Monday, December 7, 2015

There is lots of stuff starting to come out on San Bernardino episode


  1. As stated in other comments, ISIS (intelligence mercenaries) were already on UNITED STATES SOIL; and I stated this several weeks ago! In addition, I also stated THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES for THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)) brought ISIS (intelligence mercenaries) here to the UNITED STATES, just as THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES for THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)) brought Al Qaeda (intelligence mercenaries) here to the UNITED STATES before September 11, 2001 to "TRAIN" (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (Documentary) - 3" [This said YOU TUBE VIDEO contains evidence showing THE C.I.A. brought Al Qaeda (intelligence mercenaries) to the UNITED STATES before September 11, 2001 to "TRAIN"!] posted by corbettreport (AUTHENTIC) on January 12, 2009)! Moreover, I also stated THE C.I.A. gave ISIS (intelligence mercenaries) various nuclear weapons and "dirty bombs" to be used at various locations (primarily any and all "water tables," RIVERS, and THE GREAT LAKES) across the UNITED STATES during the "planned" CIVIL WAR; and this is after "MARTIAL LAW" is declared over a "FALSE FLAG OPERATION" ("NUKING" A LOCATION (PRIMARY TARGET: THE UNITED STATES CAPITOL (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Washington, D.C. gets NUKED! (DAY AFTER DISASTER)" [This is a "PSY-OP" [Al Qaeda (intelligence mercenaries) did it!] documentary originally produced by THE HISTORY CHANNEL for THE C.I.A.!] posted by CaptainH3R0 on July 10, 2011; and "Jerome Corsi on NSPD 51" [During said interview of Dr. Jerome Corsi Ph.D. over an article in WORLD NET DAILY ("W.N.D.") concerning N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20 (OFFICIAL PUBLIC VERSION), there is mention of an article in The Washington Post dated May 10, 2007 and at page 12 (decapitation of the UNITED STATES by detonation of a nuclear device at or near the UNITED STATES CAPITOL)!] posted by zepa22 on October 5, 2008)) by using ISIS (intelligence mercenaries)) conducted by THE WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (primarily THE C.I.A., BRITISH INTELLIGENCE, and MOSSAD)!

    1. The aliens won't allow it Raymond. Sleep well knowing the watchers are being watched.

  2. You seem to have missed the strange Israeli connections.....The ADL and Israeli goons train the San Bernardino police so how can they miss suspicious 'Islamic terrorists' just like the Israeli ICTS International and Israelis Menachem Atzmon,deceased Ezra Harel
    and Shin Bet goons who had control of Logan Airport Boston through through their security
    company Huntleigh that they bought through securities(stock) fraud of ICTS International that they incorporated in President of Vice Joe Biden's state of Delaware and placed on NASDAQ THANKS TO FINANCIAL BACKING OF A ROTHSCHILD CONCERN.
    Not a single newpaper in the U.S.,except once in the fine print of an LA Times article even mentioned this very newworthy fact of illegal Russian-Israeli wives, including the San Bernardino Sun.No CNN,FoxNews or other television mention,etc..Syed Farook the U.S.Navy 'hero' and brother of Syed Farook the 'Islamic terrorist' and Enrique Marquez both married to Israeli connected Jewish women and
    Syed Farook the alleged dead terrorist signed his brother's marrige as a winess !So why didn't he shoot his brother's wife and her sister MARQUEZ JEWISH WIFE!?
    The wives as well as 'Navy hero' Syed Farook were recently arrested by FBI for immigration violation and that's the last I've heard of this outrage.

    EXCLUSIVE New riddle of San Bernardino massacre: Russian sisters married to shooters' 'terrorist' neighbor and brother have links to Israel - and murderer's brother was quizzed about domestic violence just before attacks
    Shooter Syed Farook's brother and his neighbor - who is accused of buying guns used in the massacre - are married to Russian sisters
    Mariya and Tatiana Chernykh can be revealed to have strong links to Israel with their parents owning a home there
    Tatiyana married Syed Raheel Farook, shooter's brother after brief marriage to man whose family say it was 'mistake'
    Mariya has two 'anchor babies' with her Hispanic boyfriend, a petty criminal - but she married Enrique Marquez between having them
    His immigration status is unclear but her visa is set to be revoked - although with two US citizen children, she can fight deportation
    Raheel Farook and his wife have been visited by police over claims of domestic violence - most recently just before the terrorist murders

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