Monday, December 28, 2015

“The Danish Girl”—A Gem Of A Movie!
Deserves to Win Most of the Academy Awards.
This British/American film, directed brilliantly by Tom Hooper, is perfect example of a well-made pristine picture about an esoteric subject like the first known recipient of sex reassignment surgery in the late 1920’s—Lili Elbe. As if that subject matter were not strange enough, the acting by Eddie Redmayne, the exceedingly talented actor who won an Academy Award for his portrayal of the neurologically impaired Dr Stephen Hawkins [in “The Theory Of Everything”], once again presents a tour de force as the first transgender individual to request the difficult trans-gender surgery. Eddie plays off his gender transformation against the powerful, Swedish beauty, Alicia Vikander. Both actors were simply marvelous. They played off each other in a fugue of verbiage and passion that was immaculately directed by Tom Hooper, the Brit, who won the Academy Award for “The King’s Speech”. The part of the surgeon was played by the impressive German actor--  Sebastian Koch [who starred in that haunting film, “Lives Of Others”].
The cinematography by Danny Cohen was simply spectacular. Each frame of the picture reminded me  of a Vermeer painting; especially the one entitled, “Girl With A Pearl Earring.”  The screenplay by Lucinda Coxon based on the biography by David Ebershoff was smart, incisive and bereft of any maudlin sentiments. This film, perhaps more than any other one that I have reviewed; or seen, deserves to receive the Academy Award in all the possible categories.

Eddie Redmayne should receive the Academy Award for Best Actor—bar none.
Alicia Vikander—deserves the award for Best Supporting Female Actress.
Tom Hooper—should, once again, receive the Academy Award for Best Directing.
Lucinda  Coxon – clearly deserves the Oscar for the tightest most apt screenplay I have seen so far.
Danny Cohen—above all else, must receive an award for Outstanding Cinematography. This film should be studied for its composition of subjects and colors by all aspiring film directors.
The producing team of Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Anne Harrison, Tom Hooper and Gail Mutrux should win  for the Best Film of 2015.
I know that I have recommended other small films to win the coveted Oscar.  I feel that this year, more than ever, the small independent films should win awards in far greater numbers than the big blockbusters; whose critical mass will literally scoop up all the available cash for making these types of smaller films.
There is something about British actors and directors that make them brave enough to create outstanding small films. Perhaps it is the laborious process of learning and tutoring that we, in America, have abandoned a long time ago. Or, perhaps, they don’t need to titillate us with prurient words and emotions to describe to us a landmark event in human behavior.
The budget for this film [$15M] was less than the standard deviation of a major American block buster. Yet, I guarantee that this film will have a far greater impact on the viewing public than any of the shlock films that the Hollywood machinery produced this year. 


  1. Steve are you for real? Can you please explain the big gay / tranny acceptance agenda that's being promoted so hard? Seems to me like an attempt to undermine traditional family values.

    1. I agree on being bombarded by the ridiculous "trans gender propaganda"...I simply liked the MOVIE and the production and most of all, the acting.

    2. Yeah the guy that played Hawking is super talented. But I feel like there's a big social justice warrior psyop on the American people. I'd love you to discuss that too.

  2. Yes Dr.P I think it's time to return your MD in psychiatry as you have just evidenced pure ignorance of the most dangerous sort in endorsing the political agenda of this horrific film.

    The homosexual/transgender lobby and activists are now refusing to use the term "reassignment surgery" in favor of their fantasy term "gender CONFIRMATION surgery" because they want to believe that this ghastly mutilating procedure actually "confirms" what they wish were the reality of their genders.

    As you are aware there is no surgery which can take a male or female of any species and change it into the opposite sex. It is not possible. You cannot "make" testicles or penises or vaginas or falopian tubes or ovaries. It is not possible. Nor can you go into each of the trillions of cells in a body and change a male XY chromosome into a YY chromosome of a female. Nor can you change the brain, the skeleton, and on and on....

    This mutilating surgery is only cosmetic and is intended to mollify the trick the patient into enabling their fantasy that they are the opposite sex and all you fucking, lying MDs who agree with it know this. It is a trick, a lie, and it's intent is to promote the lie that anyone who suffers from the horrific disease of gender dysphoria can be the opposite sex.

    Gender dysphoria is a serious disorder which manifests by the age of two as a result of trauma incurred during the first two years of life when the mind is being imprinted with cultural and sybolic icons which program the mind as to the meaning of words, signs and symbols constituting their world.

    Once this imprinted has occurred it cannot be changed or reversed, and if a traumatized infant comes to believe that they can only be safe by being the other gender then they will have an incurable obsession to take on the CULTURAL symbols indicating the opposite gender.

    Pretending to be the opposite gender can mollify or reduce the symptoms of insecurity and stress which characterizes this psychosis. However it is dangerous to society and the patient to CONFIRM for him that he/she can ACTUALLY ever be the other sex.

