Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hollywood Liberals  had  a Major Colonoscopy performed by none other-- than Our “Professionals” at the Out Patient Department for “Sluts And Nuts” aka CIA and The Department of Defense [Military Intelligence].  
“Zero Dark Thirty” – The Fairy Tale story of Osama Bin Laden’s Capture , thanks  to an ‘Obsessive CIA Analyst’- wins the Following Awards:  New York Film Critics Award and The National Board Of Review
A non-existent character and a fabricated story-line created by our MI/CIA during the Bush Jr Administration gets credence from director Kathryn Bigelow (our 21st century Leni Riefenstahl).
Brother & sisters, was she taken for a ride!!
 This was the first woman director to have won an Academy Award for “Hurt Locker”.
  Truthfully, I have been a great fan of hers since she first directed a brilliant analysis of phallic instruments and a man’s fascination with killing a cop.  See “Blue Steel”. 
  Then she went on to make “Point Break” –also excellent and a very interesting commentary on how our presidents rob America of their values and wealth.  Next she made "K-19: The Widowmaker" about  a Russian Submarine  and it’s struggling-to-survive crew. 
But now, Kathy bought a story line that was so out of the realm of reality that it unfortunately places her in an imbroglio of determining her independence as a creative film-maker or a propagandist for the US CIA/DOD.
  At this point,  she is without a doubt a MAJOR CIA/MI ASSET that has been ‘doubled’ and ‘burnt’ by her own intelligence  ‘handlers’
By the way , this is also true of Ben Affleck, who was clearly seduced, or ‘honeytrapped’ by a nonsensical story of the CIA at their most incompetent and desperate moments in their magnificently failed intelligence endeavor called  The Iran Hostage Siege (“Argo”)
But my purpose  today,  is not to reiterate the failings or success of my former colleagues in the intelligence world but to illustrate how our American intelligence can effectively penetrate all elements and parts of our government, financial institutions, academia, and now Hollywood.  

Sidebar:  Congratulations Academy Of Arts And Sciences—You Have Been Effectively “Honey Trapped” and “Penetrated” by our “Obsessive Penetrating” CIA And Military Intelligence. 

I never thought that I would have to write and even attempt to discuss the ‘absurdity’ of the premise of a film describing a raid on a mortuary somewhere in Pakistan in order to kill a man who had already  been dead for ten years.  
However,  in full recognition to my colleagues in the intelligence field—I take off my hat in admiration at their persistence and  professionalism in both the civilian and military intelligence fields.  
  I have seen ‘terrorist ‘organizations penetrated, country leaders compromised and Labor Unions co-opted,  but I have never an entire self-anointed Liberal Institution like the Hollywood Elite completely ‘doubled’ ---another words, compromised. 
  Bravo to my colleagues in the Association of Former Intelligence Officers and The National Military Intelligence Association!
 Outstanding Performance!
  Now,  as simultaneous member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences [they give out the Oscars] and the Writers Guild of America East and the Producers Guild of America,  please let me explain to my fellow members how badly they had been ‘penetrated’ by our superb American Intelligence Apparatus.   And how much they the elite and our American taxpayers paid for that ‘psychological proctoscope’
First, my congratulations  goes to the Howard Koch Jr, The President of the Academy.  In full disclosure,  I have met him several times at the Paramount Building and his close friend had optioned one of my properties a couple of times. 
Mr Koch,  I am certain,  you knew exactly what you  were doing when the representatives from the CIA and DOD informed you and Kathy that there were some ‘interesting CIA’ espionage stories that could be filmed. 
  You see without your knowing approval and that of Vice President, Kathleen Kennedy, a staunch Liberal and protogee of the Hollywood Strong Man—Steven Spielberg—there was NO POSSIBILITY for you or the Academy to make or release this film. 
But let’s not get too picky.
 I am certain that Robert Rehme who produced “Clear and Present Danger” and “Patriot’s Games” and had also offered me an opportunity to sell my franchise which I had refused, was also involved in this decision to cooperate with the CIA/DOD and possibly the FBI.  I say that because all the business of the Academy has to go though his Executive Branch Committee and his Audit Committee,  despite the fact that a particular studio made Kathy’s film. 
It is interesting to note that Kathryn Bigelow serves as the Chair of the Director’s Branch Executive Committee
 Are you getting the picture now? 
See how incestuous this film industry is?  And how easy it is to penetrate it especially by the CIA/MI?
Once upon a time,  the Academy and Hollywood had much more integrity.  That’s a little bit of the story I would like to share with you.
  Over sixty years ago,  a group of incompetent congressmen [like today] formed a committee to ferret out communists in Hollywood.  They were called the House UnAmerican Activities Committee – or affectionately  known as HUAC. 
  They blacklisted ten major writers including  one called Howard Koch Sr who was not allowed to write in Hollywood unless he and his fellow  ‘travellers’ denounced  all the other members of Hollywood who had been members of the Communist Party. 
  He and ten other members answered by replying that they would not answer the question as to whether they were or were not communists on the basis of the Fifth AmendmentOur American right  not to incriminate oneself. 
  Most spent time in jail for their contempt of the committee and one or two fled.  One who fled was Carol Foreman,  the director of the famous Gary Cooper [he was from Bozeman, MT]  in “High Noon”,  a story about a sheriff who has to fight the bad guys all alone while the citizens of town refused to help
  The only real subversive communist in the group was a man who knew how to play of these incompetent politicians,  and his name was Bertolt Brecht who was in fact not only a communist  but a GRU member [Soviet Military Intelligence] but he got off scott free
  There were those directors and actors unlike today who stood up against the government and you will recognize their names: John Huston [director], Humphrey Bogart [actor], Lauren Bacall [actress], Danny Kaye and the Committee of First Ammendments.
  Now, you get the idea how our government can intimidate and coerce all types of people and all walks of life to comply with their collective wishes? 
Unfortunately,  the ugly story of USG suppression did not end there.  The FBI, in their inevitable divide and conquer strategies,  were able to turn one  actor or director against another. 
 I suggest you see the film, “Guilty by Suspicion”.  In order to get a sense of how terrifying  the times were. People were unable to get jobs. They were forced to inform on friends and neighbors.
  Shades of the Patriot’s Act? Gen Michael Hayden, George Tenet, AG Ashcroft, Muellerneocons—are you listening?  
  Amazing how our history of noble repression in the name of national security returns again and again. 
But it got really uglier an uglier.  Elia Kazan an infamous director denounced many of his colleagues in the trade and made a movie that glorified the ‘squealer’ called  “On the Waterfront” with Marlon Brando.
  In turn, the great playwright and liberal activist Arthur Miller wrote two screenplays in retaliation to Elia Kazan’s film.  One film was called “A View From the Bridge”  which depicts what happens to squealers  and the other film was based on his play “The Crucible” –based on the infamous Salem Witch Hunts in the 1600 in Massachusetts. 
Finally,  the black list was broken with two films which were finally credited to a writer who could not put his name on any of his films for almost a decade---the films were “Spartacus”  and “Exodus”, both written by Dalton Trumbo. 
 Kirk Douglas is often given the credit for breaking  the ‘black list’ but there were many others.  The first film to actually defy the McCarthyism and the black list was called “Storm Center” starring Betty Davis made in 1956,  concerning a small town librarian who refused to remove a book from library entitled “The Communist Dream”. 
Now in six decades, Hollywood,  once a bastion of liberal progressive thinking  where a Gentlemen’s Agreement of anti-semitism was directly challenged by the actor Gregory Peck or where Black Racism was examined in “Raisin In The Sun” becomes once again corrupted and compromised by suppressive forces in the USG.
Today we have such outstanding features as:
“True Valor” fictious tales of Seal Team Six
“Argo” CIA
“Homeland” CIA
“Safehouse” CIA
“Good Shepard” CIA
“Syriana” CIA  and on and on..

