Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This HuffPost article echoes what I have been saying for a long about Colin Powell, good to read someone else's take.


  1. How would you like to join me & my insomnia? We could pass the time remembering the days of dictators past & how they fell from glory:

    1. Powell has no one to blame but himself. He's the Dude who lied to the U.N. to convince them that the US "preventive" war of invasion, rape, torture, murder and plunder was a "pre-emptive" war.

      In international relations [as taught at MIT or anywhere else] pre-emptive war is responding to an imminent threat and striking first because you have no choice other than to absorb a first strike or attack. This is justifiable.

      PREVENTIVE war is simply aggression, and it's an attack on someone because you fear that in the future they might have an advantage over you and you might as well knock them off now while conditions are in your favor.

      It was the NEOCONS who successfully changed the definitions of these two words in the public mind and the media, such that now they are conflated and the public thinks that PRE-EMPTION is the same thing as PREVENTION.

      They are not.

      And if idiot "scholars" like Graham Allison had written a book about this matter he would have been applauded for it.

      As it is Dr. Allison [can you guess he and I never got along] wrote a totally distorted book claiming that terrorists can gain nuclear weapons.

      Allison is the most pathetic example of a scholar who's completely sold out all principles for vain hopes of relevance.

  2. Hey if you want to discuss one indignant guy who's had enough of arrogance and un-accountability how about this CHRISTOPHER DORNER person?

    The LAPD has been among the most stinking, corrupt, cowardly municipal "police forces" since it's founding. In the 1920s and 1930s they operated "gun squads" [death squads] to kill of unwanted people trying to horn in on the illegal rackets they wanted to keep for themselves. By the 1940s their reputation was SO BAD that Chief Parker had to put them all in cars so all they could do is respond to calls and hope along the way they wouldn't get to know anyone well enough to do any more crooked business with them.

    The 1980s saw Darrell Gates and his phoney toughness. I was in LA during the "Rodney King,RIP" riots and all this toughness melted away when the LAPD withdrew from the streets for their own safety and abandoned citizens who were left to themselves for defense.

    The '80s also saw enormous criminality with the LAPD, the "Rampart" division being only the tip of the matter.

    Then in 1994 the LAPD completely blew the O.J.Simpson case - it was all their fault, and if you think otherwise let me elaborate.

    The O.J. jury found CORRECTLY. Simpson's defense had established that much of the blood entered into evidence contained chemicals ONLY FOUND IN BLOOD AFTER IT'S BROUGHT TO THE CRIME LAB.

    Not only did the "Detectives" place blood in various places to sweeten the case, but the LAPD criminals were caught lying about their treatment of the evidence at the scene when photos were shown contradicting their claims about what happened there.

    The OJ jury knew what those of us living in LA and watching the case knew - nothing the LAPD says can be believed, and that's as true today as in 1994.

    Chris Dorner is one pissed off Dude, and it's interesting to see these LAPD bullyboys run again and scamper for cover as they did during their cowardly performance in the Rodney King riots.

    When will the public WAKE UP and realize that municipal police forces cannot be trusted. They're only city employees after all.

  3. john brennan is a pathological liar and a bullshitter.

    he claimed "executive privilege" to Saxby Chamblis on behalf of Obama regarding Benghazi!

    he is well rehearsed but anyone with a triple digit iq can see through his superlative schmoozing ass-kissing.

    he is a hyperactive hypocrite.
    He looks like Haman and behaves like him; obviously, feinstein never read the Book of Esther: She just said she never questioned anyone who was so "forthright and honest!".

    a con man who will lead us into war for no reason other than employing (and maiming those who would otherwise be unemployable. His bin ladin remarks were so disgusting.

    The only one who showed any intellectual curiousity was Susan Collins. Are all the senators dumb or just grabbing a piece of the action?

    sickening. this is the best of American? Our country has become a swamp of deception and prevarication.