Thursday, June 12, 2014

House Majority Leader Jewish Republican Eric CANTOR: “Chants the Mourner’s Kadish”
Farewell to Jewish Politics Across Both the Republican and Democratic Parties!  America and European Nations Are Moving To The Right!!
Thank God!!
By now,  most of you have heard about how the obnoxious,  arrogant Eric Cantor,  who happens to be Jewish,  lost the primary election to a ‘goyish’ upstart,  Dave Bart,  Economics Professor at Randall-Macon College in Virginia.   I can write about all the abstruse issues that led to the downfall of this self-aggrandizing Jew,  Eric Cantor,  as the “highest Jewish official in American History” or as the first Jewish Vice President [Politico, June 11, 2014, “For Jewish Republicans: OY Vey! By Alexander Burns]; but, I will go to the heart of his defeat- his flaunted Jewishness!
For several years,  both in my blogs and radio appearances since 9/11,  I have warned American Jews,  particularly the Republican Jews,  the neo-cons, as well as the more prominent Democratic Jews in congress that their public espousal of the importance of ISRAEL will cause a major backlash.   These political Jews continued to demonstrate their insatiable obsession to manipulate the American public with issues of Jewish values and false memorials to the “holocaust”.
Unfortunately,  I was right.   I was not interested in being right because it meant that for the third time in my professional and private life I would have to deal with subtle and not too subtle forms of ANTI-SEMITISM.
First,  I had to deal with Nazi anti-semitism.   Next,  Communist anti-semitism.   Finally,  I had to deal with Americas gentleman’s agreement in my College; Med School; and State Department—a more subtle form of anti-Semitism where quotas and silent collusion of professional and residential restrictions are imposed.  Do I resent what happened to me?  Not really.   For me,  different forms of anti-Semitism afforded me the unique opportunity to understand the underlying currents of discontent;  personal and religious hatreds that could lead to someone not liking me for my religion.  That’s the burden of birth of which I am not ashamed.   My faithful readers and listeners may understand that I have many personal and professional attributes that could easily contribute to anyone/everyone disliking me.  No problem there either. 
The major problem has been and is that Jewish “chicken hawks” like Richard Perle,  Elliot Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, Sandy Berger, Dennis Ross, Robert Kaplan,  Robert Kagan (wife Victoria Nuland),  John Podhoretz,  Midge Decter,  Rahm Emanuel and many others have continuously advocated for war in Iraq/Afghanistan,  in order to establish a fictional notion of American supremacy in the Middle East.   Be they Republicans or Democrats,  everything that was initiated,  implemented or discussed had to have a “JEWISH FILTER” or “OPTICS”.   At the same time,  General David Petraeus declared “ISRAEL AS A STRATEGIC LIABILITY.”

Remember the blog I wrote some time ago,  when the Republican sycophants rushed to kiss the tainted hand of the Mafioso Jewish Casino owner,  Sheldon Adelson?  These would be presidential candidates whored themselves to this ugly Israeli Pimp whose only real concern and question was:  ”Do you support Israel?”  “What will you do for Israel??? (not America)?”   Non Jews: Chris Christie,  Marco Rubio,  Jeb Bush,  Ted Cruz and even Mitt Romney all paid homage to this mafia front man who received his ill-gotten gains from casino chicanery.   So this crooked Jew was in effect determining who would become the next Republican Candidate for the Presidency of the USA???
Have we no shame?  I ask. 
Is it any wonder that we,  Jews,  who represent a fraction of the world’s population have impacted more of the world’s history than any other religious group-- are then resented for our exclusivity, arrogance, bullying and guilt tactics?
The real story is that American Jews along with the so-called “Founding Fathers” of Israel: Ben Gurion and company --did little to nothing to save the diaspora jews during WW II.   How do I know?   Neither the great FDR; nor other Liberal Democrats, did anything to save those of us who were fortunate to escape the Holocaust.  In other words, American Jews were AWOL!!
Here are some lesser known facts about the unsung heroes, who happened to be Christians,  who truly saved thousands of jews during WW II.  Spanish Dictator Franco, Portuguese Dictator Antonio Salazar,  Bulgarian Arch Bishop Stefan,  Lucky Luciano,  Cuba’s Fulgencio Batista were just a few.  Contrary to the narrative that American Jews and Bibi would have you believe,  the German Jews who ran most of the show in WWII (137,000 German Jews joined Hitler’s army) did nothing to save the Polish or Slavic Jews.

