Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marco Rubio flies through the Republican Circus like the childlike Dumbo the Elephant!  This is the best the GOP can do to deliver the rebuttal to state of the Union address???

As a life long republican who felt compelled to vote for Obama, I am still suffering from PTSD incurred by the GOP's IED of inanity of "birth control", "Jesus", "Israel", "pro-life" annunciated by candidates who's recollections of history and Ronald Reagan were at best erroneous and worse fallacious.  Ignorance and arrogance are not just human qualities to be avoided but they seem to be the very threads of which the Republican party is woven……its been like this for three decades.

The Bush/Cheney satanic union was followed by McCain/Palin brain trust which was topped off by the Mitt Romney fiasco.   So now the GOP needs to be more "inclusive" so they pick a less than stellar albeit boyishly handsome "Cuban-American" from Florida (almost Donny Osmond-like).  This is an "insult" to all the Hispanic brothers and sisters in America with roots in Mexico, central and south America.   Most of my Hispanic compatriots are hardworking, many professional men and women who do not brag about their accomplishments but rather are grateful for the opportunity that this country has given them.  They do not exult in their past or brag about how they or their parents 'escaped' persecution….perhaps a side note but never as their reason for being.

But not Marco "Dumbo" Rubio…

His main claim to fame is that his family "escaped Castro", (oops, he had to recant that lie, more on this whopper later) and came here to work hard and get ahead.  Now when I talk to my Salvadorian friends, their first words are not about escaping a civil war where 75,000 citizens were killed thanks to American policy in that country.  My Venezuelan friends do not dwell on how Chavez and this goons are destroying their country just like the bandejos Castro brothers had destroyed the pearl of the Caribbean- Cuba.  People from Peru usually want to discuss the new highway that the Chinese are building across their country and the Colombians want to tell me how safe and beautiful their homeland is now and the diminishing presence of the FARC (a terrorist group of which I had experienced first hand).  However,  no one gloats on the fact that are hispanic or are an immigrant to the United States.

No one but Marco Rubio, the a la carte Cuban Sociopath de jour (a Bushy and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen [R-forvever FLA] love child)

Rubio, or as I like to think of him, Dumbo (cute but…) certainly cannot talk about his brave anti-Castro family because (as I mentioned before) he tried to pull that expected palaver on the Florida public "My parents were forced to flee Cuba in 1956"…The St Petersburg Times and Washington Post both reported this egregious lie on October 2011.
So like a "trained circus animal"  sociopath he retorted, "The real essence of my family's story is not about the date my parents came to the United States, or whether they traveled back and forth between the two nations or even the date they left Castro's Cuba forever and permanently settled here.  The essence of my family story is why they came to America in the first place and why they had to stay."
Wow! That's a slippery slide down the greasy pole of politics!  But you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Here is the essence of Marco Rubio….
1] One June 2012, he was accused of spending $160,000 on company credit card for personal expenses.  That's a lot of nuts Dumbo!
But because he is such a good Catholic and fully embraces the sacrament of repentance, he paid it back in July!  Whew, close call.
Hey if Charles Rangel or some less connected Hispanic pulled that, he/she would be in the hoosegow by now.

2] 2010 showed us that Rubio had some issues with his mortgage payments (as in not paying) on a house he co-owned with another state rep David Rivera. Result: while Rubio served as the speaker of the Florida house, his house went into foreclosure.  This is a real up standing representative of our citizenry!  A real leader!

3] In 2011, our favorite Hispanic TV station, UNIVISION reported extensively on Rubio's brother-in-law had cocaine-trafficking convictions.  The impressive investigative journal, The Miami Herald, corroborated the story and said Rubio was "held hostage by Univision"

So Rubio is the kind of guy the republican party chooses to be the "new face of leadership"…..good call guys, this is right up there with allowing Mark Sanford (you remember the governor of S.C. who got caught w/o his GPS down,  trysting with his South American soul mate) to run for congress.  Colbert sister must be happy.  Not to mention that Dick Cheney the war-criminal frankenstein speaking to the Wyoming Republican Party- spouting on about what a bad job Obama is doing….so that's like an endorsement, right???

Rubio, second rate schools, second rate grades who never really achieved anything but was breast fed by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. (he was her intern and she is the most senior republican women in the house).  When he became senator, he picks Cesar Conda as his chief of staff- Conda was former policy advisor to Dick Cheney.  Scary.

