Monday, December 10, 2012

Al Qaeda Resurfaces in a Timeless Repertoire of Violence comprised of SAMs, AK-47’s, IEDs provided by WORLDWIDE Sunni Support from Turkey, UAE, Qatar,  Saudi Arabia—and our CIA.  

American National Security in a Thirty Year Tailspin –heading for a CRASH LANDING!!
Obama in part acquired the legitimacy of his re-election on a complete lie –that he ordered the “killing of Osama-Bin –Laden”.  A corpse already infested with worms and genetic mutations of Marfan Syndrome.
Next Obama went on to elaborate another false narrative,  later delineated in CIA-inspired and funded film by the once talented and politically impartial Kathryn Bigelow.  That her integrity was comprised is of little concern to me or the country.
  Obama went on to spin another incredible tale of ‘spontaneous attacks’ in Benghazi where four Americans were brutally killed under the constant surveillance of our own military and CIA.
  Again, nothing was done, other than his willingness to initiate desultory discussions about the mendicant Susan Rice and the ever prevaricator Hillary Clinton.  
Now Obama has created a situation where he and his dysfunctional national security has dedicated America’s support to the “Syrian Freedom Fighters” against  the “Dictator” Bashar Assad.
  The fact is that there are no experts in the administration on the Middle East except for the self-designating ‘choir-boys’,  there is not one person in his administration who has either worked with or against Hafez Assad—Bashar’s ruthless father who killed over twenty Islamic Brotherhood members in Homs---thirty years ago in order to avoid any of today’s present problems.
  But once again an onslaught of incompetence,  ignorance,  arrogance and bad faith repeats itself as we re-arm the al-Nusra Front--- a thinly veiled Al Qaeda.  This was the very same group which killed thousands and maimed even more thousands of American soldiers in the disastrous invasion of Iraq which inadvertently dissolved the country into a civil war which allowed the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Ayatollah Khamenei to re-emerge as the predominant leaders in the region, once a minority.   Thanks to the incompetent intervention of our military troops in Iraq we inadvertently created the toughest,  most disciplined Sunni fighters whom are now migrating into Syria as the so-called "freedom fighters"….
There are no "Freedom Fighters".    In the world of ‘terrorism’ whoever fights against the power in situ is automatically called ‘freedom fighters’ and the ruling power is called  tyrannical—that’s the nature of the justification that our military/civilian/ contract fighters need for money in order to acquire ‘mass weapons of killing’. 
  It’s the same everywhere—Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan.
  Of course,  as we know from the movie "Lord of War",  no one likes to provide money more than the Saudis, French, British, Chinese, Russians, Qataris and Israelis.  So  its a bit ironic when the Salafists scream “God is Great! And Down With Israel” as they are holding an Israeli made UZI or American provided AK-47 from the cornucopia of weapons amassed in our defeated war zones.   You see we don’t really bring back our weapons to the states,  it’s too costly so we just sell it to ‘merchants of death’--- Britain, France, England, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE---most of the members of the UN Perm Five. 
In this Syrian conundrum,  I feel very strongly that from the very beginning we picked the wrong side.  I have made that very clear in previous blogs.   But more importantly,  the US expected Turkey to act as an intermediator which is a very responsible,  mature position to assume in international foreign relations.  However,   Prime Minister Erdogan really was unable to fulfill that role as an international statesman.  Instead,  he resorted to his old tricks that he played out when he was mayor of Istanbul where he instigated the right wing of his Democracy and Justice Party---  (a diaphanous cover for the Salafists in his organization) and arrested journalists and twenty –five military officers whom he claimed were attempting a coup against his administration.
  I can assure you my readers of one thing.  I have seen the Turkish Army in action in several different areas of the world.  And if they wanted to “neutralize’  Erdogan –they would have—with very little trouble.  But without the secular army in TurkeyErdogan is turning his country more and more towards the Salafist orientation of the Middle East.  That transmutation will cost him commerce,  increase military spending and a potential for a serious fragmentation of Turkey by the Kurds who constitute over one third of Turkey’s population.
  Surprisingly,  Putin has played a more passive role than I  had expected.  Maybe the Russian Bear is waiting to see what the outcome will be before they consolidate their power in the region. 
  As for France and Britain,  they have since the beginning of the twentieth century,  recapitulated their complete irrelevance to the Twenty First Century International Diplomacy. 
  As for NATO and the UN –they are the ‘cover’ for the USG.  Nothing more can be said. 
  And now,  for Obama--- he may squeaked his way into a second term.
But he is quickly entering the Pantheon of possibly being our worst president in the history of America.
The lies,  the muddled background,  the lack of domestic achievement, and the complete fantasy of foreign policy achievements leave Obama probably the most sociopathic POTUS since Bill Clinton—constituting the first Presidential folie a deux.
Simple Advice to Obama:  Get rid of your national security team!
  You don’t need the shibboleth of ‘Old Chicago’ MafiosoIrish Catholic ex-Clintonites.  Ask your Rasputin in Drag—Valerie Jarret—She knows that I am right. !!
  Remember the motto on the Royal coat of Arms,
Honi soit qui mal y pense.
  Bad things happen to people who have bad thoughts!!!! Good luck. !!!! 
From your new Grumbletonian.  


