Monday, June 2, 2014

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  1. This is MIT Michael having to use a different account because I can't log onto my google account for some reason anymore. If you see me still using my MIT Michael handle it's because I'm using one computer offsite which is still logged onto that account.

  2. For a long time on this board I've been talking about the cruelty and malice and rape and humiliation meeted out by American servicemen on the civilian populations in the countries Americans occupy.

    This is the reason why I'm so contemptuous of American servicemen and the United States military and it's aggressive role in the world.

    I noted watching Fox News tonight that the Fox commentators have used Bergdahl's emails to his family in an effort to display him as anti-American.

    Bergdahl describe the cruelty and humiliation of the Americans toward the Afghan civilians, particularly the children.

    He calls the United States a horrible power and a disgrace and expresses his shame and disgust with the American servicemen and their mission.

    I have to say that what he reports is well known to myself, and to everyone familiar with the shameful behavior of Americans by example of their horrendous commanders and officers in the field.

    Whether it was the "American Taliban" who was blindfolded, tied to a board and urinated on by US Army officers and their enlisted charges....

    Or the many girls and men sexually assaulted and humiliated...

    Or the Iraqi child that was shot dead because a US serviceman was trying to take a piss and was annoyed because the kid was throwing rocks at him....

    Or the American practice of looting anything not nailed down and then shipping the items back home, including many very valuable historic relics from the region....

    Americans are the scum of the earth. Compared to the forces of any other civilized country, whether it would be those of Israel, or the British, or the Germans or the Italians or whoever.....

    Americans are the arrogant cruel and perverted assholes of the planet, and they are led by sadistic scum.

    1. And you wonder why the doctors and administrators at the VA don't give a shit about the servicemen????

      Nobody in the American military gives a shit about anybody !

      Wake the hell up!

    2. And it's the ENTIRE VA that's indifferent about the servicemen.

      The ENTIRE VA.

      Doesn't that tell you something??

      That attitude's EVERYWHERE in the American military, and always has been.

    3. Hasn't anyone even read Graham Green's "From Here to Eternity." It's a pretty sick picture of the life of US servicemen in Hawaii before the war. Do you think it wasn't really like that?

      Guess again.

  3. And as for the released Talib prisoners being "terrorists"...

    Now that's really a laugh.

    These guys were defending their country from invasion by the United States, which used the Osama bin-Laden issue as a pretext to invade their country. The Taliban government OFFERRED TO GIVE BIN-LADIN UP IF THE AMERICANS COULD OFFER EVIDENCE OF HIS INVOLVEMENT IN 9-11.....

    The US never did provide any evidence even while the Talibs were actively seeking a way to get rid of him and turn him over!

    The US merely wanted to invade Afghanistan and the five prisoners were Talib officials who were not terrorists or al-quada but were merely Talib officials and fighters defending their country from invasion.

    There's no terrorism there.

    Once again the media and their hawkish partners in government are branding anyone opposed to US policy as "terrorists" and this is the problem with giving American officials ANY unusual powers directed at opposing terrorists because anyone they don't like, anyone opposing them, will be tagged as a terrorist.

  4. Just look at the Fox New hero of Iraq the "worlds most deadliest sniper" Chris Kyle...

    The guy was a loser, a dropout and a liar who fabricated stories about him decking Jesse Ventura because, he claimed, that he opposed the war....

    Chris Kyle is the kind of dishonorable, opportunistic, lying scum masquerading as a hero when he was a liar seeking to glorify himself and humiliate others who disagree with him through fraud.

    Now he's a dead man.

    Now the US mission in Iraq has backfired and nothing was gained whatsoever.

    Now Afghanistan is slipping under the waves after hundreds of billions have been wasted there in aid which accomplished almost nothing.

    I am really glad that the Talibs are not ruling there anymore. They were terrible but necessary in 1994 given the circumstances the US created there after the Russian withdrew.

    But what has followed the Talibs is much better and I hope they can hold on. And I don't give a shit how corrupt they are or how much heroine they export. I care more about the girls and women of that sad place than I do about heroine junkies.

    Personally I think Karzai and his gang are okay, and I hope they stay in and progress toward some civilized society.

    But the manner the US did this and all the innocent people the Americans killed along the way is dishonorable and unnecesssary.

  5. Start at 10 minute mark:
    Rappaport on SNOWDEN


  6. Nancy PELOSI is disarmed: