Friday, December 7, 2012

“Bugsy” Adelson: The Dumbest Jew In Las Vegas! beware Serious Case of Diarrhea Of The Mouth!
  Sheldon Adelson, was one of the Republican Party’s biggest donor in 2012 will again ‘donate’ heavily to the conservative causes.
In a brilliant,  if not insightful entrepreneurial statement made to the WSJ on December 5, 2012, "Bugsy" [like the ‘bugs’] proclaim this incredible understanding of binary numbers:
“I happen to be in a UNIQUE BUSINESS [my emphasis]—[are you kidding Bugsy? What is that “Business”? –Unicorn Horn Collection?]—he continues unperturbed by violating the first precept of Meyer Lansky,  the venerable Godfather and Brains of Bugsy’s Business—Keep your mouth shut!---“where winning and losing is the basis of the ENTIRE BUSINESS [my emphasis, again, sorry about that, but I can’t help it]---
Your ENTIRE BUSINESS has been clearly delineated in such noteworthy films as Martin Scorcese’s brilliant expose of the corruption,  prostitution and brutality in  –CASINO.  In this movie which Bugsy Adelson clearly did not really UNDERSTAND,  there are no ‘losers—only ‘winners’---namely the casino and the owners of the casino –like Bugsy. 
  I consider “Bugsy Adelson” a ‘really dumb guy’ because clearly he never heard of Moe Dalitz and Moe Kleinman,  both from Cleveland.   These two gentlemen who wore elegant suits,  took over the casinos from the talkative “Bugsy Siegel” [aka Benjamin Siegelbaum –close personal friend of Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano] and made certain that “Bugsy” never got to “diddle” Virginia Hill again.  
So what we have here is a loud mouth born in Dorchester [not Boston] who barely could complete CCNY –the prestigious NYC school where poor brilliant jews could get a free education.   Bugsy Adelson was in good company at this great school with the likes of Bernard Baruch,  the famous financier and Nobel Prize winners- Dr Julius Axelrod and Arthur Kornberg but I think he was not quite in their league on the I.Q. scale.
So how does a dumb, loud mouth guy become so wealthy in Las Vegas when his greatest claim to fame was ‘selling toiletry kits’? 
  Now, dear readers,  you tell me!
  Let’s see—could he be Mike Milken? The brilliant corrupt financier who developed Junk Bonds to buy out the casinos in Las Vegas?
  I don’t think so…. I met MM and the boys at Drexel Burnham Lambert---completely corrupt and dishonorable but quite ‘brilliant’ in their thievery.
  So, clearly, "Bugsy" was not a financier from Drexel Burnham.
 Could he possibly be a brilliant corrupt, mobbed-up physician like Dr Jules Stein, an ophthalmologist, who preferred to throw Molotov cocktails into competing ‘booking agencies’ and ‘dance halls’ in order to create the monopoly called MCA –Music Corporation of America transmuted by his ‘button man’ Lew Wasserman into Universal Pictures.  
Both gentlemen worked for the Jewish Mob with ‘union payoffs’ and ‘fixed contracts' and ‘intimidation’.   All basic mob business practices of that time.   The goyim did it more elegantly –they just had banks –like JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley to steal the money directly from the people
Anyway,  let’s not divert from the major point at hand: Why would a self-describe supporter of Israel and a proud jew shoot off his mouth in public after exposing himself and his business to SEC scrutiny?
  One answer could be that he does not know any better.   He may be retarded or have some neurological problem.   But his second wife, an "Israeli physician"  who ‘helped him to support Israel’ would have picked up that neurological deficit almost immediately. 
  My contention is quite simple.  And believe, my dear readers, I am not speaking as a psychiatrist, but as someone who had ‘some major acquaintances in the OLD JEWISH MOB’.  As much as they could entice me to join,  I was just simply stupid enough to try to be as honest as a simple American Jewish Refugee,  learning from hard knocks what success and failure meant.
  So as a former acquaintance of the "Jewish Mob",  may I remind “Bugsy” Adelson, that ‘talking about his business’ places Mitt Romney and many other Mormons in jeopardy because we Jews knew that without the Mormons running Nevada and handing out the licenses particularly to us Jews,  they were for the most part complicit in the crimes committed by we jews—Gambling, Prostitution, Insider Trading, Extortion, etc. 
You get the idea. 
Hey, just look at the innocent –looking Truman-look-alike Senator Harry Reid [D] Nevada—where do you think he came from – whorehouses, boxing and conversion to Mormonism and Senator—a natural evolution of corruption, dysfunctional, religious intimidation covered by Mormonism. 
Now that’s the right way to do it, PUTZ!
Unlike you, Mr BRAGGADOCIO,  he does not have to implicate his Mormon tribe with regard to infamous activities like extortion, prostitution, illegal distribution of liquor, and running ‘sin city’ when they don’t even smoke, drink, or even believe or not –commit the most un-American act---don’t drink Coke-Cola.  OH MY GOD!!
So,  Mr Adelson,  did you ever hear about ‘cheder’? 
  I don’t think so !
  "Cheder" is a term that is used and was used in the Jewish Mob when you kept your mouth shut and said nothing about your business.  So Mr Adelson, you violated the Cardinal Rule of Jewish businessmen- "Cheder" !!  So what happens next? 
 There are several options:
1. When Ivan Boesky, a guy kind of similar to you, was indicted he sang not at the cabaret, not at the opera but in front of the SEC.
2. Stop dyeing your ridiculous red hair,  stop wearing that ridiculous red tie,  give no more interviews—try to keep your mouth shut--- and maybe you won’t encounter the wrath of your Chinese, Jewish and Mormon partners.  The Chinese Triad are not people to be messed with…
3. As a former Republican and "honest" Jewish refugee- I can only hope that someone like your fellow classmate Abraham Foxman from the Jewish Anti-Defamation League tells you to "shut up" and stop stirring up anti-semitism in America!


