Monday, January 7, 2013

JOHN BRENNAN: from Terrorist/Counterterrorist: appoint him DCI ASAP!
As much as I have criticized John for all of his nefarious deeds over twenty-five years as a station chief and as a senior advisor to Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama , I feel for the very reasons that I have criticized him that he will make an excellent DCI [Director of The CIA].
WHAT? Have I fallen on my head? or has MK Ultra a residual effect on me
Not exactly. Remember, I have always believed that my enemy, be he a former terrorist or miscreant, can always make a better leader of a criminal or miscreant organization.
What do I mean?
  When President FDR wanted to appoint the first Chairman of the SEC, he looked around and appointed the most crooked, sophisticated trader on Wall Street, who had made an absolute fortune by shorting stocks during the Depression—Joseph Kennedy, a mobster and sophisticated financier but he was an excellent SEC Chairman. Or take Rick Scott,  the current governor of Florida…..great example of it takes a crook to know a crook- Scott paid a massive fine for medicare fraud now he's governor of a state of crooks, and doing a good job.
  Recently I did a podcast (coming soon, needs to be pretty’d up) on  the current President of Uruguay Jose Mujica who was one of the toughest terrorists I had ever encountered [Tupamaros] and now turns out to be one of the most humble, effective Presidents that Uruguay has ever had.
What the dysfunctional CIA needs now is not someone from the outside—like my favorite candidate General Petraeus.  The clash between military discipline and CIA ‘loosey-goose’ culture is larger than the span of the Grand Canyon.
  So from a very practical point of view, President Obama made a very clever and appropriate choice in selecting a John Brennan, born and bred of the CIA---conversant with  all aspects of  DO, DI and field experience, management of large organizations, and most importantly of all--- he knows where all the ‘skeletons are buried’.
  In an organization built on lies, betrayals and duplicity, one needs someone who has navigated the travails of this most torturous of organizations. 
  The CIA Directors whom I have known or respected have included Richard Helms, Bill Colby, William Casey, Robert Gates, and now it’s time to see how John Brennan does. 
  He certainly follows in their tradition of initiating covert operations, maintaining secrecy and over-riding ‘rogue’ operations.
  Remember, the most important element to run the CIA is what President General Eisenhower once said to DCI Allen Dulles: “You need a certain kind of genius to run the CIA”. 

Good luck! We will be watching.   


  1. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man?
    John Brennan knows:
    Sinister, Sociopathic, and very Clever. The Plot thickens.

    Who is writing the screenplay?

    You should!

    By appointing a lawless homicidal maniac, assures Obama he can continue to murder (little children) with reckless abandon & never be indicted or accountable for crimes against humanity.

    Didn't Hitler do the same thing and insulate himself? Did he actually die...or live out is final years in Russia or Argentina?

    This is no different than claiming "executive privilege" on Benghazi, along with "Fast & Furious".

    Now Hillary will testify...and lie, & Brennan will also...and lie about every ongoing massacre ad infinitum.

    Brennan, the executive producer of the fake video, "Innocence of the Muslims". had a staff member post it on Youtube as a "Wag the Dog" scenario to divert from the Benghazi fiasco..It worked for a while..then the premeditated shaming and firing of Petraeus, to set Brennan up for Obama's insulation from impeachment.

    Petraeus obviously was appointed as the "chit" in Obama's magic top hat.

    Obama has ostensibly pulled off the perfect crime...until he is caught!


    THIS IS BIBICAL. Now who will be Esther to hang Haman...Reggie Love?

    Can you not see this?

    Obama has a mote of protection now to do whatever murdering to confiscate guns he desires.

    Go back and watch "Back to the Future II" and see what happens to Hill Valley when history is altered, because of a chain of unexpected aberrant events: Dystopia, dehumanization, totalitarian government, & environmental disaster associated with a cataclysmic decline in society.

    Obama is now in the Driver's seat unless Congress or the Military act.

    I have lost track of all the crimes of Obama.
    Supreme Court Justice Roberts
    Election Fraud
    Fast and Furious
    Ft. Hood
    Hollow Point Bullets

    Your move...

    PS. Asto Rick Scott. My MD told me the story. They are friends. It was Hillary and Bill punishing him because he EXPOSED HILLARY CARE. THEY FINED HIM, a la IRS audit harassment. He paid a fine to get the harassment off his back. Again behind every scandal, Hillary rears her fat derriere.

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    2. rick scott backstory:

    3. The analogy betwee Brennan and Joseph Kennedy at the SEC, or terrorst leaders who become statesmen doesn't work.

      Joseph Kennedy had ended his Wall Street days and had no motive for not enforcing new regulations there. Terrorists who become Presidents similary have no motive in continuing the conflicts they formerly spawned.

