Friday, January 18, 2013

By now everyone pretty wells know about the Algerian Military assault on the Amenas Gas Field in Algeria, owned by a ‘cooperative’ formed primarily by our “favorite-- criminal-oil-spilling British Petroleum”  and a Japanese and Norwegian oil company.
According to the fluctuating narrative presented by our world media puppeteers, there were anywhere from 10 to 30 hostages killed by the Algerian assault
 The perpetrator of the so-called ‘hostage siege’ was non-other than an infamous rogue called Mokhtar Belmokhtar. He is often described by his sycophants as a “Prince of Kidnappers” or the more ignorant salafists adoringly call him “Laaouar” or the One-Eyed.  Others have called this petty thug, “Mr. Marlboro” for the cigarette –smuggling monopoly he created in the sub-saharan region of Africa, or “Mr . Untouchable”.  
  The French Intelligence, actually is exceedingly quite effective in their interrogations, tortures and assassinations –just ask the thousands of innocent Tutsis slaughtered under the SPECIFIC DIRECTION of the French President Mitterrand.  This genocide was knowingly accomplished during the Bill Clinton’s impotent non-response tenure where 800,000 innocent Rwandans died mercilessly. 
The French Intelligence, often termed in French as “La Piscine” because  of the water or ‘swimming pool’ in front of their building, has undoubtedly already placed Mokhtar “Le Meck”[ The Outsider] or “Le Poutain” [the whore] on their payroll . 
Also they have endeared themselves to Mokhtar by calling him ‘the Untouchable’ because he escaped unharmed after being involved a series of kidnappings in 2003 where he captured 32 Europeans which is thought to have earned him millions of dollars in ransom.
This seeming animosity between the ‘One Eyed Frito Bandito’, ostensibly an Islamic militant, and the rest of the civilized world sounds as fake as an American three dollar bill. 
  The reason is simple.  In the same way that our inept CIA had created Al-Qaeda and then had the stand-down in 9/11 , the French are no slouches at creating their own bête-noire to play ‘cat and mouse’ with
  When your economy is in shambles, as ours was under Bush Jr,  the best way to create an internal distraction and avoid dealing with domestic entropy—France has almost a zero GDP—is to create an external distraction with your ‘favorite stool pidgeons’
  And this ignorant two-bit huckster, Mokhtar Belmokhar, born in Algeria, is on the payroll of the following intelligence services: France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia [cowards who pay ‘salafists’ -ignorant muslim thugs], United Arab  Emirate [also “Oil Cowards”], Dubai [another “Oil Coward’ paying insurance premiums to play it safe], Kuwait [the pernicious Sabah family], the ineffectual CIA; the flagging British Intelligence; the pathetic Norwegian Intelligence [can’t even pick up a domestic ‘terrorist’]; the atavistic Japanese Intelligence [too busy fighting the next war with China];  the thorough Algerian Intelligence [they know everyone in their country and then some] and possibly even our very own favorite—Israel [plays everyone against each other—even jew against jew—what  a Holy Land!]. 
How do I know? 
  Because there has ALWAY been a ‘favorite terrorist’ of the year, like Carlos, the “Jackal” or Noriega, who has been on at least five to ten different intelligence payrolls.
Let’s call it the TERRORIST of the YEAR! TOTY! For the past twenty years, who was the most favorite TOTY? Come on! YOU KNOW! That bogey man with the renal dialysis machine whom Emperor Obamus and the Seal Team Six-PAK killed.
Twenty straight years in a row, he has been the most wanted terrorist in the world—just ask John Brennan--- You can always trust a hard drinkin’ ineffective, Irish bullshitter trained to lie like Johnnie boy to insure that OBL gets the TOTY Award Twenty Straight Years in a row.  And he was/is/ and will always be DEAD! 
Believe me! 
I am not kidding. 
When Carlos was ‘captured’ by the French—the same warriors who were defeated by the Germans in four weeks during WWII---  he was found to be on the following payrolls: French, CIA, Israeli, German, and eight or more other payrolls.
Contrary to what your esteemed governments tell you, it PAYS TO PLAY, to be a ”TERRORIST”. 
If you are the PKK,  the Turks will pay you to be their ‘in house terrorist’.
  If you are Israeli,  let’s create “Hamas” and then shoot at them with rockets that we, Israel, made against the rockets that they, Hamas, have been shooting at us, Israel, but we, Israel,  made and sold those same rockets to China, which in turn sold those Hamas rockets to Iran which  then sold it to Hamas. 
Get it!
“Money makes the world go around”…. “The world go  around”… it’s a Genocidal Cabaret.. played by all the countries on the Perm Five Of the UN:  USA, France, China, Russia, England--- and only a few hundred thousand innocent people get killed every year. 
Once again, Nicholas Cage as the “Lord of War” was right on the bullit---all billions of rounds of them sold all over the world.  No Country can afford to be out of the ‘game of terrorism’.
It’s too costly! 
Lest you think that France can only sell Camembert and Courvoisier Cognac, take a second look at what they brought to this buffet of death and slaughter in Mali and Algeria:
  2,300 Troops as part of Operation Serval, including the legendary Foreign Legion who brought us that famous defeat in Dienbeinphu, Vietnam—at the time, most of them were Ex-Nazi POWs.  Yes, the FL is made up of miscreants and opportunistic cannon fodder for which they can get a worthless French Passport after five years of nefarious deeds.  
Now Hollande, the great socialist President (who never worked an honest day in his life and can’t stand capitalists)  sent a fighter bomber force consisting of the Mirage Fighters, transport helicopters, and Euorcopter Tiger attack helicopters belonging to the Fifth Combat Helicopter Regiment into Bamako, Mali. 
Remember, just because the French never won a  major war since the Napoleanic era—by the way Napolean was Corsican, not French—that does not mean that the French Army does not want to try ‘their toy weapons’ and ‘fire off a few rounds’ against their newly created ersatz bum Mokhtar Blemokhtar, in order to encourage the ‘French Economy’ and spirit the French insouciance into a flurry of pseudo-nationalism.
But what this universal ‘terrorist-counter-terrorist’ game means is that for the second time in the history of Free Algeria, the President Boutelika, ex-terrorist himself fighting against French oppression, will not tolerate ‘islamic terrorism’ or any form of sovereign intervention in his country.
Algeria has refused to negotiate with any of these recently CIA/ MI-6/ Saudi/UAE/Dubai/Turkey funded ‘islamic jihadists’.  In fact, the Algerian government, born of terrorism against the French and a subsequent military coup in 1993,  has a history of violent suppression of Islamist militancy. 
  “Those who think we will negotiate with terrorists are delusional”, said Algerian Minister Mohand Said Oublaid. ”Those who think we will surrender to blackmail are delusional”. 
Guess whom he was talking about?
  The one I have most pity for is of course the most disingenuous one of them all: 
English Prime Minister David Cameron, a staunch defender of civil liberties who allows his ineffectual police and intelligence institutions to purvey and encourage wire-tapping of innocent British citizens and  ignores the blatant ‘buggery’ of boys and girls by Jimmy Savile, the host of the BBC show called, “Top Of The Pops”. 
Then we have the ‘poor hostages’. 
Who are they? 
  They are for the most part, highly paid employees of the British Petroleum, that famous oil company that spilled millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Then they lied to us, Americans, about what they had done and how much damage they had created. 
For the most part, BP can be considered a corrupt, invidious, and malignant presence on this earth.
Pity, I have not.
  Anyone who worked for them, as well as the Norwegian and Japanese Oil companies, knew all too well that they were paying paid to expose their respective lives to treachery, danger, and death. 
  That’s why their salaries are high and tax free
  So, please don’t tell me about innocent hostages!
Therefore, Algeria exemplified the best of human nature and national sovereignty! 
Kill the “Inglorious Bastards” wherever they may be—in the oil fields; in the mosques; in the government. 
And as for England, France, Japan, Norway, Italy…
Tas Guel!
Get outta here!!!
Oh, one last thought, let see if Hillary will redeem her sorry performance in the Benghazi tragedy cum coverup with some words of wisdom "on the terrorist threat" in Africa.