  1. Hey I'm not gonna throw any stones at the people in Las Vegas who make money off the entertainment inclinations of the public. As Vito Corleone once said, "It doesn't matter to me how a man makes his living." And I'd personally take that one step further with a favorite holla of mine from the '70's [my favorite era] "More power to ya!"

    As for Adelson's riches in particular, well that's a different story...

    The GARISH ATROCITY mega-hotel, "The Venitian" is a crime to all of us who love and sometime live in Italy.

    It cost a pretty penny to build, and it always made me wonder why that particular guy qualified for 800 million dollars in easy credit to build this monsterousity when my local bank won't lend me $300,000 without existing cash flow...

    Should I say that again!

    Banks won't loan that kinda money to ANY new business. Businesses need cash flow to qualify for credit from commercial banks or investment banks.

    Adelson's financing always smelled as fishy as the water in the bogus canals in his tacky casino.

    And as for his wacky political views...

    Anyone that stupid couldn't have made all that money honestly. The way he uses his wealth underlines the suspicious circumstances in which it was obtained.

    1. Isn't gambling a license to print money?

      The house always wins!

    2. So, it depends on who gets the licenses and that depends on who dispenses the licenses.

      In Nevada, initially, I suspect it was who was first in line (with capital), but I suppose that evolved into who you knew.

      The old adage applies now more than ever: "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

      That seems to be the case for Adelson and to a large degree in tribal politics generally, as the tribe ages and becomes corrupt.

      That's why there is such a history going back to antiquity of one tribe after another initially being healthy & strong, then over time becoming corrupt & weak, then falling to a younger & less corrupt tribe still centered on meritorious achievement instead of cronyism.

      Rampant cronyism is evidence the tribe is in an advanced state of decay & decadence.

      Rewards for merit is evidence the tribe is healthy & strong.

      Healthy & strong political systems reward merit and punish corruption.

      Corrupt & weak political systems ignore merit and tolerate or even reward corruption.

    3. If the house ALWAYS won nobody would play.

      Running gambling joints can be profitable, but if it was THAT profitable the owners wouldn't have needed to "skim" profits off the top to prevent others from getting their share.

      Running a gambling operation isn't as simple as it might seem.

    4. Of course, individual gamblers win bets on individual hands or events.

      But overall, over time, the house always wins.

      Please, the house 'skims' to get TAX FREE profits, whereas, reported income is taxed at a high level.

      That has nothing to do with whether the House WINS over time.

  2. And thanks for the pic of Milken as it reminds me of my troubling observation that there are very few bald Jews, but among high finance they all seem to be bald. Not only Milken but Perleman, Katzenberg, Diller and a host of others sport shiney pates.

    I am again reminded of Donald Trump's purported advise [given only in confidence to his closet sicophants] that bald men are all dishonest and never to be trusted.

    This is of course looney advise but actually in my own experience it's proven so far to be true, and I'm open to the idea that baldness might be nature's way of warning to others that the mellon that you're looking at harbors a dishonest mind, like some kind of scarlet letter of something.

    1. Hey man, I REALLY enjoy reading your comments. I would love it if you gave me some book recommendations or something because it's apparent that you are exceedingly bright...I'm 19 years old but I love Pieczenik's work...please get back to me whenever you get the chance so you can give me your email or something.

    2. Well I don't know how bright I am but I like to hear myself talk a lot. Anybody can email me at my automotive startup at I'm a huge critic of prevailing electric car technology and welcome debate with anyone about that topic. Anyone considering a Tesla or Leaf please talk to me first.