Back to my basic point,  I do not care what your religion or political party is BUT you better think of America first!  not Israel first.  If you have NOT served do NOT advocate for war.  America does not belong to the pushy jews who have the most money and will force and manipulate an agenda that is friendly to Zionists but to the determent of Americans.  It will blow back,  trust me.  As Mr Cantor,  who was funded by Goldman-Sachs,  now realizes.


  1. I think that so many German Jews served in the Wehrmacht speaks more to the nature of the war than anything else. Americans have been lied to when they're told that the war only happened because of Hitler's aggressiveness. From the point of view of all Germans the war was forced on them in the same way as the Great War, and Germans of all backgrounds perceived the need to serve. As for the German Jews not saving other Jews from the holocaust you have to remember that no Germans were aware that all the Jews of east of Poland were being exterminated. The existence of the holocaust was unknown to Germans.

    1. In addition most German Jews were highly educated, nationalistic and felt that they had little in common with the Jews of Belarus, Ukraine and so forth who were likely to be communists, of lower education, etc......

      In Germany most Jews were totally assimilated and intermarried with gentiles whereas in Poland and everywhere in the east Jews were exclusive, exclusionary, and so forth....

  2. In my opinion there are malevolent Jews and benevolent Jews and even a few indifferent Jews present in the same percentages as malevolent vs. benevolent individuals in the population at large. However Jews have high IQs - all of them. There are no stupid Jews as there are stupid individuals in most other ethnic groups.

    As everyone here may know I'm basically a racist and I believe that intelligence levels and national character explain everything. You just can't get around it. Jews are all very intelligent and that's why they always are clever enough to never have bad jobs, bad careers, and they never waste time and effort on sports or other things low IQ people do. And for that matter Jews are too intelligent to become drug addicts or alcoholics.....

    For benevolent Jews the other Jews who are larcenous, ruthless, cruel, etc is extremely painful. But the strongest opposition to Israel is from other Jews, not the stupid low-IQ Christians who are not only stupid enough to support Israel but have adopted a foreign religion as their own in the first place LOL.

  3. Dr P I think you are incorrect when you say that Europe and America are turning to the right.

    What's happening in both places is a populist, nationalistic rise which is opposed to the right, which is pro-corporate and pro-wealthy, and internationalist.

    The Nazis in Germany were not the right: they were populist pro-socialists opposed to the aristocrats, bankers, and the conservatives.

    The right are the conservatives, and in Europe and the US the new trend is not conservative but pro-nationalist, anti-immigration, anti-corportate, anti-banker, etc.........

    This trend is crypto-national socialist, not conservative.

  4. The Kurds have taken over Kirkuk and it's oil. The Saudi funded Salifists have now taken over all of northern Sunni Iraq.

    The Shiites let them have those areas and didn't even attempt to prevent them.

    Iraq is now divided, which is what the Kurds and Shiites have always wanted and which Saddam Hussein and CIA have always worked to prevent.

    CIA thought they could get close to Obama by including him in their drone mission but despite this Obama is still afraid to do anything in the Middle East. He will let the Saudis and Iranians fight out their battles there while the US is now on the sidelines. Unless it involves some specific individual who Obama thinks will threaten the US someday he will never act. He's opposed to the US forming any strategy to support one side or oppose another in the region.

    The US is almost totally disengaged.

