Sunday, February 10, 2013

“THE SECRET WAR BEHIND BENGHAZI”: Thank You, Kyle Smith, The NY POST, and all the Incredible Reporters at Fox News. 
Also thank you, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes
and thanks to  Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb for their INCREDIBLY BRAVE EBOOK called Benghazi: The Definitive Report. 
In times of war and confusion, it is imperative that our Journalistic (paper/internet) press come forward and reveal to us-- the American citizenry--what only a few of  us can suspect or fathom in these dark , turbulent times about the nefarious deeds of our POTUS and John Brennan in what THEY call, the “Global War On Terror” [GWOT].
  On Sunday,  February 12, 2013,  The NY Post published a remarkable article written by Kyle Smith about two writers,  Jack Murphy and Brandon Smith,  security experts, who were commissioned by William Morrow [ A News Corporation Subsidiary owned by Rupert Murdoch] to write a highly detailed E-book called, ”Benghazi: The Definitive Report”.
  This books describes in detail what I had surmised from thirty years in the Counter-Terrorism/ Intelligence/PsyOps that we had a ROGUE off-the-books paramilitary unit operating inside our government.  This group was totally undermining General David Petraeus’s command and control of the CIA and it’s legitimate,  legal role in combating terrorism.     
I wrote a blog (Nov 10, 2012) in which I had postulated that Petraeus’ firing from the CIA was not really related to a presumed or real love affair but it was related to a ROGUE OPERATION of paramilitary soldiers under the direct control OF OBAMA ,  the ‘choir boys’ in the WHITE HOUSE,  reporting to no one but the cowardly POTUS and his perverted Goebbels -- the CRIMINAL of all criminals –John Brennan. 
And today, the NY Post and the William Morrow Publishers were brave enough to come forward and state the following:
‘Since  the CIA didn’t know about the secretive hit squads targeting al Qaeda,  the agency and the consulate personnel were caught off guard:
‘They had no idea that the Special Operations mission would be kicking the hornet’s nest in Libya and therefore could not have prepared for the fallout that would result. Petraeus, the authors say, ‘was furious about being left in the lurch by the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION’ [my emphasis]. 
‘,,,, the CIA figures wanted him [Petraeus] out and ‘cashed in their chips’ by allowing details of the general’s affair with Paula Broadwell, which the FBI had known about for months to become public.  PETRAEUS’ fall was a “PALACE COUP” [my emphasis]”, Murphy and Webb claim. 
I am saddened at this moment of truth and corroboration of my November blog. 
When a doctor pronounces that a patient has a CANCER,  the doctor takes no solace in being right.  Despite a correct diagnosis, the patient has a good chance of dying of the disease.
  This country has a cancer with a series of incompetent presidents; comatose legislative bodies; at best,  ineffective sec of state Hillary Clinton; out of control presidential advisors including: Tom Donilon, Valerie Jarrett, Leon Panetta and so on.  No one but no one is INNOCENT in this administration. 
  It’s a sad fact of life that we have a completely illegitimate, illegal, criminal administration that started with CLINTON, continued with BUSH JR.   (btw, this latest hacking of bush email etc, is just another distraction from the much more serious issue at hand)
  American citizens have lost our checks and balances that can CONFIRM or INSURE TRANSPARENCY OF GOVERNMENT.   Where is congress when we need them to restrict the power hungry expansion of POTUS and his minions?  In this dire moment of truth and disobedience, there are lights of hope.  They include brave but subtle articles placed and written cleverly in papers such NY TIMES by Executive Editor Jill Abramson. 
