Friday, June 6, 2014

Here (hear) is my latest Alex Jones Show,  take a listen if you haven't already.


  1. Well done
    We've been calling for impeachment since 1 Nov 2013

  2. You've been targeted. Your legal fees were a fine for your thought crimes.

    Soon you will be targeted as a DOMESTIC TERRORIST.

    A Congressman has called for HOLDER's impeachment.

    In the interim, he is activating thought crime task force.

    He will scrub your blog.


  3. Dahboo has interesting things to say about the latest shootings. He also has a lot to say about Alex Jones.

    Las Vegas Shooting: MK 'Psyop' Exposed!
    Published on Jun 9, 2014
    Don't be fooled by the main stream media trickery! Why No word on the 40 killed from shootings in Chicago over the weekend?? Exactly!
    They are all over this event, just like Santa Barbara and Sandy Hook Shootings! The list goes on and on. The Feds have already admitted to staging events, so they they could intern foil the event and look like a hero. More info at links!

  4. Part 1 Mr. Nathan Folks, a well known US based film and TV director and producer. He is also one of the organizers of the Worldwide Wave of Action and a truth seeker.

    "They are controlling the media and the Internet. Even if there is an outcry no one is going to hear it...We’ve been subject to no more freedom of speech and our constitutional rights here have been eliminated, because I can tell you there are millions and millions of people, millions and millions of Americans that would not stand for this. And I think this is the first chance we have to start to build back any credibility that maybe we ever had..the only way to restore any kind of credibility is to go after all those people who did all this, from the torture at Guantanamo to 9-11. I think even going back to the Kennedy Assassination which they continue to obfuscate…

    "..just taking this to a whole different comical level that the fact that they think we all buy this, and that we are all going to sit here and watch it happen over and over again, you know, they have another thing coming. That’s why I joined forces with the Worldwide Wave of Action because you know; the truth has to come out. And people are not going to sit here and watch them make a mockery of ourselves.
    Everybody around the world knows Boston Bombing was a joke; everyone in the US has been fed lies and lies after lies and it started in 9-11 and it hasn’t stopped."

    1. Part 2 Nathan folks, Movie Producer
      "As I watched the events unfold I started to realize that we are watching yet another false flag event unfold...we are up against an environment that is trying to create a fear factor in the media. And the fear factor is to keep us scared and to keep us in fear as long as they can.
      And the events that I know to be true, including the "Boston hero" (Carlos) who was a person in my last film, “The prosecution of an American president” and his wife, I started to recognize that this was not an event that was at all 100% true....I was blown away at the fact that he was essentially being used to act in this fake environment, this hyper-reality scene of a terrorism that never happened....if there was an injury or a death in the event that unfolded my heart goes out to those families. But from the people that I know that were involved, from the people that were in the scenes that we call Hyper-Reality Filmmaking, which is a very common thing you do in the military...these people are actually able to see and feel and help what they think is a real injured person, but it is really just an amputee that is playing as a crisis actor, being someone that had lost their limbs but a makeup artist has been able to re-enact a bloody scene, so that they actually see and feel like they are in a war zone...

      one: how were they able to get away with that? And two: watching the edits and the supposedly live television broadcasting we were seeing, it wasn’t "live" at all, it was edited... this wasn’t in 2013 HD ..this was in old technology from 2002, because it is grainer and you can’t see the edits as well...when you see pictures from 2013 that were in HD and then you look at clips and cuts of the footage from television, it is very obvious that it was used on purpose... get it right and by using Green Screen they were able to show the buildings that were actually on Boylston Street and when you use a Green Screen it is a lot like the 1997. movie Titanic...They just did it on television. We are watching green screen on television to re-enact a street scene that happened for real, but just a smoke bomb but when they re-enacted the people that were hurt they had to add the blood and the amputees and to put one the makeup...The Woman in Pink". She has literally got a makeup bag and she is going to each victim, she is not helping them! She is putting make up on them!

      When you get your legs blown off you are not supposed to are not going to be out in front of millions of people celebrating Boston at a hockey game or any type of arena...the emotional impact of losing your legs would probably keep you out of the public eye for at least a year.