  1. So, these are the "Death Panels" in ObamaCare?

    How does the "Blind Sheik" barter for these hostages link to the WTC implosion? another Bogeyman for Obama to kill before his release?

    So, I understand Obama was livid his teleprompter had to be edited to delete "confiscate". He has a malignant lust to deprive us of one Bill of Right after another.

    How serendipitious Sandy Hook was so timely?
    Don't you have an opinion Dr. P.?

    Very Suspicious circumstances:

    Why is the Department of Homeland Security hoarding 1.6 billion hollow point bullets, the kind that explode inside your organs?

    First Comes the Gun Confiscation
    then the economy Collapses
    then the hollow point bullets explode
    then the civil war with drones.
    no way can American fight back.
    then martial law....

    I am not laughing.

    1. Norway? WTF is NORWAY doing in this mess?

      I'm half-Norwegian, and not-so-proud to say my grandfather's first cousin was the PM of Norway when the Germans entered and he didn't even invite them in! No, instead he ordered the nation's gold reserves to be put on trucks and carted around like cabbages trying to keep it from Germany's mits all the while the Germans were there to save the Norwegian [me] from the SAME FATE AS ISLAND WHICH WAS INVADED BY THE ENGLISH ON MAY 10, 1940.

      My grandfather's CUZ [a la "lil Wayne"] was wrong, and I wish rather my name were Qusiling.

      But let's talk about the superiority of the Norwegian race, as a people...

      With only Haddock and Codfish as their resource they crafted the world's highest standard of living over a century ago, and maintained until they STRUCK OIL.

      Norway's Soverign Wealth Fund is now the LARGEST IN THE FREAKING WORLD...700 BILLION AND GROWING!

      Take that you filthy Arabs.

      We Norwegians are the most industrious, thrifty, honest, least corruptable, most modest, unassuming and BORING people on the planet.

      We're also the most GULLIBLE, NIEVE, and UN-WORLDLY.

