Sunday, June 8, 2014

Good interview with John Young (if you have not seen it), just a giant money sucking machine.


  1. Police Must Be Held Accountable for Homicides

    Here in Austin last year another citizen [always black] was murdered by a city police officer, this time shot in the back of the head while running from the officer, who sought to overtake the black man merely because he ran - not from commiting a crime, or becuse the officer thought he had a warrant - just ran and was killed for it.

    Most the media here is taking the side of the cop and always does no matter how eggregeous the murder was. For the first time a county Grand Jury indicted an officer in this case but only for manslaughter. Of course this county usually indicts anyone here for capital murder, even if it was a sudden and unintentional killing. The officer knew he had no defense and merely resigned from the department before they could conclude any internal investigation.

    As public opinion has become more paranoid about terrorists and other mythic threats officers have taken advantage of their new-found impunity to satisfy what some of them clearly joined the force for in the first place - a subconscious drive to murder ordinary people and get away with it.

    This sounds like psycho-babble but it's not. If you study unjustified police killings in the last years it's obvious that the officers had no rational reason to fear for their lives. In each case the officer went outside the normal range of perception and made the UNCONSIOUS CHOICE to perceive a threat from circumstances which would not alarm anyone without a motive to make such a choice.

  2. Invariably the officers who are involved in these killings are problem officers, never female, and have shown less than mature judgement time and time again.

    The law which is trained at police academies today is that the officer is permitted to use deadly force if they emotionally fear for their lives. They need meet no objective standard. They only have to say that they acted in fear of their lives for any reason, that they thought they saw something which wasn't really there, or they misperceived reality or whatever. They don't have to use deadly force but they may if they want to.

    What's worse is that modern training patterns less intelligent officers to believe that any situation will turn into the worst and most unlikely case because their animation simulators always have them getting killed if they hesitate at all, which in real life is very rarely what's encountered.

    But what's worse is that nowhere in training is basic firearms safety every taught. When I was taught to shoot my first lesson was to never shoot at something, anything, unless I am aiming at the target and I know exactly what the target is and what I am shooting at. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

    However evidently officers rarely ever practice this. In leathal encounters officers hit their targets only TWENTY PERCENT of the time. They draw down without aiming and begin firing wildly hitting the intended person with only 20 percent of the rounds they fire. That's disgraceful and it speaks volumes about how they were trained, or not trained, and their entire cognative process.

    1. If you watch Youtube vids of police shootings you often see that they tend to run for cover while shooting wildly at the same time. This is ridiculous. I can't imagine that they were trained to shoot in the direction of the threat while running at the same time. They are a total disgrace.

    2. Another thing I've noticed is that they tend to run and fire if they are alone, but if they are in a group of other officers then they stand and shoot many rounds together hailing the target with dozens of rounds for no reason when each officer should have fired only one or two rounds.....

      Honestly any officer who shoots over and over again like that at someone not shooting back should be fired immediately. There's no excuse for firing so many rounds at anyone not firing back....

  3. Invariably officers who subconsciously wish to murder and get away with it have found their paradise in today's America. They are never taken to task when they shoot a totally unarmed citizen, such as CIA figure Roland Carnaby, who was shot dead in Houston by officers who say they thought he was reaching for a weapn when no weapn was there. This of course is common - that the officers claim their fear arose from a suspicious movement. And because they don't have to SEE any weapon they can get away with murder of an unarmed person. Once again, they are firing on someone which they do not even see, because if they did see them they would see that they were unarmed. They are doing exactly what myself and every other trained person is taught, which is to never fire on someone that you do not see, or maybe is only a "blurr" or in any way you cannot judge.

    Clearly accountablity is needed here, and the place to start is simply to change the use of deadly force permission to a logical, non-emotional, objective stardard. Leathal force should only be permitted when someone has a weapon AND is displaying intent to use it imminently. It is not enough just to have a weapon, as the law and common sense indicates that open carry of weapons is not a threat. The suspect must act so as to indicate that he intends to use the weapon, and only that action could justify any officer using his weapon pre-emptively.

    That's the standard which used to apply in the dayz of the old west, and in those times anyone caught shooting an unarmed person was certain to be found guilty of murder.

    It's only common sense but like a lot of things common and simple logic has gone by the wayside.

  4. As for the "giant money sucking machine" which is American intelligence....

    Yes it is. The nature of this so called war on terror which the media loves and the public craves and which the tea party votes for over and over again......

    Look Dr.P....

    I think you and I have similar training although yours was more on the individual level and mine was on the sociologial/psych ops level perhaps......

    From my point of view many apathetic Americans who don't vote are fed up with the phony war on terror....

    But the Americans who vote and join the tea party and love the drama of watching cable news and reading the Weekly Standard and so forth....

    These people love the drama and the thrill of it all. They WANT to believe that islamists are seeking to kill them because they are good and that this is a titanic battle of good versus evil like the Second World War or the Civil War against the evils of slavery led by the saint and best President of all time Abraham Lincoln.....

    Given that these people are the ones voting in all the Republican candidates in primaries and so forth THE INTL AGENCIES ARE GOING TO MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES.

    Of cours they are going to exaggerate and make up threats to get more money.

    Remember what the Pentagon did in the 1980s? Remember a publication each year called "The Soviet Threat"?

    The Defense Dept has been playing this game forever and now their budgets are going to be slashed so the game is on.

    1. Of maybe it was called SOVIET MILITARY POWER, and it was Reagan and Weinberger's version of "Bob's Book of Jokes" as Bill Kaufmann used to call it because every joke in the world was in this one volume.....

      I remember building out battleships and using them for a couple of years and then putting them right back into moth balls again!

      That was funny.

    2. Just for emphasis I'm gonna say it one more time...


      YIPPIE !

      Go gettum' tiger!


  5. I just do not understand this paranoia that your Government is able to generate over 'terrorists' real or imagined. We used to have IRA bombs going off in London what seemed like every few weeks, car bombs, bin bombs, visitor attractions, Harrods you name it, but there was just not this fear factor which your authorities seem to be able to control for their own budgetary ends. In the end people just joked about it and normal precautions were observed (I got a summer job as a student looking for semtex in peoples bags with an electronic sniffer.) However nobody got intense about it, somehow it became normal. It must be very strange working at these spy places as of course the different levels are also spying on each other, no one ever wants to go to lunch or leave their emails open. Silly boys.

    1. A segment of the population likes it and the media caters to it. They enjoy the fear and excitment like going to a horror movie. It's theater.


    1. Personally I think Korea was a war worth fighting.

      The Second World War was okay except the US was fighting on the wrong side. The US should have stayed neutral but if it was going to fight on any side it should have fought with Germany to crush Stalinism in Russia.

      As it was the French and British who wanted to continue the First World War used the joint Soviet/German invasion of Poland [which the military Junta government of Poland brought upon themselves just as the Argentine Junta did in 1982] as a pretext to start a war with Germany and then ALLY WITH THE USSR INVADERS OF POLAND to crush Germany once and for all......

      The narrative that Franklin Roosevelt [a World War I hater of Germans] and the American people believed about the causes of the Second World War are all lies, every bit as much as the American narrative over the causes of the Iran War from 2002 onward, the Vietnam/southeast asia war, etc......

    2. According to War Department studies only one out of ten US servicemen deployed at Normandy even shot their weapon once or more....while the British soldiers used their weapons about 98% of the time....

      The US divisions hit the beach with less than 30% of the combat power they were supposed to have because US army morale was extremely low.

      60% of American Army combat soldiers were draftees who didn't want to be there and didn't see the necessity of fighting a war with Germany when it was the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor.

      American public opinon about the goals of the war waned from 1942 onward, leading to war profiteering, fraud, people seeking to avoid the draft, labor union strikes, black markets, and what was called the "mobilizaton crisis" in which US industry wasn't meeting war production goals.....

      Yet we still have Steven Ambrose and Speilberg to tell us it was all different than that.

      Another thing is that US servicemen were hated by the French and Belgians, who preferred their Nazi governments to the campaigns to destroy them.

      When US servicemen got to Germany for the first time they were greeted with amicable relations by the people.

      While US servicemen were avoided or spat on in France they were welcomed by the German people.

    3. Another reason why US servicemen were hated was because of their outrageous behavior. They were responsible for numbers of rapes, usually helped themselves to anything not nailed down, often sending valuables home to their impoverished depression-era families, and often summarily executed Germans and others not friendly to them.....

      The Germans on the other hand never raped or looted. Executions of prisoners was something only conducted by SS troops later in the war when they were losing, and political executions were never carried out by the Army on the western front.

    4. The US could have prevented the North Koreans from invading the south. But once the US had blundered and invited them in and then changed it's mind there wasn't much choice other than to fight....

      US servicemen were badly treated by their commanders and morale was very low. The CIA at that time, the OPC, was penetrated by communists and US covert actions in Korea were all compromised [including my father's leading to his capture].

      Yet look at what's happened to North and South Korea since the war and tell me it wasn't a war worth fighting by someone.

      It was a rare example of a real, certified noble cause but was very frustrating and unpopular with the American public.

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    1. Still down....

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  8. The Library at Alexandria.

    And more accessible.

    Potentially for every person on the planet.

    If knowledge is power, the internet has brought power to the people.

    If they will use it.


    But as the interview suggests, the internet is penetrated by NSA to what technology allows and that means every keystroke.

    If they want it... on you.

    Bulk collection for the rest of you... until they need it then they can go back to the bulk collection...

    And a knock on the door late at night.

  9. Dr. Pieczenik, I don't have an interest for cyber security as you do, but I do appreciate the interview.

    There needs to be a discussion.

    But as I've assumed from the beginning, the internet has already been bugged.

  10. Bulk collection for the rest of you... until they need it then they can go back to retrieve it...

    Nocking late at night.

    Get it right.

  11. Dahboo7 is telling the truth on YouTube, but is getting harassed and getting death threats. Every day brings another hoax--and another good guy being threatened and silenced.

    Channel Update 6/10/14
    Published on Jun 9, 2014
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  12. I previously posted an article by Paul Craig Roberts stating that the Russians won WWII well before D-Day. His follow-up is on InfoWars and is worth reading.
    Normandy, June 1944, is 3.5 years after Germany lost the war in the Battle of Moscow. As historians have made clear, by June 1944 Germany had little left with which to fight. Whatever was left of the German military was on the Eastern Front.

    At the 70th annual Normandy landing celebration in France, Obama informed his French vassal, President Hollande, that he, Obama, the ruler of the Exceptional Country, would not sit down to dinner with the Russian Putin. Americans are too good to eat dinner with Russians. So Hollande had to have two dinners. One for Obama, and then one for Putin.
    Washington is trying to break off Europe’s economic relations with Russia. Washington is promising to supply Europe with US natural gas obtained by fracking. This promise is a lie, like everything else Washington says.

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  14. The National Security Agency is making an ironic excuse for why it can’t stop deleting data evidence that could be used against it, despite receiving multiple court orders to stop – it doesn’t know how.

    After failing to comply with an order to retain data collected under both executive authority and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act authority, DOJ claimed in March it misunderstood the order to read it only had to keep data acquired under the former. Pointing to documents proving otherwise, a FISA Court judge accused the department of attempting to mislead the court, and again ordered the retention of data in both circumstances.

    Upon learning the destruction of such data was still going on, EFF immediately filed a restraining order against NSA and DOJ, which California U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White issued against the government the same day along with a demand for an immediate explanation from the government for violating the March order.

    The signals intelligence agency responded with a request for the court to immediately overturn its order, and that failing to do so would force the agency to shut down a significant portion of NSA’s surveillance apparatus.

    “A requirement to preserve all data acquired under section 702 presents significant operational problems, only one of which is that the NSA may have to shut down all systems and databases that contain Section 702 information,” NSA Deputy Director Richard Ledgett wrote in the agency’s response, along with its intention to file a follow-up explanation.

    According to Ledgett, NSA systems are too complex for such a request, and following through with the court’s order would have ”an immediate, specific, and harmful impact on the national security of the United States.”