    Yesterday the MD who formulated the Diagnostic Manuel for psychiatry died at the age of 83. He unfortunately changed the manual many times and at some point redacted all gender disorders effecting adults from the manual because they formed pressure groups and demanded it. Interstingly the gender disorders effecting children, who cannot form lobbies, stayed in the manual as disorders....gender dysphoria being the chief one. However with the transexual lobby now in full steam that will be eliminated soon as well.

    I agree with lesbian activist Professor Camille Paglia that the current cultural focus on acceptance of gender ambiguity and reversal is an indicator of cultural crisis. This issue is more about widespread cultural crisis and decline more than it's about the sufferers of these disorders.

  3. So far you have endorsed this totally political and false film as well as the similarly totally political and false film "Trumbo."

    Why or why Dr.P are you endorsing these far FAR LEFT Hollywood propagandistic LYING films???????

    Recently Hollywood produced and celebrated other LYING films which LIED about history...LINCOLN...TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE....DJANGO UNCHAINED.

    Hollywood is sick. American film makers make nothing but lies..all lies. Whether it's SCHINDLERS LIST or PATTON or AMERICAN GANGSTER or's always intended to mislead and trick and lie.

    It's a sick community of sick people and as a psychiatrist who claims to know about psychologial warfare WHICH I ACTUALLY DO KNOW ABOUT you ought to be MORE INTELLIGENT TO FALL FOR THESE IDIODIC POLITICAL FILMS.

    For God's sake Dr.P put on your analyst's hat and view these films for their sociological and propagandistic and idiological characteristics INSTEAD OF STUPIDLY LOOKING AT THEM IN ARTISTIC TERMS.

    ARTISTRY is not the issue with these films. I don't give a shit what "Leni Refinschtal" trickery was used to make these films LOOK GOOD.


    WAKE UP!!!!

  4. Mit sounds logical about all this gender shit regarding their need to feel "safer".

    People take hostages to "feel safer" as well. But It's all sick just the same imo.

    This is a film like Broke back Mountain I won't spend my money on. For the same reason MIT states.

    When I think of Cowboys, I don't want to think of them humping each other with their white asses in the air. I want to see Lucas McCain in The Rifleman killing the bad guys or Hoss in Bonanza helping a little old lady across the street. I guess I'm a just Neanderthal, with a little Archie Bunker mixed in, oh well.

    1. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN was just a homosexual fantasy that two butch men with no feminine traits could be attracted to each other. This is the ultimate goal of convert through conditioning all straight males into becoming homosexual as was actually achieved in Sparta and a few other places. Homosexual men despise their feminine traits and wish that they were masculine and that's why they are drawn to the military or other areas in which they can seek a masculinity fantasy.

      As for gender dysphoric children they are severely stressed when made to comport themselves as their true gender and it is a psychosis. There are varying degrees of it but it prevents the patient from having any well being at all. The only escape from this stress is to pretend that they are the opposite sex. It's a genuine disease.

  5. Indeed the plan was laid out in this book...

    Among some of my social milieu it is all the rage, where the worst thing one could possibly be (regardless of whatever else you are) is white, male, and strait - and yet most of who I refer to are just that. In order to make amends for one's "privileged" identity, one must mutilate oneself to beyond all recognition with tattoos and piercings in the most unattractive places. If you are truly serious about undoing the social harm you are doing by simply being you (white, male, strait), you will go in for body scarification or try out 'gauging' your ear lobes; and if you really mean it, change your sex, because it's just awful to be a boy and to like girls. There is no way around it - the procreative sex act itself is RAPE. Make it alright by becoming a girl.... Wallah, you are now a lesbian!

    Come to think of it, everything Nietzsche said about Christian morbidity of the flesh is true of this current generation of self-immolaters, driven by the guilt-ridden loathing of what one is, albeit with a perverse reversal of the Nietzschean concept of resentment.

    To each their own is my attitude. However, when it comes to the point of a virtual McCarthyism..... I've seen many a facebook thread, including one current, where someone uses the word "gay" in an insufficiently obeisant way. Quickly they are ostracized, word goes out that so and so is a homophobe, delete him and do not I repeat do not invite him to your public events!

    These left reactionaries are blind to the fact that they themselves have become the fascist monster that they believe they are so ardently fighting.

    1. That earlobe gauging thing sounds like fun. I might try it myself. I will stop when I can fit a basketball in my earlobes.

    2. As for fascism I like it myself. There's a need to enforce common decency on some people, and if they can comport themselves sufficiently than they must be eliminated.

  6. Thanks god this movie will never come to the screen in Russia. Homosexual propaganda is forbidden in our country whatever bright acting is taking place there. Changing the gender is against Christian religion - finally done punishment will come to western nations . It is really coming already in the form of millions Islamic invaders into Europe .