Monday, January 28, 2013

Couldn't resist, link to the lyrics of "One Night in Bangkok"...priceless.


  1. In Boston there was a porn district just north of the Commons and south of China town called "the combat zone," and I lived on 150 Huntington Ave., so after midnight if I were hungry I'd walk through the "combat zone" to Chinatown because their restaurants never closed and the food was this time I wandered into a fully nude bar called the "Pussy Galore Stag Bar" and was joined by a stripper who's last name was Parshall. Okay so she was a normal middle-class girl who complained to me that her boyfriend was Arab and couldn't marry her because she wasn't a virgin when they met. This was 1985 I think and this song begins.."One Night In Bangkok and your..."

    So I ask this stripper Ms. Parshall what the f**k this crazy song is about so she says, "It's about a relationship." "No it's not," I point out to her. For every single song that was played I'd ask her what it was about and she had the same answer no matter what the song was: "It's about a relationship."

    It cost six dollars to have a twenty minute conversation with a stripper in that club.

  2. In those days even at 3 or 4 AM I would walk through the Commons, the combat zone, anywhere downtown totally unmolested by anyone.

    How many cities can you do that in?

    In Rome you used to be able to do that but I'd be cautious now because the Romanians, Albanians, Africans and the like that prowl around today at night are dangerous.