Thursday, October 17, 2013

I will be posting later tonight,  here is some background.


  1. Obama's Goal: GENOCIDE
    de-NILE is not a river in Egypt.
    The Jews in germany laughed also:

  2. Part I:
    "Obama is now out pushing (albeit a bit more subtly now) the teleprompted meme of blaming the terrible, nasty, ”extreme” Tea Party Republicans for shutting down the government and pushing the nation’s economy to the brink of default. Do the president’s words reflect a victory for far left progressive Democrats? Actually no. Not by a long shot…
    (Barack Obama is now shackled by his own incompetence, and a Democratic Party already looking to 2014 and beyond…)
    First, regarding the government “shutdown”, what are the takeaway moments from those two weeks? One, a whole lot of people realized no discomfort from having roughly 18% of the government shut down. That’s a big win for small government conservatives and libertarians. Basically, the American people had a taste of just how little a good chunk of the American government actually does – at great cost to the taxpayer no less.
    «Reaction To Congress Passing Debt and Government ShutDown Deal – NO-NO-NO-NO

    Second, within the context of that shutdown we witnessed the blatant abuse of our war veterans. This revealed Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership as the petty, spiteful, overly political ruling class many have long known them to be. Even liberals grew increasingly uncomfortable at seeing those memorials shut down, and the attempted lock out of visiting military veterans. The Mainstream Media worked overtime trying to bury this story, but the Alternative Media deservedly pushed it out there, and those images will remain in the minds of voters for some time.

    1. Part II:
      Third, the conservative base within the Republican Party found its voice during the shutdown and debt ceiling negotiations. Moderate/left leaning Republicans like John McCain and Mitch McConnell, are rightfully viewed as Big Government sell outs. While they may enjoy temporary favor among a liberal media, and their Democratic Party counterparts, the rank and file Republicans no longer view them as leaders of the party. They will cling to their assigned legislative positions for some time longer, but theirs are the old voices, grown weaker, and no longer representing the emerging and unified conservative base. That is a good thing, and WILL pay dividends in 2014 and 2016.

      Fourth, Obama fatigue. The country is now mired in it. Fewer and fewer care to listen to what Barack Obama has to say. His weaknesses, his laziness, his self absorbed nature, has worn out his welcome among voters and within his own party. Remember that recent poll indicating his approval had fallen to well below 40%? That was no outlier, and the Obama White House knows it. Obama is now pivoting toward ”immigration reform” is he? Won’t work. Democrats will not touch that with a ten foot pole heading into 2014, and after Republicans consolidate power during the Midterms, and pick up Senate seats, that issue is DEAD.

      Barack Obama is plenty arrogant enough to believe this government shut down dispute will be a lasting weapon to allow big government liberals to take back all of Congress. It won’t. The political operatives already know this to be true, and are quietly re-positioning themselves AWAY from the Obama White House.

      Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is the massive disaster that has been the Obamacare roll out. Again, the liberal media is working to push this issue to the side, but it is in fact, the single most important story of the last two weeks. Make no mistake, keeping Obamacare’s failures out of the spotlight was a big motivator in why Harry Reid and Barack Obama were so adamant to continue the dispute between the two political parties. That dispute was the perfect distraction away from the ongoing car wreck that is Obamacare.

      That horror show will continue as more and more Americans lose their doctor, find their premiums going up, their work hours cut, or their job eliminated altogether. Tens of thousands of these examples are already out there, and thousands more are being added each day. Sooner, not later, the American people will hold those responsible for this disaster accountable. This accounting scares the Democrats to death, especially those elected in red states. They know all too well there will be no help from the Obama White House should they find themselves politically crippled by an angry mob of voters hell bent on removing them from office. No, the Mad King and his cadre of investors are already counting the hundreds of millions of dollars coming their way post-2016.

      He will be busy counting that money, while the rest of us will be busy taking this country back from the brink of insanity that has been the hallmark of the Age of Obama. The fiddle will be put away, the flames put out, and a sense of responsible purpose and determination returned to the White House."

  3. PODCAST: "The Man Who Died Twice"

  4. Thank you, Patriarch. Interesting stuff. And yes, my healthcare premiums tripled under the "Affordable Car Act."

    P. and Dr. P. should look at this, from "George Washington" at Zero Hedge:

    Apologist for Assassination of Americans to Be Named as New Homeland Security Chief
    Submitted by George Washington on 10/17/2013 18:10 -0400
    USA Today reports:

    President Obama plans to nominate former Pentagon attorney Jeh Johnson as the next secretary of homeland security, officials said Thursday.

    Johnson is a supporter of assassinations … even against American citizens.
    Did the Saudi Intelligence Chief and Other High-Ranking Officials Trade on Inside Information Regarding 9/11?
    Now, Max Keiser alleges that this story is about to be blown wide open:

    Within a few months, there’s a book coming out by a friend of mine who’s already had a very popular book which went to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list. It’s a new book, he’s shown me the gallies. Chapter 1: talks about his eyewitness accounts being in the room in the CIA discussing trading inside information days ahead of 9/11. He’s talking about [Saudi intelligence chief Prince] Bandar, he’s talking about Tony Blair, he’s talking about [then executive director of the CIA] Buzzy Krongard.