As the CIA and military fail increasingly more often in real life,  their fictional exploits become increasingly more formidable. 
  No one can say that Hollywood is not fantasy land. But no one has ever penetrated our fantasies as much as the CIA and DOD.
  Remember, you don’t have to see the movie by Kathryn Bigelow or even watch the boring Oscars.
If most of you don’t buy the film or pay movie tickets and don’t watch the Oscars, do you know what happens? 
Fantasy land and the CIA have no more money for their Big Brother Propaganda mission.
  Remember money talks and not buying tickets or DVDs or watching TV/Cable shows MAKES A VERY LARGE AND SCARY NOISE IN THE ALREADY FAILING HOLLYWOOD MONEY MACHINE
And please don’t forget where the Exit doors are. 


  1. so we have a blockbuster movie about a fictional operation masterminded by what can only be assumed a fictional cia operative whom captured a fictional person in a pakistani army base whom was armed then not armed and may or may not of used one of his wives as a shield who then was killed watched by the white house which was admitted was fictional the taken away by plane to a ship to be religously prepared to be buried at sea in accordance with islam which is fictional then the world is shown photographs which were fictional which in turn ended a ten year hunt of a man who was evading capture with a kidney machine with was admitted, whom masterminded the 9/11 attack from a cave plugged into his machine whilst wtc 7 was reported to collapse before it did then the passport came floating down just as the plane hit the pentagon that no one seen when the united plane vapourised in the ground whilst silverstien had upgraded the insurance on the towers that freefalled to the ground because of the planes that carried the fuel that couldnt melt the steel whilst agents of mossad jumped and cheered whilst another plane flew out of town carrying the family of the man in the cave plugged into his machine!!! phew this is some film! oh and i forgot bin ladens death details are classified so how have they made a film? beam me up scotty!!

  2. We cut the satellite three years ago and don't miss it. I liked my Turner Classic Movies, but there came a point where I had seen most of that. Now when I'm in a home with FoxNews blaring, I almost have a panic attack!

    We use Netflix, and I like checking out Youtubes, especially old interviews from years past. I can't remember the last time I went into a theater.

