Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saudi Arabia: The Downfall of a Desert Monarchy -Spontaneous Student Protests Continue Unabated!
Nothing is more exhilarating to a professional “American Regime Changer” than to see the downfall of one of the most corrupt, illegitimate, kleptocracies in the world: Saudi Arabia
  For too long, most of our Presidents and intelligence community, especially the CIA, have supported King Faisal and his family for decades for many reasons, that you, my readers already know better than I. 
  Now that Saudi Arabia has become a strategic and tactical liability for America and the rest of the world, we no longer need the Saudi ruling class.
It has become a noisome burden on the geopolitical landscape.
  American force structure is correctly being redeployed away from the Middle East to East Asia where American foreign policy concerns are paramount.  
In my extensive travels over time in the Middle East,  I have discovered, rightfully or wrongfully, that Saudi men [they are the ones who usually leave SA alone] are not very welcomed in the following countries for many different reasons: 
Lebanon-- particularly in the Chouf mountains of northern Lebanon and in the nightclubs of Beirut. 
Iran—Isfahan, Shiraz; I found them eating alone while Persians were casting quiet aspersions at them.
Syria—Completely disliked in Damascus; Latakia—where scarfs are not allowed, the Saudi Men and Women are prohibited from going to the beach; Homs—they are welcome as it is predominately sunni.
Marbella, Spain—Absolutely obnoxious, flaunting their wealth and exceedingly demanding of the locals. 
Clearly, one cannot condemn a country or it’s people.  There are the good, the bad , and the ugly.
  But now Saudi Arabia which has been the nexus for all ‘terrorist’ financing and ‘extremist muslim’ activities for over thirty years, is now having to deal with it’s own miscreant behaviors. 
  Thanks to social media which the SA government has tried to desperately control,  young students all over the country, but primarily in Eastern Saudi Arabia,  just near the Shi’ite Bahrain are conducting massive, destructive demonstrations against the SA ruling family. 
  I hesitate to say government because in SA there is only one government institution and that is that is the SA ruling family all descendants of a Sudayri mother, one of many wives.  So there is really no theocratic institutions beset by patronage and corruption, all gratis to the thousands of ersatz self-anointed royal family.
  Imagine in the 21st century that there is royalty based on the English having designated a group of ethnic desert dwellers the egregious title of Prince, Princess, and King when there exists no such toxicology in the Holy Book The Koran. 
The country and it’s religion, Wahabeeism, is nothing more than an English Intelligence version of creating an extreme, reactionary version of the Koran for a non-existent country with a non –existent leadership.  This was done in order for the Brits to have a central place where they could collect their entitlements, called Oil Revenue , in either Jedda or Riyadh.
Much of this British Intelligence fantasy is well portrayed in the equally romanticized movie “Lawrence of Arabia” starring in the indomitable Peter O’Toole as T.E. Lawrence, a British intelligence officer who eventually committed suicide after penning his faux accomplishments in the "Seven Pillars of Wisdom".
  Of course, what the Brits never seem to get around mentioning is that the most fascinating character of that post WWI period was not a homosexual male, but a British spinster named, Gertrude Bell, who literally was ‘The Desert Queen’[an excellent book written by Janet Wallach].
Note: British Intelligence gave the world Iraq, by putting together the kurds in the north, the sunnis in the center and the shi’ites in the south and forcibly melded them [thanks Bell and Churchill] into a destabilized country [read desert] called IRAQ which we, the USA  invaded.
Obama invaded another British fantasy of a non-existing country called Afghanistan.
  Now the King of Jordan,  a member of the Holy Hashemite clan which were the true descendants of Mohammed, the Prophet, were reallocated according to the British strategy of “Divide and Conquer” and placed in Jordan.  But unfortunately, the present King,  a MI-6 operative who is the son of a British mother and does not speak Arabic very well is in danger of losing his kingdom, just like the fantasy kings of Saudi Arabia. 
  Therefore, what we are now witnessing in the Middle East is the “Unwinding” of the Historical Travesties of British history as they bullied the different ethnic clans into a confederation of non-existent legitimacy [Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan all have the same problem]  inorder to literally RAPE these respective countries of their resources—oil, minerals, and other goods. 
Also, just for you, Israeli haters, there is a bit of interesting news that while millions of Palestinians were placed into DP Camps in complete misery, the Saudis used their misery as a weapon of politics in the Middle East while making certain that they did not do anything POSITIVE to alleviate the misery of the Palestinians. 
  In fact, while I was DAS in the State Department some  twenty years ago,  I informed several members of  the Saudi family that they had defaulted on 100 million dollar contracts in Saudi Construction projects and that they owed the Palestinians that amount of money. 
The Saudi Ruling family dismissed my official concerns and made certain that I understood all too well,  that they, the Saudi Royalty, considered the Palestinians as the "Jews of the Middle East" --- to be treated accordingly…. without remorse! 
  So back to our failing nefarious, fairy land kingdom called “Saudi Arabia”. 
  The ruling family have been unable to co-opt the Shia-led demonstrations in the oil-rich eastern part of SA for the past two years. 
Two years ago when the protests started they were non-violent.  But now, after the Honorable Shi’ite Cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr was shot and arrested on July 8, 2012; the protests became increasingly violent using the all purpose Molotov Cocktail and other incendiary weapons against the SA security forces.  This has become a major crisis where the fed up citizens of the country arise against the security forces. 
  Once again the digital media comes into the forefront where a February 14 Movement utilizing decentralized leadership and violent confrontations is becoming increasingly more and more successful in firing up the political temperature not only for the Shi’ite population of SA but also for the numerous moderate Sunnis who resist the repressive rules of the misogynist regime. 
  Clearly, the tide of history is not with SA Ruling Family. 
And just like all repressive totalitarian regimes based on British lies and Wahabi confabulations and "Drag-Queen-Acting-Out-The British-Fantasies Kingdom" [no offense to our illustrious Drag-Queens], their time is limited. 
  My advice is very simple.
  No one can create more successful enjoyable fantasies than the Walt Disney Corporation.  With so many Disneyland Complexes around the world, what’s one more called “Saudi Arabia”?
  At least no one would get hurt.  And the lazy, fat inhabitants can make believe that they are “Queen for a Day” and make some more money when all the oil runs out.
Don’t wait too long before you can get tickets to the New Disney Fantasy Land Kingdom Park—
  Every Friday you can witness an execution at “CHOP –CHOP SQUARE”!
  Women can learn to wear the Burkhas in 120 degree weather while the men wear a Bedouin Head dress. 
Most important for me would be “Hypocrisy Park” where you don’t touch a woman in public but in private, you can become as decadent as you want.
Or vice-versa for women.  Slavery, no problem! See it live, in action.
Think about it—HYPOCRISY PARK—Can be re-titled “PERVERSION HEAVEN”. 



