Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Now listen to Norman Smith, troubadour extraordinaire.


  1. Dr. P I am giving you the mission of employing psychology to assist in the rehabilitation of prison convicts.

    American prisons are a disgrace. No one serving time in prison has any idea what he's doing there, how he got to be there, what will happen later, or anything. They are all lost.

    Yet at this time psychology has cracked the code of these issues. Many people in prison are sociopaths but most are not. Most are people who have brain injuries, impulse control issues, fractured personalities from abuse or neglect.

    The sociopaths need to be identified and kept away from the others.

    And the others need to be given classes and given tests on these issues.

    I've worked with many criminals and reform and psychological rehabiliation is possible in all but the sociopaths.

    Non-sociopathic criminals need to be required to take courses on these topics so they will understand their issues, and they can be paid small amounts of money or given cigarettes according to how high their grades are.

    The non sociopaths need help.

  2. These are fractured people. When you discover the traumas they've been through in their childhood and after it's no wonder at all what happened.

  3. Agree, I actually have a very high level "local" connection who has worked at the fed, state and county corrections welcomed.

    1. Dr. Steve Pieczenik you need to see Michael Moore's "WHERE TO INVADE NEXT" documentary; and everyone can rent it for about $5.00 at YOU TUBE. Why am I brining this up? Because, Michael Moore, in the said documentary, visited a couple of Norwegian prisons; and you and everyone else would be surprised on how said prisons were ran! This is how to actually rehabilitate prisoners! See Michael Moore's said documentary!

    2. Wednesday, June 01, 2016

      Rev. Edward Pinkney on Day 6 of Hunger Strike to Protest Inhumane Conditions

      At Marquette Branch Prison in Marquette, MI more than 700 prisoners came together to protest food served by Trinity Services Group, Inc. to the prisoners. The action by the prisoners was also in protest of the poor conditions at Marquette Branch Prison.

      These prisoners unified against government waste and corruption in the prison system. They demanded food that doesn't make them sick.  

      This unity among hundreds shows what people can do when they come together over a common cause. The protest was not organized by any one individual, but was a culmination of conditions that are unbearable at this prison. 

      This dangerous food is generally eaten by most of the prisoners, and this leads to health issues that must be treated. Ultimately, the healthcare costs, brought on by this corrupt system, become the burden of unsuspecting Michigan taxpayers. 

      Those on the outside do not realize the inhumanity of the prison system. Prisoners, when released, do not want to talk about the stress they endured while in the system. Prisoners who participate in peaceful protests are retaliated against by the prison officials. 

      It is my duty, as a reverend, as a servant of God, as an unjustly accused man, and as a concerned citizen of Michigan, to report to you about these conditions. I have personally witnessed seeing worms in the food and prison kitchen workers have reported that spoiled food containing rodent waste, maggots, worms, and bugs have been served regularly to inmates. 

      Therefore, I, Reverend Edward Pinkney, have decided I must go on a hunger strike to personally protest the deplorable food and conditions at Marquette Branch Prison in Marquette, Michigan.


    3. Wednesday, June 08, 2016

      ABC News 10 Interviews Rev. Pinkney

      Prisoners hold demonstration concerning food conditions

      MARQUETTE — Several hundred inmates at the Marquette Branch Prison recently held what’s being called a ‘passive level demonstration’ in regards to the food that’s being served to them.
      “The food is the lowest grade that you could ever consume in your body,” said Rev. Edward Pinkney, an inmate at the Marquette Branch Prison. “The food itself is spoiled. They serve rotten food. Rodents have defecated on the food. The condition itself is almost… it’s unbearable just eating the food by itself. I have made up my mind that I will not eat the food at any cost.”

      Correction: The story reports that Rev. Pinkney is eating food sent to him, but in fact currently he is continuing his hunger strike.

      Hear Rev. Pinkney's voice!

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  6. Dr. P.
    Do you personally know Leo / Lee Wanta?