Thursday, January 24, 2013

Obama’s Second Imperial Coronation: Beyonce Lip-Syncing; The United States Marine Band was Blowing Horns, Banging Drums and Making NO SOUNDS!Senator Schumer Promised Beyonce but Delivered Milli Vanilli!
OH MY GOD, What has this Republic come to? 
  First, there was the Osama bin Laden non-act on 9/11!
Then we had the Non-attack on the Non-Live Osama Bin Laden by the Non-SEAL TEAM!
Next there was the non-film, ZDT,  written by the non-CIA and the “Im-so-innocent Kathryn Bigelow!” who claimed that there was non-dictation by the non-Jose Rodriguez, a non-CIA DDO official!
For an extra dose of non-reality we had the non-deaths of the non-existing Embassy, ‘non-consular’, ‘non-special building’ with non-CIA Operatives not torturing non-Al Qaeda Terrorists, who were not created by the Non-CIA and did not allow the non-existent Killing Weapons,  not destined to the non-existing massacre initiated by the non-state of non-Kings of the  non-decadent Saudi Arabia, non-Emir of the UAE, and the non-existent vicious family of Sabah in Kuwait. 
  Whew! It’s difficult to keep up with all the non-realities that don’t exist in this non-effective Obama Imperial non-Presidency
  Please let me exercise my existential angst by expressing my non-frustration with this non-reality
  Then of course, we had the non-killing of the non-existent ‘baby angels’ of non-Sandy Hook in a non-slaughter by a non-existent non Asperger, named Lanza. 
  Poor Mario Lanza [for those of you who are too young, a great schmaltz singer]---how shameful he must feel that someone in his family did not kill anyone but his great Italian name was besmirched. 
Where is the non-existing Cosa Nostra when you need them to defend our honorable non-Corsican/ Italian honor? 
And so the Carousel of shameless deception continues –round and around.
  Then to my complete amazement and even shock,  I find out from my favorite “Truth Cleverly Disguised As Drek Newspaper” —The New York Post that in 2009 the non-CIA created  the non-President Barry Soetoro a.k.a  “Barack Hussein Obama the Second”! 
WOW! What happened to the first Obama—the non-existing father of the non-existing Barry Soetoro? 
  Hey this non-reality show does not  stop with just a fake President but adds a mentally handicapped Vice President Joseph Biden,  the non-Vice President whose malapropisms indicate the true level of the intellectual depth of our non-government—blusterous, moronic, and ineffectual! 
They make King George III who really had Porphyria and exhibited ‘nutsy’ behavior-look like a sweetheart before our Founding Fathers had enough and declared –“Revolution”!  But at least Georgie Boy had an excuse!  
  Then we have the “Queen of Spades” [no offense to my black comrades]—“Killary Clinton”—now testifying in front of the non-existent “Senate Foreign Affairs Committee” on the Non-Benghazi Deaths and purposeful murders of our brave FSOs and military operatives.
The scene of a Bob Corker [R-Tennessee] fellating Killary with nonsensical verbiage congratulating her on the non- negligent incompetence of the worst non-Sec State since the non-9/11 liar—Condi, the “Liar’s Liar” ever existed. 
  This Senator Cock could not spit ‘blow’ enough … thanking her for traveling to 121 countries. 
  WOW ! But she never created a strategy that did not kill thousands of innocent people like Egypt, Libya and now Syria.
  But what’s a few more thousands of innocent deaths—American and foreigners for Killary who has already “Fostered” her way to the Presidency for her completely Coke-Head Pimp, Slick Willy!
Killary forgot to tell Senator Cock about how she encouraged Slick Willy the inveterate coward and spineless sociopath to allow 800,000 innocent Rwandans to die at the mercy of Chinese-supplied Machetes facilitated by the Catholic Church in Geneva and wheeled by the well-healed French sponsored Hutus. 
What’s a genocide or two for Killary and Slick Willy? Nothing compared to their political ambitions—Caligula and Borgia all in one package!! 
How can you fault them?
In all honesty,  these two genetic aberrations allow most of us lazy Americans to avoid reading Greek and Roman history.  We see all the tragedies and deaths right now in front of our own lives in real time. 
  Forget On-Demand TV, we get non-Demand REALITY through our caricatures called Presidential leaders and Senior Civilian and Military leaders.
Haven’t we had enough already?
I need a real break from this non-reality of the non-existing non-competent Emperor Obamus and his non-functioning Seven Dwarfs---idiot, moron, stupid, imbecilic, pretentious, incompetent, and deception. 
As for me, this exhausted psychiatrist who is trying to make sense of this BARRAGE OF NON-REALITY,  I will have to become ANONYMOUS and try to find some sanity. 
 But, wait!
  I would never desert you, my dear readers!
I am presently looking up the possibility of relinquishing my American Passport—newly reissued because I am not really clear what kind of entity is called “AMERICA”?  Is it the folk rock band in the 70's, "A Horse with No Name" fame…they were great, weren't they?
But this other America---it’s just a name ---“A Rose is just a Rose”! Whatever the F..k that means , Gertrude Stein?
  Presently, I am considering declaring myself a POLITICAL PRISONER to a foreign government which makes sense to me!
Communist China? No!
Russia? No!
Bhutan? No!
  I am about to apply for citizenship,  inspired by the French Actor Depardieu, to seek POLITICAL ASYLUM in the only real country based on FANTASY—DISNEYLAND
  I am buying a yearly PASS for about 733 dollars and remain there with my companions who will never lie to me—Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and even go up to Magic Mountain to overcome my fear of heights [shrinks have their own neurosis]. 
  And then I will discuss the importance of world events with everyone or anyone who wants to hear my thoughts as I go around the boat on ‘It’s A Small World’ until the music makes me so numb that I don’t have to keep hearing the silence of  American Leadership's Incompetency. 
  You see in Disneyland, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck have a real parade with real music and guess what? 
  It does not cost me or you or the American public a.k.a. ‘political cannon fodder’  trillions of dollars while Senator “Crash-on-the-Aircraft Carrier Deck: Juan [born in Panama] keep-giving-me-casino-chips and booze -- the S& L Arizona “crook”,   self-proclaimed ersatz hero, Hanoi Juan McCain-- acts like the loyal opposition to a non-existent POTUS in a non-existent Democracy. 
  So I end this blog, by pronouncing my loyalty to the most real country in the world—HAIL DISNEY LAND !
 And farewell to American POLITICIANS!!