      But Brennan will have every motive in the world to cover-up and continue the "loosy-goosey" free-for-all Covert Action in CIA. Obama chose him because he sees Brennan almost every day, and Brennan has conned him. Not a difficult challenge given Obama has no knowledge or ideology regarding any subject.

      As for Helms, Colby, Casey and Gates..oh my God, what a litany of murderous rouges if ever there were some.

      Helms and Colby presided over genicidal covert actions aimed at suppressing leftists anywhere in the world by supporting torturing, third world monsters. These crimes in the name of anti-communism cannot be intelligently defended. In particular, it was CIA rougue operations which disposed of Diem, Khan, and Khiem in Vietnam, one after the other, because these national leaders WANTED TO END THE VIETNAM WAR BY REACHING AN AGREEMENT FOR NEUTRALITY ALONG WITH THE FRENCH AND NORTH VIETNAMESE. The ONLY reason why the Vietnam war continued after 1964 is because of CIA CA to ensure that it occured rather than a negotiated settlement, and this is what Colby and Helms did every day.

      Casey was a lunatic madman who operated terror organizations in central America, Afghanistan, and elsewhere to no end other than his idiot zeal to kill communists.

      Gates was from the DI, and refused to believe the CPSU would dissolve even after it was nearly completely gone.

      Good call there Robert. Please go back to Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University in the piney woods where your hillbilly students don't know their asses from their elbows.

    4. Sorry to defame Texas A&M "University," but could you imagine Gates being the Chancellor, or President, of any other kind of school? Could you imagine him at any school OUTSIDE of the rural, backwoods, boot-licking sado-masochistic horse loving home of the A&M "Corps of Cadets" [they're all only reserve officers you know].

      I just can't see Gates being welcomed at Bennington, or Madison, or Ann Arbor, or Austin, or Berkley or the like.

      Today in order to find moronic kids to fight America's idiotic wars one has to go to the land of the hillbillies, the rural lands where Republicans are Republicans and where young people salute the flag.

      See you back in Texas soon Robert. (and please don't get all teary eyed like you often do when speaking about dead American soldiers. It's like tearing up because some German was killed in Poland in 1940....doesn't wash)

  2. On another related matter, Alex Jones tore up Piers Morgan on CNN tonight not to be outdone by Asberger in chief Alan geek Dershowitz. Here 's what happened on & off the air:

    1. Dershowitz is a Mossad and Likud agent whose mission is to suppress any legitimate acedemic discussion of the Arab-Israeli conflict and to punish any shclar who criticizes Israel.

      Dershowitz is a public menace. He needs to be prosecuted for being a foreign agent operating unregistered in the United States as well as other crimes including violations of the neutrality act.

      Why he's never been sued for liable by such people as Judge Goldstone in South Africa, or Norman Finkelstein I'll never understand.

      Dershowitz is a serial lawbreaker and sociopath. He has no conscience.

  3. The apparently overt Crooks & Gangsters [C&G] like dictators might be honest about who they are and what they do, but covert C&G like politicians, you know, those whose lack of conscience is camouflaged with over-conscience for drip-feeding their mesmerised salivates, cannot be opened about their Truth or else they'll never get to where they are. Here, the universe is of 1 step forwards and 2 steps backward, oka Apparent Progress, the 1 step forwards being Hagel and the 2 step backwards are Brennan and Kerry - should Choseness be persuaded to be "reasonable" about the "damned thang" !

    Truth is not only what It is, like The Sun, Truth is never on its own. The Sun has Sunlight and Truth has Love if only because Love is merely The Flow/Tao/Experiencing/Expression of Truth, A Simplicity which Eludes. This is why Love is so powerful and is in fact, the ONLY Real/Essential/Infinite Power in The Material and Spiritual Cosmos. This is also why, for example, China, was conquered many a time but ends up conquering its conquerers, a fact not missed by "Military Academies" all over but is then forgotten as "Empire" advances - All Over. Like it, believe it, realises it or not, Love is Femininity [which is not Feminism] whereas Truth is Masculinity [which has zero association with Machoism]. It is like The Judiciary and Law Enforcement or The Mother & The Father within the individual family unit. If true, was your family raised along this principle or was it "All Hell Breaks Loose" as Father enforces Child with Mother screaming out as to what to do and what not to do. Just like Uncle Tommy und hist his Kabalistic Kabin Krew. Jawhol, mit Zer Chosen Tone, Ja?

    1. Balance,

      You are the only person on this board who has any wisdom.

      Love is the one singular power in the universe. Love is truth, and truth is love, and both are beauty.

      The universe is creation, and it is perfect and without flaw in any manner whatsoever.

      Unfortunately, in my opinion, as time passes human cultures move further and further away from belief in these simple observations.