      To me the Kennedy assassination is a prism to understanding a lot of things, and Mark Lane's books about it are the place to start.

      I also like Joseph Trento's book about the Edwin Wilson affair, "Prelude to Terror." His earlier book, "The Secret History of the CIA" was largely the perspective of James Angleton after he was tossed out of CIA.

      John Stockwell's book about the CIA is indepensible, "In Search of Enemies," and you can find him on Youtube.

      To understand the Cold War the best work is by Raymond Gartoff, "A Walk Through the Cold War."

      I also like Evan Thomas' "The Very Best Men..." about the beginnings of the CIA.,
      and also "Legacy of Ashes" by Tim Weiner is alright.

      Everyone should read "The Israeli lobby" by Mersheimer and Waltz. And anything about the Arab-Israeli conflict by Edward Said, Noam Chomsky or Norman Finkelstein. These last two I'd look up on Youtube though before I bought any books becaue their lectures are far better.

      And finally I like David Irving. Any of his books about the Second World War and Germany are going to be highly documented.

  3. very funny! just for the record, I still have a "full" head of hair...

  4. I also have a full head of silver hair.

    Did you know the house voted to remove the word "lunatic" from all federal laws this week?

    Are Obama & Reid next?

    Harry Reid is a danger to AMERICAN LIBERTY. If anyone should shut up it is he, not to mention MERIT A FULL SCALE INVESTIGATION INTO HIS FINANCES, censure & removal from office. He fails to preserve protect & defend the US Constitution, far more criminal than Adelson's assets & amassed wealth.

    Is his SEC INVESTIGATION mandated by Holder, merely a coincidence?

    It's not like Adelson suddenly appeared on the scene. He only came to the fore after financing Gingrich.

    Obama did say "Vote for revenge ."

    My motto has always been "live & let live," something resented by Obama the charlatan, & Reid, the true mobster, who is laundering my grand kids' future for his own personal enrichment. (Only a former pauper would not buy property; rather opt to reside in a suite at the Ritz Carlton on a government salary & spendthrift Senate petty cash expenses.)

  5. Jewish or not, honesty is always the best policy, not that Uncle Tommy und his Kabalistic Kabin Krew know it should they happen to chance upon it. Well, just see where honesty got you. Above all else, should Zer Chosen Vuns' "Armageddon" flops, you honest Jews will reap the just rewards just like us goys whose eyes are always open to suggestive suggestibilities and other Tentacles of The Bookie, The Bookie being not only the One who profits from Disagreement but He is also the only One who profits from "Armageddon" - not that He is telling His Tag-Alongs the God Honest Truth. Afterall, The Living-but-Dead and The Stone Dead are already dead no matter how lively they pretend to be. Once a [dual-natured] human is in that state, living life to the full is then the only option. Yes, for the Living-Dead and other supramen, Fame, Fortune & Immortality is all there is. No wonder these devolved types live life as if there is no tomorrow. How is that for honesty.

    1. I find your posts to be a little abstract, but let's look at it this way perhaps...

      Isn't the bible full of stories about how wickness leads to the destruction of the self and the nation?

      Isn't it supposed to be an EMPIRICAL history calling out to each and every Hebrew to warn, "Hey, history shows that if you're wicked you're God is gonna take you out!"

      "This ain't no fortune-telling Dude, this is what actually happens every time."

      Whenever I look at Israel today what I see is a bunch of people who've totally forgotten their own sacred books because the way they carry on with such wickedness surely can't they see it'll led to their destruction?

      From my perspective God is, right now, in the process of destroying Israel [because of their wickedness].

      It ain't like it hasn't happened before.

    2. And on the topic of "Bugsy"...

      Like everything Hollywood does the movie about him was not only a bad film [Warren Beatty is a pussy and incapable of rage of any kind] but the "history" wihin it all all untrue.

      Ben Seigal never invented Las Vegas or even the Flamingo Hotel.

      The Flamingo was started by someone else from Los Angeles and was taken over by Seigal, who was a terrible businessman as well as a sociopath and he ran it into the ground.

      Seigal was a monster.

      He not only ran "murder incorporated" which tortured to death in grissly ways anyone for a fee, but the killers in that organization were so badly managed by him that they ended up all getting caught and talking to the police.

      Seigal was a narcissistic sadistic sociopath who loved to torture innocent people, torture animals, and steal anyone's business from him that he could terrorize.

      That monster director Barry Levinson should have made a sentimental movie about Stalin or someone instead.

      Maybe next time the touching story of the private life of Ceasar or Attila the Hun or somebody.