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Call to Action for World Jewry: In the Midst of Bulgarian Domestic Turmoil,  Jews all over the World should Show Support for the Bulgarian People!!
  Unbeknownst to most people in the world,  the Bulgarian people [population—9million] have been protesting the high rise of electricity imposed by the government of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov
Like many Central European countries, Bulgaria confronts many serious challenges in trying to preserve it’s tenuous relationship with the EU.  In particular, Bulgaria is unable to meet the severe EU-sanctioned financial austerity policies.  As a result,  the price of gas, oil, and electricity has arisen quite dramatically
This extreme price hike has been accompanied by protests and riots all over the major cities of Bulgaria. 
  Quite truthfully, no one is really at fault here.  The Russians who supply the natural gas to Bulgaria have been very tempered in their approach to Bulgaria’s perceived problem.  Russia wants to insure that the construction of the South Stream Natural Gas Pipeline continues therefore it does not want to create any form of political instability.   Russia may even offer Sofia [the capital] short-term natural gas contracts in order to alleviate this problem.   However, this would only be a temporary solution.
  Similarly, Prime Minister Borisov  has dissolved his government in order to respond to the demands of his citizens.  Such a dismissal is also temporary in nature. What Bulgaria really is experiencing is symptomatic of the problems characteristic of the all the Central European country allied with the EU--- a stalling economic growth and increasing unemployment
  So what do the Jews around the world have to do with Bulgaria’s problem which is not really related to any Manichaean,  good-guy, bad-guy scenario? 
  For one thing,  Jews should/can invest in the Bulgarian economy.   We can encourage construction of new plants and fund as ‘angel investors’ multiple start-ups . 
  The Bulgarians are quite youthful, knowledgeable and sophisticated in business.   They all know English and are conversant with several languages.  
How do I know about Bulgaria or why do I care about it?
SIDEBAR: I had invested in real estate there ten years ago for the reasons you will see below. CERTAINLY NOT FOR PROFIT!!! 
  I am a Diaspora Jew, I became acquainted with a very little known story about the bravery and courage of the Bulgarian people during World War II and how this Nazi ally helped save 50,000 Bulgarian Jews in complete defiance of Hitler and his Wehrmacht Army. 
At the time of WWII,   Bulgaria was a country of 7million people who descended from a proud dynasty of Thracians from the Second Century AD. 
  But during this time, Bulgaria unfortunately aligned itself [as it did in WWI] with the Germans/Nazi in a strategic attempt to reconstitute it’s previous hegemony over Macedonia [from Yugoslavia] and Thrace [from Greece] which had been taken away from the Bulgarians after WWI.  
In 1940,  Bulgaria instituted according to the Nuremberg Laws, legal, social and moral restrictions on it’s fifty thousand Jewish Population.   Bulgaria had also deported non-Bulgarian Jews in those territories of Macedonia and Thrace. 
Then in 1943,  the Nazis and Hitler in particular had informed King Boris III that the Bulgarian Jews would have to be deported to Poland and to their inevitable extermination.
  As the deportation date grew closer, the people of Bulgaria, consisting mainly of other minority groups (Armenians, Turks, Greeks and Gypsies) along with the majority of Bulgarian Orthodox Christians rose up in spontaneous protest against their Nazi ally and refused to help the Nazis round-up the Jews.  This moral uprising DID NOT happen in the rest of Christian Europe and Scandinavia. 
  Parliamentary leader Dimitar Peshev led a coalition of forty-three Bulgarian Legislators who registered their official protest at very great risk to their lives
  Simultaneously, the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church,  Archbishop Stefan actively worked against the deportation and issued FAKE BAPTISM CERTIFICATES in an attempt to save all the jews. 
  The Bulgarian newspapers consistently denounced the deportation, and worked underground to popularize their protest. 
  Bishop Cyril, who headed the Church in Plovdiv, threatened to lie down on the railroad tracks and promised the Jews, “WHEREVER YOU GO,  I WILL GO WITH YOU!!”
  Believe me there was not one Christian nation in all of Europe that ever defied and resisted en masse the dictats of their Nazi allies and subsequently saved over fifty thousand jews. 
Finally under public pressure,  King Boris III forbade the DEPORTATION in literally a FACE-TO-FACE confrontation with Hitler.
  As a result,  fearing an unnecessary redeployment of personnel and military assets,  Hitler succumbed to the demands of King Boris III and allowed the Bulgarian jews to survive. 
  Interestingly,  over forty thousand Bulgarian Jews emigrated to Israel.  One of those Jews was an Israeli war hero, General Bar Lev.   In addition, several major members of the Israeli Knesset were part of that act of Bulgarian defiance.  One of those parliamentarians was Michael Bar Zohar,  who later wrote a book called, Beyond Hitler’s Grasp
Now many of you may say very nice  but France, Denmark, Sweden and of course Holland saved a lot of jews in their own way.
True and NOT TRUE!!
  Let me go over the history of anti-semitism and the misbegotten narratives created by conspiratorial pro-Nazi governments in order to hide their nefarious deeds of deportation of the Jews, Christians, Gypsies, Slavs,  Homosexuals and political prisoners.
