Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Early Responders of Sandy Hook –Officers: Vanghele, Flynn, Penn, Frank, Champman—All have PTSD and RECEIVING BENEFITS from CONNECTICUT COPS UNION! 
Hey, readers, what can I say? 
WOW! After all that was said and done---YOU WOULD THINK…… Man, this guy OBAMA, when he is doing nothing, he is really stirring up SUCH IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES as yelling ‘fire’ in the movie theater! Another ‘false flag’! 
But that is not all, friends and enemies alike---this NY TIMES PIECE by none other than Ray Rivera  recalls reliving horror and fainting hope at Massacre Site where? Where? Only the Connecticut Cops know!
  Hey, let’s not break the disgusting stereotype of the dumb, drunk, corrupt Irish/Scottish Cop and his corrupt union bosses---no way, JOSE!
  From my vantage point as a NY Times bestselling novelist----(yes, novelist-not non-fiction)—This NY TIMES PIECE reeks of juvenile fiction from one poor sucker of a ROOKIE WRITER.
  I don’t know about you, ladies and gentlemen, but from my point of view, this is the FIRST TIME the NYTIMES will should receive a PULITZER PRIZE for FICTION. 
  Now, many of you have criticized me correctly for reading the NY TIMES.  But believe it or not, I can’t help it. 
  I am an outright fan of the Executive Editor Jill Abramson.   First of all, in her defense, as if she needs one,  I will state outright that I know that she is in the middle a major REORGANIZATION!!
And how do I know that? 
I read it the NY Times.
But, quite frankly, I think that she is OVERLOADED!
However, anyone is better than Bill Keller —Former Executive Editor and blow-boy of POTUS BUSH  Jr! 
  Anyway, let’s get back to the KEYSTONE COPS from NEWTOWN !
  When you read their incredible personal suffering,  I did realize that they are right.  They do suffer from PTSDPARALYSIS OF TRUTH SYNDROME and give me my PCCU -PAYOFF from the CONNECTICUT COP UNION (I believe there is already a fund set-up for relief?/!)
  Professionally, I think they suffer from a much more severe form of PTSD –to which I think there is an epidemic---- “BULLSHITSKI  SYNDROME” 
  “BULLSHITSKI SYDNROME” is not yet accepted by the DSM V because I have not paid off enough of my former colleagues, manning the bastion of BIG PHARMA and ACADEMIA. 
  However,  BULLSHITSKI SYNDROME is seen primarily in Sociopaths, liars, cheaters, cowards—yes cowards, like the KEYSTONE COPS of Connecticut and those who want to humiliate and denigrate the TRUE COPS and LAW ENFORCEMENT officers who do not sound  like “FATTIE ARBUCKLE”  and the Keystone Cops. 
  Unfortunately, for these miscreants,  I have worked and taught policemen all over the USA and quite frankly they were nothing like the pathetic Newtown group of whining, fatsos, and corrupt cops who give you an ‘ANAMNESIS!” instead of a real POLICE REPORT. 
As usual, our major choreographer, the tool of all tools –EMPEROR OBAMUS—can’t do more than blabber, masticate and verbally masturbate himself into self –delusion. 
First, since he is such a QUEEN FOR DRAMA –Let  him orchestrate something like the musical—“CHICAGO”. 
  In this musical, OBAMUS can act out all his fantasy that he has so conveniently confabulated for our country in the midst of our worst ECONOMIC PERIOD.
You know, we can have OSAMA BIN LADEN sing and dance to that great musical piece, I love so much—“RAZZLE DAZZLE THEM!” 
  Then we can have OBAMA sing a solo , called “CELLOPHANE MAN!”  A man who talks and talks, but no one sees.  What’s the problem Obama? 
  We can have your MFA buddy Rahm Emanuel “BAD[T] MAN” –Do the choreography!  He does have a  MASTERS DEGREE in BALLET. 
Next we can have the most important fiction writer whom I have read about in the past ten years!
Tom Clancy? NO! HE’S BUSY!
Ken FOLLET? NO! He’s too good a writer!
Lets get a real SHLOCK WRITER!
YEAH! I am getting the idea! 
What about someone who does not write for adults? 
HEY! That's a great idea!
Someone who can write for Jack and Jill… 