  1. On a lighter note, if you missed it, Amy Pohler called out a disheveled sleepless Kathryn Bigelow at the Globes Sunday night:
    "I don't know how much Katherine knows about torture, but anyone who was married to James Cameron for 3 years knows what she's doing!"

    The audience roared...couldn't stop!

    Only Jessica Chastain won for Bin Laden's Fairy Tale. If you haven't seen "The Debt", she was terrific -- another Meryl Streep. She was better than Helen Mirren.

    It's on HBO. Watch for it.

    Check this out on the "dead Bin Laden photos".

    All judges are in the bag to save their careers: The Halls of Injustice"

    1. very funny on the K Bigelow quip, thanks.

  2. Unfortunately the U.S. took sides in the to-the-death conflict between the decadant terrorist slavocrat monarchs in Saudi Arabia AGAINST the modernizing, secular, anti-terrorists of the Iraqi ba'ath party - AND LOOK AT WHO WON!

    The U.S. desposed of the anti-terrorist, pro-secular, pro-feminist IRAQ UNDER SADDAM HUSSEIN in order to promote the stability of the woman-hating, slave-beating, child-raping, psychopaths of the MONARCHY OF SAUDI ARABIA.

    In doing so the U.S. made the worse freaking stupid mistake it made since World War II, when it sponsored Stalin in his war to destroy Germany and the Nazis.

    The terrible truth is that the 9-11 attacks, the anthrax events which followed, and other events which led the U.S. to invade Iraq were a program jointly operated by Israel and the Saudis, both of which were highly motivated to see the Iraqi ba'ath destroyed.

    Subsequent efforts by Israel-Saudi Arabia to provoke a U.S. war with Iran have not been as successful, and never will be.

    As in the Great War and WWII, in which the U.S. was tricked by the British into participation, in the 21st century the U.S. was tricked into a regional war in the Middle East by Israel and the Saudis.

    I bear one small glimmer of hope in that unlike the rotten Bush family with their corrupt Saudi ties, the Obama crew may in fact be ideologically disposed to NOT support the Saudis, Bahrainis and others in their civil conflicts.

    I think there may be a chance that for ideological reasons that the current Administration may let hands off when it comes to the eventual revolution on the Penninsula.

  3. At least me not forget to thank you Dr.P for the pic of the garish billionaire Prince Walid, the trusted cohort of another light-in-the-loafers sicko Michael Jackson (formerly of Gary, Indiana) both of whom enjoyed long rides in Walid's jumbo jet savoring their mutual admiration for nude children in between Mr. Jackson's various indictments and trials for child molestation.

  4. right on about Obama, I am optimistic....thanks for the Michael Jackson scoop, I am so over these sickos.

  5. Excellent article Dr pieczenik! There's not a lot reported about the civil unrest in Saudi Arabia as well as Bahrain.I find it amusing how most of us Brits bow and pander to royalty! You even have to leave a room walking backwards so not to offend royalty over here!!( backward being the operative word)mit Micheal has nailed it over prince walid also, I seen a programme about that character and his entourage was a sight to see! You couldn't get up walids backside for someone's feet as they pandered his every whim! Amusing about Lawrence of arabia, apparently the same could be said about Montgomery in ww2! And we invented the concentration camp as well as make a total balls up of every country we welcomed into the empire, but don't be too harsh on us, after all we have mi6 operatives who can commit suicide then lock themselves inside a sports holdall! Bet you a pound the house of said can't do that

  6. Obama was installed by bush '41 to protect their assets off shore & in the Vatican bank.
    Bush ordered obama not to release the trillions in the Federsl reserve owed to the EURO VIA SLICK TRICKERY & plundering.
    Allegedly he threatened to expose him beyond his jockey shorts.. Wishful thinking. It was only a ploy to tie his hands.
    The inference is bush wants America bankrupt to bring forth the NEW WORLD ORDER & agenda 21.
    Romney was paid off. He took the $$$ & ran to La Jolla...
    Obama is a spokesperson/puppet.
    Should he turn on Bush '41 Obama loses billions in payoffs off shore .
    How do ya think he knew Romney had offshore accounts? Because do does he: LAUNDERED $$!!

    Obama, like Powell, chose to join the plundering MOB. He has no clue what the definition of " Boy Scout " is because he never knew anyone who ever was.
    I was praying for BUSH to expire from pneumonia.

    Read: THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY by General Russell Bowen ( Ret.)

    I received a phone survey over the weekend: POTUS: would I vote for JEB OR HILLARY OR OTHER PRESS 1,2,0r 3....
    Hahahahahaha that's money we'll spent putting about 20 people in temp jobs.


    1. Please don't ask me how I know this, but I can guarantee you the Bush's have nothing in the Vatican bank.

      The Vatican bank has been a very interesting place until recently, but the scandal of last year when the Pope's butler blew the whistle has put a damper on things.

      And that's unfortunate because despite the irregularities they really do run the bank in a principled way, just a way that's outside the world's silly standards for propriety.

      The Vatican has always lived in the real world. Here in Texas we have lovely missions built by the Jesuits in the 18th century, and they all have musket ports and cannon turrets to blast any attackers to kingdom come.

    2. Tonight, The final episode of Oliver Stone's, "the Untold History of the United States".
      Very powerful: the inference is as I stated above, Obama continued the policies of the bush crime family ruse & war crimes. Stone commented that bin laden was taken out without a trial or brought back to the US & he was disillusioned by Obama's lawless targeted assasinations drone kill list.
      Did he target sandy hook to wield power..I believe so.
      Obama is evil; if it isn't organic, he has acquired an addiction for proxy murder in cold blood.
      Plans are in the works to bring down China by 2020, all started with poppy Bush 41 rummy & Wolfie & tricky Dickie II, directed by proxy bushy '43 via poppy...
      Stone isn't far out at all.

      I am terribly distraught for my grandchildren & their future kids.

      Bush's plans are to conquer the planet with cyber weapons beginning with iraql, Libya Egypt Syria & Iran is next.
      The sequence is in real time.

      Then Saudi Arabia & on to the Far East .

