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This is a comment from a reader on my McCarthy Blog......she emailed it so here it is.

I tried to reply on your blog but could not figure out how to post a comment....Do you know how? Please place the comments below on your blog if you can.
There are two things I want to contribute:
1) McCarthy had nothing to do with the arrest of your teacher. He was not responsible for the hysteria but part of it. The hysteria was not fake. A REAL THREAT EXISTED TO THE FREE WORLD DURING THE EVIL EMPIRE DURATION. The communist/socialist block of countries did want to take over the entire world. THIS WAS REAL and McCarthy was brave to take up the challenge. Communists KILL THEIR ENEMIES. Not surprisingly he died YOUNG.
Furthermore, when the Soviet Union opened its archives...McCarthy was 99% right on all his assertions or suspicions
Read the history book by Arthur  Herman on McCarthy.
Below from Wikipedia...another historian version...
In Many Are the Crimes: McCarthyism in America, historian Ellen Schrecker calls the FBI "the single most important component of the anti-communist crusade" and writes: "Had observers known in the 1950s what they have learned since the 1970s, when the Freedom of Information Act opened the Bureau's files, 'McCarthyism' would probably be called 'Hooverism.'"[22] FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was one of the nation's most fervent anti-communists, and one of the most powerful.
Hoover designed President Truman's (Democrat)  loyalty-security program, and its background investigations of employees were carried out by FBI agents. This was a major assignment that led to the number of agents in the Bureau being increased from 3,559 in 1946 to 7,029 in 1952. Hoover's extreme sense of the Communist threat and the politically conservative standards of evidence applied by his bureau resulted in thousands of government workers losing their jobs. Due to Hoover's insistence upon keeping the identity of his informers secret, most subjects of loyalty-security reviews were not allowed to cross-examine or know the identities of those who accused them. In many cases they were not even told what they were accused of.[23]
Hoover's influence extended beyond federal government employees and beyond the loyalty-security programs. The records of loyalty review hearings and investigations were supposed to be confidential, but Hoover routinely gave evidence from them to congressional committees such as HUAC.[24]
From 1951 to 1955, the FBI operated a secret "Responsibilities Program" that distributed anonymous documents with evidence from FBI files of Communist affiliations on the part of teachers, lawyers, and others. Many people accused in these "blind memoranda" were fired without any further process.[25]
The FBI engaged in a number of illegal practices in its pursuit of information on Communists, including burglaries, opening mail and illegal wiretaps.[26] The members of the left-wing National Lawyers Guild were among the few attorneys who were willing to defend clients in communist-related cases, and this made the NLG a particular target of Hoover's. The office of this organization was burgled by the FBI at least fourteen times between 1947 and 1951.[27]
Among other purposes, the FBI used its illegally obtained information to alert prosecuting attorneys about the planned legal strategies of NLG defense lawyers.
The FBI also used illegal undercover operations to disrupt Communist and other dissident political groups. In 1956, Hoover was becoming increasingly frustrated by Supreme Court decisions that limited the Justice Department's ability to prosecute Communists. At this time he formalized a covert "dirty tricks" program under the name COINTELPRO.[26] COINTELPRO actions included planting forged documents to create the suspicion that a key person was an FBI informer, spreading rumors through anonymous letters, leaking information to the press, calling for IRS audits, and the like. The COINTELPRO program remained in operation until 1971.
2) Barack real father is Frank Marshall Davis.
Frank Marshall Davis lived a few houses down from the Dunham, a neighbor, by CIA design. The Dunham were 100% communists and CIA operative. Indeed Senator Mc Carthy was concerned with the infiltration of communists at all levels of our government, including highest positions. The Dunham  were supposed to keep an eye or spy on FMD so it was embarrassing for them to find out that their only daughter had become pregnant by the man they were supposed to keep am eye or tap.
There are magazine nude photos of Stanley Ann that were taken by FMD. Barack Obama Senior was a foreign students who the Dunham had sponsored and knew. They needed a cover up or their jobs could had been in jeopardy so they bribed Barack Obama Senior to marry their daughter to cover up the identity of the real father. Obama Senior committed polygamy as we all know he had a wife back in Kenya.
President Obama once had a slipped of tongue and mentioned his father had served in WWII, FMD did, Barack Obama Senior did not. Obama knows who his real father is.
Watch this u tube
Yes Obama's grandparents, mother and real father were all committed COMMUNISTS and so is the man sitting at our White House.....SAD AND SCARY....YOU VOTED FOR HIM!!!!!!!


