Saturday, February 9, 2013

In case you missed it,  read the HuffPost take on Brennan nomination, love the way this guy, Jason Linkins writes.

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  1. The Purim Song

    O, once there was a wicked, wicked man
    And Haman was his name, Sir.
    He would have murdered all the Jews,
    Though they were not to blame, Sir.

    Oh, today we’ll merry, merry be,
    Oh, today we’ll merry, merry be,
    Oh, today we’ll merry, merry be,
    And nosh some Hamantaschen.

    And Esther was the lovely queen
    Of King A-ha-hash-ve-ros.
    When Haman said he’d kill us all
    Oh my, how he did scare us.


    But Mordecai her cousin bold,
    Said “What a dreadful chutzpah,
    If guns were but invented now,
    This Haman I would shoot, Sir.”


    When Esther speaking to the King
    Of Haman’s plot made mention,
    "Ha, ha,” said he, “O, no he won’t!
    I’ll spoil his bad intention.”


    The guest of honor he shall be,
    This clever Mr. Smarty.
    And high above us he shall swing
    At a hanging party.


    Of all his cruel and unkind ways
    This little joke did cure him.
    And don’t forget we owe him thanks
    For this jolly old feast of Purim.


    A fortuitous message to those who are willing to heed. Mr. Smarty, the psychopathic megliomaniac - will never achieve the proxy power he fantasizes about.-- only Diane FEINSTEIN IS DELUSIONAL & gullible enough to believe the evil John "House of Saud" Brennan is a Patriot who Proudly carries the constitution in his inside jacket pocket.
    Anyone who worked for poppy bush is a criminal who should be incarcerated for crimes against humanity.