Sunday, March 24, 2013

Barack Obama: “I’m no Dick Cheney on Drones!” and his previous pronouncement: “I am not a DICTATOR,  I am a President” 
First part, you’re right, you are NO Dick Cheney! You are not as smart or as efficient!  Nor as hard-working!
Second part, you are a dictator!  You think you are smarter and know what is best for everyone.
I have no intention to confuse anyone let alone myself.   But after writing about how I would like to put Cheney on trial for War Crimes committed against the USA, which I still believe very strongly, I find myself in a very unusual PARADOX!!!
Here is the PARADOX:
Cheney [whom I have known about forty years] is a very HARD WORKER.   Like it or not, OBAMA,  as Roger Ailes declared in his recent autobiography, ”OBAMA IS LAZY!!” 
I so agree with that.   I have never seen a more LAZY POTUS than OBAMA.  For whatever characterological issues,  Obama was LAZY in Occidental College and Harvard Law School [there is no record of his being at Columbia University]. 
In contrast,  Dick Cheney by the time he was 37,  already had three or four heart attacks because he worked so hard for Nixon, Rumsfeld, Ford and others.  His work ethic in these administrations was LEGENDARY. 
Obama is legendary for leaving the office at 6pm and then telling his admirable, hardworking White House, youthful staff, “go home and enjoy their family time!” 
Sure OBAMA! These poor WH “shleppers”, barely dry behind their respective ears are working hard to develop dysfunctional policies- both domestic and foreign.
In an article (posted) in NYTimes, writer Mark Lander describes an incomplete, failed novelist who wandered haphazardly into foreign policy making disastrous, destructive advisories on Egypt, Libya and Syria.   Please don’t forget this guy’s name:  Benjamin J. Rhodes, deputy national security advisor.  What an arrogant ignoramus!  This Rhodes is typical of Obama’s own immaturity and incompetency in areas of foreign policy.
By contrast, Cheney is strategic in his thinking.  He had a very clear idea of what he wanted and how he was going to implement his “America First” strategy.  He was the master in manipulating both the civilian and the military mindset to agree with his warmongering actions.  Totally immoral but effective.
Obama, on the other hand, accepts a Nobel Prize for Peace without having done anything for the peace process.  Then Obama gives a deceptive, hypocritical speech on understanding muslims and reaching out to them while he simultaneously declares an unexplainable war on Afghanistan.

Obama:  you have been completely INEFFECTIVE IN THE FIRST TERM and now in the SECOND TERM.   As a major legislator once said, “I can pass the legislation but it’s up to the White House to implement it.”
You have been INEFFECTIVE IN IMPLEMENTING OBAMACARE,  Foreign Policy decisions ---Libya, Egypt, Syria—You and the CIA , created the "Arab Spring" and now because of  your lack of EXPERIENCE AND INTELLECTUAL GRAVITAS,  you have created "THE ARAB WINTER"
  Cheney would have avoided both spring and winter. 
Cheney, unlike you,  NEVER  TRUSTED the CIA and instead as we saw in 9/11 and in the Iraq War created his own Intelligence,  even co-opting your new DCI—John Brennan. 
Now let me get to my point that you, Obama, are in personality and style more like a dictator than president. 
Your denial of not being a ‘dictator’ opened the psychiatric /intelligence window to say that in fact,  you were very much of a dictator and not a democratic POTUS.
  Remember Richard Nixon’s “I am not a crook”, well, we all know how that turned out. 
You were born of the CIA and learned it’s tactical, officious modus operandi.  You practice the tradecrafts of betrayal, deceit (I, Obama, killed Osama!) and deception –your nonsensical distracting books about your Kenyan father.   Like most operatives, you forgot to mention the details of your CIA mother, CIA maternal grandmother, and maternal grandfather.  
Deception, Denial and Deceit—THY NAME IS OBAMUS. 
Why don’t you tell the American Public about Valerie Jarrett, your female Rasputin, and how her famous, hematologist father went to Iran in the 1970s when blacks could barely go to my Med School!  At that time,  Cornell University Medical college was anti-semitic, anti-catholic and anti-black
Why is that important for the American public and blacks to know?   Because you, I and Valerie, know all too well, that her father had to be a CIA asset in order to do his famous hematological studies in Shah’s Iran. 
  Again, like all good dictators, you lie, hold trusted counsel close to you—like the dysfunctiontal choir boys –Biden, Donilon, Brennan, Dempsey—you get the idea.  Your close inept circle of advisors is indicative of a man who is very insecure of his position as POTUS.
I learned a very important lesson while working for five administrations- look at the President’s advisors and you will see how strong and capable he will be.
  You have failed the test with Biden, Hillary, Kerry, Donilon, and a completely incestuous Chicago based cronyism. 
Let’s talk about the crooked banks—JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, American Express, Bank of America are still running amok.   Eric Holder, your corrupt, inept AG says “he can’t prosecute big banks”.  Not to mention ex SecTreas Tim Geitner (father CIA Peter Geitner) and now the liar/cheater Jack Lew,  you certainly know how to pick them!  
I have worked for many presidents who had different styles and levels of intellectual gravitas- and after careful consideration and observation- you are no president but rather a dictator.  You are a lazy, incompetent, corrupt dictator who belongs in a banana republic.  Hail Emperor Obamus!  You will go down in history as the first black president, hopefully not the last.  Are you listening,  Dr Ben Carson of John Hopkins?  Ben literally saved my life and maybe he can save America after the Radical Prostectomy that Obama has just made on our CIA, military, healthcare and the economy.



