Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Don't believe anything you see, check out this website for CrisisCast (??) among clients G4S.


  1. Maybe they should have an Oscar ceremony for crisis actors at false flags, especially the ones who keep popping up. I was quite amused that G4S also do positive vetting. Apparently not very good at it...or are they?

  2. A very basic check on Google and the list of crisis casts clients is quite eye opening and also influential to say the least as are the likes of "flashpoint" "hanover associates" and "britkit" all themselves "experts" in crisis management role-playing!!!! And G4S not withstanding... Why the need for such enterprises? I thought we had real crisis management specialist operations such as Kenyon international and such that dealt in real crisis and disaster?? The crisis cast motto speaks far more words than is printed...I quote "it is our conviction that the near future will bring a greater requirement for greater realism in live training events" obviously see into the future as well!!! Crisis cast even have a prosthetic section on there website (remember the blown up leg in the Boston crisis act..sorry bombing?? I had a quick perusal at Brian Mitchells LinkedIn profile where he was initially an architecture student with a love of drama!!! And also trained at Bristol old vic as an actor...also his list of skills are well equipped to take full advantage of churning propaganda but please take a look as it needs a cleverer man than me to break it down....A great interview on Alex Jones Dr Pieczenik and you've been particularly busy keeping us informed of the truth

  3. It has been pointed out to me that areal photos from above the night club taken the morning after don't show any bloody footprints leaving the club.

    50 dead, thirty or so wounded and nobody stepped in a puddle of blood to track it outside of the exits.

    I'm so sick of it.

    1. ...and bodies wrapped in sheets with no blood leaking through... since real body-bags are not provided by Actors anonymous

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  6. Corpse Media Has No PULSE. ZIO Propaganda Arrives DOA After Document Research Determines Size Matters in Gay Massacre.