  1. I'm sorry but you're factually wrong in every statement.

    I've looked into the claims that the Dunhams were CIA and these claims are not true. The Dunhams were never CIA agents. Frank Davis was not the father of Barack Obama either. Frank Davis was one of many communists who the Dunhams knew and were supportive of because they were idiot mid-century leftists dopes who encouraged their only teenage daughter, Stanley to date and get fucked by anyone claiming to be of an oppressed status by virtue of their race, color, creed, etc. Barack Obama's father was well known to have been Barack Obama Sr., an already-married leftist charlatain tribal negro who the Dunham's encouraged their daughter to fuck, and then she got pregnant when only a teen and married Obama the tribal negro, who then beat the shit out of her and abandoned her the way all negro men do wherever they are.

    As for the threat of world communism.....

    No historian who knows the details believes that communism was actually trying to "conquer the whole world" as my own CIA agent father once told me he believed.

    But the Soviet Union under Stalin was trying to conquer all of Europe and make inroads anywhere else as a defense to what Stalin perceived was inevitable western and capitalist designs to destroy him and the USSR.

    Per this goal the Soviets did conquer all of Europe that they could, including the east, and tried to suborn Turkey, Greece, Italy and France. The Soviets helped China go communist, and reluctantly supported the North Koreans in the military gambit to take the South by force. They also reluctantly helped the Vietnamese communists, both North and South for a while, then discontinued a lot of their support.

    What happened in the US was that in the 1930s there were many people who were pro-Soviet communists because the Soviets were resisting the Germans in their support of Franco in the Spanish civil war.

    However this all changed when Stalin entered into a pact with Hitler in the fall of 1939 and invaded Poland along with Germany. When that happened 99% of American communists left the party.

    In the 1950s McCarthy came along and found out the names of people who'd belonged to the communist party before 1939 and made hay out of it. It's true that there were still some dead-end Soviet agents in the United States into the 1950s but McCarthy never knew who those people were. The FBI knew because they had broken the Soviet's codes, but FBI never shared this information with McCarthy.

    Everyone has opinions but please familiarize yourself with the facts rather than commerically-motivated yarns like the ones you're reflecting here.

    1. To put more of a fine point on it regarding Hoover....

      Hoover began his career in law enforcement moving against groups of bomb-throwing anarchists. Because of this and other reasons he was zealous when it came to political crime.

      Of course Hoover was anti-communist, and the FBI had all formal jurisdiction over counter-intelligence in the US - including against the Germans and Japanese in WWII and then communists thereafter.

      But I've found nothing to indicate the Hoover supported McCarthy, and he didn't share important information with him unless there was a particular case and a particular reason.

    2. In the Alger Hiss case for example Hoover did some things to aid his prosecutors when they came against him for perjury when he denied ever belonging to the party in the 1930s.

      This was because Hoover had reliable information that Hiss was lying and had been a party member until 1939.

    3. As for the video you use claiming evidence of Davis' parentage....

      Parents' faces are not morphed into those of their children. That's ridiculous.

      The simplist thing to do is look at Obama's grandfathers' face and you'll see his face is exactly the same shape and bone structure as Barry..or Barack.

      What goes on in the video IS NOT USED BY ANY PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGIST.

    4. CIA Mit, that's the point, your don't provide any facts or evidence, only naked assertions. All you are doing is banging your shoe on the table and saying, "I'm right."

      That doesn't cut ice with anybody.