      We've stupidly allowed into our mist hoards of unterminchin of colored, muslims, etc. that have now for the first time in our history introduced our blonde, blue-eyed fems into the ravages of rape, murder, etc., at the hands of these dark-skinned mongrals we've moronically allowed in our homes by means "altruism," or our stupid "refugee" laws.

      Norway has for decades led the world in humanitarian contributions, refugee assistance, and the like, and we've got to stop this madness.

      The largest Norwegian consulate anywhere in the world is in Houston, next door to me, and I think I'll pay them a visit.

    2. Forgive my continual misspellings but I meant to say that ICELAND, not "island" was invaded by the British, who were also in the process of invading Norway when the Germans came in.

    3. And furthermore let me add that George Kennan was sort of a Norwegian, and was the only person in the US foreign policy world to have any brains, and into his ninetees was writing excellent scholarly works. Norwegians are long-lived people because we are adapted with our light skin to absorb more wavelengths of sunlight and therefore are less prone to vitamin D deficancy with black-skinned people suffer from when brought out of the sun. Black-skinned people suffer from extremely high rates of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc. when they live out of the sunlight [like modern people] due to their need for much higher sun exposure to avert vitamin D deficiancy.

      Furthermore all cardiologists and other MDs in Japan smoke cigarettes and have no lung cancer due to the high vitamin D content of the seaweed which is the staple of their diets.

      Take that "American Cancer Society."

  2. As long as we have gone off on tangents, there is news you will not hear on your favorite tv station:
    "Obama's" ss# is IDENTITY FRAUD, a felony.
    No one is above the law.
    The ss# belonged to a Russian Jewish immigrant named "Harry Bounel" Harry Boymel born Lubnar, Russia September 18, 1886. Immigrated October 18, 1910 with 2 children. His Russian name is Gersch Baumel. Occupation: FRUIT DEALER

  3. Norway was directly involved in this mess in Mali because they're ONLY RECENTLY embroiling themselves in hideous matters othewise related to inferior races and people of odeous national or racial characters.

    On the contrary, your post about Obama's use of someone else's social security number has nothing to do with the topic.

    Anyway I think in order for the identity fraud statutes to apply there needs to be financial gain, and there needs to be the use of the identity more than once.

    Obama's use doesn't fit the proscribed acts under the statute.

    1. Are you on the DARPA payroll? Your mental capacities are not of this world..
      Now you are a judge?

      Fraud is a felony-one count or 26 counts, WHICH IS HOW MANY SS#s "OBAMA" has used since documented on the database.

      Know -it-alls should be seen & not heard.
      You do put your boots on one at a time, Mr. TEX?

      Richard Engel on MEET THE dePRESS: Obama & his Agenda are "trivial". (Translation: "deceptive")
      Countries all over the world are not impressed with us. Obama threw Mubarek under the bus. Iran is becoming a serious problem & is not being addressed.

      GREGORY tried to change subject every time. Engel continued to hit back.. He said what others think but are afraid to utter.

    2. I never wear boots because they are too much trouble to take off and put on again when at the airport.

  4. And furthermore....

    The reason why the British Royals are so dysfunctional is because they're not western European but are slaves.

    The "Windsors" are not English, but they have actually a borrowed Germanic-sounding name in order to masquerade as related to the Austrians, but in actuality...


    This is the reason why they are so physically mis-shapen, have no intelligence, character, or anything exept total moronic behaviors.

    This is the reason why Prince Charlse chose Diana Spencer to breed with - because she was of Nordic descent.

    Diana Spencer was tall, blonde, etc., and easily recognizable as from NORMAN, i.e. Norwegian, lineage, and therefore was superior genetically and racially to the black-haired, mis-shapen bodies of Charlse's family members. He, and they, jealously coveted her genes.

    Yet despite Charle's use of her as breeding stock he NEVER HAD ANY CONNECTION TO HER BECAUSE SHE WAS NOT HIS KIND.

    Instead he was insatiably attracted to the hideous Camila Parker-Bowles, a person more like himself.

    He is recorded on tape in cell conversations with her saying he wanted to come back to earth as a tampon so he could stay in her vagina always.

    What a sick guy...a slave for sure.

    For this matter to the Italians Charles will always be known as "tamponini."

    1. Excellent post mit Michael! 100% correct! A whole can of worms are the royals, I have my theory over princess Diana's " accident" but I'd love to hear your or anyone else's comments ,

  5. Once again a very interesting post Dr pieczenik! Once the facts have been presented it is all so simple indeed! Your totally correct over my prime minister whom only ever seems to blow warm air! And the abuse scandal over here has the beginnings of reaching the very top of our society, and I for one welcome that, and yes if you compere the 23 or so lives lost in an Algerian oil field that number pales into insignificance compered to the countless innocent lives lost through western actions around the world! Over here William Hague didn't seem quite happy with with the rapid response of the Algerians! Probably because he didn't have a hand in proceedings, if I were him I'd stick to exposing the rampant child abuse that's rife in "high society"

  6. >>“Money makes the world go around”<<

    "Money makes the world go 'round" is older than the musical CABARET. It's been cited in print since at least 1891.

    “Oh, ‘tis love, ‘tis love that makes the world go round!" is from ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (1865).

  7. Dr.Pieczenik,

    Any quick comment about this?