Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gabrielle Giffords and her husbandThe “Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy Act for Gun Control”—Receives John F. Kennedy “Profile In Courage Award”!
  Such cowardly, lying actions deserves this Absurd Award which is named in honor of the physically and mentally sick JFK who had Addison’s Disease.  This was hidden from the American Public because technically he was unfit to run for president.  No wonder Nixon was so angry! 
Once again the Liberal and Conservative Puppets of the Republic both within and outside of government have let me,  a trained physician (who knew all about JFK’s Addison’s Disease) expose  the constant barrage of lies that are spewing carelessly from the American Media and onto the American public. 
  Just like the lies of Osama Bin Laden and his “seen live on screen” execution by the SEAL TEAM SIX and the Dictator Obama’s peremptory, stupid boast that he, Obama killed OBL.  When in fact OBL had Marfan’s Syndrome and had already been dead over ten years!   As you all know by now,  I had warned on many radio outlets—Alex Jones and in numerous blogs about such treachery.    
Predictably,  John Brennen and his Irish Catholic Choir boys are once again trying to sodomize the American Public with a REAR GUARD PSYOPs [pathetic as it is] that they have ‘arrested in Turkey' [our ally]  a ‘son-in-law of the decade dead OBL,  Sulamain Abu Ghaith,  married to OSBL daughter and a ‘propagandist’ for AL Qaeda [Please don’t forget that the CIA created AQ and is now using them to fight with the FREE SYRIAN ARMY against Syrian President Bashar Assad].
Sidebar: The Free Syrian Army is neither ‘free’ nor ‘syrian’ nor an ‘army’,  just a bunch of thugs from Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda.
The reason I have to go back to the absurdly constructed OBL story is not that I am right or that the world already knows these facts,  but this ‘false narrative’ and other ones, particularly the embellished portrait of JFK as a vibrant, active, decisive, judicious, and healthy, physically active POTUS is/was completely false.  The truth about the severity of his health condition was distorted and contorted by his physicians (some of whom trained me at Cornell University Medical School).
Why is all this desultory discussion important to what I am about to tell you?
  I was a medical student at CUMC where we studied the case of a psychotic MASSACHUSETTS SENATOR who was treated for Addison’s Disease at the outstanding Orthopedic Hospital Special Surgery where JFK was treated for ‘so-called back pain’. 
  It turned out like so many of the constant lies of JFK and his family they did not tell the surgeons that JFK had been on steroid medications for his already diagnosed serious case of Addison’s—an auto-immune disease which is characterized by a withering if barely existing Adrenal Gland. 
Symptoms include, erectile dysfunction [evidenced by a compensatory history of sex addiction including trysts in the White House but as the MOB’s mistress, Judith Exner said so bluntly ‘he was bad in bed’].
  So much for his sexual prowess!  But that is not really pertinent to becoming an effective POTUS. 
  More importantly,  Addison’s Disease caused JFK  to be is indecisive, hesitant and use poor judgment, etc.   This weakness in character was quickly picked up by the butcher of the Ukraine,  Nikita Kruschev who purposefully confronted JFK in the Cuban Missile crisis.
  The American public is still fed this mythologicalized version of JFK by the likes of Chris Matthews who was then a self serving bag-man for Tip O’Neill’s Massachusetts Political Machine.
This old doctor gets around and knows a lot that he did not want to have to know.  But since the American public is being inundated by nonsense, false narratives, lies, distortions and deceptions,  I must go back to the facts as I know them and present them to my audience in the ether of the blogosphere. 
  Back to JFK, just another pol who lies to become president , yes, just like Clinton, Bush and Obama.  The distortions continue from one generation to another to keep the power base of a completely illegitimate republic…..just like the Bushs?
  When JFKs opponents asked his advisors about JFK’s medical condition, [read Ted Sorenson such a Historian whore]—they lied by cleverly wording the response that JFK did not have Addison’s Disease  caused by TUBERCULOSIS which accounted for 20% of the incidents and the matter was sadly dropped.
  A while back,  I lectured at West Point on Presidents and their medical conditions and how their coterie lie to the US Public and what it means for military deployment.   I explained to the WP cadets,  most of whom were incredulous and probably did not believe me, that during the JFK election,  JFK collapsed twice- once at the end of a parade during an election campaign and once on a congressional visit to Britain.  (GB was where his ‘gangster father Joe Kennedy’ had been an American Ambassador before being dismissed by FDR and MI6 for his pro-Nazi public sentiments.) 