    You might get a kick of Weird Al's parody of the CIA: Party in the CIA, taken from the Miley Cyrus song Party in the USA. My favorite line:

    "I've done a few crazy things that almost got me dismissed, like assassinate some head of state that wasn't even on my list." and on the video, it's like OOPs, I missed! hee hee.

  3. del stead, that seems like a great blockbuster movie story to me, all so logical!

    I never understood how one helicopter in the raid crashed and burst into flames, and no one died or got hurt? Bin Laden as armed, but then he wasn't? The White House photo was distributed as real, but then it wasn't? The story line keeps changing on everything.

    FYI, here is the story and true identity behind the name "Oscar" (Academy Award)--how I solved it and why I don't go to movies.

    The Academy suggests that its first librarian, Margaret Herrick, once saw the statue and exclaimed that it looked just like her Uncle Oscar. (She didn't even have an Uncle Oscar.)

    "Oscar" was first cited in print by entertainment writer Sidney Skolsky in the New York Daily News, March 19, 1934. Skolsky later wrote that he was insulted by Herrick's claim, as he had coined the term himself. He wasn't sure how to spell "statuette" and he needed a name for the thing, and the old vaudeville line "Have a cigar, Oscar!" came to him, so he went with that name--Oscar.

    No one thought of looking further, but that vaudeville line was in reference to a famous opera producer who also had been a cigar distributor--Oscar Hammerstein I. He was the grandfather of the songwriting Oscar Hammerstein II (The Sound of Music; The King and I; Oklahoma!). The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City is named after him, too.

    I wrote to the Margaret Herrick Library on the 75th anniversary of "Oscar" in 2009, but no one wrote back. I wrote to the New York Daily News, but the story was never published. (The NY Daily News never published my work on solving "the Big Apple," either.)

    And I though, great, there's this popular American icon called "Oscar," it's named from Oscar Hammerstein, no one has done stuff like this for 75 years, and I can't get my work published or make a nickel or even get a kind word.

    For this and several other reasons, I never went to the movies again.

  4. Correction:
    Amendment #1: Freedom of Speech
    Amendment #5: Protection against self-incrimination

    It is disgusting that the most seriously deranged malfeasant people are entrusted to lead America.
    I sent the White House & congressional committees a plan to put people back to work by raising private equity with bonds to build an aqueduct system beginning in the San Joaquin Valley at NO COST TO THE TAXPAYERS. The U Chicago academic greenhorn Austin Goolsbee, chair of PERAB hsd zero intelectual curiousity; only 1 congressman replied.

    The accelerating avalanche of our destruction as a credible party in the world is mind boggling. These money launderers would be nothing without THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS' GOOD WILL.

    I am convicted OBAMA AND HIS CONTROLLERS ARE A MENACE TO GLOBAL PEACE & PROSPERITY. He was installed to bankrupt America.....PURE EVIL!

    As the Queen of Hearts spoke so eloquently, "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"

    Please watch bigalow's (ex wife of ego maniac james cameron) behavior on the Charlie Rose interview posted at the previous article.

    I am curious as a shrink if you detect discomfort & reluctance in her nuances. She is tentative & restricted in her discourse & responses-deferring to her writer for verification & validation of the film's narrative.

    Perhaps a whistleblower will come forward before the awards ceremonies & challenge her credibility.
    Why don't you?.. In a letter to the members of the academy-since you are a member??

    1. "Hearts & Minds" best documentsry 1974
      ON DEMAND on showtime " documentaries". How the fear of COMMUNIISM propaganda got American to support Vietnam war. Clark Clifford westmorelamd & Daniel Ellsberg .

    2. Patriarch- thanks for the correction on the amendment! I will try to fix in the text....I sent the blog to the Academy and to Writers answer, don't expect one.

  5. Here's a timely topic to write about your personal experience: DSM V

    1. That's an interesting article, Patriarch, and I also wondered if it would be a blog post here.

      Breaking News: Chuck Hagel might replace Leon Panetta as Secretary of Defense.

  6. Milking the Ben laden BOGEYMAN:
    Charlie Rose's 3rd interview-this time with "maya".12-13-12.
    "I had to use my imagination playing "maya" (the fabricated woman at the center of the movie).
    ..."there's a WOMAN at the center of this?"
    "What will happen to our country now that he's (bin laden) gone?"
    The better question is "what shall we do if Obama is EVER gone?"
    Charlie Rose is A USEFUL IDIOT...
    However, Jessica Chastain is quite an interesting actress...

  7. Hollywood is still capable of good images & messages.

    If FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is important to Hollywood, they would see what is happening overseas and here at home in terms of the climate for putting freedom of expression on a short leash.

    Hollywood, should it want to "weigh in" and "shoulder the burden" on issues surrounding government duplicity & deception towards the general public, could be a poignant defender of freedom, but Hollywood has to make the conscious choice.

    A Hollywood loyal to the government-line or foreign interest will lose the centrality it enjoyed in the 20th century American Experience.

    Movies stay "fresh" by staying relevant.

    Movies that make a point about government sliding into an overbearing invasion of privacy and regimentation of individual lives would be part of Hollywood's creative contribution to maintaining a free society.

    Does Hollywood have an interest in a free society?

    You bet.