Friday, December 28, 2012

Nice job from one of my readers R Thorne, if you haven't seen it yet its worth taking a look.
The Clinton Body Count.


  1. Fantastic montage sir! You have summed the Clintons up in nine minutes, no need to go to Hollywood no need to consult the CIA and no need to go to the banks to finance your film! And guess what, not even a hint of artistic licence! My congratulations and if I may I would like to inform my friends of thiswhch in my humble opinion resonates far more than some bloated fable

  2. It's a great video and there truly is a large body count. I saw stuff like "decapitated--ruled suicide" and "shot in the back of the head--ruled suicide." And yet Bill Clinton was the DNC keynote speaker and many think that Hillary Clinton could become president in 2016.

    I live in Austin, Texas, and the hand symbol at the University of Texas is "Hook 'em, horns." My one objection to the video is that this was shown as if it's a mysterious satanic symbol, but every politician who visits Austin and speaks at UT does it.