First,  let me explain why the world had not heard of the quiet HONORABLE DEEDS of the BULGARIAN CHRISTIAN NATION. 
  For decades, the Communists regime that had vanquished the Nazis in Bulgaria had kept this story secret in order to prevent the deification of King Boris III, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church,  and Non-Communist parliamentarians. 
So one system of government created a tarpaulin of silence and denial while other governments flaunted their non-existent heroism during the Nazi occupation.   Their so-called resistance to Jewish or other minority deportation was revisionist at best.
  Let’s closely examine the records of each of the European countries that basked in their vainglorious false narratives of ersatz bravery. 
  On top of my list of liars, has to be Holland.  No one can top the quickly contrived story of Anne Frank and the so-called Dutch defiance of Hitler.
When the Nazis invaded Holland it was very easy for the Germans to come into the country, German and Flemish are very similar languages and 25% of the SS Nazi Elite Unit were Dutch soldiers. 
  But in a far more evil and nefarious scheme, the Nazis allowed German jews to escape into Holland promising them a ‘safe route’.  But that was a lie.  The Dutch were so efficient in their systemic execution of their own and German Jews that they came in second (after Poland) for exterminating the majority of their Jewish population.
So this cowardly nation along with it’s Queen Beatrix had concocted with the help of British Intelligence a false narrative about a poor girl named Anne Frank who hid in an attic etc.  This “story” was disseminated around the world to deflect any attention or inspection into the nefarious past of Holland.
The American jews in their inevitable ignorance bought the story and flogged it all over the theater, movies.  They created memorials, plaques and nonsensical tributes when all the while the true heroes—The Bulgarians were denied their moment in the sun for their selfless bravery.
Next on my list is France.  My father served in the French Army as a Captain, where his first and last orders were to RETREAT!  In order to counteract the image of French collaboration with the Nazis,  Charles DeGaulle created a mythical figure called Jean Moulin who died as a resistance fighter.   In reality, the French police and military under Petain rounded up close to 74,000 innocent men, women and children and sent them to deportation camps, without Nazi orders!  (See the movie:  "Sarah's Key", earlier post)
Then we have the popular narrative that the King of Denmark wore a jewish star and rode a horse in public in order to show his defiance of the NAZI soldiers.  The truth of the matter was that an agent of the Abwehr Intelligence unit was told by Canaris to inform the Prime Minister of Denmark on the Eve of Rosh Hashannah that the 8000 jews would be deported and exterminated.  The Danish Prime Minister refused to help the jews.  So the NAZI INTELLIGENCE AGENT went to the high rabbi on that holiday and in turn the Rabbi organized Danish physicians to spirit the 8000 Danish Jews out of Denmark onto Swedish Fishing Boats in order to escape across the water into Sweden. 
It’s important to remember that everyone of the fishermen had requested and receive BLOOD MONEY for their assistance. 
Let’s talk about Sweden,  shall we…
  The famous Swedish industrialist family, the Wallenbergs,  gave major financial and personal backing to the Nazi party.  Yes, the same Wallenbergs who saved the Hungarian Jews.  However, the truth is a bit different than what we’ve read about or seen in the movies.   In reality, the OSS had ordered Raoul Wallenberg to go down to Hungary and try to save the remaining jews who were being deported late in WWII by giving them false visas.  This act of “heroism” was part of a cover up of the war crimes of the collaborationist government of King Gustav V and the Wallenbergs in particular.  Sweden also allowed 400,000 Nazi soldiers to cross their "neutral" border in order to slaughter the Norweigans.  (I wrote a book called Active Measures its the fictionalized truth of Sweden's hidden dark side)
Did I mention Switzerland yet?  The Swiss claimed neutrality during WWII but they did so in order to profit from both the Nazis and the allies.  They sold munitions, weapons and helped finance the Nazi war machine through Swiss numbered bank accounts.  Even Nestle that sweet corporation flew the Nazi flag in front of its headquarters until the end of the war.
Last but not least, is my own country---USA
  How did we react to the ongoing slaughter of innocent civilians in Europe?  
FDR (had he lived longer) would have had to confront the fact that we refused to let thousands of Jewish refugees into the country.  My parents had to wait seven years to get into the USA,  spending all their money on countless fake visas and eventually waiting it out in Cuba.  I blame a Princeton grad named Breckinridge Long who was assistant sec of state at the time.  He developed a “delay tactic” for U.S. visas that would effectively stop immigration- that was the plan!
After this brief WWII /Jewish history lesson,  you can understand why I think its time we, Jews, recognize BULGARIA for their courage and their humanity.  It’s a beautiful country and its people are strong and smart.  C’mon, lets help them out!   They deserve it!  It’s the least we can do for a country that saved 50,000 Jews especially when other nations took a more cowardly,  greedy path.



