve their own culture and society there is no case to be made otherwise. It's their country GOD DAMMIT!

      It's way too bad that in order to achieve this simple goal, this very very simple goal of self-preservation, that it has to come in the form of national socialism or the like...but no other groups will spearhead this thing. It's left up to the weirdos with the swastika tattooed heads to lead the fight, but it's the entire population which will follow because the case is so strong.

      As for being anti-American...

      When has the US played a positive role anywhere? Consult your history. Most popular, mass movements representing the WILL OF THE MAJORITY as these neo-fascists are doing will oppose the US role in the world. That's kinda obvious.

      For the life of me I will never understand why some people think that everyone from everywhere has some God given right to invite themselves into other peoples' countries.

      If it's not their country then the people there have every right to restrict them or once there tell them to leave.

      It's their country!

    4. If I lived in Europe I would advocate for the FORCED REMOVAL of most of these immigrants from African and muslim countries as well as Gypsies, Albanians, etc....


      Why is Somalia unfit to live in for a Somali??


      Why is Algeria unfit to live in for an Algerian??


      At the root of this multicultural bullshit is the assumption that none of these countries is fit to live in for their OWN PEOPLES AND that only we, the civilized world of Europe, have built a place fit to live in and we have to absorb all these people from these HORRIBLE OTHER PLACES...


      Somalis belong in Somalia. Sierra Leoneans belong in fucking Sierra Leone. Nigerians belong in fucking Nigeria.

      Those places are shitholes because the people there made these rich places shitholes. It's their fucking national characters...

      And it's those characters which are infecting US WHEN WE LET THEM IN !!!

      This is not xenophobia..

      It's the facts.


    5. In Greece the weirdo GOLDEN DAWN occupied hospitals because with fifty percent unemployment these hospitals were harboring huge numbers of Turks and other foreigners working in these hospitals while qualified Greeks were out on the streets starving !!



    6. Yes these far right groups are weird and scarry..

      That's the point.

      How the hell else are you going to FORCE PEOPLE when they've just sat down and are eating at your table.


      Where they come from, these shithole countries they emmigrated from..

      They understand that principle totally.

    7. Dr.P have you ever actually had to forcably expell anyone from your house?

      I have.

      I've actually thrown out, as in literally and physically thrown out...unwanted people, squatters, etc. from my houses, properties.

      If you're a property manager you understand this, although if you are a company you have to follow the law, which I DO NOT FOLLOW!

      When people who want your house come and squat there or invite themselves in and won't leave and use all your shit and make themselves at home...





      ONLY FEAR WORKS !!!!

    8. To me there's no one more dispicable in the world than someone who does not respect someone's home.

      I have nothing but contempt for immigrants who come from places totally different than the places they want to live in and then invite themselves to live in other peoples' countries, THEIR HOMELANDS, with no fucking respect or concern whatsoever about the feelings or rights of those who live there.

      Throw their ungreatful asses out.

    9. Now as for the US role in the war against Germany...

      That happened only because of the political dimension that FDR was anti-Nazi, anti-fascist, and pro-USSR and loved Stalin with his gulags and mass murder everywhere.....

      As soon as FDR was dead and his gang of Stalin-loving assholes were out...


      And this is an undeniable fact.

      The US supported every pro-Nazi, pro-facist party and government everywhere in the world EXCEPT FOR GERMANY after the war....

      The US only got into a conflict with Germany because of the Leftist government the US had at the time, just as each country in the world supported or opposed Germany based on IDEOLOGICAL FACTORS.

      In CIA the culture there was as pro-Nazi as you could imagine, and these were mostly people who fought the Nazis and then later realized they'd been duped and made a horrible mistake and spent the rest of their careers trying to make up for that mistake....

      Perhaps that is why they went overboard the same way the Iraqi war veterans today go overboard with their oppostion because it's so personal for them.

    10. I was wondering when you were going to chime in...

    11. i am not attacking regular right wing which wants Faith, Law, Order and Christian cultural values, but they are all tools of socialistic international (communist international believe it or not they are same) and every social-democrat party in europe is member... hey they have centre in moscow, people are here under their thumb, communist oligarchy rule whole east europe, and their solution on right is also racist anti-christian, you can choose, international or national socialism...

    12. You should see the movie, "The Mosquito Coast."

      Harrison Ford takes his family to live in the jungles of Nicaragua where he builds a wonderful home.

      Then people who don't want to build their own home invite themselves into Harrison Ford's home and use all his shit that he built and they refuse to leave....

      That's the way people are Dr.P when they have no inclination to build a home of their own.

      They come and take over yours, and everything you have worked hard to build.

      Put them to death.

    13. While Ford is seeking to kill his home invaders a mosquito is on his arm.

      Ford swats the mosquito, killing it, and leaving blood on his fingers.

      Ford holds up the bloody finger for his son to see and says..

      "You see this blood?