  I had been informed that JFK had been diagnosed with Addison’s Disease [The Adrenal Gland is like the “Master Gland’ controlling the rest of the Hormones and body organs] in 1940’s.   The inevitable question comes up: how did JFK get into the Navy in order to command a PT boat when that diagnosis was so apparent to the navy  physicians, the Cornell Medical University physicians as well as the outstanding British physicians who had originally diagnosed that “DEBILITATING DISEASE’?
The strong-willed Joe Kennedy wanted one of his sons to become POTUS at all cost.   So he bullied the NAVY and the FDR administration into accepting his weakling, inept, pathetic son into the Navy in order to create some narrative of “GLORY” which would lead this sickly creature [quite frankly for whom I have some pity but not much] onto a hard won FIGHT FOR POTUS.   Old Joe even threatened Harry Truman who despised JFK as did General Eisenhower.  
  There were a few characters during this time that knew the truth and didn’t swallow the fairy tales that Ted Sorensen wrote.   One of those individuals was the somewhat nefarious Lyndon Baines Johnson,  a far greater legislator, congressman, and far more ambitious POTUS who really did enact a lot of Civil Rights Laws and good societal legislation. [however, he screwed up on the Vietnam War, thanks again to the CIA, Skull and Bones, Harvard, McGeorge Bundy,  SOF, etc].   The other interesting person who knew a lot of truths about JFK was J. Edgar Hoover.   That’s right, that crypto –homosexual knew everything about JFK including JFK’s annulled first marriage to an ex-Nazi Scandinavian spy. 
The OBL false narrative doesn’t seem to have the staying power that this Kennedy myth does,  I mean its been over 5o years and the citizens still don’t get the truth!  Just to hit this home,  I will provide a summary  list of the symptoms that JFK experienced as well as the medications that JFK was taking on a daily basis while he was president. 
Dr Lee R. Mandel,  a Navy Medical Corps endocrinologist in Chesapeake Virginia.  [specialize in hormonal and endocrine diseases –so he has to be pretty smart!]  reviewed Kennedy’s Medical records and corresponded with JFK’s physicians [they should be brought up on criminal charges for LYING AND FALSIFYING medical records to the public in a presidential election] 
Dr. Mandel found that JFK,  the ‘all healthy athletic, sexually macho man’ was nothing short of a medical disaster.
  He notes that JFK had both Addison’s Disease and Hypothyroidism. 
Following symptoms occurred:
-Low Blood Pressure [orthostatic hypotension]
-Darkening Pigmentation of the skin in areas exposed to the sun. (not quite that healthy tan from playing football on the beach in Martha's Vineyard)
-Type 1 diabetes. 
-Hashimotos’ Thyroiditis and goiter  sometimes called Schmidt’s Syndrome
-Addisonian Crises which JKF had plenty of because of presidential stress.
-sudden penetrating pain in the legs, lower back  or abdomen. 
- Severe vomiting and diarrhea, resulting in dehydration. 
-Syncope [loss of consciousness and ability to stand]
-Confusion, psychosis and slurred speech.
-Severe lethargy
Wait and see what a drug addict this POTUS was!  Here’s a list of his daily meds: 
-500mg of vit C 2x
-10 milligram of HYDRO CORTISONE [Steroids]
-2.5 mg prednisone 2x
-10 milligram of methyl testosterone 
-10mcg of liothyronine [synthetic thyroid] 2x
-0.1 milligrams Fludrocortisone.
-diphenoxylate hydrochloride and atropine sulfate, two tablets as needed.  This is often called Lomotil used to control ‘diarrhea’.  
The testosterone was used to combat weight loss and GONADAL ATROPHY associated with steroids. 
  One characteristic of an autoimmune disease is that close relatives often are affected as well.  Kennedy’s younger sister Eunice had Addison’s Disease.   JFK JR,  his son, suffered from GRAVE’S DISEASE in which the thyroid is overactive. 
  In summary,  you have been exposed to an elaborate medical analysis of JFK , a man who should never have been POTUS under any or all conditions.   He was not physically or mentally fit.   Not because I said it but because my mentors at CUMC and the navy doctors and the Brilliant British physicians told him he was MEDICALLY IMPAIRED. 
  So you now see how the Myth of Camelot was based on a foundation of lies or to use the vernacular, bullshit….yup, the whole thing.    JFK along with his degenerate brother, Bobby [Loyal Sycophant to Joseph McCarthy and then converted Liberal] created many unholy covert wars all over Latin America, Africa and Vietnam.   They were responsible for the deaths of countless American Operatives, military troops and innocent civilians.  Yet this family is still glorified in their defective, alcoholic, murderous transgressions with their useless next generation following their pre-destined paths because our citizenry buys into the media fantasy machine.
  This sickly specimen of a man who’s gangster father willed and maneuvered him to the presidency was one of the worst leaders in our history.   Although Obama and Bush Jr are serious contenders.  So you see how the "profiles in courage" award is really a trophy for lies, myths and pulling the wool over the citizen's eyes.  Quite appropriately bestowed on Gabrielle Giffords and her Sandy Hook back up performance.  Please let's take advantage of the Information Age,  check the facts and get rid of these corrupted political dynasties,  they are very bad for the future of our country.