SOMEONE WHO WRITES CHILDREN BOOKS AND IS very, very SUCCESSFUL---yes, mommy and daddy ,,,  pleeeease tell me…  another story…. 
Someone who made $600 million worldwide!  Oh COME on!!!! 
  I need someone who writes CHILDREN BOOKS and then puts in violence, murder, massacres and apocalyptic scenarios in an ongoing narrative.
 And you tell me that this author lives in Sandy Hook, the location of the proposed massacre! Great, how convenient!
  Yes, my dear readers, what we have here in the SANDY HOOK is a SIX HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR BABY –where are you CLINT EASTWOOD When I need you? 
Clint, this one is worth six hundred times your million dollar baby! ! and she is not even a fighter in any sense of the word. 
  Where are you Suzanne Collins when the world wants to hear your gold plated words?  [oops, sorry, that was PLATINUM PLATED WORDS]. 
  Either you wrote this nonsensical scenario with your LT CL MILITARY war loving/hating AirForce father! Which one is it SUSAN? You hate war? Or you love creating fictional MASSACRES!
But you will remain silent because you are too cowardly and mercenary!
  Why you and I know that your publisher would break your publishing contract in a NY minute.
  There,  I rest  my case, you have the dumbest, greedy---THE KEYSTONE COPS—incompetent and crooked---- and you have the most mercenary GOD FEARING cowardly writer I have never wanted to meet—Ms Suzanne Collins---our Hunger Games VIRGIN MARY of the IMMACULATE SLAUGHTER. 
Thank you Ms Abramson for your gift.  I got it.  And so did the American public. 
Get your organization in shape and one day I will tell the world about a brave, smart JEWISH EDITOR who followed in the Wonderful STEPS of HER OUTSTANDING MENTOR ---LES GELB. 
  Take care and stay the course, NY TIMES!!!!!!
By the way,  Ms Abramson, if you have a free copy, oops sorry, I will pay for a copy of the NY TIMES to send to that "pretty boy" Anderson Cooper, anything to help him get his ratings up.   Meanwhile,  I am going to my moment of SANITY and turn on the only real news that I watch  now—STEVEN COLBERT NATION!!!!
Thanks  COLBERT,  for the moment of REPRIEVE!!!!
OH by the way, GUNMAKERS OF CONNECTICUT—why waste your time and money in that state (Connecticut) that does not really want you!!
Go to Florida with the hedge fund guys where there are no unions and no taxes--- they will give you a warm welcome!  But there will be no phony, KEYSTONE BULLSHIT HERE ---Floridians are too busy making money and SHOOTING PEOPLE…. REAL PEOPLE!!!! In Florida, they don't need to make things up, yes, the cops are real and the crimes are real.
They have laws to protect us gun carriers, Thank God. 
NO, WAIT A MINUTE…. should we?
Because  she alone did more for the increased sale of guns than anyone else— READ ALL THAT VIOLENCE, DEATH, MASSACRES AND SURVIVAL CRAP !!!


  1. As I've stated before "Hunger Games" is not social commentary but crass commercial goulistic gore and splatter which female writers are particularly prone to pen. Today's female authors have discarded the practices of their gender's once-admired icons for the BIG ROYALTY checks afforded by re-working tails of vampires, hob-goblins, witchcraft and other odeous villanry.

    But ah yes the mention of Les Gelb brings back memories of his youth, when he was a brilliant star, a wiz-kid of systems analysis. A guiding hand of the "Pentagon Papers," various theories of conflict, and the like, now to wallow away with nothing more to do than count his carbunkles and dream of the cold war days gone by.