Some advice to the party of my younger days, if you want to pick an "inclusive" leader, one that embodies the true spirit of immigrants who's children achieve greatness, why don't we look at someone like Sonia Sotomayor!  Summa Cum Laude from Princeton!  Yale Law school, JD.  A constitutionalist who was appointed by Obama to the supreme court.  Remember the GOP that the distinguished Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) represents??  Or Ambassador/governor Huntsman, a bit too smart, too independent for you?

I think its appropriate to quote Halle Berry "My picker is broke"…GOP: leave the ashes of the Cheneys, Bushes, Sanfords buried…..go back to your real roots: achievers, real leaders that love America and want to steer it to a bright future.  Forget the political tools like Dumbo Rubio, he may be your spanish do-boy but he can't help America or Hispanic-Americans.


  1. Yes the Republicans are becoming more and more idiodic and corrupt. Of course they can't hold a candle to the Republican party of the past. The same is true of the Democrats. The current Democratic party is far more moronic and criminal than in the past.

    So what's going on here?

    As a MIT/CIA trained student of national character/psychological warfare/popular culture let's look at trends in American popular culture and see if it can tell us anything about the "state" of thing.

    The PREDOMINATING forms of popular music are devoid of lyrics, non-melodic, and actually non-musical. Predominating themes are egotistical and are narratives portraying the artist as insensitive and overcoming the injuries of living in a malevolent society [e.g. "I can replace you tomorrow," "I don't feel anything,"]. Nowhere in popular music is there "romance" which has predominated music for sixty years. The "ballad" is dead.

    Television and film - Informational content is gone. The predominating forms are displays of the lives of actual wealthy people with no talent or merit other than being wealthy. Celebrity derives from wealth alone, and popular celebrities have no professions are educations, their vocabulary, habits, etc., are those of their audience members.

    Print [newspapers/periodicals] declining and almost non-existent. Virtually no public interest in content-driven journalism/investigations.

    Popular culture also reflects a decline in useable vocabulary and grammar abilities.

    This culture is in crisis.

  2. The causes of the crisis are these:

    American society has always been characterized by disunity and extreme class conflict. Other industrial nations enjoy far more unity based on common heritages which the various peoples comprising America do not share.

    Although class indifference/conflict was present as well in other industrial societies, the unifying influences of their common nationalities OVERCAME internal class differences and led to harmonious, functioning societies.

    In the United States however this never occured. Instead class struggle resulted in extreme forms of class violence including massive labor violence in the years until the Second World War.

    After the Second World War however all these class and labor conflicts were countervailed by the EXTREME PROSPERITY WHICH ACCOMPANIED AMERICA'S DOMINANT ECONOMIC POSITION IN THE WORLD.

    However as the US has lost it's comparative and competitive advantages versus other nations, as the US economy has failed to perform as in the past, class conflict has once again emerged in the form of wealthy individuals gaining trememdously while wage-earners are declining materially with less and less opportunity for advancement.

    These social/economic stresses of the last thirty years, roughly beginning with the end of the Bretton Woods systems and the decline in American trade dominance, is what's at the root of this problem. Or better said the loss of trade dominance has allowed the working classes to sink into social and cultural dispair while the upper classes have become decadent and indifferent.

    1. N A F T A signed by Clinton was purposeful economic took 10 years for China's sweat shops to dominate: no natural fibers; all man-made materials; no leather no wool only acrylic rayon and polyester blends.

      america's decline is not sociological; it is global governance; instead of elevating poverty to balance the prosperous countries, it is far easier to fall behind and destroy viable industry. ask Obama- he'll be happy to show you how it's done: over-regulation limits employment, limits productivity, limits profits.

      the Euro was purposeful inflation also.

    2. Friend there's no conspiracy here. I understand that you have your beliefs that there are cabals which rule the world in secret meetings but the clowns like Alex Jones and Lyndon LaRouche who preach this are con men - pure and simple and take it from one who knows Jones' operation in Austin [me] that he's a fake. There is no real evidence of such cabals ruling anything. The "illuminati" doesn't exist, the "Bilderbergs" do nothing but chat, and so forth. That's the reality.

      No one who actually works in the highest levels of governance, statecraft, finance or other institutions can verify any of these conspiratorial claims because they just aren't there. There are plenty of people who have actually worked in the high levels of things who say that things are completely different.

  3. Not to put too fine a point on it but it's a lot easier to EMPATHIZE with your fellow citizens when they look, speak, and act like you do.

