Monday, March 18, 2013

just posted new podcast, close to the last blog but with a little more ooomfa.


  1. Good article that is going in the right direction.

  2. Excellent presentation dr p! That's as straightforward an explanation I'm likely to ever hear on this most serious matter! Please feel free to include tony blair and my then government AND opposition!! We were fed the lies too! I shall endeavour to spread the word on this programme

  3. if you can catch the "World According to Dick Cheney" on Showtime on Demand, that would make a great oral op-ed by you.

    His daughter was on Hannity and he mentioned to her he saw the doc over the weekend...she was silent and swallowed very smile or acknowledgment..she is getting to see how others perceive the Evil from which she was spawn.

  4. So our military is now being used as a private army for the transnationals. Wonder what the take is for US politicians and the Generals?

    I remember when they went nutz when Japan made a deal for Afghan lithium, what, 4-5 years ago?