  There are the irreverent in depth blogs and internet articles scripted by the intelligent, thoughtful youth of the HUFFINGTON POST.   Thank you Arianna Huffington. 
  And then there are the brave and intrepid reporters on FOX NEWS who never, but never, gave up the story of what really happened in BENGHAZI.  It’s to those people whom I salute.  They bore the slings and arrows of insults that they were being ‘right wing’ when in fact they were being ‘great journalists’.   Thank you ROGER AILES and RUPERT MURDOCH for acting as great Americans should. 
Thanks to the NY POST for incredible humor,  insightful yet irreverent articles.   The Post has a way of leading with serious journalism in a sassy, entertaining N.Y. manner.
I also must give a shout out to Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal for its hard hitting facts about corporate corruption and insider trading- bye, bye Steve Cohen of SAC and Jamie Dimond of JP Morgan Chase.
If these guys are doing their job and giving us a good measure of what counts for true journalism then who are the villains,  the instruments of the criminals in power? 
  CNN has truly become such a joke or as I like to refer to them as tools.  Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Piers Morgan and my least favorite Barbie doll, Erin Burnett give their audiences nothing but programed propaganda and they don’t even try to make it seem real.  What an insult!
  CNN and MSNBC are finished or not even in the running for responsible journalism except for one thing. ..
  CNBC has very insightful Wall Street reports and commentary.
  The press has a duty to inform the American people that we are in VERY SERIOUS SITUATION.   The free press must continue to expose the illegitimate, secret, rogue government that serves itself and NOT the American people.  Expose the individuals (criminals) leading this government that are totally out of control financially, politically and psychologically.   These people, our so called elected leaders have abandoned the constitution and our bill of rights.
  Where are the points of reality that connect our elected officials and the real problems of Americans?
  What does gun control and the ERSATZ FALSE FLAG SANDY HOOK have to do with a CRUSHING DEBT and unemployment problems? 
  What does OBAMA CARE have to do with the reality that we do not have enough physicians, even medicines to treat our current, needy populations.   What does it have to do with a bankrupt healthcare system? 
Why are we engaging in aggressive covert military operations in foreign countries under the false premise of promoting democracy?  Haven’t we seen enough wounded warriors with missing body parts and suicidal PTSD?   We know this is part of the sins of the greedy military-industrial complex yet we allow it to continue, we see it on the news every night yet we re-elect the same congress that perpetuates this.
  America please wake up and start reading those newspapers and those blogs that tell you the truth and expose the lies.  Demand that your senators do a better job keeping POTUS in line.  Use the internet to tell congress and the president that we don’t want the likes of Brennan in power any more.  We are sick of false flags and we want to keep our guns.  Stop building prisons and start building better schools.  Shame your neighbors when they tell you "they just don't want to know" and would rather watch the game on TV….make them (or help them) understand that we are all responsible for what happens to life as we know it.
Our elected officials and military leaders need to get back to work and start fixing what is broken so we have a country to hand down to our kids, grandkids…one that we can be proud of!  
Thanks again, to the free press for having the balls to publish and expose the corruption and lies before it kills us all.