    1. We shouldn't be surprised by this. The US usually intervenes only for it's own interests. Now Obama has rejected that in favor of an indifferent nonengagement, letting the region's peoples fight it out.

      Maybe that's better than the ruthless self interest of policy before, but to me it would be better to form a strategy which benefits the people there, but that's too much to ask of any American government. That would be asking them to do something they say they are always doing but in reality have never done before.

  5. CIA/MIT: As always, thanks for your insight, valuable.

    1. Dr Steve, When are people going to wakeup to the fact that the guardians of the Vatican treasury the Rothschild family started and run Israel? City of London-Financial, Vatican City-Spiritual and Washington DC- Military plus the CIA all ran and controlled by the Jesuits like this site 'The Rothschild Bloodline Financial Wizards & Wealthy Cults' reveals!

    2. Dr Steve, Talking of Israel people should watch this video 'Meet The " Clintons " who like many other US Presidents are just more Israeli puppets!

  6. My family has never been the target of anti-semitism, but.....

    They moved from the Rhine Valley to San Antonio in the 1950s and this is what happened....

    After Texas independence in 1836 San Antonio was the state's largest town but no one there knew how to build anything as they were all sodbusters, slave owners, etc..

    Then Germans from the Rhine Valley showed up. They were musicians, educators, millers, architects, merchants, etc. In short order San Antonio had schools, colleges, symphonic halls, gymnasiums with dormitories were big, as well as banks, mills for corn, flower, cotton, shops for making leather, glass, fabrics...everything.

    The Germans had their own social club, the Casino club, where ONLY GERMAN WAS SPOKEN except for the Generals who came into town at Fort Sam Houston like Robert E. Lee or Winfield Scott who were allowed to speak English.

    The Germans bought land on the south side of the river downtown and built a lavish neighborhood on either side of their avenue, named, "King Wilhelm Strasse."

    Well all was going well until the Zimmerman telegram in 1916 and by 1917 America had declared war on Germany. Symphonies across the nation stopped playing German composers, and the nation's first propaganda bureau [bureau of information] echoed the press' anti-Hun blather by promoting an anti-German crusade whipping up public hatred for anything German....

    In San Antonio the Army turned hostile toward the city's German fathers and forced them to change the name of King Wilhelm Strasse to "General Pershing Avenue."

    My family became so fed up with conditions in San Antonio that they moved one county north to the all-German enclave of Neu Braunfels where no one spoke anything but German and Latinos and coloreds weren't allowed to own property. In Neu Braunfels however many Jewish-German merchants thrived, owning all the towns' clothing stores such as Jacob Mendlovitz and Jacob Schmidt.

    By the time I came along in 1959 there were a few people there who spoke English, and I was fortunate to grow up there rather than the mess which San Antonio became when Scotch Irish and other WASPs moved in and elbowed out the Germans after the fiasco of WWI.

    1. I meant to say my family moved to San Antonio in the 1850s, not the 1950s....

    2. Shortly after the Germans civilized San Antonio a bunch of Italians moved in also, and had their own clubs and city newspaper in Italian. Lucchese boots was started there. Germans and Italians get along together fine but Germans don't cotton to anyone from the British Isles.

    3. In the 1850s Frederick Ohlmstead, the architect of Central Park, visited Neu Braunfels and wrote about the paradise "the Germans of New Braunfels" had created there. Among there many inventions was a city law forbiding any building to have a roof other than that made of metal or tin. This prevented fires from starting and spreading to other buildings.

      Germans are big on conformity.

    4. Ah, New Braunfels and the Schlitterbahn waterpark!

  7. I left New Braunfels in 1978 when it had 18,000 residents, which hadn't changed in eighty years....and now I think it has 60,000....

    When I was four and five my mother didn't have a car and took me for long walks to the downtown area when she needed to go somewhere, like to take shoes to be repaired because of all the walking....