  1. My brother's girlfriend at the time, a neo-natal nurse for Médecins Sans Frontieres, was hiding under the operating table in Rwanda in April 1994 when the massacres started. She watched the heads of babies she'd just help deliver fall around her. I can't remember who we, and the NYT, said were the bad guys, but whatever we were told was the opposite. She wrote a chilling letter describing what was not being reported. I asked her why she wasn't telling the world. She said that if she did, she would never work for Médecins Sans Frontieres again, and that the head MSF guy would put a contract out on her, fulfilled in the jungle. I told my brother that I was going to say something. I got a call from her subsequently, from Rwanda, at about $20/minute begging me in tears to say nothing. She was afraid for her life.

    1. If you want to know about the difference between what's REAL in such affairs versus WHAT THE 'EXPERTS' BELIEVE...

      Then please read Nick Turse's work, "Kill Anything That Moves: the REAL American War in Vietnam."

      It's the first throughly documented study about the true, undeniable, totally documented INDISCRIMANATE SLAUGHTER of civiliams by AMERICAN soldiers, sailors, and marines.

      Read this and tell me our military and political leaders have any clue about what really goes on.

  2. Dr. Pieczenik,

    The greater danger (at least the danger on the opposite end of what you're discussing) is the 100 million US Millennials of voting age as of 2016 who don't understand this stuff you’re writing about, they don’t understand how modeling is being sold as reality. They are, apparently, averse to tendentious arguments unless their parents promoted them or bought into them.

    I had the greatest hope for them. I thought they had fire in their bellies. Now, I'm finding that aggregator output passes for researching a subject, even a serious subject (control by algorithm). The unthinking about climate change, refusing to read the actual papers and data, or understanding that CO2 is a plant food that actually reduces plant water requirements as the world population grows. They don’t know half the world lives on $1/day and needs food. The insouciance about drones, someone else’s dead family is meaningless. Movies are truth (witness ZDT). Basic reading and comprehension skills (among the average talent) atrocious.

    It’s the numbers of US Millennials I worry about for this country, although globally this new crop is showing enormous promise and grit. McCall Erickson did a 120 country study over a period of 2.5 years. Guess what their number one issue is? They surveyed over 400,000 millennials, interviewed some 40,000 in depth. Number One issue: Tell me the Truth.