  1. Dr. Steve,

    Thanks as usual for your insights. A good article I read this morning about a forensic profiler whos' opinion is the same idea you had of Obama saying he is not a dictator when in fact he is. (
    My question for you today Dr. Steve is what can we do as Americans to get these people brought up on war crimes. To spark the NEW AMERICAN NUREMBERG trials. Part of me says do I consolidate all the information and start a website for example. Do I start sending Freedom of Information Act requests for information such as Osama Bin Ladens CIA file, Obamas parents CIA Files, etc etc. Do I set up a booth in D.C. stating sign up here to join the Sons of Liberty take back our government movement. I research so much information and listen to so many interviews by insiders such as yourself and I see the country continuing to fall down this cesspool. I just get discouraged because if it was as easy as going to court house and filing a lawsuit I will go first thing Monday. I want these individuals in Government in jail or dragged in the street and shot it doesn't make a difference to me. They have betrayed the American people and the countries they have destroyed. Sorry I'm ranting but what should be the first step to start this "Nuremberg Trial". As Usual thanks for the posts. Cheers

    1. The most achieving, intelligent groups are 1.Jews, and 2.Asians.

      Will you find blacks in Israel?

      No. They are not tolerated in Israel.

      Will you find blacks in Korea, Japan, the Phillipines, Vietnam, China, etc?

      No. They are not tolerated in those places.

      If it's acceptable for blacks to be unwelcome in Korea and Japan why is it condemned to seek their exclusion from white society here?

      I don't see any criticism of the anti-black practices everywhere in asia. The reason is because, although it's not admitted, everyone understands the reasons for it.

      It's clear to me that the American experiment in racial integration is a failure.

      I think it's time for the re-consideraton of laws forcing the integration of blacks and non-blacks in the United States.

      Already the punitive Voting Rights Act is being dismantled, and with time all the other Federal laws forbiding discrimination based on race and gender will be recended as well.

    2. A truely free society is one which allows for freedom of association, particularly in commerce.

      The Federal laws forcing hotels, restaurants, and employers to do business with blacks are offensive to any freedom-loving person.

    3. During the Civil War President Lincoln met with several free black leaders and asked for them to agree to the removal of freed slaves back to Africa. They declined their support.

      Lincoln told them that he believed that blacks and non-blacks would never be able to live together peacefully or happily.

    4. In Illinois blacks were not only not permitted to vote or own property, but they were not even permitted to enter the state.

      It was illegal for free blacks to set foot in Illinois when Lincoln lived there, practiced law, and pursued his political career.

    5. MIT,
      You are WAY OUT IN LEFT FIELD. But unlike Carl Yastrzemski, you are a weak team player.

      Israel & black Africans:
      78,000 have immigrated since 1980

      Your moniker should be changed: MIT ARCHIE. BUNKER

  2. Ok so I purchased so that is my first step. I'm still interested in your opinion on how we get this ball rolling.

  3. There is a reason why credible lawyers like Leone Jawarsky wouldn't participate in the Nuremberg "Trails," because they were a kanagroo court/showtrail of false confessions and phoney evidence to make German war crimes appear so horrendous that no one would criticize the allies for their own monsterous crimes.