  4. Brennan CEO of The Analysis Corporation, Passport Office Breakin 2008 (theft of Obama's Pakistan's travel history) and Benghazi video production:

    "Brennan is just another gangster serving in the Obama administration. He's the guy that breached Obama passport file during the campaign in order to "cauterize" Obama's travel records of potentially embarrassing information. "They looked at the McCain and Clinton files as well to create confusion," one knowledgeable source said. "But this was basically an attempt to cauterize the Obama file."

    At the time of the breach, Brennan was working as an unpaid adviser to the Obama campaign.

    This guy should be in prison for breaking into the the State Department and breaching it's passport files, not in the Executive Office Building...
    ...Inside the White House, Obama continues to be advised by a man whose sympathies, despite his long service in the CIA, appear to be with the Islamic enemies of the nation. It is no surprise that Brennan has maintained a very low profile since 2009-2010."

    Audio Start at 22 minutes-46 minutes:

  5. Wow, good dicussion. I was wondering who Brennan was.

  6. Hey guys, maybe a little bit off topic, but can anyone guestimate what occurs when Syria gets taken down in earnest? Thanks. Just wanting to know, is a ground fource incursion by NATO WWIII, or is this just step one towards it? Thanks to any and all replies.

    1. Assad will not be given asylum in Russia.

      It's a fight to the death.

  7. And is Alex just a huge disinfo artest or has he been placed in the shackles of fear. One of these is true, i am sure of it.

    1. Living in Austin where Jones has been sort of my neighbor for twenty years, and he went to the high school across the street from me....

      He's not any agent of any kind.

      He's sort of a bully. He's sanctimonious, narccissistic, cruel, weak and mean.

      He's a very unpleasant fellow who was a juvenile delinquent and grew to become a total nutjob with a messianic complex.

      Stay away from him.

    2. Thanks Michael for your responses. I want to ask more questions, but maybe the questions that i would ask here would be too obvious for the readers of this site. So much disinfo. out there, i am just looking for clear and simple answers.

    3. FukuA

      Big Boy Alex is Texas
      John Wayne on steroids
      Cheeseburger and beer.

      Definitely not Messianic
      that is jim jones, and obama.
      He is necessary counterpoint
      loud and insistant..
      necessary for the times.

      He is the host and heart
      it is the guests that count
      He gives others their respect
      and there is good info there.

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    1. Oh please...

      Jones went to Anderson High School on the corner of Mesa Drive and Steck Avenue where I kept a condo from 1989 to 2011.

      He fell in with a local LaRouche who had a public access cable show named Jeff Davis, who indoctrinated him in the LaRouche nonsense that the Rothchilds and City of London meet in secret at the Bilderberg to plot out the control of the entire world.

      Jone's core belief is that a cabal of international bankers choose who the Presidential candidates will be, and plot to kills billions by purposefully placing cancer viruses in the vaccines.

      When Jones was a teen he was constantly in trouble at school and with the law because of belligerance/starting fights over girls, bullying weaker kids.

      He's a perfect example of sociopath who uses a political cause as an avenue for his fears, rage and aggression.

      Stay away from him.

    2. As for Stratfor, they're a bunch of losers. The troll who started Stratfor was a teacher in Louisiana, of all places. I don't see them using anyone from MIT, Harvard, Rand, Princeton or any other place which has something to do with foreign affairs scholarship.

      Stratfor hires burned-out former bureaucrats and poses themselves as a political risk consultancy group.

      They're just another Austin, Texas scam along with Lance Armstrong and pretty much everything else in Austin.

      Austin is a rotten, corrupt city of scoundrels, phonies and crooks. It's a home for slackers like Robert Rodriquez, the Tarantino-clone hispanic schlock maker who used to ask me for money in 1990 when he was trying to make "El Mariachi," which he claimed later he made for ten thousand dollars. No way Roberto. It was originally made with the contributions of many adding up to tens of thousands, and then posted at Columbia with a budget of two million for posting alone.

      Austin is a snake pit.

    3. Austin touts itself as the "live music capitol of the world," yet not a single successful recording artist has ever come from Austin...not one.

      While Houston produces Beyonce, Dallas Norah Jones and Erika Badu, San Antonio Christoper Cross and Los Lonely Boys, Lubbuck Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison, and Willie Nelson is really from Waco....

      Austin's crowded with tens of thousands of musicians none of whom have any merit whatsoever.

      Austin's a phoney city of pot smoking slackers and financial swindlers.

      The only person with any talent at anything from Austin is Robert Benton,and that's not saying much given his claime to fame is having written "Bonnie and Clyde."