    As for the municipal "police" of any city where ever they might be....they are toads. In every city in America they are universally cowards - shoot at unarmed people with no remorse - dress only in black from head to toe - routinely lock people up with no magistration of any kind just because you can - fully 50% of them graduating from today's "police acedamies" are sociopaths.

    Today's police are entitled no no respect..whatsoever. Same goes for today's servicemen, women, and "gays."

  2. Hey this is way off topic but I like almost no films made today and I was really surprised with the quality of one I just saw directed by William Friedkin, "Killer Joe." Excellent performance by Matt Macaunahey [sp] as a corrupt Dallas police Detective. Only someone like Freidkin, from his excellent generation of film-makers, would have made this film. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but it shows the underside of American life TO PERFECTION.

    1. This is way off topic too but "American Sniper" Chris Kyle has been assassinated outside of Dallas. Already his business partners are rallying around his "God first, Country and Family" propaganda.

      In reality Kyle was a psychopathic killer who was facing total discreditment due to depositions given in the lawsuit filed against him for defamation by fellow Navy SEAL James Janos [Jesse Ventura].

      The Navy [the most image-conscious, deceptive of Services] has been mortified by Kyle's activities, including a false claim that he humiliated and beat down Janos, a critic of the Iraq war, at a SEAL event.

      The assassin is a former Marine who lives nearby to Kyle, who was killed with his Dallas neighbor Chad Littlefield at the Rough Creek Resort east of Dallas near Stephenville, Texas.

      Having been to the Rough Creek Ranch only last Christmas this is an interesting coincidence.

  3. I'm a bit confused by your entry:
    Are you ascertaining that Sandy hook not only was a false flag, but its script was premeditated & adapted from Suzanne Collins' pen...that perhaps she was under Brennan's contract to lay out a life-imitates art scenario?

    How could all those law enforcement officers keep the conspiracy a secret? Someone has to have a conscience & will sing.

    Were those babies truly murdered in cold blood merely to create a crisis just in time for the UN GUN TREATY?
    Shortly after the massacre "Idi Amin Obama" signed an exclusive law: security protection for life for his immediate family. Generally children get protection until they are 21. Now they & their kids (2nd generation) will have full security.
    Where will it end?

    If "Obama" & Brennan conspired to murder children merely to confiscate arms & breach Amendment #2, they should get the death penalty. ( read the Book of Esther--HAMAN)

    How many senators are suspicious? They are the body which takes that walk to the White House.

    "Obama" is more Teflon than slick Willie. He truly believes he is above the law, from his true identity to bin Laden to NDAA to drone target practice to Benghazi.
    He believes he can get away with anything.

    The only conclusion I can anticipate from a Pol Pot like him is when he is finally caught, he will take the coward's way out:
    (cloward & piven are his mentors & he will have failed them:
    "The ultimate objective of this strategy—to wipe out poverty by establishing a guaranteed annual income—will be questioned by some. Because the ideal of individual social and economic mobility has deep roots, even activists seem reluctant to call for national programs to eliminate poverty by the outright redistribution of income.")
    & take a bottle of meds..

    I only hope I am alive to witness the Renaissance of Freedom retrieved from our first American despot, an ineligible charlatan & recidivist criminal conspirator.

    He believes he is channeling Lincoln---it would be to his benefit to avoid balconies....–Piven_strategy#section_1

  4. Methinks you (and MITmichael) are being too harsh on Susanne Collins. In fact her silence is refreshing, in as much as she hasn't jumped onto the war on guns bandwagon with the rest of the celebrity buffoons.

    I would remind that the part of The Hunger Games (film) that the Sandy Hook Massacre PSYOP seemed to be referencing was the part that she did not author, but was rather inspired by Donald Sutherland's "letter from the rose garden" - his words in that scene are particularly eerie post-Sandy Hook and post-Obama presidential re-election thanks in large part to his masterful NLP dispensation of "hopium" to the masses...

    See here:

    1. The REAL reason why what happens in film and novels mirrors what happens in REALITY later is because THE UNIVERSE IS ENTANGLED and creative people often SEE IN THEIR MINDS WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE.