    Desmond Tutu and a few others without any power have called for the international court to bring indictments against W.Bush and others for the Iraq war. Unfortunately that will never happen because it's not in the interest of any country or government to set and maintain these principles.

    The world is a cold place when it comes to international politics and violence. It's too much to ask of human beings, almost all of whom are venal, to care much about what happens in these matters.

    As for Barak Obama....

    He's a product of popular culture. His supporters love him because of what they think he is, not what he really is.

    The guy is a pot-head, a mis-fit, a loney and aliented child rejected by his mother and abandoned by his father. He went to school in a private school for rich kids in Hawaii and drifted into a ceasepool of criminal urban politics as a career. He has no principles or convictions about anything. He poses himself as what his gullible progressive supporters want to believe. At the end of the day he retreats to the bathroom and smokes Camel cigarettes and chugs down a malt liquor just like most other African men I've known.

    It used to be that the people who selected the Presidential nominees looked for capable men who had some talents or virtues. Today the only factor is electability, and that's because the people who make these selections are indifferent to the welfare of the nation.

  4. Dr.P I hope you will be posting about Iran's legal actions regarding the film Argo. There's intersting background about that.

  5. btw...

    I don't trust Ben Carson. Everytime I see a black man pretending to espouse all kinds of virtues my antennae go up. I've never seen or encountered a black man who cares about anything but himself, but I've seen many who put on a good show. And as for white men I've only seen about 10% that care about anything other than themselves, but at least there's that 10% that holds civilization together.

  6. And furthermore on Carson...

    Isn't it pretty clear if he were white and saying all these things nobody would pay any attention? Every time a black man spouts those ideas everybody wants to make him a King, or Chief, or something until they find out more about him. Not knowing otherwise I can guaranteed you he has some white women he's been boning over the years that he shouldn't have been....
    It would be IMPOSSIBLE for it to be otherwise.

    Listen to the voice of experience [me].

    1. From a peckerwood cuckold's perspective that you espouse; you're probably right…no pun intended. But seeing how little you know about Dr.Carson and thus exposing your pathological hatred of blackmen: [small dicks tend to do that to your type] why render an opinion based off something that comes out of you ass.

      That Dr.Carson has no business in politics is obvious enough. That the imbecilic spectrum of American politics is courting him is far more ominous.

      Pieczenik falls back on a time tested reproach about black American men that at once is historically indefensible…their brawn being the backbone of our nations colonial growth as slaves: and solipsistically nourished buy a political element that has sought to control black folk whilst pretending to be their friends.

    2. See what I mean.

      Not exactly an it?

    3. "pathological hatred of black men."


      Actually where I grew up in the '70s there were no blacks..not one. But I listened to the radio continuously and all my favorite artists were black, and most of my sports heros were black.

      I pretty much grew up admiring black men tremendously.

      However then I moved to places where I started dealing with them personally - in business (they always lied and cheated) and socially, on the streets, etc.

      And then of course in the 90s I worked in Africa, off and on for over a decade.

      I'd say from my very extensive personal experience that I do hate black men. I do.

      But that's not based on prejudice.

      It's based on experience.

    4. As for penis size....

      Having owned several brothels over the years I can tell you that women don't like large penises. They don't.

      They're not fond of small penises either, but the huge cocks seen in porn are way too uncomfortable for them and they don't like it.

      At least that's what they, with few exceptions, would always tell me.

    5. African women have smaller pelvic openings and birth canals because the cranial size of African infants is considerably smaller than that of non-Africans.

      I think this is telling.

  7. Aha so now we know who one of the "juniors" in the room were (Rhodes along with probably Susan Rice and Samantha Powers) who over-rode the better advice of Gates and Mullen on bombing Libya...

    "He had been told that the French and the British were proposing to create a no-fly zone over Libya. His military people told Obama that a no-fly zone actually wouldn't stop Gadhafi, because Gadhafi wasn't flying. It was basically political cover — 'Look, we're doing something' kind of thing. So he goes to a meeting and he's presented with two options: One is do nothing at all, and the other is establish this no-fly zone, which he's already figured out actually doesn't do anything. So, what he does, to get an argument he's not getting from the important people in the room, is he says to the junior people in the room, 'Tell me what you think we should do.' And several of those people around the room say, 'We need to figure out a way to stop this slaughter.' ...