      But as I stated in a prior post nobody seriously disputes the "Frank" mentioned in Obama's own autobiography is none other than Frank Marshall Davis. This "Frank" mentored Barak Obama in high school, of all the people in Oahu Hawaii, his mother had Frank Marshall Davis mentor her son.

      Contrary to you childish shoe banging, I provided two videos which provide amble photographic evidence that Stanley Ann Dunham was photographed by Frank Marshall Davis.

      Of course, CIA Mit, you never addressed that photographic evidence, nor did you dispute the "Frank" in Obama's own autobiography was, in fact, Frank Marshall Davis.

    5. All you are doing is banging your shoe on the table and saying, "I'm right."

      Great retort. I can see it in my minds eye.

      He gets away with a lot on this blog with his women and negro comments. He is quite enlightening at other times, but I am surprised Dr. P did not pull down his quote, "Obama the tribal negro, who then beat the shit out of her and abandoned her the way all negro men do wherever they are.”

    6. Hey, I just tell it like it is. Ask any woman with a negro husband or boyfriend. Or go the negro ghetto in any city and ask the women there how long their baby-daddy stayed after birth...."feet don't fail me now."

    7. Anaconda,

      Where's all your facts and evidence? I don't see you posting any. Just mere opinions with no footnotes at all. That doesn't cut it with anybody. No one here believes any of the things you claim because you never provide any facts or evidence. To be believed you must provide facts and evidence. No one here believes you. Come back when you have your facts and evidence. This is a facts and evidence based board. Go get your facts and evidence.

    8. Southern Belle,

      When you see something in your "minds eye" what is that like? A hallucination? What do you see me looking like? Do I look like Timothy Leary, or maybe George Clooney? Actually I look a lot more like Daniel Craig. So do you see Daniel Craig slamming his shoes on the table? What's the table like? Let us know.....

    9. As for women I look to them the same way as I look to cats. I have a great affection for cats, but when I want something done, something which requires innovation, understanding, or conviction I cant look to a cat for that.

      Women have the unique but socially-unacknowledged role of creating all other humans by welcoming and nurturing them into this world.

      But for modern women this is overlooked in favor of masculinity fantasies that they are as strong, powerful, forceful, crafty and purposeful as their male counterparts.

      In the end they wind up like the Kardashian girls, only without the bank accounts.

    10. The mere fact that women are physically smaller and shorter than men unavoidably makes them feel inferior.

      Just study the mind of any man who is the size of a woman and you'll see the same at work.

    11. MIT Michael,
      I was the only white woman on my former bus route for almost two years. I am not naive, but your comment was OTT. Be nicer. Who knows, reincarnation could be real, and you be sent back here to live life in their shoes.

      Wooden Shaker make table. Shoes just like Dorothy's in Oz, but rhinestones not red, but Mardi Gras colors, gold, green, and purple. And you were slamming the heel, hard and fast.

    12. SouthernBelle,

      Your imagry is awesome. A little on the hallucinagenic side but I like it.


      Reincarnation does exist, however what happens is that people rarely come back to the same planet.

      There are billions of planets just like the earth, with very similar technologies, archetecture, etc., and what people think they remember as the earth was themselves living on another planet which looks the same.

      Rarely but sometimes people do come back to the same planet though.

      As for myself believe it or not I do ask myself if I'm acting unjustly when I ridicule someone of a primative nature. When I do this is only because that particular primative person or race is acting outrageously and I'm obligated to criticize them. Sometimes ridicule is the best way to criticize.

    13. Tony Soprano's therapist told him he'd had a breakthrough when he dreamed his mother was a bus driver who dropped him off and then drove on, as though this is something all people should accept.

      I don't accept it.

      Mothers are the anchor of all humans, and mothers should put their children first in their lives. I think many mothers do but when this fails to happen it's like a very young and barely immature cat that gets pregnant too early - the kittens they birth are not well cared for and they always suffer thereafter.

    14. MIT Michael,
      Glad you enjoyed that. I sure don't need to be pissing off any agency boys and girls here. I have enough going on already in this barely treading water world we live in.