      Has anyone seen Starship Troopers? Written and filmed several years before the US invaded Iraq?

      This is what happens in Starship Troopers:

      1.people from a far away place are accused of a terrorist act in which a major city is attacked.

      2.everyone is up in arms and filled with super-patriotism and launch an invasion of the place where the attack is said to have come from.

      3.the place where the attack comes from is a desert.

      4.instead of an easy quick victory the invasion results in a protracted, endless struggle because of resistance. and women serve together, have sex, and form romatic relationships.

      6.women are killed, maimed and amputated.

      7.there is a lot of amputation everywhere, and the veterans who have fought and return to fight some more usually have artificial limbs that are awesome.




      The human mind routinely, always perceives future events.

    2. Trying to draw "conspiracy" interpretations because of these circumstances is an error.

      Most of what's interpretated as "conspiracy" is simply coincidence which is the entanglement of event in space and time which are INTENDED TO BRING ABOUT PARTICULAR OUTCOMES.

      The ancients called this "fate," and that's exactly what it is.

    3. Furthermore...

      The non-materiality of the universe leads acedemic psychology and modern clinical psychology to docrtinaire and totally false and undefensible descriptions.

      Modern psychology claims that dreams exist only as chaotic, random firings of neurons which result in completely meaningless narratives which have no meaning, themes, or connection to anything, and absolutely never result in any precognition.

      Modern psychology claims that hypnosis doesn't exist and is only a wishful thinking game between it's participants.

      Modern psychology claims that depression has noting to do with circumstance but is completely a biochemical phenomenon due to our ancestor's living in northern latitudes.

      What a bunch of defenseless, empirically-bankrupt garbage.

      Stay away from clinical psychologists!

      If you wander into their cave you'll find psychopathic narcissists like Philip McGraw.

    4. If you need therapy are treatment of mental disease seek out a Medical Doctor, such as a psychiatrist or someone trained in getting RESULTS instead of someone indoctrinated in an acedemic description of how the mind and behavior operate according to a THEORY.

    5. Re: "conspiracy interpretations" -Indeed one can get carried away with these. Nevertheless, a coincidence is never just a coincidence, even when it happens sans design, for it is also a psychological reality just by being noticed, whether consciously or unconsciously.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Someone hit the nail on the head DING, DING, DING!

      Our universe is a holographic reality. All we perceive are signals transferred condensed and interpreted by our five senses. Much like the word rose denotes a certain concept, but it is not that thing itself. So if I say roses are beautiful the perception conjured up may be different for everyone (white rose, red rose, thorns, no thorns, etc.) There is plenty that exists beyond our senses, for instance we can only see a limited band of the spectrum and dogs have better olfactory nerves than us (smelling). Everything that exists is a thought, or consciousness. This is why we have the "observer effect" in quantum physics in which the observer affects the outcome of the experiment.

      Check this out

      Someone hit the nail on the head DING, DING, DING!

      Our universe is a holographic reality. All we perceive are signals transferred condensed and interpreted by our five senses. Much like the word rose denotes a certain concept, but it is not that thing itself. So if I say roses are beautiful the perception conjured up may be different for everyone (white rose, red rose, thorns, no thorns, etc.) There is plenty that exists beyond our senses, for instance we can only see a limited band of the spectrum and dogs have better olfactory nerves than us (smelling). Everything that exists is a thought, or consciousness. This is why we have the "observer effect" in quantum physics in which the observer affects the outcome of the experiment.

      Check this out

      They don't want you to know that Dec. 21st was a dis-info date! The real date of the singularity is on or around the 21st of march!

  5. For Fred's Sake, it's time for a little Frivolity & Nonsense after all the BSski of The Middling Truthers. Yes, I'm talking about RE's new personna in that slinky skin-tight outfit. He shore looks deeleeshious. Even my non-existent homo-genes are firing up. Should he be up for a bit of the other, tell him to give me a call. He'll get back much more than he'd given - and all free without any upfront or backside charges.

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