    [BTW you have a typo on your Podcasts page. “Government insider, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, reaveals” should read "Government insider, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, reveals”]

    1. It's McCann Erickson, not McCall Erickson. My auto-corrector did something to my original typing. McCann Erickson is a global advertising firm who did this research on millennials because they needed to know how to reach them, globally, for their clients.

    2. Thanks for your contribution, I will re post on my forum (to save for posterity) and also thanks for the call out on the type-o.....I really do appreciate all that you've sent to the site (please keep doing so). As you may or may not know, I re-post many of your links on my other pages.

    3. Is it true that the dinosaurs grew to huge size because vegitation was denser than today BECAUSE CO2 was higher than today?

      I think it's been established that higher CO2 in the ancient past contributed to huge plant growth, which resulted in an increase in Oxygen, and therefore much larger animals as well.

      The content of air today is mostly nitrogen with oxygen and CO2 being MUCH LESS than it's ever been in the past.

  3. Not to worry Dr pieczenik! And there are non(e) so deaf than those who don't want to hear!! How about relocating to barvikha? A successful practice would ensure that Bentley flying spur! I think you'll be staying put with the rest of us on planet bedlam trying (or banging our heads on the wall!!) To enlighten others, remember people cause happiness wherever they go and some whenever they go!!! Talking of Disney dick van dyke the Cockney chimney sweep, with his accent could he of been undercover CIA?? Just a hunch that's all.

  4. Uh..where do we start?

    How about in June 2000 [can't remember the date] when I saw a dozen helos take off from HMS Ocean and head into the bush of Sierra Leone.

    A few hours later CNN reported that a joint force of Jordanians and Pakistanis had attacked a rebel base and freed 200 UN peacekeepers the rebels had taken hostage.

    That evening I spoke with one of the SAS operators from the HMS Ocean and he explained the Jordanian/Pakistani UN story was a hoax. What really happened was that the helos from HMS Ocean were SAS and SBS and they'd attacked and destroyed five rebel bases within one hour. Yes the 200 hostages were freed, but the rebels were destroyed in that one strike, and they never returned.

    Uh...lemme think of some more like this...

  5. Hey I wanna know why Beyonce has such long, straight blonde hair for crying out loud.

    Why is it her boyfriend is dark-skinned with a flat nose and inner-tube African tribal lips?

    I'm fed up with Africans who claim they're not racist against their own race when their choices are always to try to be a less black as possible.

    I'm also fed up with seeing black couples in media and real life with the man always really dark skinned and aboriginal and the girl is always lighter skinned with european features....ALWAYS.

    1. @MITmichael January 25, 2013 at 3:11 PM,

      Then it would behoove you to study the social norms of women (white and black) in the deep South as they developed over a century and a half, and what hair represents to women, in general, as a signaling mechanism.

      As for coffee, cookie, and butter skin color among Black races, study genetics. Or a specific person's ancestry. Negroid features in humanoids developed over centuries upon centuries upon more centuries in Africa in response to the sun. This was before the general use of fire among the peoples of the world when, as a result, fire permitted human development in the colder northern countries. The "flat nose" you mock was a genetic response to the heat. It allowed the ambient air to cool by at least 20 degrees before hitting the lungs. (Northern people later developed the opposite to block or reduce the cold air; witness the Swedes for comparison.) Hair developed into tight curls close to the scalp to trap moisture and prevent, or reduce, the water molecules from acting like prisms (particularly when they descended to the neck) that would burn the skin like a magnifying glass on paper. Melanin content in the skin was increased to block sun absorption and prevent skin-burning, the darker the better to repel the sun’s effect (which is the opposite of what you would do to a house color). The moisture captured in "inner-tube African tribal lips" protected the mouth and tongue in the event of water deprivation; the tongue swells outside the mouth when you don't have water for a week. The moisture trapped in "inner-tube African tribal lips” was an insurance policy the body developed over eons for those extreme conditions.

      As for Beyonce’s blond streaks? It’s called hair dye. Common occurrence among women. So, increasingly, is purple hair.

    2. blond hair streak? Gimme a break!

      Her hair is blond all over with highlights!

      I'm Norwegian/German with blond hair with natural highlights - her hair and skin are like mine in that picture.

