Tuesday, October 7, 2014

For you animal lovers, here is Humane Scorecard for Congress


  1. Tomorrow on Morning Edition of NPR there's going to be a story about what Australia is doing with their unwanted "asylum population."

    The Australians are holding onto masses of unwanted immigrants from shitty places who have just invited themselves into Australia, and the Australian don't want them there.

    The Australians have arranged for the Cambodians, a shitty place if ever there was, to take the unwanted immigrants seeking "asylum" in Australia.

    Some Cambodians don't want them either and of course their only argument is that the Australians are not charitable people because they don't want these people...but what does that say about the "charity" of the Cambodians?

    There's only so much land on this planet.

    People should stay where they are from, and if it's a shitty place they should struggle and sacrifice to improve it.

    Going to someone else's country which they've made over centuries of struggle to cash in is not the answer and solves not a damn thing.

  2. amen, I will send you something on which you can comment.

  3. Humans are like Lions. Humans long ago spread out over the entire planet and many had to settle for places which are very difficult to live in, such as deserts or frozen ice covered places.

    But everyone had to adapt and find a way to survive where they were because any better place is already occupied and if you try to horn in on their land they will kill you. Alternatively if you can defeat them in battle then you can slaughter them all...their old people and children and housewives....

    That's how the Israelites took Palestine from the Canaanites under Moses. He said that the Hebrew God gave the land to his people so he went from village to village massacring everyone.

    And when dissent emerged in his own ranks he killed the humanitarians among him also!

    That was Moses the "lawgiver" whose laws are on the Courthouses of most American counties.....

    But back to the Lions....

    Prides or clans of Lions are families which have occupied a space for very long periods of time. Lions do not move around or range or rove around.

    Lions are territorial like your family housecat!

    Lions fight to keep other lions away from their territory.

    The lands some prides occupy are rich, have lots of water the year round, attract a lot of prey all the time. These particular prides are fat and happy all the time, BUT they are always fighting off other lions who want their rich land.

    Most lions live on marginal land. Most lions must struggle to live on land where they can barely make a living because there isn't water there year round, or little water all the time, and therefore it supports few other animals to kill and eat.

    But they do the best they can because they have no choice.

    Today these stresses created by the overpopulation of useless eating African Negros, is making it impossible for the marginal prides to survive at all.

    Lion populations are shrinking fast, and in a few years there will be only six rich places remaining where they are protected and have water and prey around.

  4. What Hitler often referred to was the history of peoples always displacing each other. He correctly viewed much of history as simply competition over choice lands. "Peoples displace each other" he often said.

    He could never understand why other civilized people objected to him displacing the primitive peoples of Ukraine, Poland, etc.

    He couldn't understand why Americans would object given the history of the United States, where Europeans, particularly English and Scotch Irish, simply took the land from the savages.

  5. The Norwegians struggled to live for thousands of years in a place very inhospitable, and just to survive took a huge amount of planning, organization, etc....

    This may explain why they developed into such cooperative and diligent people.

    But a thousand years ago they used their finely crafted boats to spread out and trade with everyone....everywhere. And many took to the seas and simply raided and stole and murdered from rich towns on the coasts nearby....

    But the vast majority of Viking activity was simply trade along the rivers in Russia, Italy, Sicily, all along the Mediterranian.....

    "Russia" comes from the word meaning "Russ" or "Viking" as the slavs in Russia wished to identify themselves with the Vikings living among them, and breeding with their slav women.

    Russia in Russian is pronounced "Roosea-a," or basically, "the land of the Roos...the Vikings.

    But the Vikings were never conquerers. They wanted to trade, to breed, to make babies, but they didn't want to administer other peoples' land or take their land...

    The Vikings who didn't raid were very humanitarian like the Norwegians today.

    The famous Viking sword which would bend but not break and was the best sword in the world...better than the japanese samuri...

    Was made in Norway from blocks of Damascus steel they obtained from Persia and brought back to Norway all the way from the Caspian Sea.

  6. The masters of displacement of others is of course the Hebrews.

    They could have stayed in Iraq where they came from, but a bunch of them took off and went to Palestine.

    Under "Abraham" they showed up and took the land by force from the peoples already living there. Like John Smith of Mormon fame "Abraham" was a bullshitting promoter who led his followers of idiots to Palestine telling them that he spoke to God and God told him the land was given to them by God and that they were his chosen people....blah blah obvious con job.

    Then the Israelites were taken into captivity in Babylon, etc. and also captivity in Egypt.

    So once again under Moses the Hebrews had to for a second time take the land from others...

    This time they just slaughtered the village inhabitants they encountered, once again because God told them to do it.

    Now after two thousand years they are doing it all over again.

    What's going on in Palestine today is just a most recent repeat of what the Hebrews have done over and over again in Palestine.

    They just keep going away and coming back, and all because of this stupid con job myth created by Abraham and which is the bedrock of a phony religion. Every bit a phony and stupid as Islam. Another obvious hoax.

    1. I mean how stupid is this.

      The Jews aren't even from Palestine.

      They are from Iraq. They just lived in Palestine for a and on..

      Yet they claim that it's their place of origin....

      It's not.

  7. By the way....

    The population of Nigeria is now...

    174 million !


    In the 1930s during the depression the United States had about 164 million.

    Nigeria has more people crowed onto that one small country than the US had during World War II...

    Africa is heading for a colossal Malthusian disaster.

    Is Ebola the planet trying to fight back?