  1. Sorry Dr. P but you've got it all wrong.

    John Kennedy was perhaps the only normal, decent human being to ever occupy the office of President. He was intelligent, read voracously, and never gave instructions to provide him with only short briefing papers. All you have to do is go to Youtube and see his press briefings [he was the first President to conduct them regularly] and you can see how relaxed, witty, and normal a person he was.

    He had made arrangements to withdraw from Vietnam when he was killed. He began a detente with the USSR which because of his death was delayed by ten years until Kissenger revived it.

    He was aware of the monsterous nature of the US military and CIA, and it was his singular caution in October 1962 which averted atomic war with the Soviet Union over their deployment of strategic missiles in Cuba.

    Johnson on the other hand was a purely criminal sociopath. Johnson came to power by stealing elections, and amassed a huge fortune through graft and bribery. The testimony of Bobby Baker and Billy Sol Estes about his criminal activities, including numerous murders of witnesses, is true and verifiable. He lied about everything to everyone all the time, including the public about every issue related to his actions in Vietnam.

    Johnson created a smokescreen of benevolent "New Deal" patronage to mask his criminal nature, and the "Great Society" with it's mammoth legislation including the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act were tools he used to engender an impression of social responsibility and progressivity.

    Growing up I knew several people close to Johnson, his sister and brother, and I can tell you he was purely a gangster. Everyone in Texas at the time knew that, and it was widely assumed here that he was involved with the murder of Kennedy. Facts and testimony in the last thirty years have borne out those rumours to be accurate.

    As for Kennedy's physical conditions I beg to differ also.

    Kennedy didn't have Addison's desease.

    What Kennedy had was a damaged adrinal gland due to massive corticol steroid treatments [Kenalog] used to treat colitis when he was 21 years old.

    Young men of that age often suffer from colitis, and in the late 1930s but only briefly the treatment for this was the use of Kenalog to reduce inflammation. However Kenalog used in this way has two negative effects which subsequently make it contra-indictaded for long term use:

    1.deterioration of the lumbar spine
    2.deterioration of the adrinal gland

    Kennedy's lower spine was so deteriorated [as though necrotic] that he required dangerous surgery to repair it, however these procedures were successful.

    While he was President in order to support his lumbar spine he was given anabolic steroids to strengthen the muscles, and this treatment also had the effects anabolics always do. Without any resistance training anabolics merely result in a very lean muscle mass with an absence of fatty tissue, which was observed during his autopsy as "an unusually athletic physic....."

    Kennedy had many sexual partners as President, probably twenty or more different women and I've heard nothing about him suffering from poor sexual performance. His most regular partner, who visited him dozens of times, was a woman his own age, Mary Pinchot Meyer. Mary and Cord Meyer were neighbors of the Kennedys when they lived in Hickory Hill, and Cord was the head of the international organizations division of CIA. Mary was of course killed by gunfire in Washington DC some ten months after Kennedy was shot.