      You've given an informed anthropological answer which says nothing to my critic, which is that blacks themselves find Afican characteristices unattrative and that's not only an odeous hypocracy but flatly racist and speaks to the reality of their self-loathing.

      Every black man I've known in Africa and here all tell me they find dark skin unattractive, negroid features repulisive, and want either a white woman or "one that's mixed."

      I'm fed up with it.

      Every single time in advertising of any kind a black man is depicted with a woman she's always mixed AND HE NEVER IS.

      This is culturally about power - that the man has the power to gain what he is not himself, and that women who are not like him are totally undesirable and must settle for relationships with men who are unsuccessful.

      In the 1960s it wasn't like this.

      In the past black men were proud to have other black women as their mates, and loved to sport their natural kinky hair.

      This is no joke - black culture is self-loathing whereas it used not to be, at least not in the media.

      I'm just sick of the hypocracy.

    3. Furthermore let me say that black culture has digressed in all manners - the family is broken, their art forms are violent, they loath themselves - BECAUSE THEY NO LONGER HAVE STRESS ON THEIR SOCIETY.

      It is STRESS which brings out the best in any society.

      When blacks were suppressed, oppressed, subject to injustice, insult, injury, etc. they were like this:

      1.the best musicians and composers around anywhere

      2.the best vocalists anywhere

      3.strong families

      4.cooperative among themselves

      5.valued education

      In the last fourty years with the advent of the civil rights act and the voting rights act, etc....


      And because they now have lost all their virtues and nobilities they hate anything associated with themelves, and that's why they reject their own appearance whereas they used to EMBRACE IT.

    4. I defy anyone to listen to Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole or Aretha Franklin and tell me they weren't the best vocalists of their times, and PERHAPS EVER.

      There were social and cultural reasons why that came about.

  6. David Mamet knows his history. He should be mandatory high school reading.
    Where you begin to challenge State Non-Brainwashing is in the classroom.

    Obama would prefer to burn all NON HISTORY BOOKS.
    He was charged with violating the NON constitution today- prologue to "Our Long Non-national Nightmare is Over"

    1. My favorite David Mamet story was told to me by Jay Presson Allen. She said she received the script for "The Verdict" from Mamet in the mail, so she sent it to Sidney Lumet who agreed to shoot it as is...with no changes of any kind. The teamm from "Prince of the City" wasn't even disbanded yet so they started shooting "The Verdict" right away with a script unchanged by even one word from the first draft by Mamet.

      That's never been done before or since.

    2. You can see the bar in "The Verdict" and it's the same bar that's in "Prince of the City" and "Serpico." It has green and red painted window panes and a cicular bar. It may also be the same bar that Frank Pentangele was choked in "Godfather II."

    3. For that matter look at the Minneapolis police station interior in "Michael Clayton" and tell me that isn't the same set as in "We Own the Night" in New York.

      Both the bar and the police station set are in New York although in film they wind up thousands of miles away.

  7. Dr.P,

    I'm hoping to find you posting on other topics such as women in combat, and the high sucide rates in the military.

    I'm going to give my opinion about women in combat.

    Engaging in combat is not a PRIVILEGE, it's a CURSE.

    Combat is a dehumanizing and mentally destructive. America's recent wars are far more evident as unnecessary and unjust than anytime in history.

    If any woman is violent enough and stupid enough to think that by engaging in combat that she's enobling herself or "serving her country" then she deserves what she'll get - maimed, mentally scarred, and often dead.

    If they want that they let them have it.

    1. "Je m'en fous!" declares MITm, "No Jeanne D'Arcs for America!"

    2. No, I said let them have it!

      Let our imperial army of rampaging killers be composed of psycho girls and homosexuals who want to prove their masculinity by going twelve thousand miles to kill other people IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.

      As it is the US military is largely composed of white trash hillbillies, foreigners from third world countries and people from mongral races anyway.

    3. Go to any adult video store and you'll see countless gay sex CDs featuring former Marines...they could fill a whole wall with these former Marine gay sex vids.

      Or go to Craigslist male-to-male and see all the former Marines looking to have sex with other guys.

      If you think this isn't about homosexual fantasies of masculinity, domination, violence, etc..than you're dreaming.

      The American military is a ceasepool.