  1. You're not gonna like this but these are the facts:

    There is no evidence of any "extermination" of Jews in any of the German concentration camps - none. The confessions by Germans of this at Nuremberg are conceeded by Holocaust scholars as false confessions. Subsequent research has established that there were never any gas chambers used to kill anyone in any of the camps for which such research was permitted, i.e. the sixteen camps which existed outside of Poland. The five camps in Poland were not subject to research because it wasn't permitted by the communist regimes there, and hasn't been since because if it were conducted it would therefore establish the popular version of the holocaust was a fraud. However, after the fall of the communst government in Poland the plaque at Auschwitz claiming that "5 million Jews were killed" there was changed to "1.5 million Jews were killed there," and there's no evidence of that number either.

    The British kept records of all the radio reports of deaths at the camps so the actual deaths reported to Berlin and their causes are well known. All the deaths in the camps were due to epidemics, mostly typhus.

    In some other labor camps like the Dora facility where rockets were manufactured many deaths resulted from poor conditions of all kinds.

    The ACTUAL holocaust killed 1.5 million Jews and larger numbers of communists by gunfire, not gas, in eastern European countries where the Germans received Jews from local anti-communists. No where in Eastern Europe did Germans gather Jews themselves for execution. It was always the Jews fellow countrymen wherever they lived, and it was because of the savage manner in which Stalinists behave in all these places and the Stalinist's confederates were pretty much all Jews.

    The 1.5 million men, women and children who were shot to death in eastern Europe, which was the true holocaust were NOT KILLED BECAUSE OF ANTI-SEMITISM, but were murdered BECAUSE OF ANTI-COMMUNISM.

    1. For example..

      Does anyone here know how and where Anna Frank died?

      hint - it wasn't in a gas chamber.

      If you look up the documentation for any particular Jew sent to the camps you'll find the same thing.

      None of them were murdered.

    2. Interesting mit! Also I have read that the crematoria of the time simply couldn't "process" such numbers and in fact modern crematoria couldn't do it according to some people and wasn't their an instance when a man named fred leuchars conducted research and was heavily discredited? I'm no anti admire but it seems there is an awful lot of revisionist history being conducted on this sensitive issue

    3. Time to have a meeting of the minds with Eli Wiesel before he kicks the bucket. He would not agree with your hearsay.

    4. Unfortunatley Eli Weisel is a polemicist and not a holocaust scholar.

      It is the Jewish holocaust scholars in Universities who have acknowledged that the confessions of death camps in Germany were all false.

      However most acedemic holocaust scholars still hold that the five camps in Poland were death camps as well as labor camps, but this is only because of "denial." Unfortunately the holocaust scholars in Universities have refused to research the five camps in Poland, and are relying entirely on testimony from less than a dozen of the thousands of survivors of those camps. Regretably the few "witnesses" who claim that homocidal gas chambers existed have been debunked, and the tens of thousands of other former internees have said nothing. The "Shoah Project" at UCLA interviewed on video 50,000 camp survivors and their testimonies are extremely interesting. Most say nothing about any homocide at these camps.

      As for the cremitoria Auschwitz/Berkinau...

      There were I think only thirty of them to deal with the typhus and other epidemic casualites, and it would have required hundreds of such INDIVIDUAL furnaces [not "ovens"] to have disposed of two thousand bodies at a time as was claimed. As well there certainly was no fuel available for such operations, and contrary to what pseudo-scholars claimed the bodies cannot "burn by themselves using their own bodily oils..." That is ridiculous.

    5. An example of a "pseudo-scholar" is Deborah Lipstadt, who claims that no fuel was needed at the crematoria.

      An example of a genuine holocaust scholar is Raul Hilberg, the author of "The Destruction of the European Jews."

      Hilberg continues to use the testimony of camp survivors regarding mass killings, and puts the total deaths of the holocaust at far less than the "six million" often used popularly.

      In fact no holocaust scholar claims that "six million" Jews were killed.

    6. You obviously haven't visited Auschwitz-birkenau. I have & the air at birkenau still stinks of DEATH. The gas killed 'em & they were buried in mass graves. Watch the newsreels.
      WITNESS IT WITH YOUR OWN SENSES. Wiesel has & doesn't need to debate EYEWITNESS EVIDENCE.

      The best thing that happened to the JEWS was that as a result of the death camps, Israel was once again RECLAIMED...a place to live far away from the madness of misanthropy.
      Today's ARAB ANTISEMIITISM IS PAVLOVIAN CONDITIONING & the power of suggestion by a compliant media.

      Time to pen your own Mel brooks "history of the world part III"
      You need an attitude adjustment.

    7. Patriarch wrote: "The best thing that happened to the JEWS was that as a result of the death camps, Israel was once again RECLAIMED...a place to live far away from the madness of misanthropy."


      There seems to be plenty of antagonism and hostility in the immediate Israeli vicinity.

      Apparently, according to many, not myself, Israel is under an existential threat. So, apparently, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

      Some would even say, "From the frying pan into the fire."

