Wednesday, January 2, 2013

super soldiers, non consensual human experimentation, have a read.


  1. First reaction to this I'd have to say is pretty frightening, it seems everything we know as science fiction is becoming true, as well as predator drones we now have predators! If there's such a thing as elites wanting total control well we are on the way to achieving it! Once again this is consistent with what we have been told about how military is becoming outdated such is technology now that kids that play on gaming consoles could actually fight wars!! Far fetched, is it ask yourselves? Games are becoming more battlefield orientated and let's face it its exactly how drones are flown now! The ramifications of. An entire robotic or drug fuelled army doesn't sound good at all! The entire military industrial complex should be careful for what they wish for as it may come true

  2. The truth is this stuff has been going on since WWII as part of MKULtra (no it wasn't shut down - quite the opposite. Watch

  3. Anyone who'd be surprised or shocked by this is hopelessly gullible.

    Court rulings uphold than when someone joins the military that they lose their rights of informed consent, and that their masters may do pretty much anything they want to them...that's the law.

    Furthermore, anyone who believes that the military leadership thinks of the soldiers under their charge as anything other than slaves, tools to be used and disgarded, doesn't know anything about the real culture of the American armed services.

    In only a few sociieties, like Israel and Germany for example, are soldiers treated with dignity. Everywhere else, including the US, they are basically disposable slaves.