      Here in nearby San Antonio dozens of trainers at Air Force Basic Training at Brooks Air Force Base have been found to be screwing ALL THE CUTE YOUNG FEMALE RECRUITS PASSING THROUGH THERE FOR DECADES AND UNTIL NOW NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT.

      As for you people who continually praise the US military...WAKE UP!!

      What kind of military would cooperate with these missions anyway! Answer me that.

    4. I meant to say Lackland Air Force Base, not Brooks.....

    5. You must be Archie Bunker's illegitimate son, "non-meathead".

    6. If we could simply turn back the clock in terms of social values and government powers to where things were before 1970 this would be a much improved society.

      The average normal person in this country was financially better off and much, much happier.

      In the name of progress we've actually turned back the clock on values of descency, fairness and real justice from gains that tooks a thousand years to achieve.

  8. Hillary's guardian angel:

    1. Hillary's put up with so much in her life and sacrificed so much to be America's first woman President, and then to have Obama leap [or "jump"] out of no where to de-rail her with lies, slandor and tricks....

      I don't think Hillary's a villian at all, but is clearly the better half in their joke of a marriage.

      I wish her all the luck in the world.

    2. First she sold her soul when she wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley on "Alinsky".

      Then she made a Faustian Deal when she proposed to a seriously dysfunctional narcissist hoping she would change him.
      Do you really think Chelsea is Bill's?

      Take a 2nd look at Webster Hubbell. I would bet Bill is sterile.


      She has been psychologically abused ever since.

      Now she believes it goes with the territory..

      She's on "60 minutes" tonight..obviously a silent endorsement for candidacy for covering up (with a written script, in which the entire Congress has bit parts to which they are "honored") for Obama to remain silent time and again.

      Mata Hari Hillary is a corrupt co-conspirator with the criminal du jure (presently John Brennan), a perjurer, a criminal and a prevaricator of the top order, up there with the despots of history. Anyone (Congress) who entrusts her on its face is part of her evil conspiracy, directly or indirectly, duped or not.

      She is a pro-palestinian double agent- agitator. Take another look at her green and black fashion ensemble during her testimony this week...

      Both Clintons AND Bushes need to get out of the picture...YESTERDAY!

    3. How is selling your soul involved in writing a thesis about someone as influential as Saul Alinski?

      As for marrying a jerk what woman doesn't do that?

      Life is full of compromises, God only knows. In order to get something done in the real world you have to bend a lot.

      I by no means agree with her positions on Iran and other things in her last four years.

      However I see in her what Gore Vidal saw in her five years ago when he said she was the best person presently on the scene as well as a remarkable individual.

      Since the beginning of her career she's been assailed by all manner of bogus insults.

      If she had won the Presidency four years ago I think we'd have been much better off, and Gore Vidal agrees [RIP] wherever he is.

    4. As for Web Hubbel..

      Yes he was a four hundred pound hillbilly banker with jowls larger than a hippos.

      But rumor has it he was an exceptional lover with a phenomenal ability to bring out the primal beast in any woman.
      His bedroom skills were renown in Little Rock and most informed husbands kept their wives away from him if they by any means could accomplish it.

      If Hillary fell prey to his astonishing prowess who can fault her.

  9. Excellent posts! Absolutely fascinating analysis which demands careful reading,this is the very reason blogs like this are vital reading

  10. Furthermore...

    I think something like 30% of all women in the US armed forces have been sexually assaulted, almost always with NOTHING being done about it.

    When you consider that only 30% of women in the services are attractive you reach the conclusion that:



    Now if you are not an idiot, and actually have first hand knowledge about how the military really is, and how things really work...


  11. And yet furthermore....

    When the photos from Abu Gharab were seen by the idiot Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld he was utterly astonished and SHOCKED. He called the pictures "unbelievable," and was dumbfounded.

    WAKE UP!

    What kind of people do you really think are in the US military these days?

    The brass hats, the "defense intelligensia" and the other morons who think they understand it are totally, hopelessly without a clue.

    The US military on the level of operations is a ceasepool.

  12. In 1996, the late William Safire wrote: "Hillary Is a congenital liar."

    my wise-for her young years-late wife remarked as a very young woman about individuals like Hillary (as demonstrated on "60 minutes". Sunday with "Obama"), (she) "talks more and says less than anyone I have ever known."

    Only the GOOD DIE YOUNG- Billy Joel

    1. Actually I think most informed people would say William Safire was a pathological liar.