    Everytime I was there I saw this tall man [everyone was tall then] with bandages over his eyes, playing the acordian in front of the Woolworth with a tin cup on the ground for change. He just played and played with those bandages on and my grandmother told me he lost his eyes in World War One. That was 1964.

    The plaza has a statue of a confederate soldier because Comal County was the only German County in Texas which supported secession, and there's also a WWI doughboy I guess to show any doubters that the Germans there supported the war effort then [although only reluctantly if truth be known].

    1. The Germans in Texas hated slavery and hated slave owners. Many Germans tried to get to the union lines to join their forces, and were stopped and executed for their efforts. But in Comal County opinion considered the evils of Lincoln's war making and dictatorship worse than slavery so 800 joined the Confederate side.

      In 1900 Comal County had 92 different shooting clubs and everyone there, including myelf, were proficient with rifles and shotguns by the age of ten. I was hunting with guns of my own at 8. I remember sitting waiting for doves to fly over to shoot with my shotgun and listening to Gary Pucket and the Union Gap on the radio so that was 1968.

  8. My grandmother didn't have a car either and if I was staying with her we would walk in the evenings a few blocks to a drive in where she would sit and drink beer with her friends. She bought me "nigger babies" which were black licorish little babies common then. The walk back was scarry because we had to pass the hospital, and at night I had strange feelings coming from that place. I'd look toward the windows of the rooms and feel that strange feeling. Once they took me to rest home to see a friend of theirs and that same feeling was there also. It's not a feeling like any other. Life was full of different feelings then...not like today.

    1. When I was four years old I didn't know what death was but I did know what that feeling meant.

  9. The first time I ever saw a negro was in 1968 when we were renting a house in a sketchy area while our new house was being built and this huge, fat black Dude walked up to the wire fence behind our back yard. I had a new dog and as soon as the large black guy reached the fence he pulled out a revolver and started brandishing it around and talking shit. I was scared to death he was going to shot my dog, and I kept talking to him to try to placate him and act friendly because I thought if I turned around and went into the house for help he would get pissed off and shoot me in the back....

    That was my first experience with a negro.

  10. Even in New Braunfels when you're eight years old you can out of the blue be confronted with a deadly situation.....

  11. I'm not going to make any friends saying this but this was the kind of totally out of the blue kind of sudden violence which people in the south and midwest would encounter from negros from time to time, and no amount of fearful behavior toward them would change their occassion impulses....

    The last lynching in Indiana in 1934 happened in Marion when three black youths went out at night with a gun, found a couple of white lovers in their car on a country road...

    The negros, who had no criminal records of any kind, raped the girl and then shot both of them...then they took their car on a joy ride until of course they were stopped....

    They were so fucking stupid they thought nothing would happen to them I guess, so they drove around in the victims' car as though nothing was wrong...

    Later that night they were lynched by a crowd of thousands, and it was those kinds of event which always brought on lynchings...contrary to political propaganda to the contrary that blacks were lynched when they wanted to vote, etc......That's bullshit.

    1. The purpose of lynching was to make an example so as to try to deter them from such acts...but even as fearful as a lynching is it wasn't deterrent enough for someone with absolutely no brains.

    2. About a year or two ago three black Dudes who had just got out of the Marines invaded this house where a white army soldier and his new black bride were living....

      The three black Marines tied up the white guy and raped his black wife in front of him, then the black Dudes stabbed them both to death and left...

      They were quickly caught.

      I can only imagine the girls they raped and killed when they were in Iraq together.....

    3. I wonder sometimes if there's really anything about America worth struggling for?

      I mean this country is so fucking evil.

      Sometimes I think it deserves what's happening now, which is it's slow decline into oblivion.

    4. I can guarantee you that rich Americans don't give a shit what happens to this country anymore. They are above it all and think of themselves as citizens of the world and have nothing in common with ordinary Americans.

      That's totally diffferent from the wealthy in other countries which have a common language and culture.

      The ethnic divisions in this country have always been it's weakness and now it's the downfall because without rich people caring nothing can happen that's good.

    5. Research this case on the internet and you will see the testimony from one of the three blacks because his lynching was interrupted for some reason...he says he heard the voice of God and everyone stopped what they were doing....

      Strange story about the "Last Lynching in Indiana."

  12. In 1968 I had this crush on Susan Cowsill and they showed up at the San Antonio Auto Show of all places to perform so I got to see her in the flesh.

    Then in 2010 Susan Cowsill shows up in Austin and plays with her band at a small venue here. She was a little heavy and matronly but she still had the goods. She is still an extraordinary talent. She said her older brother Barry was killed in New Orleans during Katrina.

    1. The human spirit obliterates time.

    2. I mean really. Some humans, the refined ones, are the most magnificent beings. They are devine, and the equal to anything.

  13. Thank you. Just saw a documentary on the Cowsills, what a story.

    1. Go to

      to see the description of Frederick Olmsted visiting Neu Braunfels in the 1850s....

      "German Intellectuals in the Texas Frontier"

  14. John Kerry is sounding more and more like Baghdad Bob to me when talking about Iraq on this mornings news.

  15. Once again some fantastic posts in here again! Sometimes its best to sit back and digest if one hasn't anything to say but something struck me today! It was the UK government saying the armed forces have to be cut due to financial constraints and then hey presto the ISIS kick off in Iraq!!! Call me cynical but the wheels of military industrial complex will soon be greased again I'm sure! In the end it becomes too easy to predict even for a basically educated construction worker like me!!! Forgive me if you detect a slight hint of satire.


    So this "ISIS" or "ISIL" or whoever has been planning this for how long and there was no warning? What's the point of these budgets? No strategic warning of anything? Not even the NSA to peek into these guys?

    If guys like these are not the targets, if they are not snooped on with all the NSA assets available...

    Then what the hell is going on?

    Not a word of criticism from Congress or anyone about this surprise, just the same old tune that we should never have left and why did all these young people leave their arms and legs and pieces of their brains and skulls over there.....

    Reminds my of the Spring of 1975.

    What we did was worse than nothing....none of it would have happened if it weren't for us.

  17. I apologize for making so many speeches but this is the way "statecraft" doesn't operate.

    Governments who map out grand strategies or think through plans for contingencies or act on this or that ARE NOT BEHAVING LOGICALLY OR RATIONALLY OR EVEN INTELLIGENTLY.

    None of this would be happening if the US hadn't have attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. There was never a necessity for it but they thought it would be a good idea. Even without any weapons of mass destruction or any threat to the US they later claimed that the people of Iraq, "are a whale of a lot better off now that Saddam is gone." - Donald Rumsfeld.

    States get themselves into wars which destroy their countries, their governments, change their whole societies, get their leaders and their families killed....and all for what?

    Because they thought they couldn't live with this or that little threat???? A threat which they exaggerated because they were behaving purely out of emotion without any rational thought as to what would really likely happen under this outcome or that???

    The answer is actually..always...


    I don't care if it's Russian missiles in Cuba in 1962 or Russian missiles in east Germany in 1982 or a communist government in Vietnam in 1964 or whatever.....

    It's better to live with the appearance of a small little tiny threat somewhere than to start an unpredictable war to destroy it with massive deadly force and wind up killing all these people...over what???

    Leaders are not intelligent. Their bureaucratic, well-educated advisors are not either. All of statecraft is folly. It's a child's game.

  18. Don't apologise MIT! Keep it up this is fascinating content I especially loved the introduction into Neu braunfels very interesting stuff! What was it Patton said? If we are all thinking the same it means someone isn't thinking!!!! No I implore you keep delivering

  19. I don't think Cantor was defeated because of his being Jewish, after all, he was elected in that Congressional district seven times.

    I don't think Cantor was defeated because of blow back from his Israeli First politics.

    Cantor lost because he supported amnesty and lied about it and the Republican primary voters knew that.

    Cantor also supported Crony Capitalism & Wall Street.

    Cantor also supported the NSA surveillance program.

    The grass-roots in that district had numerous beefs with Cantor.

    But amnesty was the centerpiece of the campaign in the last two weeks of the contest.

    And, right now, there is an invasion on the southern border.

    In some sense it is understandable that every faction that stood against Cantor is taking some of the credit as they all contributed to his defeat, but what put Brat over the top and coast to victory was that illegal immigration and amnesty affect everything else.

    Pack this country with Democratic Party voters that can be manipulated (as can Republican rank-n-file) and see what happens to the constitution.

    2nd Amendment rights?

    1st Amendment rights?

    I could go down the Bill of Rights or into the body of the Constitution, itself.

    If there is one thing that has been demonstrated by both parties -- the elite have no respect for the founding principles of this nation nor have they any respect for the document that memorializes those founding principles in today's world.

    Israeli Firsters also put the U. S. Constitution in second place.

    Did Cantor lose votes because of his AIPAC support?

    Some, but that did not cost him the election.

    Populism was the big winner.

    The political party that successfully catches the populist political wave has a real opportunity to turn this country around.

    Populism is neither right nor left as it has elements of both.

    Or you could claim that both the left & right have populist supporters within their part of the spectrum.

    But in order to overthrow the current elite (or at least make them retire to that Jimmy Buffet island in the Caribbean) both left and right populists must seek agreement, bury the hatchet on various issues and fight like hell to take back the republic.

    Occupy, in retrospect was a dividing event designed to alienate the left populists and the right populists.

    Remember, at the start of Occupy there was sympathy across the political spectrum, but as time went on (with prolonged camping in city centers that wore the patience of average Joe's) the corporate elite on the right, through their mouthpieces, turned Occupy into a strictly far-left affair.

    But in the beginning populism was shared across the political spectrum.

    I got a secret: The fight against amnesty is truly a populist issue that resonates across both political parties.

    It is one of the basic populist political planks.

    There are several others: Banking reform, foreign policy, and tariff & tax reform, and corporate welfare.

    There is a potential political tidal wave in the above issues.

    Brat didn't even tap into all of the issues.

    Populism is powerful in both parties.

    Which party will grab that brass ring.

  20. Tyler Cowen was my old chess buddy. I'm mentioned a few times on his blog.

    Zero Hedge
    New York Times Says "Lack Of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth"
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/14/2014 - 16:02
    Now that Q2 is not shaping up to be much better than Q1, other, mostly climatic, excuses have arisen: such as El Nino, the California drought, and even suggestions that, gasp, as a result of the Fed's endless meddling in the economy, the terminal growth rate of the world has been permanently lowered to 2% or lower. What is sadder for economists, even formerly respectable ones, is that overnight it was none other than Tyler Cowen who, writing in the New York Times, came up with yet another theory to explain the "continuing slowness of economic growth in high-income economies." In his own words: "An additional explanation of slow growth is now receiving attention, however. It is the persistence and expectation of peace." That's right - blame it on the lack of war!

    1. The meme, "War is good for the economy!" -- is a signal from the elite that they know their ideological, moral, and strategic justifications have collapsed.

      It's a good signal in my opinion because I don't think the American People will buy that argument.

      It's specious to claim we need perpetual war for the sake of the economy.

      But once you see a spokesperson make that claim you know he is in the hive.

      Same for any tea party spokesperson or person who claims to support the tea party, but leaves out the battle against amnesty.

      Or won't touch banking reform.

      Or won't touch foreign policy or apes the elite's war agenda.

      Or won't touch tariff & tax reform or apes the elite's "free trade" mantra that has imperiled the nation.

      Or gives lip-service to ending corporate welfare, but doesn't have any specifics and quickly moves on to boilerplate expressions and generalities.

      1. No amnesty.

      2. A new foreign policy.

      3. Banking reform.

      4. Tariff & Tax reform.

      5. Corporate welfare (subsidies) reform.

      These are the genuine political planks of the real tea party patriots.

      You will know them by their words & deeds.

    2. Actually this failure of the economy to stabilize as predicted is having a very good result on economists.

      After all their predictions of a recovery will fail they are finally, at last, starting to admit that the central problem is the TRADE DEFICIT.

    3. Times have to get really bad for the public to act, and the fact that they are focusing on the harms of immigration indicates that the pain is there.

      It's amazing how the establishment defends immigration.

      In Greece, where unemployment is beyond depression levels, the extremist "Golden Dawn" would occupy hospitals and find that huge numbers of the nursing staff were all illegal aliens!

      The hosptials had been sheltering all these illegals, providing them with employment because they knew them and sympathized with them....

      But they didn't sympathize with the masses of starving Greeks, or the ones killing themselves out of dispair.....

      Many employers will never admit the harms of immigration unless the point is brought home FORCEFULLY by the victims.

      Personally I'm opposed to immigration because it prevents the immigrants from staying home and fighting to improve their own countries.

      Nothing will ever improve if they flee and find amnesty elsewhere.

      I am opposed to amnesty on any grounds.

      If a thug in their own country wants to kill them then they should find a weapon and fight it out. That's the only way any progress will be made.

    4. In Guererro provence in Mexico there is a tradition of armed collective self-governance and resistance to the corrupt Federal Government....

      Therefore these existing democratic institutions are now defending the villages and towns against the criminal drug cartels and extortionists Zetas which have support among the oligarchs in Mexico City...........

      Go to Youtube and see the Mexican militias finally terrorizing the terrorists.

      This is the kind of struggle, armed struggle, which Mexico and a lot of other places need...

      And which conceivably come to America if the establishment and the 1 percent remains conceited.

    5. In the 1960s in San Antonio there was a latino named Mario Cantu. He owned "Marios" a very successful restaurant downtown and he had quite a lot of money from other sources....

      But he used to run guns into Mexico for all kinds of peasant revolts and uprisings and land seizures which were going on all the time down there.....every week there would be a land seizure somewhere in Mexico at that time.

      Then in 1968 before the summer Olympics the government of Mexico slaughtered hundreds of student protesters who had gathered in Mexico City to use the Olymipics to protest conditions in Mexico.

      The CIA station chief there was still Win Scott, and he made up all kinds of stories to cover up the killings of students at that time, but I think for him personally that was the end of his zeal for the Mexican oligarchs and he turned into a kind of opponant of policy after that. The he wrote his memiors "It Came to Nothing" which were seized by the FBI after his suspicious death.

      Mario Cantu also died in the 1970s from a very suspicious heart attack....

  21. The one person who never had any regrets over anything the Mexicans did was David Phillips from Fort Worth, and personally I beleive Dave Phillips was very upset by Win Scott's change of heart. Win Scott was niave.

  22. "The way progress is made" makes me conjure up "The Ape Scene" in 2001 A Space Odyssey. Oh well. : ( Sad.

  23. You are right about Mexico doing a "good job" covering up any student killings before the 1968 Summer Olympics because I was there just right after the Olympic games and heard nothing about it. Was on a family vacation at the time, my late father decided to drive to Mexico City and Guadalajara during that time. It was the usual " lets spend a zillion dollars to improve the city and get it ready for the world wide TV coverage" syndrome, that we see before all the Olympic events. Mexico city just got their Shiny new Metro Subway at about that time. And was surprised by the amount of smog, and the elevation, of Mexico City, as well as the "well placed statues" on "La Reforma" (their main blvd.), that if you got caught in the inner circle of traffic you would get dizzy going in circles by the time you finally worked your way to the outer lane to exit, but being 10 years of age at the time, it just amused me.