      Obama is following the plan which is why Gates remained.

      Stone ended with the inference that all tyrannical empires are destroyed, we lie & deceive & invade without provacation, are too arrogant & most likely Russia will take us out.
      Worth watching.

      Repeats on Wed & Friday nights or on demand on Showtime. Similar to "Obama 2016" &
      "Hearts & minds" 1974 Best documentary:

    3. I don't think Stone would agree with you that Bush controls a cabal with the means to conquer the planet of take down China.

      Regarding Usama bin-Laden...

      Zero Dark Thirty has been nominsted by the Acedemy for best picture, along with Django and Lincoln, all three having nothing to do with any kind of truth.

      Bin-Laden was never indicted by any US grand jury for the 9-11 attacks because THERE IS NO EVIDENCE HE HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT.

      The warrant and indictments for him were for the Africa Embassy bombings, and even there the only testimony that he was involved came from a single paid witness, Jamal al-Fadl, who also made up the name "al-Qaeda" so that bin-Laden could be indicted under RICO statute.

      Al-Fadl simply made up the name "al-Qaeda," and then when the US started using it bin-Laden adopted it's name, and that's how the whole mess got started.

      I've said it before, but it speaks volumes about the moral decay of this country that any President should brag and crow publicly about the killing of anyone.

      No President before Bush would ever have dont that.

      The culture of America is now so divorced from any kind of reality, on almost any topic, that this place is pretty much become a madhouse.

    4. Totally agree with you in that the US has become a madhouse. I'm pretty young (19 years old) and almost all of my friends have been so thoroughly propagandized that I can't even have a political discussion with them.

      I want to ask you a question though, I don't know if you caught Steve's last podcast but he mentioned the 2000 election, what I want to ask you is, what really happened? Did Gore bow down to Bush, was there voter fraud, or did GW win it fair and square?

  7. A corrupt regime, but in the most delicate of situations: The regime oversees Mecca & Medina.

    And has within its borders a large portion of known oil reserves. This has been the major consideration when dealing with Saudi Arabia.

    (And, no, the oil isn't about to run out per the late Mathew Simmons and his book, Twilight in the Desert... when it will, nobody knows.)

    Whatever happens with Saudi Arabia, it is vitally important the U. S. not be caught flat-footed.

    Given the issues surrounding Saudi Arabia, the U. S. must be prepared for any eventuality.

    And, as they say, "be ahead of the curve."

    1. Saudi Arabia is pumping at over 12 million bbls per day, which is it's capacity. In the 1980s it pumped at 9 million bbls per day, and therefore was a "swing producer," which could influene the market at a whim.

      This function actually spawned a group within the US in the 1970s to plan an invasion of Saudi Arabia in the event that they didn't agree to US supply wishes.

      The visible manifestation of this was an article by Robert W. Tucker, "Oil Fields as Strategic Targets," and sorry I can't remember the place or date but I think it was 1979.

      Otherwise Iraq has almost as much reserves, and it could play a bigger role in the market except that the US chose to back the Saudis since the Iraqi ba'ath was anti-zionist, socialist, and friendly to Moscow.

      Everything in Iraq was going extremely well until the Iranian revolution in Feb. 1979. The threat from that is what brought Saddam to power, then the war with Iran, and virtual bankruptcy from military spending.

      Before the war with Iran economic and life quality issues in Iraq were better than anywhere in the Arab world.

    2. Tucker's article may have been, Oil Fields as Military Targets;" it's been so long ago I can't remember...

  8. Herewith is a Toothfairytale not to be missed by the masculine if only because this fairytale happens to be of the masculine - The Shia-Sunni Debacle. Like it, realise it, or merely being superstitious about it, or not, the following is the reality - should one be able to transcend from The Material, oka The Devolutionary Spiritual [or "The Minds"], onto The Evolutionary Spiritual, oka Divinity [or Beyond Thoughts of The Past and The Future]:

    Shia was the outcome of Mohammed's poisoning attributed to something called "The Jews", there being no such an entity as the latter other than fairytales of The Chosen variety. From Mohammed's lineage came Hazerat, Fatima and the children, Hassan & Hussein, oka The Shias. These were/are Of Divinity, believe it or not, regardless of The Hair Raising Event whenever such realities are allowed passage. Hassan & Hussein were always born as contemporaries like The Buddha & The Mahavira and The Kushans/Chinese & The Slavs/Russians&Co. Yes, it gets thicker than any blood spill.