    The root of the American problem is that fortunate people find it all the more easier to be callous about the less fortunate because it's unlikely that they even look or behave anything like the the priviledged ones.

    What's going on now is massive social dispair in which personal symbols such as tattoos, which were formerly associated with only the most marginalized class are not adopted by a wider and wider share of the public because they perceive that they identify with being forever prevented from social advancement.

    1. I meant to say, "classes are NOW adopted, rather than "not" adopted.

      I've really gotta to start proofing this stuff before I hit the button.

  4. During his Senate campaigh, Rubio was THE Tea-Party Darling, but he did not give the tea party response. Rand Paul did.
    Because the Tea Party KNOWS HE IS CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE to be POTUS. The blasphemy is that the GOP ignored Obama's ineligibiliy (his mother relinquished his citizenship when she married Soetoro. In Indonesia you cannot be a dual citizen),
    and his true baby daddy is unknown to the public. (I believe it is Malcolm Little Shabazz X; both of the obama girls resemble Malcolm's daughters).
    that would make Obama eligible and a "NATURAL BORN CITIZEN" AS REQUIRED BY LAW.

    How can Obama ever admit, his African daddy and folklore biopic is a fraud, Malcolm X is his illegitimate father, and Farrakhan took him under his wing as a surrogate son out of guilt for causing the assassination?

    Why is he using a social security number of a russian jew, born in 1890, Harrison J. Bounel, listed as the spouse of Michellle Robinson as of 2008?
    You see, when John Brennan ransacked the passport office in '08, he forgot to mess up Obama's mother's passport file. The prima facie evidence will be now before the US Supreme court on this week Friday, 2-15 in a conference to review cases to be heard.

    But since the GOP never challenged Obama (because there is an "agreement" upheld in the courts that neither party will challenge the validity of the opposition's candidate OR THE RESULTS OF THE THE ELECTION OUTCOMES!!), they believe they can put forth any candidate they choose as well.

    There are very few honorable members on both sides. Ted Cruz spoke up about Hagel this week and Nelson (the senile florida Senator )attempted to invalidate him; McCain joined in.

    Since Rubio's parents were not naturalized as citizens before Marco was born, Marco is not "Natural Born". You must have 2 American citizen parents, a very precise and exceptional requirement to avoid "dual loyalty" in order to be POTUS.
    His parents were "naturalized" after Marco's birth, which qualifies him for any office as long as he has a selective serice card.

    By the way, Obama's selective service card dated "80" is a forgery (2 digits as "80" inverted from "2008" and cut "20" off.
    Postal stamp has never changed: always 4 digits on Selective Service Card. CIA isn't that negligent. That was a Bill Ayers forgery, his forte as a racketeerr and criminal

    If Obama really registered, his card would read "1980", but I believe he was jumping to Mars in 1980 (Attorney Andrew Basiago claims Bari's mom put him in the DARPA PROGRAM, along with Duggin, (appointed director of DARPA by Obama, but has since resigned for compromising reasons).

    I BELIEVE IT. After all, mom was CIA:
    That scar looks like he has had implants: His forehead is abutted; and his labiofacial folds look like there is an implant under his nose and around his oral cavity. the musculature is disproportionate to the rest of his face.
    Obama is not from this world, sorry to have to say it publicly.
    He is a plant, and a sinister one, a humanoid devoid of empathy, who fakes human emotions, wreaking havoc & despair on humanity;

    1. prima facie evidence submitted to the SCOTUS:

    2. "A humanoid devoid of empathy who fakes human emotions, wreaking havoc & dispair onhumanity."

      I couldn't have said that better myself.

  5. I'm picking this out of the blog post, but it's a recurring theme.

    "second rate schools"

    What a stinking, snobbish, pile of bullshit!

    It's the most over-rated self-important bullshit.

    By and large, school is what you make it.

    If America is any example to go by, the track record of elite schools is one of driving the nation into the ditch -- because that's right where we are -- a ditch driven into by a bunch of privileged snobs -- many of them with questionable loyalties, it would seem, given what has befallen the republic.

    Those first class schools in the Northeast sure are sending out a lot of graduates who gravitate into government leeches and special interest sell outs.

    We need fresh blood -- not the blue blood of privilege and bloated self-importance.

    I don't think we would miss much if every Ivy League school fell into the ocean.

    Give me a state school man with integrity over an Ivy Leager filled with the moral puss of "we know better" and "it's for your own good."