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  10. Good answers, i think. Has Dr. P been on his show sincse the show where Dr. P implicated the Saudi-Israel alliance as being behind 9/11? If not, that pretty much states it all. Also, just as this so-called gun control debate pops up, (bad choice of words-sorry), Alex pops up on Piers Morgan show as a supposed rep of the pro gun people, and then what does he do? He takes a beligerrant tone and proceeds to try to make all pro gun rights people look like crazed, conspiracy freak riddled people. He obviously was chosen by someone to go along with the script, and he willigly takes the role. I found it to be almost comical like that he was being like the plant at the magic or psychic show to make the people believe the trick. However, it is NOT comical, because ultimately real people will lose much because of the stupid act. I hope more begin to realize this fact because the gun control debate is just one of many issues being used to divide the US people, but it is looking to become The Issue. People that consider Alex to be the leader of any movement are sadly mistaken, I am fairly certain. People need to focus on uniting behind the truth and US Constitution Bill of Rights and not let these media and media types divide the people with their silly magic.

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  11. I don't blame anyone who goes on Jones' show because he's THE ONLY OUTLET THAT EXISTS.

    The rest of the media is either hoplessly in lockstep with the government, or is radically right-wing - either way there is no liberty-minded venue which is open to criticism about topics like the "war on terror," the "war on drugs," etc.

    But I know Jones and his people too well, and he's no agent or anything of the kind. Nor am I convinced that his calls are screened. The Arab-Israeli conflict is of no more interest to him than any issue he can't fit into his globalist banker conspiracy rubic of bunk.

    Practically he serves to discredit libertarians of all kinds because his purposterous beliefs and outrageous behavior make most balanced people stop listening.

    The pro-liberty, pro-constitutionalist movement needs a leader...desperately, and it can't be anyone like Ron Paul, for all his good works.

    Dr. Paul was so fixed on this nonesense about the gold standard, and his stupid predictions of inflation which never came about, that he came off looking like one of these wackos predicting the end of the world in 2012.

    All these guys need to learn economics, stay away from unprovable conspiracy theories, and focus on the real conspiracies for which there are witnesses, documentation, and evidence.

    There are many real conspiracies out there with real evidence, and they need to stick to those.

  12. I listened to Alex Jones frequently for a couple of years. Although I always disagreed with a lot of it, I found it a refreshing alternative which did have some good information I couldn't find elsewhere. At least he was right on 9/11, and had been for years. Also he had people from all over the political spectrum on his program, including people identifiable as left-wing such as Webster Tarpley and Daniel Estulin. I come from the left myself, so I was led from Jones to Tarpley, who also has long been right on 9/11 and wrote an excellent book about it that I recommend to everyone called "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA". Tarpley has done other valuable research and written some other interesting books - biographies of George Bush Sr. and Obama, and a long and ponderous tome on economics called "Surviving the Cataclysm" that is also well worth reading. His weekly broadcast on is perhaps the best news analysis program on the Net, especially on foreign affairs. But as for Jones, I no longer listen to him. I got sick of his hard-line right-wing rants, and he has less and less good information and fewer interesting guests all the time. I don't like guns as such, their only purpose is to kill people and they make me queasy. I'm all for strict gun control laws. Jones' appearance on Piers Morgan was worth millions to the gun control lobby. They could have paid him for that performance, although I don't think they did. Jones was being a sincere gun nut. Contrary to what MIT said, Jones does not get his ideas from LaRouche, but from the John Birch Society. He has said about a million times that it was the JBS tract "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" that first "woke him up". Like General Jack Ripper in Dr. Strangelove, he is worried about his precious bodily fluids being polluted by fluoride and vaccines. He is definitely a dangerous nut. But he still performs a valuable service in getting people to question governmental authority.

    Now on the subject of LaRouche, also mentioned by MIT, he has had a reputation for being a nut for more than 50 years, a reputation which I long took for granted without ever taking a close look at what he was saying and doing. However, I came to take a closer look after listening to Tarpley, whose political and economic analysis I respected. Tarpley hates LaRouche, and calls him a CIA asset. Well, it's easy to call anybody you don't like a CIA asset. The fact is that Tarpley comes out of LaRouche's Schiller Institute, and was pretty much running the LaRouche organization when LaRouche was in jail during the administration of Poppy Bush, which jailed LaRouche on trumped up charges. Tarpley and LaRouche had a falling out over the next few years, and Tarpley went out on his own. Tarpley has done fine work since then. But when I started looking into LaRouche seriously, I realized that they were the source of Tarpley's economic and historical perspective. I found that LaRouche is really an original thinker, that he has been saying the same things for a long time and he keeps being proved right. He has been ahead of his time, and now his time has come. I have joined his organization, because without an organization there is nothing one can do but kvetch on blogs like this one. As I write, LaRouche people are all over Washington pushing for restoring Glass-Steagall (HR 129) that will restructure the economy by ending the bailouts and getting rid of the bad government debt. They are also pushing to impeach Obama for his illegal wars in Libya and Syria. I don't see anybody but the Larouche group doing anything with any hope of being effective.