    Mohammad was/is the SAME/EXACT Entity/Divine Incarnation as … wait fur eet …… Moses & Abraham as well as being Lao Tze & Confucius, and Socrates, Zoroaster and Guru Nanak too, the latter reincarnated from being Mohammed in order to mediate between The Punjabis and their neighbours - to no avail, of course, but The Divine does try very hard to moderate HIS/His-Her Play, oka The Return Journey of Dust to The Source.

    Should the above be true, no Hollywood Frivolity & Nonsense could begin to come even close, regardless of how much Zer Chosen Vuns would like to put up any proceed from their plunder to fund such a showing, or their version, Zer ToothFairyTale. The Wahabis/"Saudis" are demonic, being a twin of the so-called Jews, which they are NOT, a Jew merely being another word for a self-realised personality and has nothing to do with race, creed, belief-system or anything else The Devolutionary Spiritual could conjure up. In any case, Jerusalem, or New City, is not where it is/all the mumbo-jumbo, hocus-pocus fighting believe it to be. There, this should put the cat amongst the pigeons and we are not talking about "Jerusalem", we are talking about the wackos and their myriad incarnations of "Saudis", Sunnis, Jewry, Zionos, Royalty, G_d Bless Amerika, Teutons, etc, etc.

    Afterall, reflect upon the fact that should Divinity exists, and HE does [but how will any human realise so other than through Religion & Religiosity], and HE therefore realises upon all realisations of who and what humans are, should Divinity not be Of Unconditionality, why would HE allow humans to even exist? Wonder if any long bearded, head-banging-against-the-wall-to-numb-The Conscious Brain [just like psychedelic-psycho enhancing musical Druggists & Chemists] ControlFreak-cum-AbandonedNutter ever reflected upon this fact? Not when one's brain had been numbed since "The Conversion", of course. Like it or not, Truth is what It is, regardless of belief or even the realisation, Truth being that which supports all that is [The Truly] Living whilst denying [in finality] that which The Living-but-Dead, oka Humanity, and The Stone Dead, oka The Bookie, His Tentacles, and Their Tag-Alongs of Subman & Supraman posing as Superman.

  9. Excellent post, Dr. P! Also excellent are the well-informed comments by MIT and Patriarch. The whole configuration of the Middle East is the result of Anglo-American imperialism since the end of WWI. For all this time, the policy has been to maintain compliant regimes and overthrow any showing signs of independence, such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya and Egypt under Nasser. Our great "ally", Israel was also a creation of the British via the Balfour Declaration of 1917. The efforts to maintain this empire, which the U.S. inherited after WWII, are leading to WWIII. The question is whether we can tear our country out of the grip of the Anglo-American imperial power and restore ourselves as an independent, sovereign, self-sustaining nation that relies on its own productivity and not imperial conquest and exploitation, and whether we can do this before it is too late, before complete economic collapse and/or nuclear war ensues.

    I am very dubious about the possibility of Obama changing course, although it could possibly happen under the right conditions. The appointment of Hagel is a hopeful sign that that Obama wants to steer a course that is at least somewhat independent of Israel, but it so far I have seen no sign that Obama is not completely in bed with "Saudi" Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the oil sheikdoms. In this respect his policy is actually similar to that of Bush Sr. and Baker, who were always closer to the Saudis than Israel because above all they are oil men. Obama is using the Sunni oil sheikhs and their Islamic militants (read "sheikhist mercenaries) in his proxy wars to destabilize and overthrow Libya, Syria, etc in accordance with traditional British imperial policy. Obama is more wedded to the lie of 9/11 than any other politician. He has demonstrated a degree of subservience to the Anglo-American financial power worthy of Sam Jackson in Django (which I loved).

    Obama has shown that he is a Bushman by all of his policies and appointments. I agree with Patriarch that he is "Bush in blackface". It does not seem likely that is going to change. I think he has to be impeached. I would not go quite as far as Patriarch in putting the Bushes at the center of the imperial power. I would say they are a fairly recent addition (since WW I) to an Anglo-American imperial power whose roots in the British Empire go back centuries to before the American Revolution (a revolution that never completely succeeded). Its center is the City of London and Wall Street.

  10. I hope Dr. Pieczenik is issuing another warning to the Saudi Arabian rulers to clean up their act.

    A revolution in Saudi Arabia would rock the Middle East and likely disrupt oil supplies from that country, if not much of the Persian Gulf oil flow.

    Not recently, but after 911, several neoconservatives were calling for Saudi Arabia
    to be overthrown because of its support for terrorism and wahabbi radicalism.

    It would create another "ant hill" in the Middle East.

    Iraq -- ant hill

    Afghanistan -- ant hill

    Libya -- ant hill

    Syria -- becoming an ant hill (Sorry, Dr. Pieczenik, it looks like Assad will survive) and could be the biggest ant hill, yet.

    What do I mean by "ant hill"?

    Chaos, death, destruction, and displacement with refugees flowing in and around the ant hill.

    An ant hill of humanity.

    There are enough ant hills in the Middle East, the U. S. national vital interest does not benefit from another ant hill in the Middle East, especially an ant hill sitting on the largest known oil reserves in the world (and, yes, Iraq, does have huge oil reserves).

    Dr. Pieczenik again sounds like a French Revolutionary. I hope it is the romantic part of the good doctor, but given his pride in being a "regime changer", I fear it is the jackal.

    John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman wrote about the jackals who would follow in his footsteps if countries' leaders didn't take the hint and "sign up for those IMF loans" and other favors to American corporations.

    I would be curious to know if Dr. Pieczenik has heard or read of John Perkins and his book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman?

    1. Life is cheap in an ant hill.

      A big, nasty ant hill after being hit with a 4x4 a couple of times... ants running all over the place.

      Money is king, being bought & sold... lucky, better than dead.

      Morality, in short supply.

      Dictation by the barrel of a gun.

      Back stabbing, an everyday thing.

      Compassion dried up & blown away.

      Justice? Might makes right.

      Yes, it's readily possible; ant hills can be made.

      But once reduced to the morality of the ant hill, with mass death & physical destruction one does not wave a magic wand and have a decent & humane society rise from the rubble.

      I'm tired of seeing these human ant hills and reading, "made by the U. S. A." on the label.

    2. And if we're not careful, someday, we'll see an ant hill and it'll read, "made in the U. S. A." and we'll be in that ant hill, living that ant hill experience.

      I wouldn't want to visit that on any society.

      For the love of God.

  11. There is a big difference between destabilization carried out by the imperial power and its proxies, as in Libya and Syria, and a genuine revolution carried out by the people of a country under imperial rule. The former creates ant hills. The latter creates a strong national government. If the people of "Saudi" Arabia were to overthrow the US-British puppet government, that would be a very good thing. But of course the imperial power will not allow that to happen. It is up to the people of the United States to overthrow that imperial power, so that the whole world can be free of this plague.

    1. Tony Wicher wrote: "There is a big difference between destabilization carried out by the imperial power and its proxies, as in Libya and Syria, and a genuine revolution carried out by the people of a country under imperial rule."


      An organic revolution, inspired and led by the people against tyrannical, oppressive government is fine.

      But as seen in the so-called "Arab Spring", especially in Egypt, but also in Tunisia, NGO's and other front groups can inspire a revolt and even be instrumental in "leading from behind" the revolution.

      Of course, there were many well-meaning young and old people, alike, who were the vanguard.

      Always look at the leaders of the revolution and see where their money and support comes from.

      Don't be surprised, if you pull the thread it runs to Uncle Sam standing behind the curtain pulling the strings.

      The danger is that "cutout" revolutions are the new way for imperial control & dominance from behind the scene.

      An example, is the long-term interaction of the Muslim Brotherhood and the CIA.

      It got in high gear in Egypt with the rise of Nasser and the Muslim Brotherhood's opposition to Nasser.

      Anyway, your point is well taken, but it pays to be sceptical to claims of a popular revolution in today's world of imperial manipulation behind the scenes.

    2. It sure does pay to be as skeptical as hell. The techniques of counter-revolution have been refined for centuries.

  12. Patriarch and everybody, here is some good news fresh off the presses! Brennan is on the hot seat! Congress is asking some real questions! Look at this letter from Senator Wyden:

    Call your senator or congressman and tell them to pile on! First Brennan, then Obama.

    1. What I've heard is that Brennan's abrasivness has manifested itself in distain and contemptuousness towards Congressional oversight in the past. He's made few friends on the Hill, and now he needs some.