    As for Johnson, he had at least three illegitimate children in Texas we know about - two girls and a boy all by different women.

    Johnson's sexual irresponsibility was much more negligent than anything Kennedy did.

    1. Dr. P. has personal knowledge of Cord Meyer and his wife, Mary.

      You were blogging here when he wrote this:

    2. After Johnson's death his illegitimate son sued his estate for damages and he immediately contracted a terminal illness and conveniently died at a very young age. He was in perfect health until he filed that lawsuit.


    3. Cord Meyer came from a family in New York whose fortune was based on the inside exploitation of Cuba. His family took a huge stake in Cuban sugar, and were among the ugliest of American east coast/Carribean imperialists.

      Being the rich punk that he was he volunteered for the Marines right after Pearl Harbor, and was badly wounded at Iwo Jima. Thereafter he had a glass eye.

      After the war he supported the UN and other international organizations aimed at making all war obsolete [his experiences at Iwo Jima left him a virtual pacifist].

      However like many other leftists in the early CIA time and events transformed him into an intolerant and ruthless operator.

      He was also an aggressive womanizer, and my review of his life led me to conclude that he was simply a spoiled rich kid/arrogant asshole who was sanctimonious and flighty --- a rich flake who was a narcissist.

      If Howard Hunt's "confession" is to be believed the assassination of Kennedy began with a pact between Cord Meyer and LBJ.

  2. And about Joseph P. Kennedy....

    He was a banker and spoiled rich kid himself who liked to play around in Hollywood and with gangsters but he was absolutely no gangster himself.

    Joseph Kennedy was the first and best Head of the SEC, and as Amabssador to England in the late 1930s he sought to counter British covert action targeted against US public opinion and Congressmen. The British had a huge effort of covert action in the US to smear Germany in the same way they had done so during WWI, and Kennedy was one of many intelligent Americans who attempted to oppose this. Kennedy was opposed to war with Germany as was the majority of British aristocrats and the Royal family. However in the 1930s politics in Britain was definitley not governed by the British Royals or the aristocrats - they had lost out long before to other interests.

    1. You know it's funny but everyone in the United States acknowledges the phoney government propaganda effort against Germany in WWI, but when you point out that the same thing went on in WWII you get this incredulousness. The simple truth is that the Nazis way of doing things made them easy targets for American and British propagandists, and the Germans never committed ten percent of the atrocities attributed to them.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I hope you at least would agree there was a Holocaust. I don't think that 6,000,000 is too far off. There are also 20,000,000 Soviets, etc.

    4. Raul Hilberg, the foremost scholar on the Holocaust, alleges that the number was way below 6 million Jews killed.

      However Hilberg still relies on numbers created by the Soviets as well as a handful of camp survivors whose testimony is unsupported by the tens of thousands of other survivors who say they never saw any killings.

      The Germans documented the exact number of Jews and others they killed. In every village and town in which Jews were gathered up and taken to them for execution the German Army [not the SS] as well as the regular German police recorded the exact number.

      That number is slightly in excess of 1.5 million Jews killed, all by gunfire.

      I'd call that an atrocity.

      However their were never any gas chambers used to systemmatically kill anyone. That was due to false confessions made by captured Germans at Neuremberg. The "gas chamber" present at Dacchau was constructed by US Army Intelligence, and Raul Hilberg and all other reputable historians concur with that. In fact Hilberg concurs that all the stories of gas chambers in camps in Germany [sixteen of them] were US fabrications.

    5. As for 20 million or so Soviets killed those were casualites of war, they were mostly combatants fighting on behalf of a "government" which killed another 27 million ordinary people for ideological reasons or just for fun.

      Personally I have little sympathy for the Soviets who fought for Stalin and his regime.

      Many people welcomed the Germans when they attacked, and certainly the Germans were welcomed by more people as liberators than anyone in Iraq welcomed the Americans when they came in shooting to "liberate" them from the Iraqi Baath party.

    6. For that matter many Russians, Ukrainians, and others volunteered to fight on the German side, including General Vasily Vaslov.

      It was because of Vaslov I believe that in the 1980s a certain fiction writer got the idea of writing a novel about a Soviet submarine commander who defects with his submarine to the United States....familiar?