  1. Look this is bound to happen.

    You have Covert Action units in the Defense Department that operate with great automony and these guys are zealots who really believe that fundamentalist Islam is a malignancy that can only be treated with their special form of heroic, military assassination. I've met some of these guys and they love to talk about how dangerous militant Islam is, and they quote all kinds of polemtical, anti-Islam books about the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, and on and on......

    These guys are not going to just stand by and let the State Department or the CIA or someone like the Joint Chiefs form relationships with "al-Qaeda" in Libya or anywhere else if they can help it.

    These guys are true beleivers and knuckleheaded self-appointed Special Forces "heros" who've got it into their heads that the only good radical muslim is a dead radical muslim and there's gonna be a conflict between them and anyone else in government who works with these muslim devils.

    This kind of incoherence in American government has happened before, and it always happens when you let these kinds of military knuckleheads read stupid books and get indoctrinated with all kinds of anti-intellectual, psued0-scholarly works, and this kind of thing is WIDESPREAD at the War Colleges and the military Acedemies. This kind of docrtrinaire bullshit is all through the PSUEDO-INTELLECTUAL US MILITARY.

    1. In particular these idiots think because they know who Sayyid Qutb is that they understand militant Islam as an ideology and that it's a malevolent force against everything that's worthwhile about living, and they just go on and on about this crap...

      This is what happens when you gin up a bunch of false stories for the sake of "moral" and to motivate people to take on an ideology to give their institutions a mission and a new lease on life after the cold war...

      Even RAND and morons like Graham Allison at Harvard are steeped in this garbage.

      Everyone's trying to make Islam out to be the new evil ideology we can't co-exist with or cooperate with...

      And now people are surpised that a "rogue" unit or such is at odds with everyone else? Their "rogue" or are they just acting on what they've been falsely taught?

    2. I know all this is against our form of government. I agree. But the American myth is also about the hero who has to break the rules of society in order to save it.

      These idiot "heros" with their secret badges and dark sunglasses and desert camo gear think of themselves as heros.

    3. I think youre analysis is a little off, MIT. No doubt there are many of these cowboys who really do believe the Islamophobic garbage, but the people who put it out and the people who have been carrying out a policy of STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM using false flag attacks - they know better. They even have good people like Patriarch believing that there is some sort of Muslim conspiracy to take over the West. There never has been any such thing of course. Ultimately the "state" that is really sponsoring the terror is the good old British Empire, and by that I mean the financial imperialists who control the trans-Atlantic banking system, whose lackeys both Bush and Obama are. This was not a CIA operation. Benghazi was a private operation on the part of Obama and Brennan completely outside the system. Even the CIA and Petraeus did not know what was really happening in Benghazi, as their statements show. Fellow Americans, the time has come to settle accounts with these British bastards once and for all.

    4. I'm sorry but I fogot. The Queen of England and the City of London are the actual villians behind every odeous crime wherever it might occur.

      What was I thinking?

    5. On the other hand if anyone wants a window into how disfunctional and inept British intelligence really is simply read Kim Philby's autobiography. They are not the masterminds of anything, which doesn't necessarily let them off for running circles around the US given how stupid Americans are.

      [oh but then again Philby could really be working for the British Queen and all his life just a mascarade to mislead us..better perhps to just forget him.]

  2. Fox News has always been the mouthpiece of the Republican Party and was Dubya's most important supporter for eight disgusting years. In other words, Fox News has a history and a richly deserved reputation for complete mendacity. But even the the biggest liars will tell the truth when it is in their interest to do so. As mouthpieces of the Republican Party, Fox is trying to destroy the Obama administration. Since the Obama administration is in fact utterly nefarious, truth and the agenda of Fox News may coincide in this case.

    1. I agree. Obama has every intention in confiscating Murdoch's empire, with includes a 10% Saudi Ownership.

      Money talks.

  3. Let's add more info to the mix: Brennan left college to "find himself" in Saudi Arabia. Went to the the American University there & ALLEGEDLY CONVERTED TO ISLAM!


    So, Dr. P. make your predictions:

    Obama Articles of Impeachment for manslaughter and willful Malfeasance, and Dereliction of Duty?
    Obama will claim "executive privilege", but how can he not be responsible for hiring Brennan when Brennan cleaned out the US Passport office for him in '08.
    If he makes Brennan take the fall, Brennan will whistle to save himself Or....
    "Suicide" of Brennan? He is a huge liability now...

    Obama is a serial murderer: Aurora, Newtown, etc. a sociopath. Water seeks its own level.

    Holder will not indict him. there is no Judicial Truth in the Justice Dept. or the Supreme Court.

    Will Holder resign for not indicting him for Racketeering and Murder?

    Watch for suppression by all news outlets of the book, which was written by the dead Seal Glen Doherty's best friend, Brandon Webb.

    Lindsey Graham has vowed to filibuster until they come clean. Even so, How can they confirm a domestic terrorist? He is a very sick bulldog.

    I suspect Brennan is unusually paranoid tonight, his security cannot be trusted, and he is having serious diarrhea attacks...and his lomotil might be tainted...he is running out of things to lie about.
    What goes around comes around.