      While surviving via superior military might is a God given right (self-defense), it seems the U. S. and other countries offer just as good a place for Diaspora Jews as Israel. Perhaps, even better (and from strictly an American's perspective, it is better to live here in America than anywhere else in the world).

      Now, obviously there are many Jewish people who prefer to live in a Jewish community, even a Jewish nation, nothing wrong with that, but Israelis must also live in the larger Middle East community.

      To live in peace in the Middle East, Israelis need to take into consideration the other communities already there, too, not just their own community.

      This phrase, "A Land Without a People for a People Without a Land", was always false.

      "We must expel Arabs and take their places." -- David Ben Gurion, 1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985.

      Let's consider a couple of Golda Meir quotes:

      "There is no such thing as a Palestinian people... It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn't exist." -- Golda Meir, statement to The Sunday Times, 15 June, 1969.

      "How can we return the occupied territories? There is nobody to return them to." -- Golda Meir, March 8, 1969.

      Both statements were and are false.

      But what is done is done.

      Best to strive for peace, now, and make the best of it. Israel has the potential to live in peace with its neighbors and be a leader and active participant in a thriving Middle East.

      Israel can be an example of peaceful cooperation, a light to the nations.

      Or it can be something else... it's the Israeli's choice... what will they decide?

  2. Additionally,

    I think the last thing any country needs, Bulgaria or anywhere else, is for a bunch of Jewish bankers to show up and make loans because the place was kind to Jews.

    The world public has a pretty dim view of Jewish capital, and it wouldn't serve the image of the Bulgarians to see that they couldn't come up with the funds themselves because [presumably] Jews were hording it all someplace else.

    I think the less any group of bankers do in concert because they are Jews working for a Jewish purpose the BETTER IT WILL BE FOR THE IMAGE OF JEWS EVERYWHERE.

    And please don't take this personally but the fact that you would fail to see this problem is emblematic of how Jews often fail to see the negative ways in which their actions are perceived by others.

  3. Dr. Pieczenik,

    What's the timing on this? Since Beatrix was a baby girl when the war broke out and hid in Rockcliffe Park (Ottawa) on a quiet street on the edges of the village where the RCMP could watch them--beside my aunt, actually--with her mother the Queen, did Beatrix do this Anne Frank thing in the late 50s and 60s? Or was it Queen Juliana who did it just after the war? Juliana, of course, had the most shares in Royal Dutch Shell, and she was supplying fuel to the Allies, whose submarines were cruising up and down the coasts of Labrador and Newfoundland, right down to Maine. Germany needed fuel, so they got them out of Holland to maintain some veneer of Dutch neutrality lest Mr. H. came calling for the liquid. Juliana's presence in Canada was a state secret. Rockcliffe Park is Canada's Georgetown, only smaller and richer--about 1000 people then--home of the PM and Governor General. It was a separate village inside the city until the end of the 20th C, which is why they could police it "for security reasons" during the war. My aunt had to know about it because there were men with guns diving in and out of the bushes and pitching cigarette butts into her vegetable patch. Mackenzie King was Prime Minister. Unbeknownst to King, believe it or not, British intelligence were all over the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto region running operations from a secret farm. King found out after the war and went ballistic. The place was called Camp X.

    In 1995, the Camp X records were unsealed, at least a part of them. Camp X was where the British Intelligence started their famous spy school, run by a man called "Intrepid." Ian Fleming was there. So was Roald Dahl. The first CIA guys came out of that school, including Wild Bill Donovan, all run by British officers. This is their official site, run by an historian (it's amateur), because the government still isn't talking about it. Britain won't unseal its records:
    Check out Lt.-Col William Fairbairn, you'll have to poke around.

    You need to listen to this 2008 CBC radio interview with Clifton Stewart who told stories of what he did at Camp X from the time he was recruited to work at Rockefeller Center where the Brits were coordinating WWII with Roosevelt. Stewart was the one who knew that Roosevelt heard about the Japanese going to Pearl Harbor before it happened because he intercepted the message for Roosevelt. A spymeister like you will love this. There was another longer interview but I can't find it; that's where he really goes into the German subs.
    "A Man Most Ordinary"

    It was Rabbi Stephen Wise (NYC) who convinced FDR and Mackenzie King not to let Jewish refugees into the US and Canada after both agreed. He was aligned with Chaim Weizmann (London) in building Israel in Palestine; they needed bodies for the orange groves, and a little Haganah action. There was a great schism between the Swiss, British, German, US, and Canadian Zionists over this issue, but Rabbi Wise got to King (in Rockcliffe Park) and FDR, using the argument of The Transfer Agreement (altho' Edwin Black seems to have gone back on what he was saying about it in 1984.)

    And don't forget the Serbs who built those tunnels--the ones that stunned NATO 45 years later--under Serbia and Kosovo to get Polish Jews to the Adriatic Coast under SS-infested Albania. Then Clinton and Albright tries to slaughter them in 1999.

