Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The House of Islam is Starting to Collapse:  
Justifiable Worldwide Muslim Outcry for Mecca and Medina to be Taken Away from the Inept, Corrupt House of Saud—Saudi Arabia!
For those terrorists who believed what they were told by an Imam; or, some forlorn western intelligence agent that violence works to attain a political goal, I have a nasty surprise. The truth is that rampant terrorism in the name of Islam has caused a major blowback against the primary funders: Saudi Arabia and their Salafists minions. Close to 2 billion Muslims worldwide are demanding that the two most holy sites of Islam –Mecca and Medina—should no longer be controlled by the corrosive influence of Saudi Arabia and its dysfunctional self-anointed rulers.
Over the past few years, I have warned Saudi Arabia and their minions that eventually their export of violence in the name of Islam would be the beginning of the end for this failed state, created by the greedy Brits in conjunction with the barbaric, ethnic tribe encapsulated in the term-- House of Saud. When the Ottoman Empire was dissolved over eighty years ago, no one institution or entity could represent the billions of diversified Muslims from Indonesia/Malaysia to Pakistan/ India/ Middle East.

The untoward stampede that occurred several months ago during the yearly Hajj pilgrimage has brought to the forefront the well-known fact that Saudi Arabia has been mismanaging these two holy sites for decades. Over 700 people died and close to 1000 worshippers were injured in the poorly managed stampeding crowd near the Jamarat Bridge. As of several days ago, the total death count has risen to almost 2,500 dead. There has been mounting criticism from the Muslim community that Saudi Arabia can longer administer the two holy sites because the Saudi government has repeatedly destroyed the ancillary holy sites surrounding these two cities; in order to build expensive condominiums and hotels.
Historically, the two holy sites were controlled by the Umayyad Caliphate in Damascus. Then it was transferred to the Abbasid Caliphate of Baghdad. From there it went to the Fatimids of Cairo. So, as you can see, the Saudis have no inherent legitimate claim to Mecca and Medina; other than the fact that the British helped a lowly tribesman named Abdulaziz Ibn Saud to falsely declare that he was a king of Saudi Arabia [which was concocted by the British to facilitate the export of oil]; as well as “The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques”.
Now, like all absurdities of history, this particular farce is about to end quite soon. The rulers of Saudi Arabia have proven themselves to be craven and corrupt to the extent that the only initiative they could make in the past century was to pay off any contenders or threats to the kingdom with money, gold or oil. This is the case of the warped Salafists, whose interpretation of the Holy Book, The Koran, is equivalent to a grade school imbecile reading the simple letters on an eye chart.

I have worked and met the esteemed representatives of Saudi Arabia. I must admit their intellectual integrity is far more impressive than the actions of their cowardly government which bows to all demands that the British and Americans have made of them over decades. Now, it is time for the House of Islam to decide which group of Muslims,  around the world, must take over both Mecca and Medina –before the House of Saud –disappears into very the sands of Daria –the village from which they had emerged a century ago.
May God Will This Final Ending To Such Perfidious Idolaters Of Greed And Corruption!


  1. It's good of you to remind us about the creation of Saudi Arabia. When do you predict it will disappear?

  2. Haven’t heard anyone talk about this group before, but Congressman Peter DeFazio calls it a “rogue agency”.

    Dr.P, you will be incensed by this cover-up of pet killings, and MIT you might feel similarly about bobcat killings.

  3. An excellent reminder Dr p on the history of Saudi Arabia short and to the point!! If ever a part of the world that should qualify for destabilising it's surely there and it's oil soaked satellite states(Qatar Abu Dhabi ect ect) but since its formation obviously it's grown (by Western design) and it's tentacles of corruption have reached into sporting institutions such as football and horse racing ect then there's the military hardware they seem obliged to purchase by the container load and lastly there's the blatant hypocrisy of these useless Saudi Princes and Kings whom act pius and morally stain free whilst living the playboy lifestyle engaging in fast cars even faster woman (and slow racehorses!!!!) alcohol binges ect I'm not knocking any of the above but I'm not implementing sharia law for the masses yet practice the exact opposite!! And these are the custodians of two of Islam's most holiest sites!!! Just today over here in the UK a Saudi multi millionaire got found not guilty for rape as he claimed he tripped over sporting an erection and penetrated a young lady by accident!!!! Just like the other points in my couldn't make it up!!!!

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