Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What is wrong w/ these crappy humans that abuse beautiful horses, drives me insane.  These people at South Florida SPCA have seen it all.  They have been around along time, help them if you can.  The short link has a hopeful ending, watch it.


  1. What I like about real statesmen and others diplomates/intelligence operatives & so on, able to really think the States, old-Roma's style: being more concerned about animal than human suffering. Because animals mostly don't chose the suffering bad humans can inflict to them, whereas humans can chose their destiny with will and resolution...

    A sentence from the movie "Leon" : "don't speak bad about pigs. They are better than many humans..."

  2. Agree, TY for your comment. I am also a "friend" of a fantastic pig sanctuary in North Florida called Rooterville. Vegan-Christian people that save pigs (pets, animal cruelty cases, abandonment) check it out.

    1. Rooterville is indeed an overcute initiative :-D

  3. We actually don't need to eat so much meat, it might be toxic for the body.
    Regarding this, as a Dr., see Edgar Cayce (you maybe already know) teachings regarding health.
    And not only health : fascinating character (with so many reliable track kept), much to learn, example about how the REAL karma rule works (i.e. NOT fatalist - read Gina Cerminara'book : "Many mansions", worth synthesis).

    Regardings pigs : an interesting parallel with human I "discovered", working as a lifeguard (Student work) in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the richest town in France (N-W Paris, between "l'Arc de Triomphe" and and "La Défense"), where I saw rich people able to fight themselves for a quarter meter of space to sunbathe.
    I developed then an empirical but marvelous "theory" that would deserve to be teached to the next generations (:-D) :
    –Pigs taken one by one, can be as clever/gentle as dogs, BUT take thousand of them in a nasty industrial pigsty and they will become evil, able to fight and knock over each others, become cannibals or whatever till death.
    –Humans taken one by one, even a 7-year-old child, can listen and understand everything about geopolitics or esoterism or whatever, depending only on the time you have to explain it. BUT concentrate them in a close area with no liberty and no ideals, then even the most "civilised" become able to act like pigs in the aforementioned industrial pigsty.

    Lesson of this remains : Civilisation do is... fragile, as well as human refining...

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