    Here's another:

  4. This:

    "Juliana, of course, had the most shares in Royal Dutch Shell, and she was supplying fuel to the Allies, whose submarines were cruising up and down the coasts of Labrador and Newfoundland, right down to Maine."

    Should read this:

    "Juliana, of course, had the most shares in Royal Dutch Shell, and she was supplying fuel to the Allies, while German submarines were cruising up and down the coasts of Labrador and Newfoundland, right down to Maine, spooking Canada--already in the war--and FDR."

    1. I believe "intrepid" was William Stephenson, the diminutive Canadian who was in the United States running anti-German propaganda and covert action directed against US Congressmen, etc. to tilt America toward England.

      I doubt Stephenson ran any commando schools in Britain.

    2. You diminish what Stephenson was doing during the war, and teh circumstances under which he was doing them. Canada was part of the British commonwealth, so the Brits used vast, unpopulated Canada like a satellite operation from which to conduct clandestine operations. The Clifton Stewart interview link I give above establishes that MI6 was using Rockefeller Center as their base of operations with Roosevelt's secret approval because of American reluctance to get involved in another war. Who could blame them. Stephenson had the cover of a wealthy businessman from which to conduct operations at Rockefeller Center, and start Camp-X. He wasn't a mere propagandist. Canada and Britain begged Roosevelt for help for two years, but he couldn't do it. Neither Canada nor England had the male population to fight the war, although Britain pulled in people from its colonies. Canada had a population of around 11 million, less than 1/10th the size of the USA, in 1939 sprawled over a country second in land area to the USSR. It's permanent army then was around 4,000, and the reserves were around 50,000. (They ramped up quickly, to say the least.)

      The Royal Canadian Navy was established on the most extreme easterly outpost of Newfoundland, and some in Labrador--look at a map--tracking the German subs as they came down the coast from Greenland. My uncles were there; one was a RCN commander in charge of tracking those subs.

    3. Yes Stephenson was more than a propagandist. As I said he also oversaw covert action against US individuals who opposed entry into the war, and he did have a floor at Rockefeller Center. Gore Vidal has said he ran 3,000 anti-German agents in the US, although I never saw the source for that.

      The British covert action in the US was both huge and stupid. They managed in 1941 to put a map into FDR's hands claiming to show that the Germans intended to carve up the wester Hemisphere!

      FDR referred to the map on radio, and then learned it was a hoax by the British and Stephenson.

      FDR then ordered Stephenson deported and the whole British program ended, but then a couple of weeks later the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor so he called it off.

      FDR knew about Stephenson and welcomed their efforts until he learned they were also makeing him a target...LOL.
      FDR never figured out that most of his anti-German beliefs were founded on similar hoaxes by the British.


      Stephenson and his "war camp" American supporters were pretty much all arms manufacturers, such as that might be in pre-WWII America, such as bullet and powder concerns, aircraft manufacturers and the like.

  5. Dr. Pieczenik, (contd. because of size)

    Sofia was a beautiful city when I was there. I heard what EU austerity is doing to them on BBC the other night. Heartbreaking. The ECB issues the damn Euro currency; it's just keystrokes. A 3% debt-to-GDP ratio policy? Are they insane? We were 240% during WWII. There's no reason for this suffering. But the fekaktah creators of the Euro only put monetary policy in place and didn't think it through. There's no fiscal governing body like we have (fed govt)--although the idiots running our Congress are just as stupid about how our monetarily sovereign currency works, at least in public--to ease the pain immediately. That's why Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland are going through so much devastation, while the bond vigilantes are taking national resources as collateral.

    By giving up their sovereign currency, the EU members forfeited the ability to denominate their debt in their own currency, as Japan can do. Japan has a credit rating below Afghanistan, and the central bank interest rate is has been 0.25% for 20 years; yet it has one of the strongest currencies and countries in the world because no one can touch them. The EU members turned themselves into the equivalent of the 50 states, which CAN go broke because they are revenue-constrained. Like the constitution says, the 50 US states can't create currency. Only the federal government can; it's not revenue-constrained; it creates the damn currency. Trust me, no one at the Treasury calls up the IRS and asks if there's enough money in the kitty. And there's no factory in downtown Beijing making US dollars that we "borrow."

    So now the EU/ECB, a bunch of unelected technocrats, are destroying the periphery of Europe with the Germans dictating terms. Did you know the Greeks cut down 13,000 tons of wood this winter to heat their homes? And although I'm going on way too long here, the mofos running this government (God save us from Jack Lew, Mitch McConnell, and Eric Cantor) are imposing austerity when our deficits are way too small for the size of government we need right now. Skim this, or look for it on Amazon this weekend, when the Kindle version will be free. It'll part your hair, but check into it. ;-) W've all been lied to by lazy, and frankly stupid, media. Just so you know, the Italians are listening to this guy. He and the rest of the UMKC crowd, including Dr. Bill Black, have been over there at their invitation telling them how they got screwed by Brussels. Gonna be interesting times. At least read the testimonials in this book.

  6. To both MIT and PC- thank you so much for the info and commentary, I have some research to dive into (thanks), hopefully our readers will keep going.