      Additionally the Germans fielded several whole divisions of volunteers from occupied western European countries who volunteered to fight against the Red Army.

      You won't find this "ideological dimension" to that war even mentioned in the propagandistic American history books however, anymore than you will find them mentioning that it was the Soviets who defeated the Germans, not the Americans....sorry Stephen Ambrose you money-grubbing liar!

  3. Mark Kelly, Gabby's sheigetz hubby just got caught buying high capacity arms and ammunition:
    "Mark E. Kelly, made purchases which included an AR-15--sometimes described as an "assault rifle"--at 3:30 pm on the afternoon of March 5 at Diamondback Police Supply, 170 S. Kolb Street, Tucson, AZ".

  4. Vote count for Brennan:


    GOP who attended Obama's pre-vote dinner at the Jefferson Hotel:
    Graham McCain Burr Coats Coburn Corker Graham

    Additional GOP Yea votes:
    Alexander Collins Flake Hatch Kirk Murkowski Rubio (who appeared on the Floor with RAND PAUL's FILIBUSTER During the FEAST) VOTED AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION'S BILL OF RIGHTS.

    Either they were intimidated or they have a self-aggrandizing personal agenda; They can't be that IGNORANT: certainly not a vote for PATRIOTISM!

    A vote for Death Murder Mayhem and Military Contracts all over the world.

    Leahy Murkley & Sanders (I) voted No, only 2 Democrats.

    The remainder GOP voted Nay including those who attended the FEAST:
    Ayotte Johans Toomey Johnson Hoeven Chambliss
    (Those who are not fooled some of the time)

    Graham and McMcain should be BANISHED!


    2. Lindsey Graham ought to put on a uniform and go do some shooting himself. He's an effeminete, pudgy little toad seeking to establish his masculinity by playing the hawk. His high-pitched voice and other un-manly features are pitiful for someone playing the tough guy with other people's lives.



  5. For a window on Johnson's sociopathic behavior see:

    or search there for: "Kessler:Secret Service: LBJ Out of Control, Often Drunk"

    1. According to Kessler LBJ's detail witnessed him drunk frequently, and exhibiting "psychotic" behaviors such as stripping down naked in Air Force One in front of his family and other women present.

      For those of us in Texas who knew him this was classic LBJ. He was a malevolent, belligerant, malicious and indifferent to anything except himself. After he was driven from office he became extremely bitter and depressed and was under the care of an Austin pscychiatrist known to myself. IMHO he was assassinated by persons in CIA and Texas because of his conduct here, which became more and more unstable.

      If ever there was a real life MacBeth it was LBJ in Texas from 1969-73.

    2. I always did think that Paul Krassner rumor that Jackie caught Johnson fucking the wound in Kennedy's neck on Air Force One had some truth in it. Just kidding. But I do agree with your assessment of the relative merits of Kennedy and Johnson.

  6. Dr. P as an MD when you look at the list of medications this person alleges does it make any sense? To me it looks like bullshit because it's not possible to take that combination and and be functional AT ALL...

    For example...

    2.5 mg of Prednisone twice daily?

    Gimme a break!

    Anyone who took that would be TWEEKING continually!

    Anyone can see Kennedy wasn't tweeking, shaking, or acting neurvous all the time as ANYONE WOULD TAKING THAT DOSE OF PREDNISONE EVERYDAY.


    I've been told some things about his medical history by people who would know, and they're not rumour mongers and what they've told me appears accurate given the MISINFORMATION GIVEN TO ROBERT DALEK AND OTHERS THAT HE WAS AN ADDISONIAN.

    He was not an addisonian. It was covered up that he had colitis and sufferred from side effects of prolonged use of corticol steriods as treatment before it was known what the those effects would be.

    1. Well, Dr. P.? This casts serious doubt on the reliability of your information.

  7. And the testosterone....

    Taking testosterone causes the gonads to shrink not the other way around.

    Am I wrong?

    I just don't understand these medications.

  8. What I was told was that he took anabolic steroids, testosterone [which caused his balls to shrink somewhat but he could afford it] and vitamine B and injectable anphetamines.