      I am in Cambridge now, on Prospect St. watching the high functioning ride their bikes by with seldom both helment and light. Mostly MIT and Harvardites. Likely all a bit suicidal. Thought this appropriate spot to post to an MIT from.

      I agree mothering the children most impt. role for women. They need upright, wise men to trust in this endeavor. Slim pickins'.

      I think you could benefit from reading Proverbs daily. We all could, myself included.

    15. It really doesn't matter who a man's father or mother is, it is what he himself does, who he identifies with, associates with, etc. and that info on Obama is well documented.

      as for the women comments, women vary and there are many as good at character and intellect points you mention as any ideal man, and many men as worthless as the way women often are.

      Some research in the 1950s found that all over the world, boys do better at math and spatial skills tests than girls, and girls do better at languages EXCEPT....a boy raised overprotected has the lower math high language skills of girls, and a "tomboy" has the higher math and spatial skills. The conclusion was, to get girls' math skills improved, they need to spend some time in sports.

      There is some research pointing to the existence of the legendary Amazons, but they were only unique in living away from men most of the time. Women warriors were in several cultures, the Persian empire had some female commanders and archers on horseback, for one thing. Romans were surprised to find that some warriors they killed in some conflicts were women when you look closer. (They always would go over the fallen to spear them in the heart to be sure they were dead and no longer possible trouble. That is why the spear to Jesus' heart on the Cross when they were puzzled He was dead so soon. A routine procedure.)

      Spanish ran into tribes in the new world that had women warriors alongside the men. The Mysians a group in Anatolia now Turkey had female cavalry. and so on and on.

      An advantage ancient armies had over modern ones, is that they didn't haul a bunch of stuff in 70 pound backpacks. That was dragged by the logistics people behind the warriors.

  2. This lady took all her "facts" from the book & complimentary video mailed to democrats in the battle ground states in the fall of '12:
    "Dreams of my real father" was a Big moneymaker for the author.

    Did you explain that she has to register to write here?

    Joann Newman & her notorious brother Fred Newman (NYC) we're communists. She is an anarchist & bombed federal buildings. She went underground as Elizabeth duke.
    Late in 2009, obama had his mother Elizabeth /Joann's case dismissed before a DC magistrate who has no power to do so.
    If the SCOTUS is not completely corrupt they will hear the case.

    In fact the unidentied elderly woman sitting with him & secret service at the NCAA FINALS IS BELIEVED TO BE JOANN.

    This upcoming week you will here more about this conspiracy. I will forward you the link then.

    Calypso Louis Farrakhan is OBAMA'S mentor. He spends much time with him- 50th birthday 4th of July etc.
    Perhaps because Farrakhan incited Malcolm x's murder.
    Regardless look at OBAMA'S daughters & Malcolm's daughters - WHAT DO YOU SEE? Aha!!!
    Obama is not African black. He is island black just like his daddy.
    You all have omitted the most important factor:
    Ascension to the POTUS is primarily based upon genealogy; it is a fable that ANYONE CAN BE POTUS IF YOU SET YOUR MIND TO IT!
    Expect at least 2 more bushes to ascend.
    A Malcolm communist in hand is WORTH 2 in the BUSH!

    1. Here's my dot connection & I stand by it:
      Move it forward:

    2. Here's a critical thinker, and an attractive one at that!

    3. Patriarch, I appreciate the first link, I read through it and the comments and the Apuzzo story. As far as I can tell, there is a pay wall preventing access to the main bulk of stories alleging Malcom X is the real father. But I don't find what I've seem compelling.

      Regarding the Apuzzo accident situation. There are people who remember Obama at Punaho high school as barry Obama. I'm sorry, but the claim is not well founded in my opinion. It seems to be a way to drive people to register & pay for the website.

      I've heard this allegation before. Think about it, even you didn't mention the alleged father is Malcom X.
      Because just mentioning it is problematic.