  7. Apropos your father's time in France and what he saw, did you ever see the news of Irène Némirovsky's novel "Suite Française" published for the first time in the early aughts? A google search will get you the story surrounding it. I found the short stories gripping because of the banality of fear they lived under. Némirovsky's daughters kept her little suitcase with her journals in it (she was already a highly successful writer) and didn't open it up and read the journals until 50 years later.

    They weren't journals. They were novels.

    Némirovsky tried to escape while the French colluded with the Germans. Her mother lived in Marseilles. The two never got along. The family had been rich bankers in Kiev before escaping to Paris (Stalin sent all rich Jews to the Ukraine, where they flourished). Her mother lived the high life on the French coast during the war entertaining rich scoundrels and young lovers. A short time before the Nazis captured her and took her to Auschwitz where she died of typhus, Némirovsky showed up at her mother's door (with her two babies I think) begging for help hiding her. Her mother opened her door (there was a party going on), said no, and slammed it in her face.

  8. Why don't you contribute this article to the Jerusalem Post and the JTA ( and the Jewish Exponent ( It will be picked up by all the Jewish Weeklys across the USA.

    Is the story of Capt. Dreyfus and Emile Zola jewish folklore also?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Is the story of Capt. Dreyfus and Emile Zola jewish folklore also?

      There are court records and transcripts, and newspaper accounts

      Israeli historian and chemistry professor Israel Shahak gave a talk in 1994 at MIT with Noam Chomsky. He grew up in Poland before his family emigrated to Israel either before or during the war. Shahak says that it was Napoleon, who after conquering Poland, "took from Jews the power to punish other Jews," and took from the Polish elites the power of deciding where Jews could live. They couldn't live in Warsaw for centuries beforehand. Napoleon said the Polish elites were "not entitled to their old privileges."

      Shahak starts his train of thought at 52 min, but gets into it at 58 min to approx 1:06:00. (8 minutes).

      The history of France immediately after the 1789 Revolution was that Orthodox Jews asked for two provinces where they could live as a separate entity within the new nation (they wanted a wine district). The new French government said Jews were absolutely entitled to exist equally with others (liberté, egalité, fraternité) within France 'qua individual', but they were not entitled to live 'qua nation'. So the history of France with respect to Jews had been established for 100 years before Zola came to the defense of the falsely accused Jewish Dreyfus.

      [I deleted a comment because it was easier to delete than contend with my unwieldy cursor to edit mistakes. ;-)]

    3. Forgot the link:

  9. Prescott Bush, (Poppy's daddy) and Avril Harriman collaborated with Hitler:
    In 1942, under the "Trading With the Enemy Act", the U.S. government seized several companies in which he had an interest. Prescott at the time was an investment banker with Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), which had funneled U.S. capital into Germany during the 1920s and '30s. Among the seized companies was the Union Banking Corporation (UBC) of New York, which was controlled by German industrialist Fritz Thyssen.

    Thyssen had been an early financier of the Nazi party — Thyssen had been an ardent backer of the Nazis in the early days, he broke with them in 1938 after the Kristallnacht pogrom against the Jews. He fled to Switzerland the following year, and Hitler confiscated his fortune and stripped him of his citizenship.

    In 1941, "I Paid Hitler" Thyssen confesses his role in financing the Nazis and denounced the Führer. Arrested in Vichy France, he spent the balance of the war as an Axis prisoner. Prescott Bush, for his part, owned a single share of stock (of 4,000) in UBC, the Thyssen bank. According to a 2001 Boston Globe piece, the New York Herald Tribune ran a story in July 1942 headlined "Hitler's Angel Has 3 Million in US Bank," in which Prescott and other BBH partners "explain[ed] to government regulators that their position [as directors of UBC] was merely an unpaid courtesy for a client."

    Bush and his firm had a lot of company financing the Nazis, enabling them to rearm: Standard Oil and General Motors. American business has always invested in totalitarian regimes — presently, our dealings with mainland China.

    See: "The Secret War Against the Jews" by John Loftus.

    1. Please remember that in the depression that Germany and the USSR were the only countries with full employment and a growing economies. Many if not most US businessmen did business with Germany at that time, and it wasn't until Germany and Russia attacked Poland that there was any real stigma attached to trading with Germany.

      It wasn't until after the war that the Russians and US Army intelligence began coming up with these stories about Nazi atrocities, and this was done to counter-vail potential criticism of the US and Britain for having killed huge numbers of civilians through strategi bombing [which was understood as a clear war crime].

      John Loftus is a highly accurate researcher. His facts are impeccible, however they are not put into context and he only tells half of the story.

      What you won't hear from Loftus is WHY these events occurred, and what motivated individuals who participated. Loftus merely presumes that it's all anti-semitism, but that's just not the case. There were many other factors involved.