      That's MY blood! "

      Get the message.

  2. "Ferris: Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, 'I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me.' Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus. I'd still have to bum rides off people." ... Ferris Bueller in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

    According to Wiki "Lennon received a letter from a pupil at Quarry Bank High School which he had attended. The writer mentioned that the English master was making this class analyze Beatles' lyrics. Lennon, amused that a teacher was putting so much effort into understanding the Beatles' lyrics, decided to write in his next song the most confusing lyrics that he could."

    "The geneiss of the lyrics found in three song ideas that Lennon was working on, the first of which was inspired by hearing a police siren at his home in Weybridge; Lennon wrote the lines 'Mis-ter cit-y police-man' to the rhythm and melody of the siren. The second idea was a short rhyme about Lennon sitting in his garden, while the third was a nonsense lyric about sitting on a corn flake. Unable to finish the ideas as three different songs, he eventually combined them into one. The lyrics also included the phrase 'Lucy in the sky' from 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds 'from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band earlier in the year".

  3. "The final catalyst of the song occurred when Lennon's friend and former fellow member of the Quarrymen, Peter Shotton, visited and Lennon ask Shotton about a playground nursery rhyme they sang as children. Shotton remembered:

    ' Yellow matter custard, green slop pie,
    All mixed together with a dead dog's eye,
    Slap it on a nutty, ten foot thick,
    Then wash it all done with a cup of cold sick'

    Lennon borrowed a couple of words, added the three unfinished ideas and the result was "I am the Walrus".

    "The Beatles' official biographer Hunter Davies was present while the song was being written and wrote an account in his 1968 biography of the Beatles. Lennon remarked to Shotton, 'Let the fuckers work that one out." Shotton was also responsible for suggesting to Lennon to change the lyric 'waiting for the man to come' to 'waiting for the van to come'.

    "Lennon claimed he wrote the first two lines on separate acid trips; he explained much of the song to Playboy in 1980".

    1. Lennon was a freak. McCartney and Harrison carried his miserable druggie ass the whole time.

      Name one song Lennon ever penned and compare it to anything Harrison or McCartney wrote.

      And yet Lennon fashioned himself as the front of the group because he was a freak in the mold of the Rolling Stones and fucked up young people liked his drug taking fucked up dissafftected bullshit.

      When he took up with Yoko the ugly little asian troll that's when his pathology became completley evident.

    2. All you have to do is watch early footage to know why Lennon was band leader. Without Lennon the band wouldn't exist. He was the force behind it and in front of it.

  4. Let me play devils advocate here - Hitler was a painter of houses, not a house-painter...

    A little exuberant localism never hurt anyone, so long as it remains local and quaint.

    On Anti-Americanism, the "Anti-" is really directed towards America's imperial reach through financial, commercial, cultural as well as military domination - i.e. to the extent that "Americanism" is equated with the oligarchy that America has played host to for the past century or so... Most Americans, who really have no stake in this empire (even though many try to convince themselves they do), are growing weary of "Americanism" as such, and really this sort of Anti-"Americanism" - as it is adopted domestically - will only help to restore the usurped republic of... The United States of America. So bring it on.

    1. you are dead wrong, we are here under under rule of socialistic international and they have centre in moscow, i want US army to help us wage civil war when we start killing all those international-national socialists... US is doing what it can but it is not enough, that is only problem

  5. The problem with immigration in the UK is not about race or colour it is about resources our education system, infrastructure and health and welfare systems are being overwhelmed by folk from other countries. Our health system is basically free and our emergency and maternity wards cannot cope with the influx. I believe it is deliberate as the politicians try to break the system so it can be privatised for the City of London. It is difficult in the US to make a stand against immigration as you are such a young country (I have had houses older than you!) and you are basically a country of immigrants, so where do you stop? The Nazi thing is so nilihistic and when you run out of people to cremate, you will have to shoot yourself. (Although they did have very smart uniforms!) Speer said they were going to cremate all the black people of Africa when they got there. Hitler was a better painter than Churchill, who frankly was a bit crap. However it did help with his 'black dog' which he named his depression. I tried several times to mention that Katz women who 'found' the beheading vids on Daily Mail forum, but they would not publish for some reason.

    1. Bullshit.

      It is about race and color.

      These other races have inferior values and beliefs which cause them to...

      1.sexually molest children
      2.subjagate women
      3.have no respect for the rule of law
      4.have no ethics in business or social matters
      5.impose religious beliefs on others...

      Is that enough for you?

      Different societies and races have different national characters and Europe must defend itself and what it's built over the centuries from these assholes.

      If these assholes are showing up in your country to steal your services because they rightfully don't have them in their own countries then make some examples out of a few of them and let the rest get the message. Let them know you will fight to protect your home and you hate their larceny toward you and you're not the weak victim they assume you are.

  6. Thanks for trying to re-post these Katz-woman videos, please keep trying. There must be a reason they do not want them up there.