  3. Someone could be 100% Communist and working for the CIA?

    "The Dunham were 100% communists and CIA operative."

    Take your meds. You're just pissed there's a black guy in the White House.

    1. policy critic, I don't hold Obama's grandparents were 100% communist, but there is plenty of evidence they were CIA and keeping tabs on communists. Beyond that you don't supply any facts or evidence, either.

      And, in turn, you throw down the race card, which is usually done to stop discussion or a distraction.

      Speaking for myself, race has nothing to do with it. In 1996, I spoke at a Republican political conference from the floor in support of Colin Powel for the Republican nomination for president, as opposed to Bob Dole. I actually welcomed Barak Obama's run for president, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to know the truth and following the facts & evidence to wherever they lead.

      That's the best way to find out the truth. Are you willing to consider evidence?

      Here is a taste of evidence, I realize a couple of promotional shorts aren't the same as the full documentary.

      Promotional short for Dreams From My Real Father

      short promo ...Real Father, focus on racy pictures

      Here are two short promos for Dreams From My Real Father, the first is a preview of the full documentary, and the second focusses on the racy pictures alleged to be Stanley Ann Dunham. Watch the first, three minute promo above, which has Stanley Ann Dunham's high school year book picture, then watch this shorter promo.
      It's the same woman in the high school year book picture, known picture of Ms. Dunham and in the racy photographs.

      policy critic, I would ask you to consider the evidence, keeping an open mind, yet being reasonably skeptical.

      Also, there are a series of investigative reports by Wayne Madsen which present facts & evidence that support the conclusion that Obama's grandparents were working for the CIA.

      I also considered significant other evidences in my researches on Barak Obama because I wanted to know who Barak Obama was because there wasn't a lot of public information on his history.

      I considered numerous sources, some better than others, that's one of the challenges, sorting evidence, weighing the facts & evidence.

      That's the best way to get to the truth.

      I'll let you know something, I've had cognitive dissonance, numerous times when the facts & evidence contradicted by prior beliefs.

      It's not easy when you are seeking the truth.

      I'll give you a sample of why I suspect the powers that be wanted Barack Obama to be president:

      All this brings up the question: Why did the powers that be want Barak Obama, the socialist, mentored by a communist, Frank Marshall Davis, to be president?

      Beyond the blackmail & manipulation, look at his political support: African Americans, for understandable reasons are a rock solid base of support, no matter what Obama does; liberal whites (many with a guilt complex) are loathe to turn on Obama after voting for him; other minorities, and liberal intellectuals (many soft on communism) are loath to turn on Obama.

      What does Obama want to do?

      The powers that be intend to induce Americans to adopt their own 'restructuring' towards centralization (Obamacare, as an example, which benefits the huge insurance companies) of power where the American populace is more easily controlled and to introduce an increasing level of socialistic government control, over individuals via Obama's face, as an alternative to the classic American system, where individuals are not dependent on the government, thus, more able to object to government policies that erode national sovereignty in favor of transnationalism, beyond the reach of increasingly disenchanted citizenry.

      Obama has furthered a surveillance state more than Bush could ever hope to do and has furthered a police state in waiting more than any white Democrat or Republican could ever hope to do.

    2. I'm afraid Joel Gilbert's "Dreams" was debunked nearly four years before he even made the film in my review of Davis's "Sex Rebel: Black", which shows that if the book was autobiographical (as Gilbert admits) then Davis cannot be Obama's father...

      "Davis himself states: "despite numerous black partners, I have impregnated white women only - and just two of them." (Pg. 260). The first would be "Hilda" who, unbeknown to him, aborted the pregnancy. And, his second wife, Helen, had three children by Davis.

      In the chapters dealing with his years in Hawaii (1950-1962) there is no account of an affair that would fit the description of a 17 year old Anne Dunham. Incidentally, the affair with 13 year old "Anne" took place in Chicago in the late '30s; in conclusion of which he states: "...nor have I ever bedded another nymphet." (Pg. 78)."