  10. As far as I know there were two real death camps during the war, neither run by Germans however. One was in Croatia where large numbers of Serbs and others were taken for execution by the Nazi-allied Croatian government. The other was in Ukraine, where anti-communist Ukrainians killed tens of thousands of Jews and others during the couple of years it operated, however even that camp has significant numbers of survivors. I can't remember the name of that camp but I think about 30,000 people were murdered there and there were about 6,000 survivors.

  11. Furthermore,

    I don't want to go off into a tangent about the false nature of holocast claims, but just one bit of common sense about CREMATION...

    It's impossible to cremate a body by burning it in a pit or the like.

    If you dig a pit and throw bodies and fuel in there you will roast the bodies and burn the outside, like in a Bar B Que.

    Creamation is burning a body until there is nothing left but ashes, and that takes a HUGE AND ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF FUEL AND TIME.

    Anyone ever try putting a brisket in an oven of any kind and cooking it until there's nothing left but ashes?

    The stories about bodies burned in pits and the like are just so extremely off the mark that it's absurd.

    1. You're not left with ashes, you're left with bones. It took two hours to cook my father in the oven to get to the bones. The funeral director explained that the heat had to be above 1400F (he preferred 1600F) and the oven had to be enclosed; they used gas. It took another two hours for the oven to cool down before they could open it, and before they could grind his bones for the urn.

    2. That's exactly what happens. Flesh doesn't "burn" because it's mostly water. To reduce any flesh and even bones to ashes and such a furnace [not an "oven"] with the same characteristics used to melt metals.

      In traditional south Asian cremations the body is put on top of a colossal pyramid of wood. As the wood burns the body falls through the middle of the brilliantly-hot embers, the enormous mass of which would create enough heat to melt iron or steel.

      When I looked into the holocaust stories about cremations in "ovens," pits, or stacks of wood [as in "Shindler's List," I was surprised to learn that THERE ARE ONLY A HANDFUL OF "WITNESSES" WHO HAVE MADE THESE CLAIMS.

      All of the popular myths about the holocaust are the product of only a handful of people who have made these claims, whereas there were hundreds of thousands of "survivors" who haven't.

  12. Dr. Pieczenik, thank you for telling this story.

    It is a good story of human decency and bravery.

    I'm afraid Bulgarians have gotten a bit of a bad rap in the popular media over the years.

    Dr. Pieczenik wrote: "Manichaean, good-guy, bad-guy scenario".

    I appreciate the focus on individual actors (or countries as the case may be).

    Some are good.

    Some are bad.

    Some are mixed in their actions, possibly conflicted with competing interests and morals.

    Most countries and peoples and individuals have a mixed record.

    The broad brush strokes of history tend to remove reality from the level of individual actors (with multiple exceptions, of course) to groups and nations.

    And sometimes it's appropriate, as it was, here, in your blog post to make reference.

    I did not know the story of the Bulgarians.

    Thank you.

    As important as it is to shed light on dark passages of history it is just as important to shine a bright light on human courage & decency.

    I will remember this story.

    The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria must be beautiful during the Summer. A tour from the coast to the mountains would be a pleasant experience, I'm sure.

    Kind-hearted men of good will with good will toward their fellow man "Unite!"

    1. We wouldn't be so quick to start wars if we had gone through the horrors these people have been through. Look how we wail at 3,000 dead on 9/11. Imagine 27 million like Russia, or 3 million like Vietnam, or the 1.5 million in Iraq. Why can't we put ourselves in other people's shoes?

      Yet we persist in thinking that other countries want to go to war with us, as if their survivors don't tell their young ones of the abject destruction and catastrophic loss of life they witnessed. That's why I despise our armchair warmongers beating the drum for war now with Iran. I've never met anyone in the military, but i am sure there are some, who think war is for anything else but self-defense.

    2. Wars are economic. Casualties are merely collateral. It is the military manufacturing that keeps a country in the black.
      If any enlistee knew that in advance we would have to reinstutute the Draft.

    3. I think Stalin killed about 27 million people for sport, so if the Soviets had welcomed the Nazis and other anti-communists who attacked the USSR in 1941 instead of resisting them everyone there would have been a whole lot better off.

      The Nazi invasion of the USSR was recent history's only real justifiable invasion of a country to save an entire continent from the depravations of a madman [Stalin]. The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 bears no resemblance. Saddam Hussein was a gentleman compared to creatures like Stalin, and surely Hussein never killed as many bystanders for little justification as W. Bush.

      I agree that mercantile interests cause some wars [imperial ones] but not others.

      Misperception, exaggeration of threats, bureaucratic and career interests, and a host of other things are the important causes in wars other than imperial ones. I think Lucian Pye would agree.

    4. "I think Stalin killed about 27 million people for sport, so if the Soviets had welcomed the Nazis and other anti-communists who attacked the USSR in 1941 instead of resisting them everyone there would have been a whole lot better off."

      You need to read up on Stalingrad and what the Germans were doing there. Whether you like the Russians or not, General Zhukov was an extraordinary general, and the Russian people and soldiers gave their all to help the Allies then. They couldn't afford proper shoes and socks, so Stalin gave them vodka so they could endure the cold winter walks with newspaper for socks.