    I don't believe he took any anti-inflammatory meds such as Prednisone or corticol steroids, or suffered from any sexual disfunction.

    He had a sky-high libido and as many as thirty women got screwed by him in utter delight. One was a nineteen year old virgin intern who says he was attentive, sensitive and kind. She says she loved every minute of it.

    1. But for that matter the women fucked by LBJ said he was a great lover also so what do women know? We all know they are excited by bad boys so I throw up my hands. I give up when it comes to women.

    2. Injectable amphetamines? Kennedy shot meth? Hell, that's as bad as smoking crack! Oh well, I guess those were the days. I was doing a lot of amphetamines myself back then. Not shooting it though, for God's sake. Just popping Tijuana dexedrine to study for exams and write papers. Didn't work very well in most cases. Flunked the exams, and the papers were long rambling screeds less comprehensible than the stuff the Unibomber used to put out.

    3. Uh...I doubt it was meth. Just a little something to put the sparkle in his Irish blue eyes.

      Kennedy's MD was private. No records kept. Claims to the contrary are false.

    4. I wonder why Dr. P says these things. I can't tell what he really believes and what he says just to see how people will react. You can't trust these psychiatrists.

  9. Professor Alex Jones Jr. (Son) educates the elementary school crowd on the basics of "Terrorism 101".

    This is a keeper!

  10. Philip Zelikow is alleged to have authored the script of the 9-11-01 wtc bombing and then re-wrote it as chair of the 9-11 Commisssion report:

    Philp Shenon reports the nefarious methods of Zelikow.

    "In the November–December 1998 issue of Foreign Affairs, he co-authored an article Catastrophic Terrorism, with Ashton B. Carter, and John M. Deutch, in which they speculated that if the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center had succeeded, "the resulting horror and chaos would have exceeded our ability to describe it. Such an act of catastrophic terrorism would be a watershed event in American history. It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented in peacetime and undermine America’s fundamental sense of security, as did the Soviet atomic bomb test in 1949. Like Pearl Harbor, the event would divide our past and future into a before and after. The United States might respond with draconian measures scaling back civil liberties, allowing wider surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects and use of deadly force. More violence could follow, either future terrorist attacks or U.S. counterattacks. Belatedly, Americans would judge their leaders negligent for not addressing terrorism more urgently."

    Mohammed Atta hated Bin Laden and someone used his identity to conspire in the bombing.

    No different than Obama using dead Russian Jew, Harrison J Bounel's SS#. among 25 other numbers.

    I wager that Zelikow, a useful puppet with no blue ribbon breeding will be found to have committed suicide when evidence comes forward that implicates the Bush Crime Family (He will attempt to sing prior to his untimely death.)

    1. Ash Carter is from MIT, and was a protege of William Kaufmann when I was there in the early 1980s. I can guarantee you Ash Carter isn't a part of any cabal.

      The content of the article is brilliant in it's accuracy, but that only means it's authors are experts on these issues, not that they were engineering a coup.

      As for John Deutch he was one of the CIA's lesser, more undistinguished Directors in the 1990s, and I think he got his tit in a ringer for leaving "secret" documents around.

    2. Lets call them "clairvoyants" shall we?
      As for DEUTSCH, he slammed Jonathan Pollard & stole more docs than he!

  11. Sounds like the good Dr. has been pumped by his teachers, be they doctors, or not.

    Consider Dr. Pieczenik's attitude, doesn't really care about the assassination, just fixated on Kennedy's faults and failings, as told to him by doctors, who, possibly, had an agenda to make people like Dr. Pieczenik loathe Kennedy.

    Mission Accomplished!

    A lot of people hated Kennedy.

    It seems Steve Piczenik was a bright, hard worker, had showed promise.

    CIA and other spooks, corporate CIA tie-in look for people like Dr. Pieczenik.

    Remember this is an East Coast Establishment school.

    Top docs in that situation weren't too crazy about a Kennedy who wanted to BREAK UP the CIA.

    Of course, those people are going to transmit a dismissive attitude, in their field of expertise -- pill pushers.

    Think about it, in elite medical circles in the East Coast Establishment, some would be privy to the real observations (or at least rumors) of Kennedy's wounds at the hospital in Dallas and the fraudulent autopsy in Washington D. C. (via second had accounts).