      In the follow-up post, I reproduce the scene where possibly the CIA Dunhams (aka "Dot" and "Lloyd") targeted Frank in Kapiolani Park ...

    3. wxxx, I read your blog post and the links.

      Interesting that you link to two which state that Frank Marshall Davis is the father of Barak Obama.

      But you disagree. Why? Because Davis's autobiographical memoir under as assumed name of Greene, doesn't mention Stanley Ann Dunham.

      Interestingly, one of the comments to your post suggests the memoir is not literal, and at times is a composite of several events. Kind of like Obama's composites of girlfriends wrapped into one.

      Davis's "memoir" is written, I believe, in the early 1970's (I could be wrong and stand to be corrected) when he was married? Do you just suppose he left out some 'episodes' in deference to his wife's sensibilities. People don't put everything into that kind of book.

      Sorry wxxx, your review of the book and your assessment are not persuasive. There are multiple reasons why Davis may have chosen to leave Ms. Dunham out of his book, besides the one I gave above.

      Actually, your post, and I also appreciate your linking to the two reports, indicates several different people besides Gilbert connected the dots between Stanley Ann Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis and concluded Davis was the father of Barak Obama.

      In deed, as one person stated (paraphrase) "all the dots connect and is the best fit."

      I agree.

      But, in one aspect, I agree with you, perhaps, when it comes to Davis, the most salient point is not necessarily that he is the father of Obama, but that he was the mentor of a young Barak Obama during high school, there in Hawaii.

      But here's where I disagree with you. Frank Marshall Davis was no 'mild' communist, no he was a full-fledged communist with strong views that allowed him to pump out editorial commentary favoring communistic policy for decades and be a leader in the communist party in Hawaii for a long time.

      Do you really think the American People would have elected Barak Obama if they knew he was mentored, during his high school years, by a full-fledged, card carrying communist, a leader and pundit for communist newspapers and had been for decades?

      Get real.

    4. Anaconda, you're referring to the comment of "Kaleokualoha", who happens to be Mark Davis, Frank's actual son. He writes: "Bob Greene" states that he has only “changed names and identities…[and] all incidents I have described have been taken from actual experiences." So when "Bob Greene" says "nor have I ever bedded another nymphet" (besides the one in the 1930s) as applicable to his actual experiences I think it's safe to say Frank didn't bed 17 year old Ann Dunham. At the very least, Gilbert and the others before him shouldn't be citing this book as evidence for their theory when it clearly contradicts it. They typically cite the "Anne" episode without mentioning that it took place in the 1930s. And this "Anne" wasn't white.

    5. As a side note, Mark Davis has an intelligence background, as his bio at "" recounted... that is, until the site was replaced by "Organizing for Action".

      However, comments of Mark Davis on his intelligence history can be found at this wiki page...

      "As the son of Frank Marshall Davis, I have been fighting a right-wing disinformation campaign, spearheaded by Cliff Kincaid's "Accuracy In Media" (AIM), that misrepresents the Davis-Obama relationship in an apparent attempt to exaggerate Obama's radical background... Fortunately, Uncle Sam trained me to recognize and refute such lies. I am a retired Air Force Intelligence Officer, with specific CIA training in Deception Analysis at "The Farm" in 1989."

    6. More statements by FMD on the autobiographical status of his book are here in this Jerome Corsi article...

      "I have tried to be honest although I changed names and some descriptions, etc... The only fiction is in the last part of SEX REBEL where I am supposedly in California..."

      But again, by omitting certain key quotations from the novel, he evades the evidence that would refute his headline.

    7. Interesting that Mark Davis went into intelligence work and received CIA training at the Farm.

      There's an interesting relationship between Communism and the transnational elite.

      Note that Communism is internationalist.

      Note that transnational corporatism is internationalist

      Note the CIA is the most public "deep state" organ of the transnational elite and its close association with communism, whether studying it, subverting it, encouraging it, or using it.

      Also remember it was the 'internationalist' aspects of Communism, which precipitated the need for America to be globalist and extend an empire.