      So I’m sorry, I’m not fooled and I’m not going to let everyone else be fooled. Someone has to speak out against it. And they can follow me, they can do whatever they want but at the end of the day the truth has to come out some time. They can’t get away with it anymore."

    2. Part 3 Movie Producer Nathan Folks:

      "I have never been sick in my life, I have never been in the hospital, but in the days after this event and weeks after this event and me talking about it, I was in the hospital for a total of 22 days over the course of three months...I couldn’t hold water, I couldn’t hold food, it was some type of took me good 3 to 6 months to kind of rehabilitate and get back on my feet and I figured if they are trying to scare me off or they are trying to keep me down from speaking: then it was a good try but it didn’t work...

      a gentlemen that runs a website called “Natural News” and he was coming out with very similar examples that I was during that time...they wrote an article about how he has gotten sick from the food..they took his article down and re-wrote it in the third person....makes me realize that something is going on...there were several other people that had gotten sick, and that seems to be part of this coming out. Anyone that has come out about this, got sick or disappeared...the millions and millions of people that came out on about the scene and about the situation on websites essentially were silenced because there wasn’t a word about it this has been silenced for someone who has done something to the people that did come out about it…

      I have a Verizon Wireless Internet and in one day over 200 GB was taken from my service, ran up 35 hundred dollar bill in a 24-hour period...not many people want to just pay $3,500 for no reason...It was so that I would stop speaking about things that I’m knowledgeable about....

      whoever was in charge of the Boston Bombing Campaign did a very lousy job. They need to consult with some real Hollywood producers if they are going to do anything like that again and maybe make sure that they don’t fool the nation in their process because this is absurd...
      They keep getting away with it, they are getting used to be able to get with it and they are getting sloppy and eventually and as this Worldwide Wave of Action is able to expose the truth more and more, I think we are going to stop this evil that is now taking over the US and is trying to keep people in fear and using fear mongering techniques on our media...we are not going to sit here and be poisoned and be lied to and listen to this "essentially crap" that they are feeding us in our media, this is not going to happen anymore. We have to stand up and make a change.

      4-25-14 voice of Russia "Boston bombing was a false flag attack Nathan Folks"(audio interview there)

    3. Part 4 Nathan Folks "Follow the money”

      "...there needs to be an investigation into the One Boston Fund and the money that millions of people gave to that fund which was a complete fraud... people that are making money of this need to be investigated and by doing so I think the truth will come out...who actually is running One Boston Fund that supported a lot of this, it goes right up the line to Homeland Security and the people that wrote books on this exact nature..

      I’d find out: each one of these people who got money from this situation; why they got money; what public relations firm based out of DC represented all these people (I think that is another “untying” of the rope if you will), and it is just all there, it is all is all on the writing. It is all documents, it is all there, it is just no one wants to read it and admit it....

      they use the crisis actors over and over. They pay them off once and you know... I won’t be surprised when Carlos Arredondo (the man in a cowboy hat, he was the Boston hero by getting these non-bleeding two-legged-blown-off man to safety) is another hero of another event...
      Both the production & makeup designers are in the scenes, helping everyone and then all of a sudden she is injured, you know, there is pictures of her being injured at the end. I mean, it is just so unbelievably ridiculous that I don’t want this to happen again, I don’t want them to put the country through this again...

      I want to interview every doctor that was used in the Boston Bombing, I’d like to find out where that money really went for the One Boston Fund, I want them to prove it, you know."

      Part 5 Nathan Folks

      "... 2013, was pretty much an awakening for me on many levels. A lot of corporate and “other” situations that are happening...
      When someone is sickened and put in the hospital and abused in certain ways; you are beaten down - I may be tired and I may be pretty much exhausted from working on all these things, but the fire is lit brighter and harder than it has ever been....I was naïve a year ago. I was blinded by many things and as soon as these things came to light I saw what I needed to do, which was to step up and start making it different and doing it now..there is something really, really smelly about this whole situation and it needs to exposed &investigated."

      4-28-14 voice of Russia "one Boston Fund key to boston bombing hoax Nathan Folks"

    4. The Boston Marathon bombing was faked? We all know what he's saying, but why can't everyone else?