      Read: "A Serious Case of Mistaken Identity — The U.S. is not the 'indispensable nation,' as a growing WWII mythology would suggest."
      June 22, 2000|BENJAMIN SCHWARZ

    5. Dr. Pieczenik,

      You might be interested in this:
      "‘Haaretz’ undermines a foundational myth: FDR abandoned Europe’s Jews" by Michael Desch

    6. Yes Americans are just now hearing that Germany was crushed by Russia, not the "Band of Brothers." Americans' notions about that war are all pretty much a bunch of flag-waving garbage. Ask the Japanese and German citizens who survived American area bombing and you'll get the real picture of the "goodness of American power [as idiot Madeline Albright puts it]."

      As for Vodka staving off frostbite I have my doubts, but sounds like something stupid Russians would believe.

      Germany was crushed by the Russians because Germany couldn't replace their lost men and tanks while the Russians were turning out hundreds of tanks and day and had millions of men in reserve.

      It's too bad FDR was a German-hater from the Great War. He knew the British elites were pro-German, and spoke about this. However he never bothered to understand WHY the British aristocracy were opposed to their government's war aims and supported the German position.

      If FDR had been better informed the US could have stayed out and Germany could have sent eighty more divisions to the eastern Front. Were that to have occurred there never would have been a communist China, or wars in Korea, Vietnam, etc.

      Germany should have been allowed to win the war against the USSR, and to have made peace with France and the others.

  13. Off topic:


  14. Security experts call for Brennan the Barabarian investigation:
    Watch video press conference

  15. Some readers may have found my prior statements unsupported by proper documentation.

    Perhaps this will help:

    Benyamin Netanyahu:

    "Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories." -- Benyamin Netanyahu, then Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, speaking to students at Bar Ilan University, from the Israeli journal Hotam, November 24, 1989.

    To refresh:

    Anaconda: "War with Iran is a necessary pretext, a piece of the puzzle, in a strategem to conquer & annex the West Bank with little or no respect or regard for the Palestinian People."

    "[Israel will not successfully annex the West Bank] Unless, there has already been a military attack on Iran, which can be used to obscure (military matters will hog the headlines) and justify (as military necessity) apartheid."

    Again, Benyamin Netanyahu:

    "Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories."

    How much easier to justify with a war against Iran?

    If Netanyahu was willing to carry out "mass expulsions" with the distraction of a protest and violent crackdown half a world away, it seems clear Bibbi would use an Iran War in a similar vein.

    I don't think Netanyahu has changed his M. O. at all.

  16. I previously posted a link to this story from another source, but it doesn't seem to be here. This source is from The New York Times:

    The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking
    Published: March 1, 2013
    THIRTEEN years ago, researchers at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum began the grim task of documenting all the ghettos, slave labor sites, concentration camps and killing factories that the Nazis set up throughout Europe.

    What they have found so far has shocked even scholars steeped in the history of the Holocaust.

    The researchers have cataloged some 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe, spanning German-controlled areas from France to Russia and Germany itself, during Hitler’s reign of brutality from 1933 to 1945.

    The figure is so staggering that even fellow Holocaust scholars had to make sure they had heard it correctly when the lead researchers previewed their findings at an academic forum in late January at the German Historical Institute in Washington.

    1. I'm sorry but the National Holocaust Memorial isn't a scholarly or acedemic institution - it is a political/polemical place using public funds to seek to COUNTER the works of real scholars.

      The National Memorial was created to maintain in the public mind the mythological image of the holocaust which has been debunked among acedemic scholars.

      Nothing in the "42,000 site" is new. It's merely a tally of all the jails and prisons in occupied Europe. Because people might have been jailed for crimes of resistance the "Memorial" is now claiming that they are "Nazi camps."

      The REAL holocaust involved German soldiers shooting 1.5 million Jewish children, housewives and their husbands in forests and dumping their bodies in pits all over eastern Europe.

      To me that bad enough to condeme the Nazis for extremely serious war crimes.

      But by the same token the US and Britain burned alive millions of children, housewives and their husbands in cities in Germany and Japan...

      It was well understood at the time by the perpetrators that those were extremely serious war crimes.

    2. Whenever I think of a German soldier shooting a Jewish child in the head in a Lithuanian forest I immediately think of the testimony about Lt. Kalley in Vietnam and how he chased after a fleeing Vietnamese child and shot him in the head at Mi Lai....

      Americans soldiers are no different from German, or Russian, or anyone else.

      American soldiers are just as depraved and murderous as any other "soldiers" [aka killers] set loose on ordinary people.

    3. This is the reason why I dispise all military, and reject anyone who claims that the American military is composed of virtuous people.

      What happened in Iraq is exactly the same as Vietnam.

      These idiot American soldiers convinced themselves in their own deluded brains that they weren't really invading a country, and therefore killed and tortured anyone resisting them.

      Americans are the bad guys.

    4. "I always believed in the goodness of American power."

      -- Madeline Albright