    Remember the Warren Commission was in response to talk that there was a wider conspiracy -- the Warren Commission's job: COVER-UP.

    Of course, for Dr. Pieczenik's future endeavors, it would be important for him not to think his handlers are a bunch of power hungry, arrogant, selfish control freaks.

    And it is natural to pass off your attitude to students, being cynical, isn't what a lot of East Coast Establishment education amounts to?

    Good reason to make sure Dr. Pieczenik would not have any sympathy for Kennedy's persona, thus, his policies, many of which challenged the East Coast Establishment.

    Much of Dr. Pieczenik's early education was at these East Coast Establishment institutions -- in fact he is proud of it and terribly snide and dismissive of other educational outlets.

    Although, when confronted by pointing out such snobbery, he is smart to back off such talk that identifies him as an East Coast Establishment product.

    John F. Kennedy was seen as a traitor to the East Coast Establishment, that is why they easily covered for the assassins. Even if they weren't personally involved. Kennedy upset a lot of apple carts.

    Nothing induces hatred more than the feeling of betrayal. That is how the East Coast Eastblishment felt about John F. Kennedy.

    Their intellectual child Dr. Pieczenik was brought up well.

    Kennedy's assassination was a Murder on the Orient Express operation, there were many hands on the dagger.

    In fact that is how the assassination was kept quiet: Because so many were involved or had knowledge and approved and thus it was essential to the whole establishment that the truth never be known.

    Another photograph, most readers have seem is LBJ being winked at by another fellow on Air Force One on the way back to Washington after he had been sworn in on the plane.

    LBJ was a monster. LBJ had spoken in the senate of the "Masters of the Universe." Likely, Lyndon Baines Johnson knew exactly who these "masters" were, the transnational bankers, big oil (particularly in Texas), and the East Coast Establishment that was internationalist to such a degree as to want "world governance".

    LBJ either had foreknowledge of the U.S.S. Liberty intentional attack by Israel or covered-up after the fact.

    Indeed, Johnson knew all the deep, ugly secrets, that if known by the public would end the East Coast Eastblishment hold on American life.

    If he was to talk, in a bitter outburst, as his black moods were to want, that could raise grave issues -- it would not surprise me in the least if Johnson was "silenced" to prevent such an outburst of candor which could end the Big Lie of post world War Two international, foreign policy consensus developed by the East Coast Eastablishment.

    Kennedy had his faults, but he also knew of the "Masters of the Univers" and chose to fight them, where LBJ actively sought their support and carried their water. In exchange for power.

    1. There is simply disinformation that was put about regarding Kennedy's medical history and records, and this misinformation was given to MDs who didn't know any better and found it's way to Robert Dalek who first "broke" the false story that Kennedy had Addisons.

      In the last few years there have been other "releases" of his "records" that are also fabrications.

      The simple truth is that his personal MD was a "society doctor" who kept no records or kept them secret upon pain of death....

      This doctor never released anything to anyone, and the doctors at Bethesda or elsewhere who are supposed to treat the President played no role.

      Kennedy and his close circle had an iron wall around this issue.

      The people who are behind slandering him are, IMHO, the same assholes who killed him, and these characters' activities on this topic went on for decades and decades...

      In my own experience I had knowledge regarding a certain Army scientist who was claimed to have jumped to his death all the way back in 1953 [however my information was that he was thrown out the window].

      When I and perhaps others began relating information regarding the facts out of the blue came a well funded writer who produced several "witnesses" with an altogether different account, a false account.

      Apparently even though this event happened in 1953 as late as 1998 there were still people with money able to work that issue to decieve the public.

      It's amazing how these very old events have actors who can act even in the present to seek to shape things....


    2. The false account is by Alboretti.

    3. MITmichael wrote: "There is simply disinformation that was put about regarding Kennedy's medical history and records, and this misinformation was given to MDs who didn't know any better and found it's way to Robert Dalek who first "broke" the false story that Kennedy had Addisons."

      Okay, that requires less moving parts and doesn't rely on bad intent.

      Although, I still hold that significant factions of the East Coast Establishment and Texans held attitudes of antipathy towards Kennedy.