    "And Obama turns to his generals and says, 'Go back to the Pentagon. Come back with an option that actually prevents this slaughter.' But you step back from this process and you think, here's a president basically making a decision all by himself that his top advisers would not have him make. And the consequence is, you know, a hundred-thousand people in Libya are now alive who would have been dead. To me ... it's a breathtaking power. And it's one that goes in this election season sort of hardly mentioned. Because in this case, except peripherally, it didn't seem to affect Americans very much."

    1. Interesting that the same rationale finds itself into the current push for gun legislation... Although the point is conceded that the proposed legislation wouldn't have stopped a Sandy Hook from happening, nevertheless, 'Look, we're doing something' so we can feel better about ourselves at the end of the day.

      What a bunch of pussies.

      I wonder if "Creepy Jim" Messina was in the room also. He was side by side with Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove on Stephanopolis Sunday morning. What a cast of FREAKS!

  8. You omitted the mentally handicapped incoherent DIMWIT Clapper. Have you ever heard him testify in the Senate?

    Obama is The real Chauncey Gardner!

    He confessed while campaigning that before he became POTUS, he was heavily in debt, maxed out on his credit cards.
    "We had credit-card debt we hadn't paid off. [In fact] Our personal finances...weren't stable until fairly recently.". . his earnings in 2004 totaled $112,431, and that his total assets were valued at between $200,000 and $400,000.

    He has no clue how to budget. $$$ burns whole in his pocket especially when you are obtaining an opulent lifestyle gratis & it is bottomless.

    Had he been compelled to release his credit report, no sane American breadwinner would have voted for a person who lives HAND TO MOUTH @ by his WITS.
    It is so apparent he is a CHARLATAN BSer, way over his head. Constantly seeking approbation to mask his incompetence, only idealistic kids think he knows what he is doing.

    If only this madness was a movie.

    He is nothing more than a lip sinker, speaking the words of his puppeteers all the while slowly building a coup d'état AGAINST American sovereignty - comply to the demands of the Globalist running him.

    He has billions stashed away offshore-just as long as he finishes the job he began: implode capitalism from within-TOP DOWN- BOTTOM UP.

    His legacy will be " the rise & fall of the American republic" thanks to all the lower court judges who dismissed every FRAUD CASE AGAINST HIM IN EVERY STATE venue BECAUSE OF INTIMIDATION.

    AN ID OF AN ALIEN WHO HAS USED MORE THAN 26 dead people's ss#s to date: ("Catch me if you can!")

    It WILL NOT BE THE 1st black POTUS because his indolence & lack of discipline will recall images of "step & fetchit " ( fe+ SHIT).

    Unless the generals remove him, we are in for a slow descent into lawlessness & debauchery.

    He has no awareness he is training his children's to respond with dishonesty..and so it is written, so it will be done. Criminals breed criminals.

    1. Michelle Obama's spending is exactly what you'll see from any wife of an African politician.

      The wives of African leaders spend all their time flying off to other places, taking along their friends like Whitney Houston used to do in "Being Bobby Brown," carrying around a whold posse of hangers-on including poor relations, friends, etc....

      ...all of whom are indebted to her for the whole affair and paying for their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      It's a black thing.

      Having come from a ghetto when they are given a government credit card they call up all their friends and go "High Steppin.' "

    2. Ben Rhodes narrated the official Israel itinerary:
      He was referring to a map of Israel, narrowed to borders excluding the GOLAN Heights & Judea & Samaria.
      The latter was renamed Ramallah.
      It looked like the initial 1947 partition proposal that never made it to the Table.


      Robert Welsh - 1899 to 1985, Video got 397,559. This is EXACTLY how America should be run.................... Please pass.

    3. "We Be High Steppin' now!"

      "Boy dos white people are really stupid thinkn' we aren't gonna make the most of dis shit."

      "Yo where my Camels at!"

      "Anybody seen my Camels? Who done took my Camels?"

  9. Futhermore....

    Anyone who wants to claim that African slaves were victims should study the three places where African slaves took over power - Liberia, Sierra Leone and Haiti.

    In these places they turned around and enslaved everyone else around them.

    In both places they destroyed the country and made the place into a virtual hell on earth.

    Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Haiti are reflections of the savage and barbaric nature of the people taken as slaves from Africa.

    Go to Youtube and check out, "The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia."

    It will wake you up.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. There are thousands of different African tribes and cultures and traditions but none of them are as savage or brutal or murderous as the racist imperialism you so proudly represent. It is this very spirit that we must repudiate to restore the America that we once were.