    He overthrew Petraeus and he thought he would skate?

    Obama still "believes" he is above the Law...

    I bet there is a heroine in this plot...

    The Book of Esther written by a Sage....

    In other news, the Seal assassin of the "stand in" for Bin Laden has no residual income. Serves him right for falling for Idiot McRaven's order.

    McRaven I understand, is part of Brennan's inner circle of racketeering, murder, mayhem,and gunrunning.

    Should be courtmartialed and imprisoned for life

  4. Patriarch, I think we may be getting there. Please read the following document, which the LaRouche activists in Washington have put into the hands of every senator at the closed Senate hearing tomorrow, and pass it around.


    1. I'm still waitng for that "thermonuclear war" LaRouche promised us in 1976....

      I'm glad he's there on Capitol Hill giving our representatives the whole story!

  5. More on Benghazi:

    Bing West, a military author and historian, former Reagan Administration Assistant Secretary of Defense, and a former Marine, writes about the obvious disconnect between Obama and Americans he's supposed to protect that was exposed during the Feb. 7 Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. In a column posted, yesterday, on the website of the National Review, West notes Obama's effort to portray how deeply involved he was with the killing of Osama bin Laden, but when the Benghazi consulate was attacked, he discussed it with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey for 20 minutes. He never talked to them again, not while U.S. Ambassador Stevens was missing, not when Stevens' body was brought to a Libyan hospital, not when a second attack killed two Americans at the CIA annex.
    "As a Marine, I find that lack of concern — that un-involvement — hard to grasp and impossible to justify," West writes. "If a PFC [private 1st class] is missing in battle, the entire chain of command focuses its attention and resources like a laser upon his recovery. The commanding general doesn't talk to his aides for 20 minutes and go to bed."
    "Our ambassador holds the rank equivalent to a four-star general," West continues. "More important represents our country. He isn't a symbol of America; he is American. No wonder the White House has maintained a wall of silence about Benghazi.

    1. that's because Bin Laden was already dead and the announcement was a PR Campaign with a teleprompter to divert attention away from the Friday HEADLINES: Obama posted a fake pdf of a dead baby girls birth certificate and changed the data as his own.

      Obama has no clue about how to protect the US- he has only 1 agenda: how to protect himself from FRAUD CONVICTION!

      During the Medal Ceremony on Monday, he couldn't even maintain attention, moving his eyes all around the room...PATHETIC!

      Here is an article with video of allegations that Brennan is a COVERT converted Islamic sympathizer:

    2. I would not call Brennan (or Obama) an "Islamic sympathizers". Again I say these bearded "Al Qaeda" pirates flying the Jolly Roger that Brennan and Obama are running are not real Muslims, and Brennan and Obama have no "sympathies" with any religion; they are psychopaths. It is oil and money that connects them with Saudi Arabia, not religious sympathy. But it can look like that to one who is not completely clear on the method of state-sponsored terror being employed. You have to get this Islamophobia out of your head, otherwise you are still being bamboozled, thinking that muslim terrorists are attacking us, which is what they want you to believe. Remember Prince Bandar bin Sultan, dubbed "Bandar Bush" by Dubya? He financed the 9/11 "hijackers" (according to the 28-page document that will soon be released, so I hear)who spent their time not learning how to fly and not genuflecting on prayer rugs but on boozing, whoring and snorting cocaine. So was Dubya an "Islamist" too? I ask you.

  6. No. W was afraid daddy would cut him out of his will.. He did what daddy told him to do with his limited cognition.

  7. There ae 3 kinds of people:
    Those who make things happen
    Those who watch things happen
    Those who wonder, "What happened?"

    Which kind is "Obama"?

    He never picked up a phone. Brennan to be blocked from a up or down vote.

  8. Brennan is a convert to Islam.
    Read report:

    "The Totality of the Threat"

  9. Interview with the authors on Sean Hannity 2-15-13