  1. The Syria situation can be thought of as a reversal of the Crusades.

    Muslim fighters are being encouraged to "go to Syria" for the faith and fight.

    Such was similar a thousand years ago but by Christians.

    Although, today, it's not the Pope and Christians Royals doing the bidding.

    It's the secular rulers of the West encouraging Muslims to attack a secular country to impose... nobody knows what will happen except chaos, death, and destruction. There is a petina of Muslim involvement from the Gulf Cooperation Council.

    Surely this kind of manipulation of the Middle East is not much better than the more obvious colonialism of years past.

    Perhaps worse from the Muslim perspective because Muslims are being manipulated to do the bidding of non-Muslims.

    The battle lines were clearer in traditional colonialism, whereas, today, it is murky with surrogates, associates, and frontmen acting for the real players -- the same old players from before.

    Surely, Muslims don't want to be manipulated in this way.

    They are playing in a game not of their own making or designed for their benefit.

    It is designed by the West and for the West, Muslim involvement is only as a tool to be used by the West to widen the Sunni-Shiite divide and destroy any potential for strong Muslim countries.

    The West knows Syria is not going as planned.

    But they are committed because Syria is only a stepping stone to the real prize, Iran.

  2. The untold history of the POTUS since Kennedy:

    I understand Panetta has backed off on the Sarin fabrication: "Um....We are continuing to monitor, but 'our intel' has not picked up anything lately?"

    As for Bigelow, watch the Charlie Rose Interview and how she is reluctant to respond to questions, and defers to her writer, Mark Boal, who responds, "I hope so"...implying writer's poetic/narrative license in creating digital folklore.

    1. panetta link:

    2. “ 'One aspect of the weapons plan was to set up a false flag operation to make it appear that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. Imagine the outcry from the civilized world to the news that Assad ‘gassed’ his own people. That would be an invitation to NATO and the West to openly intervene.

      Syrian Girl speaks:

      12-4-12: Robert Gates, CIA PR PRO Prevaricator & sprinkler of Pixie Dust (on anyone who will listen), Bush 41 Messenger Boy, was on Charlie Rose, promoting his unpublished bio:

      26 min:
      Q: (Obama) Prepared?
      A: "Oh, yes! He is VERY TOUGH MINDED. He MADE THE DECISION to go after Bin Laden (should be "BEN" son of ..Laden.) This is a guy who RELISHES MAKING DECISIONS. HE IS VERY DELIBERATE." (HaHaHaHaHa,as long as Jarrett gives him permission)
      Q: He is decisive...& as tough as any POTUS you have served?
      A: "...I 'think' so..."

      44 min: On Winning "The Battle of Ideas" (whatever that dicta means?)
      "We know Al-Qaeda is in control of the Syrian Opposition (Because I made sure I put them there)...I don't think they are a BIG PLAYER..In Iraq, they way OVERPLAYED THEIR HAND WITH VICIOUSNESS.."

      48 min, 30 sec:
      "Locating Bin Laden as to where he was living, was an extraordinary ("Fairy Tale") ANALYTIC ACHIEVEMENT BY THE CIA..."
      Q: There was an agreement with the Whitehouse and those involved not to talk about it but yet, it has been...("a massive PR campaign") & some extraordinary woman at the CIA linked it...Have you followed it?
      Q: What was going through your mind?
      A: "I got a PHOTOSHOPPED VERSION (of the PHOTOSHOPPED Situation Room image!) & I was the "GREEN LANTERN"!...
      Getting Bin Laden was a sense of CLOSURE WE FINALLY GOT THIS GUY! We have been chasing him since BUSH."

  3. interesting that the chemical weapons intelligence has calmed down, only last week here in england the sec of state "the right honourable" william hague confirmed evidence that syria are preparing to use chemical weapons! i hope its stronger than the evidence seen regarding the iraq invasion by blair and the gang!! not to mention war hero colin powell and the vial of krypton x or whatever it contained (at least hitler started by the fire bombing of the riechstag we do it by test tube and feeble looking individuals and bland uninspiring ones at that) what i have read is that out of a population of 23 million only 2 to 3 million support the rebels apparently and i have watched interviews with assad and he is clearly an educated man far removed from the picture painted by western media, and there is heavy suggestion that russia hold the cards on this as its all down to gas reserves in that region, now i dont know this for sure but one thing is clear and that the toppling of assad isnt going to plan! what i do find is that the likes of assad ect seem more statesmen like than any of my so called leaders! why is that?


    1. Obama: The Al-qaeda President
      "The elephant in the room is that Obama is the NEW OSAMA"

      video interview 12-11-12

    2. forgot the link:

    3. Here's a good analysis from William Engdahl on RT posted on Sibel Edmonds Boiling Frogs Post
      US/British support for the Muslim Brotherhood goes way back:

    4. Yes, the brotherhood and the U. S. go back to at least opposition to Nasser.

      It's a Spy vs. Spy thing, where each side is attemping to use the other for their own agendas.

      Each side thinking they can successfully double cross the other side... perhaps even tripple cross if necessary.

      What me worry?

  5. Here's a good review of the Islamophobia industry. It's not just a few right wing kooks. Liberals are complicit too. Islamophobia and Islamic extremism are two sides of the same imperial coin.