      Try spinning a bike tire. If you control only the end of the axis, it is very difficult to control the plane of the spin, but if you have your hand at each end of the axis, then while still difficult to change the plane of the spin, it can be done.

      But remember, you need to control both ends of the axis to change the plane of the spin.

      Something to think about as a physical analogy for political control.

    8. Ft.Perry, "the Farm," and is used for the Career Training Program and nothing else.

      CIA doesn't invite officers from outside agencies to Ft. Perry for any courses or seminars.

      Furthermore Air Force Intelligence doesn't receive training from CIA.

      I don't believe for a moment that there is any credible evidence that Frank Davis worked for the USG.

      Frank Davis was just another mid-century communist hustler and self-promoter with a penchant for tying up stupid white women and fucking them in the ass. The guy's disgusting in the extreme, and he has a face like an ape and a brain of equal character.

      Give Frank Marshall Davis a banana, but not your daughters' vaginas.

    9. I'm gonna say this just one more time for effect.

      When I hear someone say they "recieved training at The Farm" and they are not a CIA Case Officer I know they are full of shit.

      No one gets into Ft. Perry's Career Program Training Facility unless they are CIA officers either in the training program or are instructors there.

  4. If you check the actual numbers, Mitt Romney (acquired Republican nomination by FRAUD) actually won the 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION! The only legitimate candidate in all 50 STATES was former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson (LIBERTARIAN PARTY), who was getting about 4% to 5% of the VOTE in 48 STATES and a legal add-on in 2 STATES!

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio's MCSO COLD CASE POSSE investigation has shown illegitimate Obama was PRODUCED BY THE C.I.A.! Illegitimate Obama's (C.I.A. GIVEN NAME) entire BACKGROUND HAS BEEN FABRICATED! Since his (Obama) actual identity has been erased, we will probably never know his (Obama) actual birth identity!

    According to Alfred L. Webre (prominent international lawyer), illegitimate Obama was PRODUCED BY THE C.I.A.; and illegitimate Obama WORKS FOR THE C.I.A. as a C.I.A. ASSET (SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: BP Oil Spill [Season 2, Episode 7] (Full Length • HD)" (especially at 3:30 and at 30:35 to END) posted by Justin Wallis on December 15, 2010)!

    SKULL AND BONES formed the C.I.A.; and SKULL AND BONES controls the C.I.A., especially all the assassinations, such as, J.F.K. assassination, Robert Kennedy assassination (Los Angeles, California), and the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan! The BUSH FAMILY (FOUR GENERATIONS OF SKULL AND BONES MEMBERS) were heavily involved in all assassinations and attempted assassinations!

    SKULL AND BONES was formed during 1832 by an OPIUM TRAFFICKER who was an "ILLUMINATI" MASON! Therefore, SKULL AND BONES are part of the "ILLUMINATI," that was started in Bavaria, Germany (May 1, 1776) by Johann Adam Weishaupt (6 February 1748 – 18 November 1830)!

    Johann Adam Weishaupt was a JESUIT AGENT! Johann Adam Weishaupt was educated and trained by the JESUIT ORDER!

    The "MAIN FUNCTION" of the JESUIT ORDER is to infiltrate, assimilate, and completely annihilate the organization! The JESUIT ORDER (became part of the Roman Catholic Church during 1540) first infiltrated and assimilated the Roman Catholic Church! The POPE (during 1773) tried to excommunicate the JESUIT ORDER; and as a result, the POPE was assassinated by the JESUIT ORDER by a very slow and painful poison!

  5. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today (October 6, 2013), while I was at Starbuck's Coffee (located at SOUTH COAST PLAZA Costa Mesa, California), the C.I.A. ASSET (RETIRED C.I.A. AGENT) that mentioned in prior comments was there! I first saw him (said C.I.A. ASSET) when I was leaving the restroom in said Starbuck's Coffee! He (said C.I.A. ASSET) was waiting at the door! Therefore, he (said C.I.A. ASSET) possibly put something in the said restroom at Starbuck's Coffee!

    As stated in other comments, the C.I.A. and "WEED AND SEED" OPERATIONS (very corrupt parts of the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT formed by prior Sheriff (5.5 years in a Colorado Federal prison)) have been trying since December 30, 2010 (CASE NO. 11CF0028 (FRAUD ON THE COURT BY THE ARRESTING AGENCY) ) to "finish-me-off"!

    Said C.I.A. ASSET (said Starbuck's Coffee) stated that they (said CORRUPT GOVERNMENT) pulled a "STUNT" in a "round about manner"! Said C.I.A. ASSET mentioned specifically a SEX CRIME occurred against a supposed 14 year old girl somewhere in Santa Ana, California! Said C.I.A. ASSET was sitting near the entrance (about 5:00 p.m. on October 6, 2013 (VIDEO/SOUTH COAST PLAZA)) to said Starbuck's Coffee, with a older women (C.I.A. connected to local darkness)! They (said couple) were looking at two (2) laptops! Therefore, the C.I.A. with said very corrupt GOVERNMENT has been trying to FRAME ME for SEX CRIMES!

    I have been only a California H & S Code Section 11590 REGISTRANT since May 8, 2003 (CASE NO. 03CF1264 (my one and only PRISON PRIOR))! At my arraignment on January 4, 2011 (Department Central Jail 1), 03CF1264 was NOT ON MY RAP SHEET! As stated in prior comments, the C.I.A. (controlled by SKULL AND BONES) with very corrupt GOVERNMENT (including "WEED AND SEED" OPERATIONS) used CASE NO. 11CF0028 to separate me from my PRIOR CRIMINAL HISTORY (FINGER PRINTS and RAP SHEET)!

    As stated in other comments, COMMISSIONER HALL read (unofficially if I did NOT REPORT TO PROBATION) into the COURT RECORD several FELONY CASES (NOT MINE) on February 16, 2012 (Department C60)! These said added FELONY CASES could be tied to various SEX CRIMES! Just think: If they (said corrupt GOVERNMENT) put me into PRISON with a "FLOATING IDENTITY" as a SEX OFFENDER (FABRICATED with FRAME JOBS), what would HAPPEN????

  6. All you are doing is banging your shoe on the table and saying, "I'm right."

    Great line. I can see it in my minds eye.

    1. Anaconda (Anna Conda?),
      you are profoundly stubborn. Martha Trowbridge will be on a radio interview this week. I will post the link when i locate it.

      The faux "obama" autobiographies are a RUSE FOR INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS TO GET LOST IN THE FABRICATED INFORMATION and be sidetracted by disinformation.

      Both were written by Bill Ayers. The dunhams as a family never existed and conveniently
      they are a photoshopped cut and paste job.

      obama is the real Peter Pan who ran away from his shadow. Dr. P. can confirm--he is truly disconnected from reality.

      you are being played by the extended Frank Marshall Davis references. Look at his linear features and the facial definitions. his daughters etc all have the characteristics of the malcom x little daughters.

      I believe he was born in Africa or the Middle East because Malcolm was married at the time, and Malcolm accused Elijah Mohammed of infidelity, which would have made him the same tainted hypocrite as his mentor. Nation of Islam forbids infidelity.
      Born in Exile so to speak would keep Malcolm out of the chain of events.
      Regardless, Obama's parents are both natural born which makes him eligible for Potus, despite his incompetence and the voter fraud machines that he used to get him where he can accomplish his orders from the hand that feeds him: The destruction of Capitalism.
      your mind has been shuttered...tis a pity.

      an unknown never ascends to potus unless he has family lineage....

  7. This page gets more entertaining all the time.

  8. I really didn't know anything about Frank Marshall Davis. Sounds like a good interesting and intelligent man. Will have to check out some of his writings.

    1. Yeah try the illustrated ones where he ties up white women and rapes them. You'll like those.

    2. The Obama backstory investigation Continues: