Monday, June 2, 2014

I was subpoenaed last month for events that happened over 35 years ago in Italy.  I was working for state department and I was a military officer at the time.  No one would help me with this,  had to pay $20K in legal fees.  This is what you are spending your tax payer's $$ on,  harassing ex military/ ex government officials for the "no negotiation" policy.


  1. I am sad for you. Sending some prayers up on your behalf. Hugs heal, and I think you should get yourself some extra ones.

  2. punished for doing your job with integrity, welcome to the new normal folks.

  3. I don't understand. It's only a subpoena. What's the risk to you in this?

  4. Certain lawyers are vastly overpaid. If the issue can be handled by someone with less horsepower than I always shop around. Same as with medicine too. Sometimes I can let a Physicians Assistant handle something, and other times I have to fly all the way to New York to see someone at NYU....

    Find the right tool for the job.

    That aside many have been bankrupted defending themselves against Federal prosecutors with an axe to grind.

    Happens everyday.

  5. As far as no one helping you with this....

    Hey get in line.

    This government is totally unappreciative of everyone that assists it or works for it.

    Whether it's a servicemen honorably discharged or a loyal covert agent risking his life for a cause.....

    This government has no sense of honor whatsoever later on.


    Whether in Afghanistan in dealing with the Tabibs in 2002 or dealing with Putin over Kadaffi in Libya.....

    Americans will never keep their word !!!!!!

    Americans have no sense of honor or integrity and will cheat and lie to others and do EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAID THEY WOULDN'T WHEN THEY NEEDED AN AGREEMENT !!!

    This is the same when dealing with AMERICAN LAWYERS, PROSECUTORS, BUSINESSMEN....

    They have no sense of integrity, honor or anything.

    They always deal from the bottom of the deck and NEVER keep their word.

    They lack any common decency and are HATED by the world and other leaders for this.

    1. America is a disunited jungle polyglot boarding house to the world rife with class division, ethnic and religious conflict, etc. No one here cares a shit about anyone else and there's about as much cooperation here as you'd find in El Salvador or Nigeria.

      This place is the cesspool of the industrial world.

      Anyplace has better people.

  6. Americans CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

    That's why all my trusted partners in any field ARE ALWAYS NON-AMERICANS.

    For every time I've hired a lawyer whose done what he should I've had about three or four who lied, cheated, betrayed, sold me down the river......

    And the same with businessmen in this stinking country.

    To find people with common decency you have to leave the country altogether.

    The worst experience I ever had with a lawyer though was the Sierra Leonean lawyer I hired in Freetown. Now that was really ugly....

    Never trust a negro, here or there. And to think of whose President. Every time I see his phony smile I remember all the negros in Africa who used to smile at me the same way as they were plotting my betrayl.

    Oh and here's something I shouldn't say....

    I have a friend who was a US Ambassador in Africa who was the target of an assassination attempt. He recently told me it was the Chief of Security of the country himself, the one responsible for the Ambassador's security, who was behind the attempt.

    Never trust an African under any and all circumstances.

  7. Hey and get this.....

    Even criminal in other countries who can trust each other NEVER TRUST THEIR AMERICAN COUNTERPARTS.

    If you are La Cosa Nostra from Sicily or Commorra from Naples YOU CAN NEVER TRUST THE AMERICAN ITALIAN MAFIA.

    American mafia members will rat you out at the drop of a hat, which it totally unlike Italians.

    And because American mafiosi are so easily turned into rats there's always a huge suspicion among them.

    And this suspicion leads them to kill each other based on flimsy circumstances when they suspect they might have ratted.

    So because of this situation the only way for someone under suspicion to avoid death IS TO BECOME A RAT.....

    FUCKED up is what it is.

    Without trust and honor NOTHING CAN WORK.

  8. I have been amused by the show "The Blacklist."

    But true to form this hollywood show has the protagonist, the James Spader fellow, protected by A WEST AFRICAN BODYGUARD !!

    A BODYGUARD FROM WEST AFRICA is the one person this guy can trust with his life ???????

    What a load of crap!

    No one in government or crime trusts Africans for anything!

    Once again negros in hollywood are portrayed as virtuous, noble, etc.........

    Which reminds me when am I going to finish my script for...


    Okay I'm sending off the treatment to the Writers Guild tomorrow.

    1. And this reminds me....

      When is someone going to take that ugly, earring wearing Morgan Freeman to task for fucking his own grand daughter for the last ten years !!

      That guy is one sleazy mother fucker and something needs to be done to make an example of that sleezy coon. And don't think I've forgotten that my Austrian cousin Arnold Scwartzenegger fucked his ugly Mexican maid about a thousand times without protection and she had a child by him LOL.....

      Hollywood is fucking sick.

    2. Arnold is a disgrace to all German speaking people and he should go somewhere and shoot himself in the head as a matter of honor, and it should be done with a Luger pistol like a man instead of the pussy that he is.

  9. You are better than a teevee tonight.

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  11. It's me MIT but I cannot log onto my google account anymore for some reason from most of my computers.....

  12. MIT, thank you as always. Never dull and always thought provoking.

  13. Doctor Pieczenik: Check out The Rutherford Institute, John Whitehead and associates do a lot of pro bono work defending individuals from gov't overeach. They took on the Brandon Raub case, an Irag / Afgan vet who posted pro Ron Paul, anti-MIC comments on his facebook page. They sent a goon squad over to his house, arrested him and tossed in a mental institution. Rutherford is defending him. They go in front of the supreme court frequently defending individuals on first amendment, and other amendment, issues. They are on the front lines, like Alex Jones. Paul Kelley