  13. What will the revolution in Saudi Arabia look like?

    I don't think it will be anything like Libya or Syria or Egypt.

    The Saudis have always been very insecure and super-sensitive about their legitimacy [or lack of it].

    They've always used a variety of tools to coopt, pacify, suppress, etc. everyone who they control, including descendents of tribes they conquered, the Shi'i, the bedu, the militants, the "working class," etc...[basicially everyone there who is not a Prince].

    They have lived in fear since the beginning, when Abdul Aziz Ibn-Saud defeated Hussein of Mecca [who was allied with T.E.Lawrence and had to move to Jordan] and other tribal leaders.

    They have no real fight in them, and certainly are not prepared for any kind of armed insurgency.

    They will make offers of all kinds. They will offer money, limite participation, a transition to something else, etc., etc.

    They will seek to buy off their detractors, and it will be a long process.

    It will not disrupt oil short.

  14. More on BRENNAN from someone on the Hill

    1. I disagree with with Ulsterman's statement that "Brennan is as much of an architect of 9/11 as bin Laden". Bin Laden was not an "architect" of 9/11 at all. He had nothing to do with it, except in the indispensable role of patsy. Sure, you bet he was protected by Brennan and others during the late Clinton and early Bush administrations. He had been a CIA asset since the 70's and had always been protected. By 1999 he was being groomed for his starring role in 9/11. That idiot Michael Scheuer who was head of "Alec Station", the bin Laden desk at the CIA, who wrote two Kiplingesque books about bin Laden portraying him as the greatest Muslim warrior in a thousand years, comparable to Salahuddin, just could not understand why all his efforts to get this Muslim super-villain were being frustrated by the White House. He was put in his CIA position to do publicity for bin Laden and he did a good job of that. As far as I can tell, he really believed what he was saying. What a clown! So I would amend your statement to say that Brennan certainly does appear to be a member of the "secret team" that carried out the original 9/11.

      I can only hope and pray that some of this will come out during the confirmation hearings. I don't think we can rely on our cowardly and sold out Congress on either side of the aisle. I think our best bet is to drop the "Democrat" and "Republican" or "conservative" and "liberal" labels and take a non-partisan approach. We have lost our identity as Americans and we must remember who we are and stop defecating on our own Constitution. We must back bipartisan bills such as HCR 3 to impeach Obama if he continues his unconstitutional actions in Libya and Syria and HR 129, the Return to Prudence in Banking act that will restore Glass-Steagall and stop the bailouts. Only non-partisan patriotism can save us now.

    2. I like Michael Scheuer but he embodys all the terrible traits of a CIA officer - he doesn't give a shit about the life or rights of anyone who's not American.

      bin-Laden was not on the CIA payroll - ever. Take it from one who knows (me).

      bin-Laden always objected to the US role in the region, and never took a dime from the US.

      Scheuer's efforts to kill bin-Laden were classic CIA, and there was every good reason in the world to NOT have proceeded with any of his assassination efforts.

      For that matter Robert Baer tried unsuccessfully to have Saddam Hussein killed - it was his GS-15 pay grade obcession. He was basically a rouge officer in the field trying to kill a head of state and to this day he doesn't understand why he was prevented from doing it. He didn't want to kill Saddam Hussein because it would have been good for the US - he just didn't like the guy.

      The CIA is freaking nuts.

      For those of you who think the CIA masterminds anything wake up. The CIA is full of people who want to make policy and do all kinds of swashbucking good. Problem is they don't know what "good" is.

    3. CIA Asset Tim Osman, Bundler, aka Usama Bin Laden.

  15. Not that anyone cares about this, but I am declaring war on Hollywood.

    The crimes of Hollywood film makers in purposefully mangling history, not for commerical reasons, but to INDOCTRINATE THEM INTO FALSE SOCIAL BELIEFS constitutes CRIMES.

    In every case such as ZERO DARK THIRTY, LINCOLN, and DJANGO the filmmakers praise war, murder and extreme violence in order to JUSTIFY CRIMINAL ACTS OF VIOLENCE AGAINST THE PUBLIC.

    American society is now a callous, sadistic, hateful culture of sadistic criminals who seek to find pretexts and politically-tolerable loopholes to pursue their praise of extreme, gratuitous violence.

    Watch out Hollywood.

    I'm putting you on warning.