Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sandy Berger: When Dead Men Talk!
Sandy Berger died yesterday at the ripe old age of 70. He was not a household name nor should he be. His epitaph will be written more incisively by his past miscreant deeds than by any accomplishment which he may have considered worthwhile. 
I knew “Sandy”[ nickname]. On the surface, it may have appeared that we had a lot in common. We both graduated from Cornell University on or about the same time. We lived in proximity to one another; and we both served in the USG.
However, no two people could have been different. He and I knew that. We rarely socialized with each other; although, we had some common friends. Unfortunately for him, I had very little respect for him.  He was insightful enough to recognize that fact. 

He was a Democratic political hack whose rise to become Director of Bill Clinton’s National Security Council had more to do with the inadequacies of the Clinton administration than any particular strengths that Sandy might have possessed. With mediocre talents like ex-Sec. State Madeleine Albright and other Clinton minions including Richard Holbrooke, Sandy fit right in. Like most politicos whose breeding ground consists of pandering for favors, Sandy earned his stripes of valor as a speech writer; bereft of any military/intelligence credibility; other than pouring tea for the ex-British courtesan, Pamela Harriman. He was a man with little or no gravitas. Like his contemporaries at Cornell University, the den of 9/11 iniquity, he walked [or stumbled] in the footsteps of idiot-savants like Steve Hadley, Paul Wolfowitz, and the most pretentious of them all –Frank “Hegel Wannabe” Fukuyama.
Yet, I come here not to bury Sandy but to praise his death. For in his death, he has become truly valuable to the American narrative concerning Hillary’s present history of corruption, deceit and national security violations. Inadvertently, Sandy’s untoward death opens the shuttered windows of shame created by Hillary Clinton’s recent email scandal. Even such liberal Democratic luminaries as the Washington Post and the NYTimes are proffering questions that have arisen from Sandy’s sudden death.

Americans already know what should concern those of us who have watched Tiger Lady, sociopath par excellent, “shuck and jive” around the truth. How can Hillary claim, with any credence, that emails sent by the following top secret organizations were not classified!?!
Here is a list some of the federal agencies which Hillary claims sent her “NON-CLASSIFIED materials”:
Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA]
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency [environmentally sensitive] 
Director of National Intelligence.
What I can write that adds anything more to this travesty of justice? Some medical professional could declare her delusional or psychotic. That would be the least of our problems. She, along with the Chinese hackers who stole 22 million information from the Office of Personnel Management, has evolved as a major national security threat to our country. Yet, the kind-hearted Socialist, Bernie Sanders from Burlington Vermont, has publicly dismissed her culpability in one verbal swoop of public disgust in the Democratic Debates of 2016.
However, dead men don’t lie!
Unfortunately, Berger’s death is a bold-faced reminder to us all that both his former boss, Bill Clinton and his spouse, Hillary, are entrenched in the morass of suspicion and guilt for travesties committed against the welfare of our nation. In my last blog [12/1/2015] concerning James Comey’s eminent rise to judicial history, I reiterated my concerns that no one, other than the FBI, and it’s director, have the moral obligation to ascend above petty politics and enter into the national annals of judicial prosecution in order to determine whether Hillary is guilty… or not.
As for Sandy, his professional life outside of government was capped by selling the Japanese (with the approval of Bush Sr.’s administration) the naval ultra-secrets regarding  the technical details of our nuclear submarines and how they can remain undetectable underwater. The Japanese in turn resold those secrets to China, our newly found enemy-friend.

At least, Sandy Berger was consistent. In both his personal and professional life, he was compromised by his avarice, political cronyism, and inability to understand what true service to America really meant –much like his fellow criminal Cornelians. “Far above Cayuga’s waters there is an awful smell, some say it’s Cayuga’s waters; I say it’s Cornell!”
Thank you, Sandy Berger, for all that you had not done for our great country! 
Don’t worry Sandy, Emperor Napolean Bonaparte, said it best:
“Glory is fleeting; but obscurity is forever.”


  1. I never considered "Sandy" Berger of any importance because under Bill Clinton being a National Security Advisor is less important than the Head of the Postal Service. Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas, and was concerned with domestic policy only. He had no interest in foreign affairs, no curiosity for anything outside the United States, and I don't even think he met with any of his CIA Directors more than a handful of times in eight years. I don't think he was even briefed in the mornings unless there was something going on which was on the front page of the NYT or Washington Post. He was totally indifferent to these matters so there was nothing for any NSC Advisor or CIA Director to do.


    Verse 1:
    High Above Cayuga's Waters/There's an awful smell/
    Some say its Cayuga's Waters; I say it's Cornell

    Flush the toilets,
    Flush the toilets,
    Flush them all to hell!
    Twenty-thousand SOBs
    Call themselves Cornell.

    Verse 2:
    Oh, the odor. Oh, the odor. Oh, that awful smell
    Before I'd go to Cornell; I'd rather go to hell.

    Verse 3:
    High above Cayuga's waters /Some poor bastard fell /
    Finals make me think of Gorges / jump for joy Cornell

    Verse 4:
    Far above Cayuga's waters/ Stand the gates of hell.
    There five thousand sons of Belial/ Call themselves Cornell.

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