      The attitudes hardened towards the apex of each of these factions.

      Murderous attitudes.

      The monsterous, huge egos, arrogant, selfishness, disregard for average folks, bred out of the victory of WWII, a hubris bred out of a continuence of long-term plans.

      Kennedy got in the way of those plans.

      That wasn't going to be tolerated.

      Similiar (in a small way) to the determination of the elite to smash through Syria with their hired mercenaries dressed-up as jihadists.

      It's a stalemate, but their plans have so far been successful, so they push on.

      Should Syria survive -- and this truly is an existential threat to the history and culture of tolerance within Syrian society. A victory for the terrorists is the destruction of a vibrant, pluralist, open society.

      The West will be thrown back.

      Perhaps that will give time & space for proper reflection.

      But listening to William Hague, Foreign Minister for Great Britain, speaking in the House of Commons lying through his teeth about Syria makes me want to kick the dude right in the nuts.

    4. You're correct in that the rebels with the money and gunpowder are the jihadists. All their money comes from the Saudis, and the non-Jihadists have little or nothing.

      The fight for the Middle East is on, and under this "President" there is no direction whatsoever.

    5. I've been saying for ten years that all money for jihadist activities everywhere comes from Saudi Arabia, and now this is unmasked in Syria as fact.

      This is why there hasn't been any real attacks in the US since 9-11...

      Because the Saudis financed 9-11 and will sanction no other additional attacks on US soil.

    6. "Kennedy had his faults...."

      I don't know about that. I'm hare pressed to find any.

      The reason why he was so exceptional was that he and Robert avoided the pitfalls which most idiot sons of rich parents fall into because they were never spoiled. Their parents had hard expectations of them to live up to, and they had to achieve and excell in their family environment.

      In addition John's continual brushes with death in the war and with surgery later on made him very humble. He never felt that he was larger than life or could cheat death or anything else.

      But BECAUSE HE CAME FROM AN ELITE he was skeptical about other powerful people, such as the Generals of the Pentagon. He had the SELF-CONFIDENCE to see through their charade of expertise, and was willing to trust his own judgement rather than cower to his supposed "betters" as someone with an INFERIORITY COMPLEX LIKE JOHNSON DID!


  12. Kennedy was murdered and there are many circumstances and testimony which suggest this, however the deniers must come to terms with these smoking guns...

    1.No one can explain who the people were in Dealy Plaza who had Secret Service credentials who were denied by Secret Service as being their personnel. Clearly they were there as imposters, and that is undeniably evidence of a conspiracy.

    2.Every single physician in Dallas who saw the President's wounds describe a large deficit in the BACK of his head.

    No one can explain why over a dozen MDs who saw the wound would mischaracterize it as completely different than what has been "documented" in the autopsy photos and notes later on.

    Once these two simple facts are understood then otherwise questionable testimony and circumstances indicating a conspiracy may be taken with greater weight.

    Those circumstances and testimony point to a conspiracy involving Lyndon Johnson and his supporters in Dallas working in conjunction with actors in CIA and the Defense Department utilizing La Cosa Nostra operators.

  13. According to the KGB investigation in 1964 the actual shooters who performed the assassination in Dallas were Corsican criminals, including "Michele Sarte."

    1. Watch "dark legacy" the link is from Helen in the poppy bush article.

  14. I think Dr. P enjoys getting us all riled up

  15. Some interesting comments! Still no closer to the truth though! Here we have a case of a president whom its clear was assinated 50 years ago not by lee Harvey Oswald fast forward the gulf of tonkinn then fast forward 9/11 about 3 skyscrapers collapsing in their own footprint (one without being hit) then fast forward the already dead mastermind whom was assassinated by an elite force who were supposed to have been killed in an helicopter accident (but one wrote a book) then there's weapons of mass destruction along with the nuclear capabilities of the country that inspired the film of the diplomats that simply checked out of Tehran which clinched the Oscar while they take away the guns! But not to be outdone we had 7/7 London bombings also the dunblane incident not to mention the suspicious nature of princess Diana! What's the common denominator here?? You've guessed it!! Fed shit and told lies and I'll tell you something else you can't dissect. Or analyze that because that's what it is