    He's a politician -- no angel for sure. I differ with him on numerous issues and I would not be inclined to vote for him in a primary for a Republican nomination for president.

    Rubio's senate win is an example of being at the right place at the right time -- that's politics.

    A lot of politicians are like that, started out as nothing special (local tax collector, that kinda thing), but hit the sweet spot politically, and now are "respected" Congressman or Senators.

    Attacking Rubio is giving too much credit to a whole slew of other run of the mill politicians.

    Most are hacks...there are few Statesmen.

    The whole supposed, "Republicans have a hispanic problem," is overblown.

    Actually, Three things cost Republicans the presidency (in no particular order):

    1. Many Americans won't vote for a Mormon.

    2. Romney was a Wall Street candidate after a Wall Street crisis and economic collapse -- where not a single significant participant in systematic fraud went to jail.

    3. Romney's war-like foreign policy repulsed working class independents and soft Democrats, even some Republicans, as a war weary nation wasn't enthused by the prospect of war with Iran.

    But Conservatism Inc. wants Republicans to believe amnesty is a must. No, Republicans need to connect with working class and middle class voters as a result of policies campaigned on and carried out which build jobs -- regardless of race.

    This is a shallow post.

    La Raza, "For the race, everything, for those outside the race, nothing"

    By and large, La Raza is a Democratic Party ethnic idenity, special interest pleader. There are other such groups in the Democratic firmament.

    Rubio is a gook looking pol (never hurts to have a winning smile in politics), but on a national level is green, still a "rookie" and frankly over-hyped by many in the party.

    Let the man mature and season.

    1. Anaconda- You are right about the schools, I agree that a good education can come from many different kinds of academic institutions, many of my smartest, most intelligent friends have been educated at so called "state schools".or the school of life...thanks for the call out. My main beef is lack of real accomplishment, executive leadership.

    2. The idea that better education can improve things is rubbish. The reasons why many kids leave or do poorly is because of their families, not the schools. Furthermore increasing the numbers of people with particular skills only drives down the salaries those jobs can obtain.

      You can't just look at the few high wage jobs existing and say, "Hey, why don't we train everyone to do those jobs and then everyone will be paid a lot."

      It doesn't work that way.

  6. I'm still stuck on the fact you voted for Obama. Quite frankly I am stunned you saw fit to vote for either of the clowns running in 2008. How you saw either of these soulless ghouls as viable options for President of this great idea we call America is beyond me. I do enjoy you immensely though. Thank you for my enlightenment in so many areas.

    1. I can't claim to speak for anyone else but the difference between people who dream about change and those slugging it out in the real world is that the real guys have learned to make practical choices.

      It ain't pretty but the real world of human being is what it is and if you have worked in situations where you must show results you get used to making huge compromises.

    2. Or you can stick to your principals and be ridiculed and called a kook, fight the establishment, and embolden others through your failures (if that is the result) to fight as well. Wars can be one while losing most of the battles. Ask George Washington. I guess he should have surrendered after New York was lost. That would seem the practical thing to do.

    3. MITMichael, so voting for Obama was a sound choice, that in 20/20 hindsight, would be repeated?

      As far as people who dream about change, well, you don't know me but I get my hands in it pretty deep from time to time, and I am not referring to voting for Obama, or Romney, or any of these charlatans. You can pretend all day that voting for either one of them matters at this point. If that makes you feel like you are a winner, then go for it.

    4. My point is that there was no sound choice. I agree with Dr.P and Webster Tarpley that the neocons around Romney would have likely started a third world war involving Iran and perhaps Russia and China if Romney had been elected.

      There were a lot of things about Romney which I prefered, but his allianc with Israel and neocons like the Kagans made him extremely dangerous.

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  8. Dr.P I have to disagree with you regarding Venezuela and Cuba. Cuba was not a "pearl," but a land of squalor, widespread miserable poverty, rape, torture, criminality, and unspeakable suffering. My mentor and buddy CIA counter-intelligence Chief David Strier was there from 1956 to 1958 and actually supported Castro and spoke highly of him until he died in 2004. Cuba after 1959 is no picnic, but much of the suffering is the result of US sanctions and other policies. In Venezuela Chavez is a mixed bag, but if it were not for him the windfall of oil revenues would never have benefitted the citizens as it has. He's a cantancorous personality but there's a reason why he keeps getting re-elected, and he's typical of other populist leaders in Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador and other spots which were formerly under the thumb of CIA terror states.